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Word Study Unit 8 B2精读二

Unit 8
Part I:
①to begin with:首先

The Man in Asbestos

Sentence Paraphrase

1. To begin with, let me admit that I did it partly from jealousy. (para.1)
E.g. There were six of us to begin with, but then two people left.

② admit: to agree that sth. is true, esp. unwilling ③ from: is sometimes used to indicate reason ; because of, out of
E.g. The dog died from the wound on its leg. The girl suffers from homesickness.

2. It was, in a way, clear, straight suicide, but I did it.(para.5) ① in a way: 在某种程度上; 从某一点上看 To a certain extent, with reservations, in some respects ②suicide: n.自杀(者);自取灭亡的行为 adj.自杀性的 This is exaggeration of the risks involved in his plan for humorous effect. 4. I could feel my senses leaving me…the very existence of the outer world was hushed. Dimly I could feel the days go past, then years, and then the long passage of the centuries. (para.6) ① “to feel sb. doing sth.” 感觉到某人正在做某事 “to feel sb. do sth.”感觉到某人做某事(经常性动作、全过程) ②very : (used to add emphasis to a noun) exact, particular adv.很;完全;正是 adj.恰好的;同一的;真正的;最...的 More examples: She is the very person I wanted to see. 她正是我要见的人
Children should form good habits from the very beginning. 孩子们从一开始就应养成良好的习惯。

③hushed : silent and still adj.安静的 Part I: Words & Expressions
Words Phrases Grammar admit; should; passage to begin with; do sth. from jealousy; at will; drop into a sleep; plunge into; make preparations for; feel sb. do/doing; fall into sleep the formal subject “it”

Part I: Exercise 1 Translate the following sentences into English, using words in the brackets. 1.要求文科学生修高级数学课程, 太荒谬。 (it) It is ridiculous that liberal arts students should be required to take advanced math courses. 2. 不应允许雇主随意解雇员工。(will) Employers shouldn't be allowed to fire employees at will. 3.欧洲遭遇经济危机时,许多欧盟国家债台高筑。(plunge) Many EU countries plunged into great debts when the economic crisis hit Europe. 4.青年男子承认他不明白夜莺在唱什么。(admit) The young man admitted that he did not understand what the nightingale was singing.


Part I: Exercise 2 Fill in the blanks with the verbs in their appropriate forms. 1. Did you hear somebody_crying_ (cry) help just now? 2. The mother watched her son _walk_(walk) away from home for his fist day at school. 3.The old man smelt something _burning_(burn) in the house. 4. I saw a little boy _eat_ (eat) three Big Macs at McDonald's today. 5. She felt her little brother's hand _trembling_ (tremble) in hers and pull him behind her. 2. Don’t you keep track of them anymore? (para.15) ① keep track of : 跟上 ... 的进展;记录 opposite: to lose track of sth. 失去 ... 的线索 3. “Stop,” I said, my brain reeling. “Tell me one thing at a time.” (para.19) ①my brain reeling : absolute construction 独立结构 as adverbial, more examples:
He said yes, his eyes fixed on the floor. (past participle) He said yes, his eyes shining with excitement. (present participle) He said yes, his cap in his hand. (preposition phrase) He said yes, his face red with shyness. (adjective)

②one thing at a time : one by one, one after another 4. I see, you must have been asleep a long time.(para.20) The pattern “must have done” 对过去的肯定推测 is used here to show that sth. was very
likely, probable, or certain to be true. Compare: could have done 过去本能够做却未做 couldn’t have done (可能没做过 sth)是 may have done(有可能做过)的否定形式。 can't have done (过去不可能做过 sth)是 must have done(一定做过)的否定形式。 can/could have done 表推测一般用在否定句和疑问句中,表示不相信或怀疑的态度。 might have done 过去本可以做某事却未做 表虚拟时,无否定形式 may /might have done 过去可能做了某事(may > might) may/might not have done 过去可能没有做某事 would have done 本来想做、要做但没做 should have done 本该做而实际上没有做 shouldn’t have done 本不该做而实际上做了 虚拟 need have done 过去本有必要做某事却未做 needn’t have done 本不需要做而实际上做了 表推测,不能用于疑问句中。 推测 虚拟

5. “But here,” he said... (para.25) but now, but listen, but look 6. But the moment we came out upon the street, I stood riveted in astonishment. ①the moment +句子: 一…就… ,这一刻 adverbial clause introduced by a noun
Similarly: The first time I drank, I got drunk. The winter left my hometown, it snowed often. The way I see it, you are getting cheated.

7. In place of the roaring thoroughfare that I had know, this silent, moss-grown desolation.(para.27) ①in place : Instead of 代替

②roaring: a lively and busy main street adj.风哮雨嚎的;喧哗的 ③moss-grown desolation : this silent wasteland covered with moss 9. This picture of desolation rendered me almost speechless.(para.28) ① to render: to cause to be or become, make Part II-1(7-28): Words & Expressions
Words Phrases Grammar render have a way of doing; keep track of; used to do; one at a time; spring to one’s lips; find out about; in astonishment; in place of; fall into ruin; to and fro; take for granted; be destined to do absolute construction; adverbial clause introduced by a noun

Part II-1: Exercise Translate the following sentences into English, using words in the brackets. 1. 她的丈夫在事故中去世,让她毫无希望。(render) The death of her husband in the accident rendered her hopeless. 2. 任何作弊企图都必将失败。(destine) Any attempt to cheat in the exam is destined to fail. 3. 法律面前人人平等是理所当然的。(grant) It is taken for granted that everyone is equal before the law. 4. 应该鼓励人们购物时用纸袋子,换掉塑料袋。(place) People should be encouraged to use paper bags in place of plastic bags for shopping. 5. 设计这个表格是为了帮助学生们了解他们的进步。(track) This table is designed to help the students keep track of their progress. 6. 她走进我办公室的那一刻我就知道麻烦来了。(adverbial clause) The moment she walked into my officer, I knew trouble came. 7. 她满脸幸福地拆开了生日礼物。(absolute construction) She unwrapped the birthday gift, happiness on her face. 1. “Oh, done away with long ago,” he said.(para.31) ①to do away with:废除,去掉 to get rid of sth. or stop using sth., for example:
Computerization has enabled us to do away with a lot paper work. These ridiculous regulations should be done away with immediately.

2. It’s just the same being here as being anywhere else.(para.33)
The formal subject “it” is used here in the place of the gerund phrase “being here” for balance of sentence structure.

3. A thousand questions surged into my mind at once.(para.34) ①to surge: to rise, roll, move or swell forward in or like waves n.汹涌;波涛;猛增 v.汹涌;涌起;激增 4. I looked at him a moment open-mouthed.(para.37) ①open-mouthed : adjective as subject complement, more examples:
She went away ashamed. The student looked at the professor confused. 3

5. I tried to pull my senses together.(para.38) ①to pull one’s senses together: to calm down and think Compare: to pull oneself together (to recover one’s self-control; to regain command of one’s
emotions) 振作起来; 恢复镇定; 控制自己

6. ...I must go at it systematically.(para.38) ①to go at:扑向;冲向;攻击;着手做 to attack (sb.) or to start doing sth. with a lot of energy
and enthusiasm

Compare: to go about 着手做;处理;四处走动 (to begin to do sth. or deal with sth.) ②systematically :adv.有系统地;有条理地 in a well planned, organized and orderly way 7. Why,...it died out of itself. Machinery killed it.(para.40) ①to die out: 消失;灭绝 to stop existing completely by itself ②machinery U.N 机械; (总称)机器 is a collective noun but is uncountable, other similar nouns
include: luggage, furniture, equipment, jewelry, stationary, etc.

8. You were all caught in the cogs of your own machines.(para.42) ①be caught in sp 陷入; 卷入 to be trapped or stuck in a place or a situation not able to get out 9. Agriculture went overboard.(para.46) ①go overboard:过分爱好;狂热追求;爱走极端;越过船边坠入水中 (here) to fall over the
side of the boat into the water(to fall out of a boat or off of a ship) Note: “To go overboard” might also mean: to go to extremes; to do sth. too much or to be too excited or eager about sth., as in: I don’t suppose there’ll be more than six people eating so I wouldn’t go overboard with food.

10. Eating and all that goes with it...(para.46) ①go with:伴随;与...相配;和(异性)交朋友 to be related to, to have something to do with 12. I was about to launch into one of my old-time harangues about the sheer vanity of decorative dress, when…(para.48) ①be about to 刚要; 即将 : upon or after which, and then Note the sentence pattern: …be about to do / be doing… when… 正要做…这时…/正在做…这时… ② harangues v.慷慨激昂地劝说; 做长篇演说 n.长篇激烈演说: speech of strong feeling, usually
delivered before a gathering

③decorative dress: dress not to keep one warm or cover the private parts of one’s body but to
make one look beautiful or different; fashionable clothes

Part II-2(29-55): Words & Expressions
gasp out; do away with; get about; die out; go at; bit by bit;be caught in; Phrases Sentence Pattern Grammar pull one’s senses together; beat out; turn…to…;go overboard; go with; be connected with; rest on The better…the harder…; be about to…when… formal subject “it”

Part II-2: Exercise Translate the following into English, using words in the brackets. 1. 这个国家陷入一场似乎永无止境的内战之中不得脱身(catch) The country was caught in a civil war that seemed never to end.

2. 她掏出电话正要打给母亲,电话却响了。(when) She took out her cell phone and was about to call her mother when the phone rang. 3. 两位男子为了他们所爱的同一个女子扑向对方,拳脚相加。 (go) 4. 学生们不讲话了,把注意力转移到了记笔记上。(turn) The students stopped chatting, turning their attention to taking notes. 5. 我们生产的车越多,它们的价格就会变得越低。 The more cars we produce, the lower their prices become. 1. ...and how much of the texture of life had been bound up in the keen effort of it.(para.56) ①“texture”n.质地;手感;口感;组织;结构;纹理;特点 vt.给予结构 originally refers to
the arrangement of the threads in a textile fabric. Here it means the distinctive character or quality of sth. or essence.

The two men

went at each other with fists and kicks for a women they were both in love with.

②bound up 紧紧束缚在...里;埋头于: tied together 2. ...I saw what seemed to be the remains of telephone lines.(para.57) ① remains n.剩余物;遗迹;遗体: any pieces, scraps, fragments, etc, that are left unused or still
extant, as after use, consumption, the passage of time, etc. Note that some nouns almost always appear in the plural form, such as belongings, earnings, savings, fireworks, outskirts, bowels, headquarters, clothes, dregs, and valuables.

3. Disease and death were simply a matter of germs.(para.63) ①matter:问题 a problem/question/issue concerning 4. ...nay, the very millennium of happiness.(para.66) ①A millennium n.一千年 is a period of 1,000 years.
It also means a hope-for age of general joy, serenity, prosperity, peace, happiness and justice. In Christianity, the millennium refers to the period of a thousand years of Christ’s awaited reign upon earth.

Part II-3(56-66): Words & Expressions
Words Phrases remains bind up; cut out; a matter of; hunt down; take steps to do; reflect upon

Part II-3: Exercise Translate the following into English, using words in the brackets. 1. 政府需要采取措施应对污染问题。(step) The government needs to take steps to deal with pollution. 2. 要享受健康生活,你先要把烟戒了。(cut) To enjoy a healthy life, you need to cut out smoking first. 3. 有时候学习成绩的好坏并不仅仅是一个努不努力的问题。(matter) A student's academic performance sometimes is more than a matter of efforts. 4. 一个从不反思错误的人将会重蹈覆辙。(reflect) A person who never reflects upon his/her mistakes will make the same mistakes. 5. 狗沿着血迹找到了受伤的鹿。(hunt)

The dog followed the traces of blood and hunted down the wounded deer. 1. Strange that in your time nobody realized that...(para.72) ①It is strange that… 2. Then it sudden struck me that of the figures on the street, all had looked alike.(para.75) ①I suddenly realized that… sb 突然意识到... =It dawned on me that… 3. ...I said, as I turned on him in anger.(para.78) ①turn on sb.攻击 sb: to attack or criticize sb. suddenly and unexpectedly. Part II-4(67-78): Words & Expressions
Words Phrases Sentence Pattern occupy used to do; spend…in doing..; engraft into; be devoted to; fall in love; turn on sb. It strikes/struck sb. that…

Part II-4: Exercise Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition or adverbs. 1. He never turns 2. The factory turn 3. I turned away in out before two o'clock in the morning and of course can thousands of bikes every month. hardly stay awake in the morning classes. and walked out of the professor's office.

4. Lei Feng never turned his back __on_ people in need of help. 5. Could you turn _up__ the sound? We can hardly hear it. 6. The missing letter eventually turned __up_ inside a book. 7. Why did you turn __to_ me earlier? I could have saved you a lot of trouble. 8. It turned __out_ that she had known him when they were children. 9. I turned over__ my partner's suggestion in my head and decided not to take it. 10. He asked Jane to marry him but was turned _ down__.

Unit 8 Text B Harrison Bergeron
Words ,Expressions & Sentences

vigilance: n.警戒;警惕 a state of being very careful to notice any signs of danger or trouble

2. clammy:adj.潮湿的;湿冷的;冷黏的;冷漠的 damp in an unpleasant way 3. way: (P3):adv.远远地;大大地
It's way past your bedtime. 你早该睡觉了。 So we compensate by raising the temperature of the heat source way above normal.

4. be tuned to(P3) the government transmitter: 调谐;调频道;调台
A small colour television was tuned to an afternoon soap opera. 一台小彩色电视机频道调在了一出下 午的肥皂剧上

5. take advantage of(P3): make full use of :充分利用
In spring we usually set the clocks one hour ahead to take advantage of the summer daylight 春季我 们通常把钟拨快一小时以充分利用夏天的白昼. 6

6. get very far with (P10): think more about that 7. who knows better’n I do what normal is ?:
who know better than I do? –which implies that she know best what normal is because she is really of average intelligence.

8. glimmeringly:adv.发出微光地 in a way that is shining with a faint unsteady light 9. ab- prefix :adj.反常的;不正常的;变态的 n.不正常的人 abnormal 10. doozy adj. <美俚>非常出色的人(物)的;非常显眼的 n.极好的东西: something that is very
unusual or special

11. honeybunch: sweetheart 12. bargain n. <口>亲爱的(人);宝贝(常用作称呼语) : sth. worth doing(P27) 13. compete against sb 和 sb 竞赛(P29):
John was competing against James for the prize in arithmetic 约翰和詹姆斯比赛争夺算术奖 14. come up with 赶上;提出;想出(P32): to work out. I hope you can come up with a better plan than this.我希望你们能提出一个比这个更好的计划.

15. on suspicion of (P42):因有…嫌疑;
The men were pulled in on suspicion of having committed a burglary 这些人因涉嫌犯有夜盗罪而被拘留 16. reason with sb.与 sb 评理 P46to talk to sb. in order to persuade them to be more reasonable 17. clank(P52): n.当啷声 vi.发叮当声 to make a loud sound like pieces of metal hitting each other 18. clownish(P52):adj.小丑似的;滑稽的 like a clown 19. uproot: vt.连根拔起;迁离;根除 to pull sth. such as a tree, plant, etc. out of the ground.

20. cower: (P59) bend forward and downwards because of being very frightened 蜷缩
21. pluck:v.摘;猛拉;拔;拨弹(乐器)to pull sth. out 22. blindingly beautiful (P61): very; extremely 23. baton:n.指挥棒;接力棒;警棍;权杖;短棍 24. whirl:v.使 ... 旋转; 回旋; 迅速移动; 头晕目眩 n.回旋; 旋转; 一个接一个的活动; 混乱; 尝试 to turn around quickly in a circle or in a particular direction; to make something turn in this way. 25. swivel:n.转换仪器;转体 v.(使)旋转 to turn or make something turn around a fixed point 26. flounce:to move in a place in a way that draws attention to oneself because of anger, upset, etc. v.急动;突然离去 n.衣裙上的荷边装饰;断然离去

27. caper:n.跳跃;恶作剧;罪恶的勾当;续随子(有刺灌木)v.雀跃;蹦跳 28. gambol: to jump or run about in a lively way v.雀跃 29. neutralize : v.使中立;使无效;中和 to stop something from having any effect 30. double-barreled ten gauge shotgun 双管十口径的霰弹枪/猎枪
31. gauge:[ɡe? d?](金属等的)厚度; (金属丝等的)直径 A gauge is the thickness of something, especially metal or wire

32. burn out: 出故障 33. blackout: n. 灯火管制; 灯火熄灭; 暂时失去知觉
She had a blackout and couldn't remember anything about the accident. 她眼前一黑,那场事故就怎 么也想不起来了.


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