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Module 1 My First Day at Senior High
The Third Period, Culture Corner----A Letter from a Senior High Student


about your first day at senior high? ?What’s your first impression of our school?



What do you know about the high school system in the US?

Their classes are lively and interesting.

Their after-school activities are colorful.

?Fewer classes ?More free time

?Creative work ?Long vacation

What do you know about the high school system in the US?
? Fewer

classes ? More free time ? Creative work ? Long vacation

Read the letter and answer the questions. Paragraph 1:
① How long does secondary school cover in the US? Seven years. ② Which grades are high school? Ninth to twelfth grades. ③ What do they need if they want to go to college? A high diploma.

Paragraph 2: ① How many semesters are there in the school year? Two semesters. ② What are they? The first of which is September through December, and the second January through May. ③ What is the school schedule? They start at 7:50 am and they finish at 3 pm.

Paragraph 3:
?What is the main idea of this paragraph? The student’s after-school activities.

Paragraph 4:
?What is the main idea of the paragraph?

The author wants to know something
about the Chinese school system.

Four people work in one group to have a short discussion about the differences between American and Chinese school systems. Focus on: school year, school diploma, semesters, summer vacation and school schedule

Things to compare Years Diploma First semester

American secondary school
7years (from 6 to 12) Need for college Sep. to Dec.

Chinese secondary school
6 years (from 7 to 12) Need for graduation Sep. to Jan.

Second semester Summer vacation schedule

Jan. to May

Mar. to July


Not long

Language points
1. secondary school 中等学校 2. cover seven years 占七年 1)占用, 延续(一段时间或空间);包含;包括 The story covers only three days and is very interesting. 这故事前后过程只有三天,但是非常 有趣。

His report covered all aspects of the


2) 行走(距离), 走过(通常不用被动语态)
How far can we cover a day?


3) (钱)够用

Will 10,000 dollars cover the bill?

4) 采访??;报导
I’m covering the election campaign. 我正在采访选举战的消息。

3. The school year is divided into two semesters, the first of which is September through December… divide(使某物)分割开;分开;分 隔, 常与介词into搭配使用。如:
divide a large house into flats 把一所大房子分隔成若干套间 divide a novel into chapters 把一部小说分成若干章节 divide the class into small groups 把那个班分成几个小组

the first of which is… 引导的是非限制 性定语从句。
这是由“名词/代词+of+关系代词”引导 的定语从句。这种形式可以用于指人,也 可以用于指物。指人时关系代词用whom, 指物时用which。又如:

Her sons, both of whom work abroad, ring her up every week. 她的两个儿子,都在国外工作, 他们 每周都给她打电话来。

He went with a group of people, few of whom were correctly equipped for such a climb. 他和一队一队一起去了,其中没有几个 人配有进行这样一次登山的适当装备。 The buses, most of which were already full, were surrounded by an angry crowd. 公共汽车大多数都已经挤满了人,它们 被愤怒的人群包围着。

4. I take part in all kinds of after-school activities. take part in 指参加会议或群众性活 动, 重在说明句子主语参加该项活动 并在其中发挥作用。 The teacher took part in our discussion yesterday. 昨天老师参加了我们的讨论。

When will you take part in the meeting? 你什么时候参加会议? join 意为“加入某一种组织,成为一 员”, join 后面还可接表示人的名词 或代词, 表示加入到某人或某些人的行 列。 My uncle joined the Party in 1978. 我叔叔是1978年入党的。

We are going for a swim. Will you come and join us? 我们要去游泳,你和我们一起去好吗? join in 表示“加入”、“参与”某种 活动,in 之后可接名词或动词-ing 形 式,表示“参加某人 的活动”,可以 说join sb in (doing) sth. 。如:

He joined them in the work. 他同他们一起工作。 Will you join us in playing basketball? 你跟我们一起打篮球好吗? attend “出席”、 “ 参加” ,指参加会 议或仪式、婚礼、葬礼、典礼、上课、 上学、听报告等, 强调的是这一动作的本 身,而不强调参加者在活动中起作用。 如:

All the children of school-age in our
village have attended school. 我们村的所有学龄儿童都已上学了。 Did you attend his last lecture? 你听他上次讲课了吗?

Role play
Work in pairs, one is an American student, and the other is a Chinese student. You should make a conversation about your own school life.

Write a short reply to Rob Marshall, you can introduce your school life to him.

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