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book3 unit4 词性转换

Ⅱ.写出下列单词的变化形式? system 1.系统(?n?.)_____________;系统的(?adj?.) systematic _____________? globe 2.球体,地球(?n?.)_____________;全球性的(?adj?.) global _____________? violent 3.猛烈的(?adj?.)_____________;暴力(?n?.) violence violently? _____________;猛烈地(?adv?.)_____________?
4.生存(?v?.)_____________;生存(?n?.) exist _____________? existence physicist 5.物理学家(?n?.)_____________;物理(?n?.) physics physical _____________;身体的(?adj?.)_____________?

biology 6.生物学(?n?.)_____________;生物学家(?n?.) biologist _____________?

religion 7.宗教(n.)_____________;宗教的(adj.)
_____________? religious 8.原子(n.)_____________;原子的(adj.) atom atomic _____________?

◆活学活用? 用所给单词的适当形式填空。? 1.The treatment they gave him did him more___________ than good,though the doctor insisted it was ___________. (harm)? 2.Air _____________everywhere and its ____________

makes it possible for us to live on. (exist) ?
3.He is very _____________.For example,the lifting device he made is a _____________ of ropes and pulleys.

4.A _______tour means traveling all around the ________ . (globe)?

5.The use of _____________against the attackers led to more __________ clashes. (violently)?

6.She was a _____________woman who wouldn,t
hurt an ant. (gently)? 答案:1.harm; harmless? 2.exists;existence? 3.systematic,system? 4.global;globe?

5.violence;violent? 6.gentle?

1.及时,终于 2.下蛋 in time? _______________? lay eggs? _______________? cheer up? _______________? give birth to? _______________? in one,s turn? _______________? break out? _______________? prevent...from? _______________? now that? _______________? begin with? _______________? in all direction? _______________??

4.产生,分娩 5.轮到某人 6.爆发 7.阻止 8.既然 9.以……为起点 10.四面八方

11.冷却 12.掌握……的技巧/诀窍 13.在表面 14.密切注视,当心

cool down? _______________? get the hang of? _______________? on one,s/the surface? __________________? watch out? _______________

Ⅴ.重点句型? 1.It was not immediately obvious that water was to be fundamental to the development of life.(P26)? 水会对于生命的发展起关键作用,这一点在当时并不明显。? It is/was obvious that...“很明显……”? 剖析:It is adj.?that...在本句中,it 是形式主语,that引导的 从句作真正的主语。it做形式主语时,后面的真正主语可以由 不定式,动名词或从句充当。如:? It is easier to break down friendship than to build up friendship.? 破坏友谊比建立友谊要容易。? It was amazing that the child could speak English so well.? 那个孩子的英语说得如此好真是令人惊异。

模仿造句。? (1)很明显,我们在这里是非常受欢迎的。?

_____________ that we are very welcome here.?
(2)你现在不方便见我的经理。? __________________________________ ?

__________________________________ ? 答案:(1)It is obvious? (2)It,s not convenient for you to see my manager now.? (3)It,s no use crying over spilt milk.

2.This made it possible for life to begin to develop.(P26) ? 这就使得生命开始进化成为可能。? it作形式宾语的句型是:主语+动词+it+形容词/名词+不定 式/从句或动名词。? ◆活学活用? 模仿造句。? (1) 这使我难以控制自己。? This made _____________ to control myself.? (2) 他认为去前线是他的责任。? ____________________________________ ? (3)我们规定,课内外都讲英语。? ____________________________________

答案:(1)it hard?

(2)He considered it his duty to go to the front.?
(3)We made it a rule to speak English in and out of


1.It exploded loudly with fire and rock.(P25)? 地球猛烈爆炸起火,并喷涌出岩石。?

loud;loudly;aloud? (1)loud可用作形容词、副词,表“大声地”,与sing,

(2)loudly 副词,大声地,暗含“喧闹地”意思,与 explode,shout连用。 ? (3)aloud 副词。意为“出声地”,与read,think连用。 如:read aloud(朗读),think aloud(自言自语)

◆即学即练? 用loud;loudly;aloud填空。?

(1)Sing _____________,please.?
(2)The bomb exploded _____________ near the hotel.? (3)The kids playing on the playground often laugh ____________ and long.




4....I found I was carried twice as far as on the earth and fell over.(P31)? 我发现我被送出去很远,步子的跨度竟是在地球上的两倍。 as far as后省了I was carried,表示“(在飞船上)步子的跨 度是在地球上的两倍。”? ◆句型归纳? 表达倍数的句型最常用的有三个:? (1)A+动词+倍数+比较级+than B ? A比B 长/宽/高/重……倍。? (2)A+动词+倍数+as+原级+as B ? A是B的……倍。? (3)A+动词+倍数+the+相应名词+of B? A是B的……倍。?

温馨提示: 句型(3)中的相应各问指 长、宽、高、深、重、大小等形容词的相应名词。? 如:long—length,wide—width,high—height,deep—

I,ll pay back twice the amount what I borrow from you. 我将还给你我所借你钱的两倍。

◆即学即练? A.将下列句子译成英语。? (1)地球大概是月亮的四十九倍。? ___________________________________ ? (2)线段A是线段B的两倍。? ___________________________________

(1)The earth is about 49 times bigger than the moon.? The earth is about 49 times as big as the moon.? The earth is about 49 times the size of the moon.? (2)Line A is twice as long as Line B.? Line A is twice the length of Line B.?

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