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【山东省新人教版英语2012届高三单元测试8 必修2 Unit 3 Computers)

山东省新人教版高三英语测试 8 必修 2 Unit 3 Computers
1.John thinks it won’t be long ______he is ready for his new job . A.when B.after C.before D.since 2.In this lecture ,I can only give you a purely _

_____view of how we can live life to the full and make some suggestions about the future . A.private B.personal C.unique D.different 3.The development of the information _______is making the world become samller . A.operator B.technology C.signal D.intelligence 4.As we all know ,the Industrial _______took place in England first . A.Revolution B.Dynasty C.Gymnastics D.Character 5.Jack equals his brother in strength but not in _______.He is slower in thinking . A.rocket B.appearance C.tube D.intelligence 6.Marilyn’s dream of being a film star became a _______,which delighted her parents very much . A.signal B.reality C.glory D.goal 7.He chose Italy ,but _______I’d prefer to go to Spain . A.personally B.logically C.swiftly D.regularly 8.Add these numbers together with a calculator and then give me the _______. A.host B.coach C.total D.finance 9.You have got to fill in this _______form before we arrange for a job interview . A.really B.application C.reception D.expression 10.Hiking by oneself can be fun and good for health .It may also be good for _______building . A.respect B.character C.reputation D.friendship 11.As we sped down the highway ,the lights of the city ________before us . A.explored B.solved C.arose D.charged 12.We should not judge a person by his _______and the clothes he wears . A.stage B.quality C.pace D.appearance 13.I can’t tell you the exact time when I will get there ._______,I’ll be there as early as I can . A.No matter B.Anyhow C.Therefore D.Besides 14.The UN system is a major purchaser of goods and services ,_______over $4 billion a year . A.to total B.totaling C.totaled D.total 15.Maybe you have a goal to _______,a tricky question to answer or you just want to expand your

mind !Here are some techniques to help . A.achieve B.kick C.catch D.score 16.In our class ,when the bell rang and the teacher closed his book ,it was a ________for everyone to stand up . A.signal B.chance C.mark D.measure 17.—Didn’t you have a good time at the party ? ----Of course I did .As a matter of fact ,I had such fun that time seemed to ________so quickly . A.go by B.go away C.go out D.go over 18.In many people’s opinion ,that company ,though relatively small ,is pleasant ________. A.to deal with B.dealing with C.to be dealt with D.dealt with 19.---I think he is taking an active part in social work . ----I agree with you __________. A.in a way B.on the way C.by the way D.in the way 20.Tom ,will you please _______my suitcase while I go to get my ticket ? A.take over B.turn over C.watch over D.run over 21.The city was destroyed by an earthquake and it ________nearly five years before everything came back to normal . A.cost B.spend C.took D.used 22.She worked _______a clerk in a government department after graduating from college . A.for B.as C.on D.at 23.The mayor of Beijing said that all construction work for the Beijing Olympics _______by the year 2006 . A.was completed B.had been completed C.has been completed D.is completed 24.Over time the memory of the computer ________so much that it never forgets anything it has been told . A.develops B.is developing C.developed D.has developed 25.The loss has not yet been _______accurately ,but it is believed to be well beyond a hundred million dollars . A.calculated B.considered C.completed D.controlled Part two :完型填空 One Christmas Eve, my husband made his way home from work. 26 , he worked the entire day but

let his stuff go 27 so that they could be with their families. He drove down the street and made the 28 towards our home. On one side of the road, an old man stood, drenched to the bone ( 被 雨 淋 得 湿 透 了 ), with his hand 29. The rain had been 30 heavily that day. My husband stopped, and asked him where he was 31 . He wanted to go about five miles past our home, but my husband still told him to 32 . My husband chatted with him, drove 33 our house and took him home for his Christmas Eve. 34 turned out that this poor man was what we now 35 as a “slow learner” and the only job he could get to 36 him and his elderly mother was at the bakery near where my husband worked. He worked from 5 a.m. until 1 o’clock in the 37 . Not only that, but that poor man had been standing there trying to get a ride on Christmas Eve for about 5 hours 38 my husband picked him up. 39 else would give him a ride because they didn’t want to get their seats 40. Over the years my husband 41 to give him a ride home whenever he saw him trying to get a ride. When he passed 42 , my husband went to his funeral. 43 my husband didn’t know his family, they knew of him. Even his twin sister who 44 in the state of Washington knew who my husband was and everyone thanked him for his 45 toward one who had so little. An act of kindness can make another person’s day, or even their life. 26. A. As well 27. A. early 28. A. corner 29. A. moved 30. A. pouring 31. A. wandering 32. A. get out 33. A. past 34. A. What 35. A. round up 36. A. protect 37. A. morning 38. A. before 39. A. Someone 40. A. tight B. As usual B. nowhere B. change B. raised B. flowing B. staying B. get off B. for B. That B. refer to B. satisfy B. afternoon B. after B. Anyone B. wet C. If possible C. altogether C. crossing C. arisen C. dropping C. going C. get down C. from C. It C. conclude with C. defend C. evening C. because C. Everyone C. cosy D. If so D. late D. turn D. risen D. pointing D. working D. get in D. near D. We D. name after D. support D. night D. while D. No one D. free

41. A. persuaded 42. A. down 43. A. Although 44. A. traveled 45. A. wealth

B. claimed B. away B. Whether B. arrived B. efforts

C. continued C. by C. Since C. remained C. kindness

D. appointed D. out D. Before D. lived D. attention

Part three :阅读理解 A篇 Honestly, since my daughter was born, I have thought a lot about how to raise a child. I once heard a story that told about when a baby was born. The story said that when a baby was born, a new master was born. The parents of that baby would become the servants. The question is: Why? Based on my observation, this phenomenon is true. Most parents who don't pay much attention to their kids have difficulties with their kids' attitude. I'll make a comparison of how two families raise their children. The first one is a family with three children. Both mother and father never say "No" to their children's demands. As a result, all of their children became stubborn and won't listen to their parents’ words, "We can't." The second family educated their children strictly from one year old to high school. The parents never approved or agreed directly to give their children what they wanted. They always postponed one or two days, even if they could afford it. Due to the way their parents educated them, these children understood that if they wanted something, they had to wait or they had to make an effort first. As a result, all the kids from the second family successfully graduated from university on time. In my opinion, if we want to be successful parents and raise our children well, we have to start disciplining them when they are toddlers but not wait until they become teenagers.

46. Why did the writer give two different stories in this passage? A. To help prove his opinion about raising a child. B. To list different ways that parents may take. C. To criticize some parents’ foolish action. D. To prove that his way of education is right. 47. What does the underlined word “postponed” in the third paragraph mean? A. Carried out at once. B. Gave up.

C. Put off.

D. Made a decision.

48. In the writer’s opinion, which of the following about raising a child is TRUE? A. Children should be respected once they were born. B. Parents should educate their children as early as possible. C. It is right time to educate their children when they are teenagers. D. Children should be helped whenever they make mistakes. B篇 Malaysia is a country of exciting beauty, with a tropical(热带的) climate. Malaysia’s weather is hotter in the lowlands and cooler in the mountains and highlands. Temperatures vary between 20 and 30 centigrade. Rainfall can be expected at any time, with an average of between 200 and 260 centimeters. The Malaysian population consists of Malays, Chinese, Indians and Eurasians. Its main religions are Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and Christianity. Its national language is Malay. English is widely spoken and is used all over the country. Other languages spoken in Malaysia are some Chinese dialects, Tamil, Portuguese and Arabic. Malaysia is an exciting and fascinating place for tourists, with something special planned throughout the year. The natural attractions are plentiful, with magnificent mountains lying in green, large stretches of sandy beaches and hospitable and friendly people. Malaysia’s economy is the most advanced in this part of the world. The annual income is M$1, 680, one of the highest in the whole of Asia. Malaysia is the world’s leading exporter of rubber, tin, tropical hardwood, palm oil, pepper, tea, coffee and cocoa and has vast resources of oil. Malaysia’s capital is Kuala Lumpur in the southwest of the Malay Peninsula. Kuala Lumpur arose in the 1860s when tin was discovered, grew and spread very quickly. It became the state’s capital within forty years of its founding. Now it is home to over one million inhabitants, about 56% of whom are Chinese, 28% Malays and the rest are from anywhere and everywhere.

49. If you visit Malaysia, you will see ________. A. people of the white and yellow races B. many temples and churches C. beautiful tropical scenery D. All of the above.

50. Though Malay is Malaysia’s national language, ______. A. over half of its population speak Chinese B. English is also a popular language C. people don’t know Malay D. it’s only spoken by Malays 51. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A. Malaysia is one of the richest countries in Asia. B. It rains a little now and a little then in Malaysia. C. Kuala Lumpur became Malaysia’s capital before 1910. D. Malaysia is rich in agricultural products.

1-5C B B A D 6-10B A C B B 11-15C D B B A 16-20A A A A C 21-25 C B B D A 26-45 BADBA CDACB DBADB CBADC 46-51ACBDBB

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