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2010年包头市高中招生考试 英语试卷
一、听力测试(每小题1分,共20分)略 二、选择题:从下列各题的四个选项中选择一个最佳答案。(每小题1分,共l5分) 21.--Sorry,Nick,but I forgot to bring the MP4 you wanted. --________You can bring it next time. A.Sounds good. B.Is that all? C.That's OK. D.Why not?

22.Li Bai wrote many wonderful _______all his life. A.articles B.poems C.songs D.handwritings

23.--Look at the sign" Hands off",Children. --OK.We won't do that. Which one is the right sign?

24.--Is there _______ here? --Yes,I'm upstairs.Please come an/t help me. A.anybody B.nobody C.everybody D.somebody

25.It's time to travel during the World EXPO 2010 in Shanghai.We _______to travel with our families this year. A.planned B.plan C.are planning D.were planning

26.--Could you tell us_______? --Because the traffic is bad. A.if she comes late C.why does she come late B.how does she come late D.why she comes late

27._______warm idea Suddenly came to me that I might use_______ pocket money to buy a gift for my father on Father's Day. A.A;the B.The;the C.The;/ D./;the

28.--Jay Chou's new CD came out in an unusual way in May. --Yeah.He said' he would feel _______if he went somewhere that was pretty. A.greater B.cheaper C.worse D.better

29.--I've never seen you raise your hand in class. --What if my answer is wrong? And I dislike _______ A.put up B.looking up C.showing off D.take off

30.You'd better put the books here.They,with the dictionary,_______back where they were. A.should put B.could put C.can be put D.must be put

31.--_______long vacation! Are you going anywhere for the vacation? --No.I'm going to serve the volleyball games. A.What a B.What C.How a D.How

32.Music makes our life colorful,and helps us to relax._______ ,English songs can also help us learn English. A.Except B.Besides C.As D.Like

33.Today,when we use QQ or MSN,we _______messages across thousands of miles in a few seconds. A.speak and talk C.send and receive B.use and accept D.ask and answer

34.--How long do you suppose it is_______ she left for America? --No more than half a month. A.when B.since C.before D.after

35.Maria is always polite to everyone and she is _______a sweet girl _______all of us really like her. A.so;as B.too;to C.so;that D.such;that

三、完形填空:阅读下列短文,掌握大意,然后从每题所给的四个选项中,选择一个最佳答 案。(每小题1分,共20分) A In April , 2007, Donald Tsang became Chief Executive (行政首长) of Hong Kong for the second time . Tsang was 36 elected in June , 2005 . He comes from a simple 37 .In

background.When he was a young boy,he had to work in his spare time to pay for high School, Tsang wasn't the head at first. one day, was But he for making a mistake.The teacher

38 at by his English teacher

39 his exercise book on the ground,making him feel

40 .He decided to study hard, 41 was finally put up from class D to A."That was a good lesson for later. His family couldn't pay for him to go to university. he started work So a drug company.During the next 40 years,Tsang official. "To be a leader you have to be able to face troubles and not be said again. 45 of hard work. T sang " 44 43 a salesman for 42 .I learned what the saying' no pain no gain' means.' "Tsang said many years

from being a junior officer to a top

36.A.second 37.A.school 38.A.driven 39.A.put 40.A.glad 41.A.and 42.A.them 43.A.on 44.A.rose 45.A.careful

B.first. B.work, B.smiled B.bought B.terrible B.but B.us B.like B.dropped B.brave B

C.third C.class C.shouted C.gave C.excited C.or C.him C.as C.hoped C.afraid

D.last D.book D.greeted D.threw D.angry D.however D.me D.with D.failed D.careless

Think back to a time in your life when you tried something new.Being a teenager,I volunteered to give out water at a marathon (马拉松) Watching the different 46 who caught . a cup was exciting. The next year I was told for the race. did little preparation. only goal was to I My 47 . I

remember by about the 5th mile,thinking" Never again !" Have you ever felt that way about something? You choose a goal but soon realize it is important 49 48 than you imagined.Then the most 50 me.I felt I failed,then I 51 . How often in life do

came.Near the end,an old man ran

understood something. was running his race and I was running He

we compare ourselves to others and feel disappointed when we really 52 ? ! decided that I wouldn't give up running.As I joy in my life. It's natural to compare 55 54 sometimes.Don't allow those moments to make you 53 the finish line,I was proud of myself.Today it is a most

.Let them encourage you. If you don't win the race,but you get the lesson,and grow,you're truly a winner.

46.A.swimmers 47.A.finish 48.A.taller 49.A.day 50.A.with 51.A.yours 52.A.shouldn't 53.A.passed 54.A.next to

B.runners B.win B.shorter B.race B.past B.my B.mustn't B.took B.face to face

C.drivers C.jump C.harder C.moment C.through C.his C.can't C.crossed C.in turn

D.workers D.watch D.easier D.person D.across D.mine D.wouldn't D.raised D.each other





四、阅读理解:通读下列短文,掌握大意,然后从每小题所给的四个选项中,选择一个最佳 答案。(A、B两篇每小题1分,C、D两篇每小题2分,共30分) A FOREIGN EXCHANGER—A CLASS ON THEIR OWN Name:Susan Lane Age:17 Place:Reykjavik,Iceland Organization:AFS Experience:“I think it was a turning.point in my life.I began to understand more about my own culture by experiencing another culture and seeing how other people live.” Name:Sara Small Age:16 Place:Crivitz.Germany Organization:EF Foundation Experience:“I loved the trip and I made a lot of friends.I found the European school system to be hard but I am good at German now,so it was worth it.I did miss my family and friends in Australia but l would tore to do it again.” Name:David Links Age:16 Place:Stuttgart,Australia Organization:Southern Cross Cultural Exchange Experience:“l wanted to try something that was very different to Australia in culture.In Australia everything was different,but I soon got fit. family l was with were great and I really feel as though I have a second The family.” Name:Tom Jennings Age:17 Place:Conflans,France Organization:Southern Cross Cultural Exchange Experience:“There were some challenges that were met,but I liked them,experiencing a different culture.You just have to play each situation as

it comes:If there is one thing you have to learn when you are on a student-exchange program,it is how to take care of yourself.”

Name:Linda Marks Age:16 Place:Chonburi Province,Thailand Organization:Rotary International Experience:“It's like a roller-coaster ride,there are lots of ups and downs,but you always come back for more.I had a few problems,but there was always someone to turn to and that was great.” 56.How many students mention the culture difference? A.Three. B.Four C.Five D.Two

57.The student who valued (评价) learning another language is _________ A.Linda Marks B.Tom Jennings C.Sara Small D.David Links

58.Who gets along well with the family where he(she) lived? A.Susan Lane. B.Linda Marks. C.Tom Jennings. D.David Links.

59.Which of the following statements is TRUE? A.Susan Lane would love to do it again. B.Tom Jennings learned how to take care of himself. C.David Links began to understand more about his own culture. D.Sare Small made few friends in Germany. 60.The writing above would probably be _________ A.the records of students' activities B.the foreign students' name cards C.the notice about a visit to foreign countries D.the advertisement from a travel service B "It's over ! Thank goodness !" School was over and I was tired.I sat at the front of the school bus. Janie, driver, the always tries to break the uncomfortable atmosphere (气氛) by talking. I try to listen politely,but usually I'm too busy thinking about my day.On this day ,however, her talk was worth listening to. "My father's ill," she said to no one in particular.I could see worry in her eyes.I had never

seen her like this before.She always meets students with a smile. With a sudden chance of interest,I asked," What's wrong with him?" With her eyes wet and her voice unusual,she answered," Heart trouble."Her eyes lowered as she continued,"I've already lost my mum,so I don't think I can stand losing him." I couldn't answer.My heart ached for her. I sat on the seat thinking of the great pain my own mother was thrown into when her father died. I saw how hard it was,and still is,for her.I wouldn't want anyone to go through that. Suddenly I realized Janie wasn't only a bus driver,which was just her job.She had a whole world of family and cares too. I shouldn't have been so selfish.I paid no attention to Janie because she was a bus driver.I had judged(判断) her by her job and brushed her off as unimportant. I shouldn't have been so selfish and self-centered. Understanding people is an art. 61.When the students get on the school bus,Janie usually _________ A.listens to music C.sits on her seat without words B.talks about her own worry D.meets them with a smile

62.After she learned Janie's story,the writer thought of_________ A.her father's death C.the ache of her own heart B.her mother's pain D.the death of Janie's father

63.The underlined phrase "brush off" means _________ A.刷掉 B.挥落 C.漠视 D.擦净

64.The writer felt herself selfish because she had_________ A.thought of Janie as nothing but a driver B.made only a few friends in the school C.hardly thought of herself D.never listened to others 65.In this passage,the writer tries to tell us that _________ A.losing parents makes people sad and helpless B.understanding the people around us takes time C.we should learn to understand the people around us D.it's not right to judge the people around us by their clothes C A hobby can be almost anything a person likes to do in his free time.Hobbyists keep pets,

build model ships,watch birds,hunt animals,climb mountains,grow flowers,fish,ski,skate and swim.Hobbyists also paint pictures,attend concerts and plays and perform on musical instruments.They collect everything from books to butterflies,and from shells to stamps. People have hobbies because these activities offer enjoyment,friendship,knowledge,and relaxation.Sometimes they even make some money by following a hobby.Hobbies help people relax after hard work,and provide a balance between work and play.Hobbies also offer interesting activities for persons who have retired.Anyone,rich or poor,old or young,sick or well,can follow an interesting hobby. Hobbies can help a person's mental and physical health.Doctors have found that hobbies are helpful for patients to recover from physical or mental illness.Hobbies give patients something to do,and provide interests that keep them from thinking about themselves. In early years,most people were too busy making a living to have many hobbies.But some persons who were free did enjoy hobbies. People today hard more time than ever before for hobbies.Machines have reduced(减少) the amount of time they must spend on their jobs. More people are retiring than ever be- fore at an earlier age.Those who have developed hobbies never need to worry about what to do with their newly-found free hours. Sir William Osier, famous Canadian doctor, a expressed the value of hobbies by saying, "No man is really happy or safe without a hobby." 66.According to the passage ,which of the following is TRUE? A.Hobby is one's regular activity in his office. B.Hobby is a kind of activity a person likes to do in his free time. C.Hobby is a kind of activity only for old people. D.Hobby is a kind of activity only for young people. 67.Who may spend more time enjoying their hobbies? A.People who have little money. B.People who have much money. C.People who have retired from their work. D.People who have left school. 68.What does the underlined word" recover" in the third paragraph mean? A.Become well again. C.Become calm. B.Get back. D.Provide with a new cover.

69.Why did most people spend less time on their hobbies in early years? A.Because they were brave.

B.Because they were not interested in hobbies. C.Because they were hard-working. D.Because they were busy making a living. 70.What's the writer's opinion about hobbies? A.People all over the world have the same hobby. B.People shouldn't have hobbies. C.Hobbies are popular among the retired people. D.People should have hobbies in their free time D If you feel bad about yourself,you need to read" Nobody's Perfect" by American author Kimberly Kirberger. Kim uses stories from real teens to teach girls to learn to love themselves.She says that bad thoughts about you come from habits. Her own story shows this. Kim had three brothers who used to say bad things to her. Nobody likes you. course, brothers did not really mean what they said. things people say to you Of her But can become part of your thinking. To stop this, Kim tells us to pay attention to our thoughts and the way we speak to ourselves. It's very easy to change these bad thoughts to good ones.Whenever you have a few minutes alone, think of some nice things people have said to you recently. Then think about what you like about yourself.Slowly you will feel better about yourself and you will feel happier. But there wilt still be situations when you think of something bad.Try to bring your mind back to good thoughts. Changing thoughts from bad to good takes time.But as you practice saying kind things to yourself,you will understand that no one is perfect and you will like yourself much more. 71.The book "Nobody's Perfect" tells girls they should ______ A.be happy with what they have C.pay attention to things people say B.not say bad things to others D.often look at themselves in the mirrors

72.Kim thinks bad thoughts about oneself come from ______ A.the way one speaks C.other's thoughts B.the habits D.bad feelings

73.You will have bad thoughts about Kim's opinion probably because ______ A.you always think you're perfect B.other people don't like you or talk to you C.bad things others say to you influence your thoughts

D.your brothers don't get on well with you 74.According to Kim's opinion,_______ can't change bad thoughts to good ones. A.thinking about what you like about yourself B.thinking of some nice things people say to you C.keeping saying kind things to yourself D.paying attention to bad things people say to you 75.Which of the following is NOT TRUE? A.Practice saying some nice things to you. B.Understand someone else is better than you. C.Think of something good people have said. D.Try to bring your mind from bad to good. 五、词语运用。 A.根据下列句子意思及汉语提示,在下面横线上写出恰当形式的英语单词。(每小题1分, 共10分) 76. list of 100 good books for teenagers came out. A Books on history and science are all_______ (包括). 77. Chinese family name is put before the given name_______(而) Western family name The the is put after that. 78.A 2009 report shows that_______ (超过)27 percent Chinese use the Internet. 79.The car over there doesn’t belong to _______ (她). 80.He has been to Beijing six _______ (次)in all,and he wants to be there once more. 81._______ (错过)the train means waiting for another hour. 82.On the net,_______ (五分之三)of the people believe China is among the strongest in the world. 83.At present,there are a lot of books in which we are told how we can eat _______ (健康). 84. Chow run-fat has been an excellent_______ (榜样) written into middle school textbooks and in Hong Kong. 85.Mike is bright.In fact,I wonder whether anyone in the class has the_______ (高)IQ. 76. _______77._______ 78. _______79._______ 80._______ 81._______82._______ 83._______ 84._______ 85._______ B.从下面方框中选择一个适当短语填空,使句子意思完整,并将其正确形式写在下面 横线上,所选短语只能用一次。(每小题2分,共10分) after all on one’s way to sell out deal with get on well with dress up 86.The book you ask for _______ yesterday.There are no copies left.

87.How_______the relationship between doctors and patients is still a difficult problem in our country. 88.He is sure to come to the party.He’s already accepted the invitation _______. 89.The little girl often_______ as Pretty,Sheep or Wolffy to have fun. 90.You can telephone him.He is_______ the supermarket. 86._______ 87._______88._______ 89._______ 90._______

六、书面表达。(A篇每小题1分,共5分;B篇10分,共15分) A.阅读下面短文,根据短文内容,补全表格中所缺的信息。 Every year in China around Tomb-Sweeping Day (清明节),tea plants grow well and people pick the leaves. According to tradition, tea picked before Tomb-Sweeping Day is of the the most value.Long ago,it was this tea which was served to the Emperor. Tea is a daily drink in China. Chinese people enjoy tea with snacks, main dishes, before and or after meals.Guests are often served the drink. a family gathering,young people show their At respect to their elders by offering a cup of tea. Tea culture is very strong in Russia too. Russia, In people drink tea out of glasses, with soup or dessert at the end of meals. typical (典型的 ) The Russian tea ceremony (礼节) usually uses a metal pot for heating water.People put black tea in a teapot and pour boiling water. However,things are different in the UK.British people also drink tea all day.But there is also a special tradition of afternoon tea,where the tea is served with light sandwiches and small cakes.Black tea with milk is by far the most widely drunk tea.Today,most people in,the UK use tea bags rather than tea leaves. In spite of the social and cultural differences around the world,drinking tea stands for a peaceful and comfortable lifestyle.It's a way of escaping,from the stress of life. Tea is everywhere Tea culture in China The tea before Tomb—Sweeping Day is the 91. _______ which was served to the Emperor long ago.Chinese people enjoy green tea very much.At a family gathering,young people offer a cup of tea to their elders and 92._______ politely and warmly. Tea culture in Russia The typical Russian tea ceremony usually uses a metal pot for heating water.People put black tea 93._______(翻 译成汉语)in a teapot and pour boiling water over it. Tea culture in the UK British people also drink tea all day.They drink tea with light sandwiches and small cakes 94._______.Today,most

people use tea 95._______ very often.

B.按要求写作文。 暑假即将来到,同学们都相互询问如何度过这个较长的假期,好好放松一下。请你用英 文书信或e-mail的形式把你的计划和同学交流一下,以便更好地安排一个充实又有意义的假 期。 要点提示: 1.坚持运动,锻炼身体; 2.多读好书; 3.去旅游观光; 4.当一名志愿者; 5.帮助父母。 要求:1.内容包括所有提示要点,意思完整,语言规范; 2.可适当发挥,增加细节,使语句连贯、通顺; 3.80个词左右,书信的首尾已写好,不计入总词数。 Dear Li Ping, I'm excited that the summer vacation is coming.Here is my vacation plan to show you. _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ May you have a nice summer vacation! Wang Hui

2010年包头市高中招生考试 英语试卷参考答案
一、听力测试(略)二、选择题 21.C句意:——对不起,Nick,你想要的MP4我忘带了。——没关系,你可以下次带来。 本题考查交际用语。 由答句中的 “你可以下次带来” 可知回答的人并不介意, , 所以用 “That’s OK(没关系) 22.B句意:李白一生写了很多精彩的诗歌。本题考查名词。根据常识可知李白是诗人,所 以写的是“poems(诗歌)”。 23.B句意:——孩子们,看标识“禁止触摸”。——好的。我们不会摸的。根据句意应选 B。 24. A句意: ——这儿有人吗?——有, 我在楼上, 请过来帮我吧。 本题考查不定代词。 anybody “任何人” 用于疑问句和否定句; , nobly “没有人” everybody ; “每个人, 大家” somebody ;

“某人,有人”,用于肯定句,根据句意排除B、C。又因为是疑问句。故选A。 25.C句意:2010年上海世博会期间是旅游的好时候,我们打算今年和家人一起去旅游。本 题考查动词时态。 “this year” 由 可以判断此处应用一般将来时, 四个选项中只有 “be + doing” 形式的现在进行时可以表示一般将来时,故选C。 26.D句意:——你能告诉我们她为什么来晚了吗?——因为交通拥堵。本题考查宾语从句。 由答语中“Because”可以判断用疑问词“why”,排除A、B两项,又因为宾语从句要用陈 述语序,故选D。 27.A句意:我突然想到了一个好主意,在父亲节那天我可以用零花钱给父亲买份礼物。本 题考查冠词。idea在句中是第一次提到,所以前面用不定冠词a:第二空后的pocket money是 特指我的“零花钱”,所以用定冠词the。 28.D句意:——五月份周杰伦的新CD以一种特殊的方式发行了。——是的,他说如果去 个好地方就感觉更好了。 本题考查形容词的比较级。 根据句意应是感觉 “更好” 所以用better。 。 29.C句意:——我从来没见过你在课堂上举过手。——如果我的答案错了怎么办?而且我 不喜欢卖弄。本题考查动词短语辨析。put up举起,搭起;look up向上看,查找;show off 卖弄,炫耀;take off脱掉,(飞机)起飞。根据句意应选C。 30.D句意:你最好把书放在这里。它们和那本字典一定要放回原处。本题考查含情态动词 的被动语态。主语They(指书)和动词put之间是被动关系,要用被动语态,排除A、B两项; 又根据前一句话可以判断是“一定”要放回原处的,需用must,故D项为正确答案。 31.A句意:——多长的假期啊!你要去什么地方度假吗?——不,我要为排球赛服务。本题 考查感叹句。What引导的感叹句中心词是名词,how引导的感叹句中心词是形容词或副词。 因为中心词vacation是单数可数名词,故选A。 32.B句意:音乐使我们的生活多姿多彩。帮我们放松。除此之外,英文歌曲还可以帮我们 学习英语。本题考查介词。根据句意可知,空格处应用含“除??之外(还有)”之意的介 词,排除C、D。except是“除??之外”,不包括在范围内,而besides是“除??之外(还 有)”,包括在范围内,又英文歌曲也属于音乐,故选B。 33.C句意:今天我们使用QQ或MSN,可以在很短时间内跨越数千英里收发信息。本题考 查动词。由常识可知,一般都是send(发送)或者receive(接收)信息,故选C。 34.B句意:二你认为她去美国多长时间了?——只有半个月。本题考查连词的用法。 “it is+ 一段时间+since?”意为 “自从??多长时间”。故选B。 35.D句意:Maria总是对每个人都很有礼貌,而且她是一个如此甜美的女孩子以至于我们 大家都很喜欢她。本题考查连词:本句表达“如此??以至于??”之意,故排除A、B两 项,由于第一个空格后的a sweet girl是名词短语,应用such修饰,so用来修饰形容词或者副 词。故选D。 三、完形填空

A[语篇解读] 本文为记叙文,主要介绍了现任香港行政长官曾荫权学习和工作的经历。 36.B根据上句“2007年第二次当选”可以推断2005年是第一次当选。 37.A根据语境是pay for school付学费。 38.C根据语境应该是因为犯错误,所以老师对他喊叫。shout at sb.冲某人喊叫。 39.D老师因为生气所以把他的作业本“扔”在地上,故选threw。 40.B glad高兴的;terrible糟糕的,不愉快的;excited兴奋的;angry生气的,根据语境可知, 老师的行为使他感到非常不愉快。故选B。 41.A句意:他决定努力学习,最后从D班提高到A班。根据语境应用并列连词and。 42.D这是曾荫权自己说的话,指对他自己是一个教训,所以选me。 43.C句意:所以他开始做一名药品公司的销售员。as在此处是“作为”的意思。work as a salesman做销售员。 44.A从junior(初级的)到top(顶级的)显然是上升了,故用rose(上升)。 45.C be afraid of害怕。句意:作为领导人要能面对困难,不能害怕艰苦的工作。 B[语篇解读]本文讲述了“我”参加马拉松的一次经历,一开始目标只是完成,跑五英 里时,就不想再跑了,可当看到一个老人跑到终点时, “我”有所感悟, “我”是为了比赛, 而不是为了跟别人比。 46.B由前一句给马拉松比赛当志愿者,可知是可以看到赛跑的人(runners)。 47.A由前一句“准备很少”,可知目标不是“赢”而是“完成”。 48.C根据前面两句话,跑到五英里就不想跑了,可知比想象的要难,所以用harder。 49.C由后文一个老人跑过了他,他觉得自己失败了,这一时刻对他来说很重要,所以用 moment。 50.B run past跑过。

51.D此处mine指的是my race。 52.A在生活中拿自己跟别人比而感到失望,而我们确实不应该(去比)。故选shouldn’t。 作者认识到是不应该(去比)的,于是决定不放弃比赛。 53.C通过终点要用动词cross,而不能用pass(经过)。 54.D句意:有时互相比较是很自然的。根据句意应选D。 55.A句意:不要让这些时刻使你感到脆弱。故选weak。 [长难句]How often tell in life do we compare ourselves to others and feel disappointed when we really shouldn’t?在生活中有多少次我们在确实不应该(与别人比较)的时候拿自己跟别人比 而感到失望? 本句是复合句,when引导的是时间状语从句。 四、阅读理解 A[语篇解读] 本文介绍了五位同学作为交换生在国外的不同活动记录及感受。

56.A细节理解题。根据第一、三、四个表格内容可知,只有Susan Lane,David Links和Tom Jennings这三位同学提到了文化的差异。 57.C细节理解题。依据第二个表格可知,评价学习另一门语言的学生是Sara Small。 58.D细节理解题。依据第三个表格可知,与所居住的家庭相处融洽的是David Links。 59.B细节理解题。依据第四个表格可知,Tom Jennings学会了怎样照顾自己而其他选项都 和表格描述的内容不符。 60.A主旨大意题。通读这五个表格,每个表格都记录着姓名、年龄、地点、组织及经历, 即学生整个活动的记录。 [长难句]If there is one thing you have to learn when you ale on a student—exchange program,it is how to take care of yourself.在你参加一个交换生的项目时,如果有一件事情 你必须学会的话,那就是怎样照顾自己。 本句中you have to learn是定语从句,修饰先行词one thing;how to take care of yourself 是表语: when you are on a student-exchange program是If引导的条件状语从句中的时间状语从 句。 B[语篇解读] 本文是记叙文。作者通过与校车司机的交流,意识到自己太以自我为中 心,太自私了,从而意识到理解别人也是一门艺术。 61.D细节理解题。由第四段最后一句可知。 62.B细节理解题。由第七段可知。 63.C推理判断题。由第九段和第十段可知,作者只是用她的职业来判断她从而漠视了她的 世界。 64.A细节理解题。由第十段可知,作者对于把她只当成是个司机而感到自己自私。 65.C主旨大意题。通读全文,作者是要告诉大家我们应该学会理解周围的人。 [长难句] I sat on the seat thinking of the great pain my own mother was thrown into when her father died.我坐在座位上,想着当我自己母亲的父亲去世时,她陷入巨大的悲痛之中的 样子。 句中, 现在分词短语thinking of the great pain作伴随状语, own mother was thrown into my when her father died作定语修饰the great pain。句子中没有标点断开,增加了理解的难度,学 生应先分析其成分再理解句子。 C[语篇解读] 本文介绍了兴趣爱好的种类及其对一个人的重要性。 66.B细节理解题。由第一段第一句可知。 67.C细节理解题。由第五段第一句和第三句可知,退休的人会花费更多的时间在他们的爱 好上。 68.A猜测词义题。由第三段第一句可知,爱好能帮助治疗病人生理和心理上的疾病并让他 们恢复健康。

69.D细节理解题。由第四段第一句可知。 70.D主旨大意题。通读全文,作者是要告诉大家人们在业余时间应该有自己的爱好。 [长难句]Those who have developed hobbies never need to worry about what to do with their newly—found free hours.那些有自己爱好的人从来不必担心怎样去打发新发现的自由 时间。 在本句中,Those作定语从句who have developed hobbies的先行词,特殊疑问词+动词不 定式短语what to do with their newly-found free hours作worry about的宾语o D[语篇解读]本文是记叙文。告诉大家“人无完人”,对于别人对自己不好的评价,应 该采取转化的方式使之成为对自己有利的影响。 71.A细节理解题。由第二段第一句可知。 72.B细节理解题。由第二段第二句可知。 73.C推理判断题。由第三段最后一句可知,人们对你的不好的评价会影响你的思想。 74.D推理判断题。由第三段最后一句可知,人们对你说的不好的评价一旦影响你的思想, 你就不能把不好的评价转为对自己有利的影响。 75.B推理判断题。A.练习对自己说些好的话语;C.回想一些人们说过的好的话语;D.试 着把你的思想由不好的一面转为对自己有利的一面。这三项都符合作者的观点,而B.理解 其他人比你好是错误的,故选B。 [长难句]To stop this, Kim tells Us to pay attention. our thoughts and the way we speak to to ourselves.为了阻止这种影响,Kim告诉我们要注意我们的思考和对自己说话的方式。 在本句中, thoughts and the way we speak to ourselves作pay attention to的宾语; stop our To this作目的状语;we steak to ourselves是定语从句,修饰先行词the way。 五、词语运用 76.included 77.while 78.over be included被包括。 while表示两者之间的对比。 over=more than多于,超过。

79.her belong to属于,是动词短语,后接宾语,故此处用she的宾格形式。 80.times time作“次数”讲时,是可数名词。 81.Missing本题考查动名词短语作主语。 82.three-fifths分数的表达法是:分子用基数词,分母用序数词;当分子大于1时,分母用复 数。 83.healthily用副词修饰动词eat。 84.example example 例子,榜样。 85.highest由in the class这个范围,可知应用形容词的最高级。 86.was sold out由句意“你要的书昨天已卖了”,可知应该用一般过去时的被动语态,被动

语态的结构是“be+动词的过去分词”。 87.to deal with 由疑问词加动词不定式构成的短语在此处作主语。

88.after all after all意为“毕竟”。 89.dresses up dress up乔装打扮。注意动词的形式要和主语保持一致。 90.on his way to on one’s way to?在某人去??的路上。 六、书面表达 A[语篇解读] 本文介绍不同国家间不同的茶文化。 91.best/most valuable细节理解题。由第一段第二句可知。 92.Show 细节理解题。由第二段最后一句可知。

93.红茶细 节理解题。由常识可知。 94.in the afternoon 细节理解题。由第四段第三句可知。 95.Bags 细节理解题。由第四段最后一句可知。 [长难句] But there is also a special tradition of afternoon tea, where the tea is served with light sandwiches and small cakes.但还有一种特别的下午茶的传统,配有清淡的三明治和小 蛋糕。 本句是复合句。where引导非限制性定语从句,修饰先行词 afternoon tea,该先行词在 定语从句中作状语。本句先行词并非明显的地点状语,增加了理解的难度。 [写作要点] 1.坚持运动,锻炼身体; 2.多读好书; 3.去旅游观光; 4.当一名志愿者; 5.帮助父母。[参考范文] Dear Li Ping, I'm excited that the summer vacation is coming.Here is my vacation plan to show you. First I'll do sports as usual and learn to play table tennis.It's good for my health. Then I plan to read 4 great books to improve myself.After that, I'll enjoy an interesting sight for two weeks.Also,I want to be a volunteer to serve in the volleyball games in Baotou.Of course,I would like to help my parents do some cooking,washing and so on. I think I'll have a good time in the vacation. May you have a nice summer vacation! Wang Hui

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