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Unit 4 Global warming

Unit 4 Global warming

1....but it is a rapid increase when compared to other natural changes.(p.26) 但是和其他自然变化比起来,它(气温)的变化是很快的了。 [探究学习] 阅读下列句子, 注意体会 compare to/compare...to/with 的意思。 (1)Compared_to many poor students,she was lucky.(与??相 比) (2)We often compare teachers to gardeners.(把??比作??) (3)If you compare this book with that one,you'll find many differences.(把 A 和 B 进行比较)

用上述短语完成下列句子。 (1)她告诉她自己,和很多妇女比起来,她已经很幸运了。 She told herself that compared_to many women, she was already very lucky. (2)莎士比亚把世界比作一个舞台。 Shakespeare_compared_the_world_to_a_stage. (3)和他所拥有的比起来,这些邮票不是很有趣。 Compared_with_what_he_had_already_had _not_very_interesting. these_stamps_were

2.All scientists subscribe_to the view that the increase in the earth's temperature is due to the burning of fossil fuels like coal , natural gas and oil to produce energy.(p.26) 所有的科学家都赞同这种观点: 人们为了生产能量而燃烧化石燃 料(如煤、天然气和石油等), 从而引起了地球温度的升高。 [词语归纳] subscribe to 同意, 赞同;订阅 I planned to subscribe to many magazines. 我计划订阅许多杂志。 ———————————————————————

完成下列句子。 (1)他们订阅了什么杂志? Which_magazines_did_they_subscribe_to? (2)No one but mad people would subscribe_to_this_point_ of_view(同意这种观点).

3.The problem begins when we add huge quantities_of extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.(p.26)

而当我们给大气层中增加了大量额外的二氧化碳时, 问题就来了。 quantities of=a quantity of 大量,许多 She has quantities of good clothes. 她有许多好衣服。

?温馨提示: a quantity/quantities of 大量 ( +可数或不可数名词 ) ,无论 a quantity of 后面是可数名词还是不可数名词,谓语动词都要用单数; 无论 quantities of 后面是可数名词还是不可数名词, 谓语动词都要用 复数。

用所给单词的适当形式填空。 (1)A large quantity of broken paper money_is_collected(collect) by the bank. (2)Large quantities of money have_been_spent (spend) to build the bridge. (3)Large earthquake. quantities of students were_killed(kill) in the

4.On the other hand,there are those, like George Hambley, who are opposed to this view and believe that we should not worry about high levels of carbon dioxide in the air.(p.27) 另一方面,还有一些人,像科学家乔治· 汉布利,反对上面的观 点,他们认为我们不应担心空气中会有高含量的二氧化碳。

[词语归纳] oppose vt.反对;反抗;与(某人)较量 oppose sth./doing sth./sb.doing sth. 反对某事/做某事/某人做某事 oppose sth.to/against sth. 使某事物与另一事物对照或对抗 opposed adj.相反的;对立的 be opposed to...反对??;与??对立 ———————————————————————

用 oppose 的相关词语完成下列小片段。 Her parents strongly (1)opposed_her_going_abroad( 反对她出 国 ), which (2)opposed_to/against her will.So she was very sad , thinking it was her parents who (3)were deliberately (4)opposed_to her.

5.They predict that any warming will be mild with few bad environmental consequences.(p.27) 他们预言说, 变暖的情况不会很严重, 对环境的影响也不会太坏。 [词语归纳] consequence n.结果,后果;影响 consequent adj.随之发生的,由此引起的 in consequence 因此,由此

in consequence of...由于??的缘故 consequently adv.因此,结果 as a consequence of...由于??导致的结果 Did you reflect on the consequences of your behaviour? 你考虑过你的行为的后果吗? ———————————————————————

选用上述单词或短语填空。 (1)Over ten people lost their lives in_consequence_of the traffic accident. (2)As_a_consequence_of being ill in hospital, Shelly decided that she wanted to become a nurse. (3)I missed the train and consequently I was late for work. (4)Such a mistake would perhaps lead to disastrous _consequences.

6.It will encourage a greater range of animals—all of which will make life for human beings better.(p.27) (二氧化碳含量的增加 )会促进动物的生长——所有这些都能改 善人类的生活。 [探究学习] 阅读下列句子,注意体会 range 的意思。 (1)There is a wide range_of temperature. (n.种类;范围;幅度)

(2)The number ranges between 5 and 15. (vi.在一定范围内变化) (3)Please range the goods neatly in the shop window. (vt.排列,整理) [词语归纳] range from...to...范围从??到?? beyond the range of 超越??的范围 within range of...在??范围内 ———————————————————————

将下列小片段译成英语。 这家超市有种类繁多的商品。它们的价格从几元到几百元不等。 根据它们的种类,售货员把它们整齐地排列在不同的货架上。 The_supermarket_keeps_a_wide_range_of_goods.Their_prices_ range_from_just_only_a_few_yuan_to_several_hundred_yuan.Accor ding_to_their_varieties,the_shop_assistants_range_them_neatly _on_the_shelves.

7.Even if we start reducing the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases,the climate is going to keep_on warming for decades or centuries.(p.27) 即使我们开始减少二氧化碳和其他温室气体的含量, 在未来几十 年或几个世纪内,气候仍会持续转暖。

词语辨析:keep on, keep up, keep off,keep up with keep on 继续(干),坚持(干) keep up 保持(下去),继续(下去) keep off 避开(吃,谈等),不要理睬 keep up with 跟上,不落在??后面

用 keep on, keep up, keep off 与 keep up with 填空。 (1)I've told him to stop,but he kept_on doing it. (2)Keep_up the good work and you'll get very good marks in the exam. (3)They put up a sign on the meadow reading “ Keep_off the grass”. (4)It's really difficult to keep_up_with the computer technology these days.

8.We do not have to put_up_with pollution.(p.30) 我们不必去忍受污染。 [词语归纳] put up with 忍受,容忍(=bear/tolerate sth.) put up 举起;搭建;张贴 put on 穿上;上演 put away 收起来;存储 put in 插嘴说;安装 put out 扑灭;出版,生产,公布

put off 推迟;让??下车,阻止 put down 写下;放下,镇压 put aside 储蓄,节省,把??放在一边 put forward 提出 put sb. at ease 使舒适,使自在

选用上述短语完成下列短文。 In the morning Tom (1)put_on his best clothes and (2)put_aside what he is doing these days.He (3)put_down an address on a piece of paper and (4)put_it_up on the wall of his study.At the meeting yesterday he (5)put_forward a good idea that the project should be (6)put_off until next month.Today he was free but he couldn't (7)put_up_with sitting around with nothing to do.So he drank a cup of coffee which (8)put_him_at_ease at once,and then go to the cinema with a few friends. he decided to

书面表达分类训练 节日简介 介绍节日应用一般现在时,文中需把节日的时间、范围、活动内 容及与之相关的传统习俗介绍清楚。有时还要介绍节日的起源。 话题词语: in memory of;in honour of; have great fun with sb.;look forward to ; dress up ; special food ; the lunar calendar( 阴历 ) ; traditional festival;be popular with;a symbol of

佳句诵读: It is a custom to give children lucky money during the Spring Festival. The Dragon Boat Festival falls on May 5th of the lunar calendar every year.

一个英文网站面向中学生征稿。 请你写一篇英语稿件, 介绍“中 秋节”及这个节日里的主要活动。 写作要点: 1.它是中国的传统节日之一; 2.家人团聚; 3.赏月、吃月饼; 4.还有旅游、访友等其他活动。

注意: 1.词数 100 左右; 2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3.开头语已为你写好,不计入总词数。 写作指导: 1.本文为提纲类的说明文;人称为第一人称;基本时态为一般 现在时。

2.内容要点: (1)介绍中秋节是中国的传统节日之一; (2)描写家人团聚; (3)描写赏月和吃月饼的情景; (4)描写旅游、访友等其他活动。 3.参考词汇和短语: 中秋节 the MidAutumn Festival 赏月 enjoy the full moon 农历 lunar calendar

月饼 moon cake

走亲访友 visit relatives or friends

The MidAutumn Festival The Mid?Autumn Festival falls on the 15th of the eighth month of our Chinese lunar calendar.______________________________ As_one_of_the_traditional_Chinese_festivals,it_has_been_enjoying _great_popularity_in_our_country.Usually,no_matter_how_far _away_or_how_busy_we_are, we_will_try_to_come_home_for_the celebration.The_moon_that_night_looks_the_brightest_in_the_whole

_lunar_month.What_we_love_most_is_the_time_we_enjoy_the_full_ moon_together.With_the_beautiful_moon_up_in_the_sky ,we_sit_ together_and_eat_moon_cakes_and_fruit,sharing_our_stories.In _addition_to_these_traditional_activities, we_have_a_wider_range of choices_such_as_travelling_and_visiting_our_relatives_or_friends.

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