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1 ○The character of Hamlet is the most outstanding of his irresolute and.hesitant. Facing the father was poisoned, mother to be possessed, Wang Quan is stolen, countries were coveted enemy of

hate, Hamlet has strong revenge wish: " my destiny in the cry, make my whole body each fine blood vessels become like an angry lion. Bones and muscles as hard." "rest, rest, suffering soul! Well, friends, I with great passion, trust you two ; if in the hamlet of weak ability, can have to express to you his friendship, God, I'll quit you. Let us go ; please remember no matter what time should be kept. It is an upside-down era, oh, shit I have to shoulder the responsibility of restructuring the course! Come, let's go together." the oath, Hamlet in this resolutely determined expression of their revenge of the firm belief. But on the other hand, Hamlet to the killing of this seemingly simple actions are shown for ordinary people to understand the concerns of complex, he had several times to kill enemies the chance, but in this complex work, revenge againWork not completed. When he meets by chance to the enemy for their sin, revenge is flashed, and then he was transferred to the opportunity value thinking : " now I just started, he was praying. I do it right now, he is a life died, I will revenge. It need to calculate a. A villain who killed my father, my son, the evil Chinese to go to heaven but then Hamlet first became an ideological struggle. 2 ○One side is murdered his father 's tooth pain, father dead sound collection, the other side is the life value of serious thought, born with a melancholy temperament. Hamlet lies between the two hard wander. "But is afraid of death went no one back that had never found the land, if there will also do not know how, so will shake, so they prefer to endure the punishment, rather than to some other unknown suffering like this, concerns that we have become a coward, also like this, decisions are colors on white layer of thinking ill ; this can be with vigour and vitality of large for, as a result of this wonder out awkward and lose the name of action." 3 ○On the interpretation of a revenge plan became a bitter ideological breakthrough. In this breakthrough in the process of Hamlet constantly see the darkness of the society, was trying to put myself into this dark world, with the enemy the same means to deal with the enemy; but the humanity and the faith of justice is making the instinctive resistance. In this kind of give tit for tat the ideological conflict, the evolution of Hamlet for a difficult choice. "People are

what a piece of work! Reason is very valuable! How power is infinite! Appearance and manner how end is whole, how wonderful! In action how like an angel! On understanding, how like a god! The universe of China! The intelligent part of the universe! But, for me, this clay extracted. What's" here "Hamlet in a sarcastic tone of speaking the words," this is a hamlet on the status of doubt, also the Hamlet a time order reflect the idea of him with suspicion. View all around the world : human hypocrisy, Yan Liang, heaven 's injustice, finally, finally reached this suspicion state vertex : " to be or not to be" a pressing matter of the moment is to have his revenge, reviving the country.The meaning of life the overload of thinking, no doubt on the Hamlet irresolute and hesitant character played a role. 4 ○The personality decides destiny.tis the truth. The tragedy of the tragic fate of his character buried a foreshadowing. In this character, ideas he was trying to torment revenge. He became the full vengeance. And all this leads him to weak mother mood is, on the beloved woman to pay no heed, leading him to kill love father, led to his eventual fall into the trap set by the enemies. Finally, the desire for revenge is finally achieved, but all good things are broken: Hamlet's lofty ideals and high aspirations, love like life, mother fragile existence 5 ○This is a tragedy, with its roots in the Hamlet irresolute and hesitant character, this is the tragic character. 6 ○Read Hamlet, give us a great touch, in his character, Hamlet has created a human tragedy, let us.

1 ○哈姆雷特的性格特征的最突出表现无疑是他的优柔寡断.面对着父亲被毒杀,母亲被 占有,王权被窃取,国家被觊觎的家仇国恨,哈姆雷特有强烈的复仇愿望:"我的运命在呐喊,使 我全身每一根微细的血管都变得像怒狮的筋骨一样坚硬.""安息吧,安息吧,受难的灵魂!好,朋 友们,我以满怀的热情,信赖着你们两位;要是在哈姆莱特的微弱的能力以内,能够有可以向你 们表示他的友情之处,上帝在上,我一定不会有负你们.让我们一同进去;请你们记着无论在什 么时候都要守口如瓶.这是一个颠倒混乱的时代,唉,倒楣的我却要负起重整乾坤的责任!来,我 们一块儿去吧."宣誓,哈姆雷特用这种毅然绝然的方式表达着自己复仇的坚定信念.但另一方 面,哈姆雷特对杀死仇人这一看似简单的举动却表现出了常人难以理解的疑虑情结,他本来有 好几次杀死仇人的绝佳机会,但在这种情结的作祟下,复仇计划一次次功亏一篑.当他偶遇到 仇人在为自己的罪孽祈祷时,复仇的想法只是一闪而过,接着他就转入了时机价值的思考:"现 在我正好动手,他正在祷告.我现在就干,他就一命归天,我也就报仇了.这需要算一算.一个恶汉 杀死了我的父亲,我这个独生子把这个恶汉却送上天堂"于是,哈姆雷特复仇首先变成了一场 思想斗争. 2 ○一面是杀父之仇的切齿之痛,父亲亡灵的声声追讨,另一面是对生命价值严肃思考,与 生俱来的忧郁秉性.哈姆雷特在这二者之间苦苦的徘徊."要不是怕一死就去了没有人回来的 那个从未发现的国土,怕那边还不知会怎样,因此意志动摇了,因此便宁愿忍受目前的灾殃,而 不愿投奔另一些未知的苦难 这样子,顾虑使我们都成了懦夫,也就这样子,决断决行的本色上 了惨白的一层思虑的病容;本可以轰轰烈烈的大作大为,由于这一点想不通,就出了别扭,失去 了行动的名分." 3 ○一个复仇计划就这样演绎成了一次痛苦的思想突围.在这个突围的过程中,哈姆雷特不 断的看到社会的黑暗,力图让自己融入这种灰暗的世界中去,用敌人同样的手段来对付敌人; 但是人道与正义的信仰却做着本能的抵抗.在这种针锋相对的思想冲突中,哈姆雷特进行着艰 难的蜕变和抉择."人是多么了不起的一件作品!理性是多么可贵!力量是多么无穷!仪表和举 止是多么端整,多么出色!论行动,多么像天使!论了解,多么像天神!宇宙之华!万物之灵!可是, 对于我,这点泥土里提炼出来的玩意儿算得了什么呢 "这里"哈姆雷特是以一种讥讽的口气讲 的这段话,"这是哈姆雷特对人的地位的怀疑,也是哈姆雷特的一种时代秩序观念的反映.他用 怀疑的眼光去审视周围的一切:人性的虚伪,世态的炎凉,天道的不公,最后,终于到达了这种怀 疑状态的顶点:"生存还是毁灭 "而他的当务之急是复仇,有重振国家.这种对于生命意义的超 负荷的思考,无疑对哈姆雷特优柔寡断的性格起到了推波助澜的作用. 4 ○


格之下,他被复仇的意念苦苦煎熬.复仇成了他的全部.而这一切,导致他对懦弱的母亲冷语相 向,对心爱女子的视而不见,导致他亲手杀死爱人的父亲,导致他最终落入仇人的布下的圈套. 最后,复仇的愿望终于实现了,可是一切美好的东西也都破碎了:哈姆雷特的雄心壮志,爱人如 花的生命,母亲脆弱的生存. 5 ○这就是悲剧,其根源就在与哈姆雷特优柔寡断的性格,这就是性格的悲剧.

6 ○



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