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2017版高考英语一轮总复习 高考AB卷分类试题 专题2 代词和介词



2016~2012 年各省市高考题(改编) 代 词

A 卷 全国卷 单句语法填空/单句改错 1.(2016·全国Ⅰ,68)On my recent visit, I held a lively three-month-old twin that had been rejected by ____

____(it) mother. 答案 its [根据空格后的名词及前文中的 a lively three-month-old twin 可知要用形 容词性物主代词。] 2.(2016·全国Ⅱ,短文改错)If we go on a trip abroad, we can broaden your view and gain knowledge we cannot get from books.________ 答案 your→our [考查形容词性物主代词的用法。 根据前面的主语 we 可知, 此处要用 our, 表示“我们能够开阔我们的视野”。] 3.(2016·全国Ⅱ,短文改错)It does not cost many, yet we can still learn a lot.________ 答案 many→much [考查代词的用法。这样不会花很多钱。cost much 花费很多。此处也可 理解为 much money 的省略。] 4. (2016·全国Ⅲ, 短文改错)At first, I thought I knew everything and could make decisions by yourself.________ 答案 yourself →myself [根据句意,此处指“我自己”。] 5.(2016·全国Ⅲ,阅读 D)No news is good news, and good news is no news.________are the classic rules for the evening broadcasts and the morning papers. 答案 Those/These [根据句意:没消息就是好消息,好消息就是没消息。对于一些晚间播 报和早报来说,这是(那是)经典法则。指代前面的两句话。] 6.(2015·全国Ⅰ,短文改错)We must find ways to protect your environment.________ 答案 your→our [句意:我们必须找到方法来保护我们的环境。代词用法错误。这里应当 是保护我们的环境。] 7.(2015·全国Ⅱ,短文改错)Five minutes later,Tony saw parents.________

答案 saw 后加 his [此处缺少代词所属格作定语。] 8.(2014·全国大纲,25)—Who’s that at the door? —________is the milkman. 答案 It [本题考查代词。当对方不知是男是女时,用 it。] 9.(2014·全国大纲,28)I think Mrs.Stark could be________between 50 and 60 years of age. 答案 anywhere [本题考查不定代词,该句是对 Mrs.Stark 可能所处的年龄段进行推测, 故选用 anywhere。] 10.(2014·全国大纲,短文改错)Otherwise, it is impossible for him to help each other and to make their friendship last long.________ 答案 him→them [此句考查代词,根据语境,彼此帮助应该是复数形式。] 11.(2014·全国Ⅱ,69)A woman on the bus shouted, “Oh, dear! It’s________(I)”. 答案 me/mine [本题考查代词,根据上文主语 it 如果指的是人,用 me,如果指的是箱子, 则用名词性所属格 mine。] 12.(2013·全国大纲,34)It’s an either-or situation—we can buy a new car this year or we can go on holiday but we can’t do________. 答案 both [根据句意:这是个只能选其一的情况,不可能两者同时做,前面有否定形式 can’t,故此处用 both。] 13.(2013·全国Ⅰ,短文改错)He had a deep voice, which set himself apart from others in our small town.________ 答案 himself→him [此处代词不是做自身动作的承受者,不必用反身代词。 ] 14. (2012·全国Ⅰ, 31)Larry asks Bill and Peter to go on a picnic with him, but________of them wants to, because they have work to do. 答案 neither [根据句意“两者都不愿意去”,选 neither。] 15.(2012·全国Ⅰ,短文改错)When things did wrong, I got angry and broke it.________ 答案 it→them [因为上文中 things 是复数,前后一致。] B 卷 地方卷 用适当的不定代词填空 1.(2016·北京,阅读 A)For the first time, I feel good about ________ (me) because I’ m doing something, not because someone told me I was doing good. 答案 myself [根据句意:第一次,我因为自己做事情而自我感觉良好,而不是因为别人 告诉我做得好。]

2. (2016·四川, 七选五)Both men and women are living longer these days in industrialized countries.However, women, on average, live longer.In general, ________can expect to live six or seven years more than men. 答案 they [根据句意:女人平均比男人活得年龄长,总体来说,她们有望比男人多活六 七年。此处用 they 代替前文的 women。] 3.(2016·四川,短文改错)When my father came back, I found a bunch of flowers in her hand.________ 答案 her→his [从句主语是 my father, 因此物主代词形式用 his。] 4.(2016·浙江,3)In many ways , the education system in the US is not very different from________in the UK. 答案 that [考查代词。句意:在许多方面,美国的教育制度与英国的不是非常的不同。 代词 that 指代前文中出现的 the education system。] 5.(2015·浙江,12)How would you like ________ if you were watching your favorite TV program and someone came into the room and just shut it off without asking you? 答案 it [句意:如果你正在看最喜爱的电视节目,这时有人进来没有征求你的意见就把 电视关了,你会怎么想?固定表达 how would you like it if...,在此结构中 it 代替后面 if 句的内容。] 6.(2015·重庆,2)The meeting will be held in September, but ________ knows the date for sure. 答案 nobody [句意:会议将在九月召开,但是没人知道具体日期。句中的关键词为 but, 表转折,故 nobody (没有人)符合句意。] 7.(2015·陕西,13)To warm himself,the sailor sat in front of the fire rubbing one bare foot against the ________. 答案 other [句意:为了让自己暖和起来,这个水手坐在火堆旁,光着脚,用一只脚搓另 一只脚。表示两者中的一个,另一个,用 one...the other...。] 8.(2015·四川,10)Niki is always full of ideas,but________is useful to my knowledge. 答案 none [句意:Niki 总是有很多想法,但是没有一个想法对我的知识有用。三者或三 者否定以上用 none,可指人也可指物。] 9.(2015·天津,2)The quality of education in this small school is better than ________ in some larger schools.


答案 that [句意:这所规模较小的学校的教育质量比一些规模较大的学校的教育质量好 得多。表示比较时,指代前面的 quality of education 要用 that,为了避免重复,that 可 以代替前面提到的不可数名词。] 10.(2015·福建,21)The research group produced two reports based on the survey, but ________ contained any useful suggestions. 答案 neither [句意:这个研究组发布了以调查为基础的两个报道,但是都没有有用的建 议。考查代词。根据句意,两者都不用 neither。] 11.(2014·安徽,24)You can ask anyone for help.________ here is willing to lend you a hand. 答案 Everyone [考查不定代词。句意:你可以向任何一个人求助。在这里的每一个人都 会给予你帮助。根据前句中的 anyone,可知填 everyone。] 12.(2014·江西,32)—When shall I call,in the morning or afternoon? —________.I’ll be in all day. 答案 Either [根据“in the morning or afternoon”“我全天都在家里。”可知答案应 填 Either。] 13.(2014·四川,1)She’d lived in London and Manchester,but she liked ________ and moved to Cambridge. 答案 neither [题干的意思是“她在伦敦和曼彻斯特都住过,可是这两座城市她都不喜 欢,就搬到剑桥去了。 ”由此意可知要用 neither(两者都不)。] 14.(2014·重庆,1)A smile costs ________,but gives much. 答案 nothing [考查不定代词用法。句意:微笑虽然不用花费什么,但意义却是巨大的。] 15.(2014·山东,4)Susan made________ clear to me that she wished to make a new life for herself. 答案 it [句意:苏珊向我清楚地表达了她希望过自己的新生活。此处用 it 作形式宾语, that 从句作真正的宾语。] 16.(2014·陕西,21)I’d appreciate ________ if you could let me know in advance whether or not you will come. 答案 it [句意:如果你能提前告诉我你来不来,我将非常感激。I’d appreciate it if you could...为固定句型,it 代指 if 引导的从句。] 17.(2013·辽宁,29)To her joy,Della earned first the trust of her students and then ________ of her colleagues.


答案 that [句意:Della 先赢得了学生的信任,然后赢得了同事的信任。此处用于替代单 数可数名词或不可数名词 trust, 故用 that。 如果代替可数复数名词用 those 或 the ones。 ] 18.(2013·山东,21)I’ve lived in New York and Chicago,but don’t like ________ of them very much. 答案 either [句意:我在纽约和芝加哥都居住过,但这两个地方我都不喜欢。短语 not...either=neither(两者都不)。] 19. (2013·天津, 12)At our factory there are a few machines similar to ________ described in this magazine. 答案 those [句意:在我们工厂有一些与这份杂志中描述相似的机器。those 替代可数名 词复数。] 20. (2013·四川, 2)The traffic on the main street has a longer green signal than ________ on the small ones. 答案 that [通常可以用 that 替代单数可数名词或不可数名词。此处 the traffic 为不可 数名词,故用 that 来替代。] 介 词

A 卷 全国卷 单句语法填空/单句改错 1.(2016·全国Ⅰ,64) My connection with pandas goes back ________ my days on a TV show in the mid-1980s. 答案 to [go back to 为固定短语,意思是“回到,追溯到”。] 2.(2016·全国Ⅰ,短文改错)My uncle says that he never dreams becoming rich in a short period of time.________ 答案 在 dreams 之后加上 of 或 about [固定短语 dream of/about (doing) sth 的意思是 “梦想做某事”。] 3.(2016·全国Ⅱ,44)Most of us are more focused________our tasks in the morning than we are later in the day. 答案 on [考查介词的用法。很多人早晨的注意力要比晚些时候的注意力更集中。固定短 语 be focused on 专心于,集中于。] 4.(2016·全国Ⅱ,阅读 A)Are you interested ________ becoming a musician and getting a recording contract(合同)? 答案 in [be interested in...对??感兴趣,固定搭配。]


5.(2016·全国Ⅱ,阅读 B)Five years ago, when I taught art at a school in Seattle, I used Tinkertoys as a test ________ the beginning of a term to find out something about my students. 答案 at [at the beginning of...在??开始。] 6.(2016·全国Ⅲ,50)Chopsticks are not used everywhere in Asia.In India, for example, most people traditionally eat________their hands. 答案 with [考查介词。固定短语:with one’s hands 用某人的手。] 7.(2016·全国Ⅲ,短文改错)Now I am leaving home to college.At last, I will be on my own, but I still want to have my parents to turn to whenever I need help.________ 答案 to→ for [ 固定搭配 leave...for 离开??去??。] 8.(2015·全国Ⅰ,66)For those who fly to Guilin, it’s only an hour away________car and offers all the scenery of the better-known city. 答案 by [句意:乘汽车只需要 1 个小时。by car 乘汽车。] 9. (2015·全国Ⅰ, 短文改错)Unfortunately, on the development of industrialization, the environment has been polluted.________ 答案 on→with [句意: 随着工业化的发展。 短语搭配错误。 短语 with the development of 随着??的发展。] 10.(2015·全国Ⅱ,67)________the same time, they warm up again for the night. 答案 At [固定搭配 at the same time。] 11.(2015·全国Ⅱ,短文改错)Tony saw a toy on a shop window.________ 答案 on→in [介词搭配,在橱窗里用 in。] 12.(2014·全国大纲,29)September 30 is the day ________ which you must pay your bill. 答案 by [本题考查介词搭配。 根据句意, 九月三十号是付账单的最后期限, 应为“到?? 为止”之意,故用 by。] 13.(2014·全国大纲,短文改错)The more friends we have, the more we can learn for one another.________ 答案 for→from [本题考查固定搭配。learn...from“从??处学得”之意。] 14.(2014·全国Ⅰ,短文改错)Nearly five years ago,and with the help by our father, my sister and I planted some cherry tomatoes(圣女果)in our back garden.________ 答案 by→of [本题表示所属关系,用 of。] 15.(2014·全国Ⅱ,64)When the bus finally came, we all hurried on board.I got a place next ________ the window, so I had a good view of the sidewalk.

答案 to [考查介词搭配,next to“靠近”之意。] 16.(2014·全国Ⅱ,短文改错)Therefore, we have more time with after-school activities.________ 答案 with→for [介词错误。] 17. (2013·全国大纲, 31)A serious study of physics is impossible ________ some knowledge of mathematics. 答案 without [ 根据句意:没有数学知识,严肃的物理研究是不可能的。可知此处用 without。] 18.(2013·全国Ⅰ,短文改错)He was tall, with broad shoulders and a beard that turned from black toward gray over the years.________ 答案 towards→to [此处是介词错误,from...to...是固定搭配。] 19.(2013·全国Ⅱ,短文改错)Interestingly, it had a connection by the British porcelain(瓷器) industry.________ 答案 by→with/to [与前文的 connection 构成固定搭配。] 20.(2012·全国Ⅰ,短文改错)“That’s it.No more toys to you.”________ 答案 to→for [对某人而言,用 for。] B 卷 地方卷 用适当的介词或介词短语填空 1.(2016·北京,阅读 A)In high school, I became curious ________ the computer, and built my first website. 答案 about [考查固定搭配 be curious about...对??好奇。] 2.(2016·四川,阅读 B)Find an issue you are interested in and learn more.Volunteer or, if you can, contribute a little money ________a cause. 答案 to [考查固定搭配 contribute...to...向??捐献。] 3.(2016·四川,67)The mother continued to care for the young panda________more than two years. 答案 for [妈妈继续照顾年轻的熊猫两年多的时间。for+一段时间。] 4.(2016·江苏,33)Parents should actively urge their children to take advantage________the opportunity to join sports teams. 答案 of [考查动词短语。 句意: 父母应积极督促孩子抓住机会加入运动队。 take advantage of 利用。]


5.(2016·江苏,阅读 D)Shelly-Ann is a little woman ________ a big smile.She has mental toughness that did not come about by chance. 答案 with [用 with 表示带着微笑。] 6.(2016·浙江,6)That young man is honest, cooperative, always there when you need his help .________short, he’s reliable. 答案 In [考查介词短语辨析。句意:那个年轻人诚实,合作,总是在你需要他的时候帮 助你。总之,他很可靠。 in short “总之”。] 7.(2016·浙江,7)The study suggests that the cultures we grow up ________influence the basic processes by which we see world around us. 答案 in [考查介词。句意:研究表明,我们成长的文化影响我们看我们周围的世界的基 本过程。we grow up in 是定语从句,省略了引导词 that/which,与 cultures 搭配用 in, 故填介词 in。] 8.(2015·江苏,27)The university started some new language programs to cater ________ the country’s Silk Road Economic Belt. 答案 for [句意:大学开始开设一些新的语言项目,以迎合中国的丝绸之路经济带。固定 表达 cater for 迎合,满足所需。] 9.(2015·江苏,29)The whole team count ________ Cristiano Ronaldo, and he seldom lets them down. 答案 on [句意:整个团队依靠 Cristians Ronaldo,他很少让他们失望。固定表达 count on 依靠,指望。] 10.(2015·江苏,34)Many of the things we now benefit from would not be around but ________ Thomas Edison. 答案 for [句意:如果没有托马斯·爱迪生的话,我们现在所受益的许多东西是不会出现 的。but for 如果没有的话。] 11.(2015·浙江,3)Have you ever heard of the trees that are homes ________ animals both on land and sea? 答案 to [句意:你听说过既可生长在陆地上又可生长在海里的可作为动物家园的树吗? 固定表达 home to...是??的家园或故乡。] 12. (2015·浙江, 10)Most people work because it’ s unavoidable.________ contrast, there are some people who actually enjoy work. 答案 By [句意:大多数人工作是因为无法避免,相比之下,也有一些人真的喜欢工作。 固定表达 by contrast 相比之下。]

13.(2015·浙江,11)We tend to have a better memory for things that excite our senses or appeal ________ our emotions than for straight facts. 答案 to [句意:我们倾向于对令感官兴奋的或吸引我们情感的东西记忆深刻。固定表达 appeal to 对??有吸引力。] 14.(2015·浙江,17)These comments came in response ________ specific questions often asked by local newsmen. 答案 to [句意: 这些解释是对当地记者经常询问的特定问题的回应。 固定表达 in response to 作为对??的回答,作为对??的反应。] 15.(2015·湖北,30)This meeting room is a non-smoking area.I would like to warn you ________ advance that if you smoked here you would be fined. 答案 in [句意:这个会议室是禁烟区。我想提前警告你,如果你吸烟,你会被罚款的。 固定表达 in advance 预先,提前。] 16.(2015·重庆,10)Last year was the warmest year on record, with global temperature 0.68 ℃ ________ the average. 答案 above [句意: 去年是有记录以来最热的一年, 比全球平均气温高 0.68 度。 above 高 于,在??之上,符合句意。] 17.(2015·陕西,12)The little pupil took his grandma ________ the arm and walked her across the street. 答案 by [句意:这个小学生挎着奶奶的胳膊,扶着她穿过了马路。考查介词。动词+sb +介词+the+人体部位,是惯用法,根据身体的不同的部位变化介词,如:pat sb on the head,hit sb in the face 等。] 18.(2015·安徽,33)They believe that there are transport developments ________the corner that will bring a lot of changes for the better. 答案 around [句意:他们认为即将到来的交通发展将会带来很多好的方面的变化。 考查 介词短语搭配,around the corner 即将来临。] 19.(2015·福建,22)A common memory they all have ________ their school days is the school uniform. 答案 of [句意:在他们上学的日子中,一个共同的记忆就是校服。考查介词。of 表示 “在??其中的。”] 20.(2015·福建,32)Human life is regarded as part of nature and, as such, the only way for us to survive is to live ________ harmony with nature.


答案 in [句意:人类被认为是自然的一部分,同样,我们要生存下去的唯一方式,就是 要与大自然和谐相处。考查介词短语。in harmony with 与??和谐。] 21.(2014·江西,33)It is unbelievable that Mr.Lucas leads a simple life ________ his great wealth. 答案 despite [由关键词“unbelievable”、“simple”和“great wealth”可知这里表 达“让步”关系。despite(尽管)与语境吻合。] 22.(2014·北京,23)Jane is in a hurry because the train to the airport leaves ________ half an hour. 答案 in [句意:简匆匆忙忙的,因为去往机场的火车半个小时之后就离开了。in 加上一 段时间和一般将来时连用,表示的是一段时间以后。] 23.(2014·陕西,14)The Scottish girl ________ blue eyes won the first prize in the Fifth Chinese Speech Contest. 答案 with [考查介词。句意:这位蓝眼睛的苏格兰女孩在第五届汉语演讲大赛中获得了 一等奖。with 表示“有”。] 24.(2014·浙江,17)People won’t pay attention to you when they still have a lot of ideas of their own crying ________ expression. 答案 for [考查介词用法。句意:当人们仍有自己的想法想表达出来时,他们不会注意到 你的。此处的 for 表目的。] 25. (2013·山东, 34)The Smiths are praised ________ the way they bring up their children. 答案 for [考查介词的用法。句意:史密斯夫妇因为他们教育孩子的方法而受到了称赞。 be praised for...为固定搭配,此处表示原因,符合句意。] 26.(2013·北京,26)I have an appointment________Dr.Smith, but I need to change it. 答案 with [句意:我跟史密斯医生有个约会,但我得改了。have an appointment with sb 是固定短语,意思是“与某人有约会”。] 27.(2013·辽宁,25)________behalf of everyone here,I wish you a pleasant journey back to your country. 答案 On [句意:我谨代表大家衷心祝愿你归国旅途愉快。on behalf of 代表。] 28.(2012·江西,34)He seems to be giving the impression that he didn’t enjoy himself in Paris.________ the contrary,he had a wonderful time. 答案 On [句意:他给人的印象似乎是在巴黎玩得不开心。与此相反,他在那儿非常愉快。 on the contrary 与此相反,正相反。]


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2017版高考英语一轮总复习 高考AB卷分类试题 专题7 定语从句_英语_高中教育_...答案 which [考查定语从句。介词后跟关系代词,先行词为 images,所以用 which。...
2017版高考英语一轮总复习 高考AB卷分类试题 专题15 短文改错
2017版高考英语一轮总复习 高考AB卷分类试题 专题15...] 8.Much→Many [考查代词的用法。animals 为可数...] 2.on→in [考查介词的用法。玩具是摆放在商店...
2017版高考英语一轮总复习 高考AB卷分类试题 专题13 完形填空
2017版高考英语一轮总复习 高考AB卷分类试题 专题13...答案 A D.by luck B.by chance [考查介词短语...[考查语境中代词的辨析。前文已经提到拉里看到了...
2017版高考英语一轮总复习 高考AB卷分类试题 专题10 特殊句式
2017版高考英语一轮总复习 高考AB卷分类试题 专题10 特殊句式_英语_高中教育_...she says. 答案 that [考查强调句型。] 2.(2016· 北京,完形)If that ...
2017版高考英语一轮总复习 高考AB卷分类试题 专题9 状语从句和并列连词
2017版高考英语一轮总复习 高考AB卷分类试题 专题9 状语从句和并列连词_英语_...[此处需要连词 when 引导时间状语,不能用介词。] 13.(2013·全国大纲,23)I ...
2017版高考英语一轮总复习 高考AB卷分类试题 专题8 名词性从句
2017版高考英语一轮总复习 高考AB卷分类试题 专题8...在介词 for 后的是宾语从句,从句中缺少 achieve 的...故使用代词 what。] 22.(2013·江西,30)___ one...