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八年级英语月考试卷 总分:100 分 时间:100 分钟 一 单项选择(15 分) ( ) 1 It is important ______a foreign language. A of us to learn C for us to learn ( B of us learning D for us learning

) 2 You are not go

od at English, but you can’t_______. A give it in B give in it C give it up D give up it

( 班级________________姓名_____________________ 考号_____________

)3 The Eiffel Tower ________the symbol of France. A used to B is used as C used as D is used as


)4 The soup _____ good. Would you like to try some?----Ok. A is smelt B was smelt C smells D smelt


)5 If you are willing to ______ poor children, _____miss the chance. A help, not B helping, not C help, don’t D helping don’t


)6 He is very surprised that all the houses in village ________white. A paint B painted C are painting D are painted


)7 The students don’t have much time____ every day. A playing B to play C play D to playing


)8 It is a pity that his son was born ______a weak heart. A in B from C at D with


) 9 China is one of the ________ countries in the word. A develop B development C developing D developed


) 10 It is careless _____the boy ________the tap running. A of , leave B for to leave C of, to leave D for , leave


)11 Must we finish the task today?----No, you________. A mustn’t B don’t have C don’t have to D needn’t to


)12 I’m sorry. I_______ the book in my office. A forget B forgot C left D leave


)13----Did you see the film last night? ---- Yes, I have seen_________ exciting film before. A such a B so a C such an D so an


)14 The charity often ____food and medicine ______victims(受害者) of natural disasters. A provide, to B provide , with C provides for D provides to


)15 Is there ________you’d like to say about this trip? A else something anything else B something else D else anything C

二 完型填空(15 分) Each nation has many volunteers who help to take care of others. They 1 books

to the people in hospitals or homes for the aged. Sometimes they just visit them and play games with them or listen to their 2 . .

Other young volunteers go and work in the homes of people who are sick or 3 They paint, clean up, 4 For boys who longer have their houses or do their shopping. 5

, there is an organization called Big Brothers.

College students and other men take these boys to baseball games or fishing places and help them to get to know things that Each city has a number of clubs 7 boys 6 learn from their fathers.

boys and girls can go to play games or learn

crafts(工艺). Some of these clubs organize short trips to the mountains, beaches, or other places of interest 8 . Most of these clubs use high school and 9 the names of

college students as volunteers because they are young enough to boys and girls.

Volunteers believe that the happiest people in the world are those who help to 10 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( happiness to others. )1 A sell )2 A voices )3 A young )4 A pollute )5 A brothers )6 A usually )7 A which )8 A nearby )9 A report )10 A cause B read C throw D show D problems D hungry D remove

B speeches C songs B happy B repair B sisters B never B who B faraway B forget B bring C old

C build

C fathers D mothers C only D seldom

C when D where C abroad D home C remember D choose C take D lend

三阅读理解(20 分) A “Make-A-Wish” is one of the world’s most well-known charities. It makes wishes come true for children who have serious illness. It gives them hope and joy and helps them forget about their health problems and have fun.

It all started in 1980 in Phoenix, Arizona. Chistopher was a 7-year-old boy who was very sick. He always dreamed of becoming a police officer. Tommy Austin and Ron Cox, two police officers, made his wish come true. They gave Christopher a tour of the city in a police helicopter(直升机)and made a real police uniform for him. There are four kinds f wishes children usually have: I wish to go. Children usually want to travel or go to a concert, a game or a park. I wish to meet. Children sometimes want to meet their favourite actors, singers or players. I wish to be. Some children wish to become a computer, singers or police officers. I wish to have. They often want to have a computer, a game, a bike or many other things. Let’s hope more wishes will come true in the future. People who work in the

the charity always try for the best. Almost 25,000 volunteers help, work or give money. Will you be one of them? ( )1 “Make-A-Wish” is a charity to help___________. A sick children actors ( B serious officers D popular singers C famous

)2 What did the two police officers do for Christopher? A They gave him a computer. B They gave him a tour of the city. C They took him to a concert. D They took him to the hospital.


)3 Which kind of wishes does Christopher have? A I wish to go C I wish to be B I wish to meet D I wish to have


) 4 The purpose of the last paragraph is to_________. A explain what “Make-A-Wish” is B encourage more people to join the charity C tell us how Christopher’s wish come true D introduce different kinds of children’s wishes


) 5 Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A Sick children just wish to get well.

B Christopher and Tommy are two officers.

C A few people are working for “Make-A-Wish”. D “Make-A-Wish” has a history of over 30 years. B 任务型阅读 Island College has a competition for middle school students. Read about the competition on their website. School Competition Students! Here is your chance to help the disabled. Think out a robot (机器 人)or a machine to help them live better. There’ll be three prizes. The winning school will each get$15,000. Read the information below: What do you have to do? Try to know problems faced by the disabled. write a 200-word article on the difficulties these people have each day. Try to know modern inventions(发明) that help the disabled. Then think out a robot or a machine that will improve the lives of the disabled. Draw your invention. You can make as many drawings as you like to show your invention. You can even make a small model of your invention. Write a short description of your invention. Who can join? All middle school students. So, come on! Join the competition, and get the chance! 根据上下文内容回答问题 1 Where can you find the information? _________________________________________________________ 2 Why is the school competition held? _________________________________________________________ 3 What prize will each winning school get? _________________________________________________________ 4 How many words should be written on the difficulties the disabled have to suffer each day? ________________________________________________________5 Who can join the competition? _________________________________________________________ 四根据中文提示写单词(10 分)


I write to my mother every week, _________(主要地)on Sundays.

2 The doctor will tell them something about_____________(治疗). 3 Many____________(病人)are so poor that they have little money to cure their diseases. 4 I am_____________ (读者)a of Mo Yan’s books 5 The volunteers were__________(自豪的) to help so many disabled people in need。 6 I gave my seat to __________(失明的)woman on the bus yesterday 7 The doctor will perform_________(手术) tomorrow. 8 Bill spends 10 days on his_________(课题). It’s really a hard one. 9 A child usually receive__________(教育) its early at home. 10 I wasn’t___________(指望) you to help me. 五 用所给词的适当形式填空(10 分) 1The flood made many people______________ (home). 2 It is helpful _______________ (donate) money to the poor children. 3 Do you know WTO is an international _______________ (organize)? 4 Students should not give up___________ (study) any time. 5 --Do you know the _____________ (interview) on TV? --Of course. He is my uncle. 6 Mike and Nick wanted to work in the__________ (fly) Eye Hospital. 7 After winning the race, Kitty felt more_______________ (confidence) about herself. 8 By_____________ (exercise) each day, you can improve both your body and mind. 9 We ________________ (teach) History by Mr. Brown this term. 10 A patient ___________ (operate) on when the earthquake happened. 六 根据汉语意思完成句子(15 分) 1 他总是害怕在全班面前讲话。 He ________________________________in front of the whole class. 2 医生们很自豪能帮助病人复明并改善生活。 The doctors ____________help patients _____________and improve their lives. 3 他很善良帮助残疾人过马路 It’s ____________ the disabled_____________________. 4 她没有以前钱多, 但是她认为她的生活更有意义。 She does not have ________________, but she thinks her life is


5 他们所需要的是足够的钱来继续他们的学业。 All they need is enough money to___________________ their study. 七 书面表达(15 分) “希望工程 ”(Project Hope)实施以来, 已经帮助很多贫困地区的孩子重返校园。请 以为题, 写一篇关于受助女孩明玉的短文。 要点:1 明玉 12 岁 家在农村,很穷, 过去每天早起去田里干活, 不会读书写字,但 很想上学。 2 一天, 在希望工程的工作人员帮助下,她可以上学了,并学会很多知识。 3 她将来希望成为一名老师。 字数 80 左右,可适当发挥。 A lucky girl _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

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