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新人教版必修4高中英语Unit 1 Period 2 Language Points课时作业

Period Two

Language Points

Ⅰ.语境填词 1.Even a small success gives you a sense of a________. 2.There was no c________ between the two events. 3.He is a s________ in women’s

diseases. 4.She and her o________ were given the Noble Peace Prize in 2010. 5.Some children could be noisy and badly b________. 6.In hot,sunny climates,wide?edged hats provide ________ (荫凉) from the sun. 7.However,the evening makes it all ________ (值得的). 8.One student performed the experiment,while his partner ________ (观察). 9.But in practice,few drivers ________ (遵守) the rules. 10.But I think watching TV is not just for ________(娱乐). Ⅱ.选词填空 put to;devote to;work out;move off;lead a...life;crowd in 1.She wanted him to ______________ normal ________. 2.I’ve never been able to ________ her ________. 3.He was ________________ death because he broke the law. 4.She ________ all her life ________ helping the poor. 5.She waved from the window as the train ________________. 6.Childhood memories ________________ on him on seeing the picture. Ⅲ.词义辨析 1.用 battle,campaign,war 的适当形式填空 (1)We ________________ against whaling for the last 15 years. (2)The Anti?Japanese ________ broke out in 1937. (3)Many people died in the ________ of Waterloo. (4)This victory was the turning point of the ________. 2.用 observe,notice,watch 的适当形式填空 (1)He ________________ to follow her closely. (2)Did you ________ South Africa World Cup? (3)Did you ________ anything strange?

(4)________ you ________ any changes lately? Ⅳ.单项填空 1.Reaching this agreement so quickly was a great ______ for the meeting. A.benefit C.achievement B.performance D.progress

2.There is a ________ between pollution and greenhouse effect. A.problem C.result B.reason D.connection

3.If you ________ like that,you’ll get yourself punished. A.behave C.inspire B.support D.connect

4.In Washington,missing a bus means ________ for another hour. A.to be waiting C.to wait B.waiting D.wait

5.Only when I watch Avatar a second time ________ to appreciate its splendid scenery. A.that I began C.had I began B.I began D.did I begin

6.The music was ________ by the memory of his childhood. A.encouraged C.inspired B.excited D.valued

7.Before my father moved off,he told me again and again that I should ________ the rules and regulations of the school. A.make C.remain B.watch D.observe

8.—What happened over there? —They argued ________ the waiter ________ the price of the meal. A.to;for C.for;at B.against;over D.with;about

9.Television provides universal ________. A.perform C.performance B.entertain D.entertainment

10.It is worth considering what makes “convenience” foods so popular,and ________ better ones of your own.

A.introduces C.introducing Ⅴ.完形填空

B.to introduce D.introduced

One spring afternoon five years ago , Jimmy Liao was crying in the hall of Taipei’s Sherwood Hotel.Life seemed __1__.The people who laughed as they walked past were taking their __2__ for granted,just as he __3__ himself.Now,however, he felt __4__ —and he couldn’t even show his disappointment in his __5__. Seeking more personally satisfying __6__,he had just left a successful job as a commercial artist when it seemed that fate played a cruel __7__ on him.It was at this time that he developed cancer and was __8__ to work.But that moment in the hotel was a turning point for Jimmy.He began to __9__ the fact that there is no such a thing as fate , only __10__.Since then , he has published several imaginative , illustrated(带插图的)books. According to Jimmy,you are __11__ you choose to be.You can give up or you can work to be a happier person.Jimmy realized that,while the world __12__ seems unfair, your choice can change your life. This idea can be __13__ in Jimmy’s books , where his characters show the powerlessness they feel __14__ making their choices.The message that goes with Jimmy’s drawings,however,is __15__. Though the world may make us feel small,we must be __16__.Everything will be all right for us—as it is for the “small people” in Jimmy’s books—if we make choices that are __17__ for us. In spite of his new __18__ and wealth,Jimmy prefers working __19__ at home with his wife and daughter.He spends his mornings drawing.To Jimmy,living a life as he chooses means much more than money and fame could __20__. 1.A.unhappy C.unfair 2.A.health C.happiness 3.A.ought to C.needed to 4.A.ashamed C.helpless 5.A.crying B.unusual D.uneasy B.wealth D.illnesses B.had to D.used to B.happy D.endless B.painting

C.imagination 6.A.home C.situation 7.A.game C.role 8.A.unable C.unfit 9.A.understand C.refuse 10.A.failures C.choices 11.A.that C.which 12.A.always C.sometimes 13.A.found C.written 14.A.after C.with 15.A.powerful C.useful 16.A.great C.brave 17.A.scientific C.right 18.A.product C.name 19.A.rapidly C.slowly 20.A.offer C.gather

D.consideration B.condition D.work B.trick D.part B.impossible D.difficult B.face D.recognize B.efforts D.interests B.what D.whoever B.seldom D.usually B.drawn D.accepted B.about D.before B.hopeful D.successful B.strong D.equal B.basic D.simple B.fame D.job B.separately D.quietly B.gain D.earn

1.Morals should be in a high standard;conducting oneself in society should be in an upright manner ; behaving oneself should be in a courteous

way.(Montesquieu) 品德,应该高尚些;处世,应该坦率些;举止,应该礼貌些。(孟德斯鸠) 2.People generally quarrel because they cannot argue.(Chesterton) 人们通常因为不能辩论而争吵。(切斯特顿) Period Two Ⅰ.1.achievement 2.connection 4.organization 8.observed Language Points


5.behaved 6.shade 7.worthwhile

9.observe 10.entertainment 5.moved off 6.crowded

Ⅱ.1.lead a; life 2.work; out 3.put to 4.devoted; to in

Ⅲ.1.(1)have campaigned (2)War (3)Battle (4)campaign [battle 指局部的战争或一次具体的战斗。 campaign 指战役, 即在某地区所做的一连串 有固定目的的军事行动。war 指整体的战争。] 2.(1)was observed (2)watch (3)notice (4)Have;observed [observe 强调从不同角度较长时间地“观察;研究”。notice“看到,注意到;觉察 到”,无意中看到细小的但可能是重要的事情。watch“看;观察”,特别留意、感兴趣地 看运动的东西。] Ⅳ.1.C [考查的是名词词义辨析,achievement 意为“成就”。句意为:这么快达成 协议对于会议来说是一大成就。] 2.D [考查的是名词词义辨析,connection 是“联系”的意思。句意为:污染和温室 效应有某种联系。] 3.A [考查的是动词词义辨析,behave 是“表现”的意思。句意为:如果你那样表现 的话,你就会受到惩罚的。] 4.B [考查的是 mean 作及物动词的用法,mean doing sth.是“意味着”的意思。句 意为:在华盛顿,错过一辆公交车意味着再等一小时。] 5.D [考查的是 only 放在句首时,用部分倒装的用法。句意为:只有在我看完《阿凡 达》第二遍后我才开始欣赏这部电影的宏伟场景。] 6.C [考查的是动词词义辨析,inspire 是“激发;激励;启发”的意思。句意为:





章制度。observe 在这里意为“遵守”,符合句意。其他三项不符合句意。] 8.D [考查 argue 的用法。句意为:——那边发生了什么事?——他们与服务员争论 饭价。与某人争论用 argue with sb.,就某件事而争论用介词 about 或者 over,故选 D。] 9.D [句意为:电视提供大众化的娱乐。perform v.表演;performance n.表演,

表现;entertain v.娱乐,执行;entertainment n.娱乐。] 10.C [句意为:值得考虑一下什么使得“方便”食品这么受人欢迎,并且介绍一下你 自己比较喜欢的那些“食品”。and 连接 consider 与 introduce,故 introduce 也要用 v. -ing 形式作为 worth 的宾语使用。] Ⅴ.1.C [根据第二段可知,Jimmy Liao 这位著名的画家哭泣的原因是他得了癌症,命 运似乎对他不公平。] 2. A [此处是拿平常人对待健康的态度与 Jimmy Liao 现在的情况作对比。 take...for

granted 认为??是理所当然的。] 3. D [本句是一个省略句, used to do...过去??。 used to 后省略了 take his health for granted,意为“就像他过去认为健康是理所当然的事情那样”。] 4.C [根据后面的一句解释可知答案。] 5. B [下文提到 Jimmy Liao 为一画家, 画家只能通过自己的绘画来表达自己的思想。 ] 6.D [work 著作,作品。] 7.B [play a trick on sb.捉弄, 戏弄某人。] 8.A [根据句意可知,Jimmy Liao 这时得了癌症,不能继续工作。] 9.A [本句为一个同位语从句,结合前面一句可知,Jimmy 得了癌症,但他在宾馆里

哭泣的那一刻也明白了人生并没有命运,而是看你如何做出选择。空格上如果填 face 或 refuse,recognize 引导的同位语从句应改为他得病这个事实。] 10.C [下文提到虽然生命对你不公,但你的选择可以改变你的生活。因此,人生没有 命运,只看你如何选择。] 11.B [本句为一表语从句,由从句中所缺成分可排除 A 项;根据后一句话“你可以放 弃, 也可以继续工作成为一个快乐的人”可知本句意思是你选择什么样的生活, 你就能成为 什么样的人。] 12.C [尽管世界有时看起来不公平,但你的选择决定你的生路。] 13.A [根据 Jimmy 在书中所表达的观点可知,他的这种看法可以在他的书中找到。]

14.D [人遇到困难,在做出选择前都会感到茫然无助。] 15.B [Jimmy 对待癌症,选择了继续工作来充实自己。因此,他对生命充满了希望, 这一点在他的绘画中也可表现出来。] 16.C [尽管世界让我们感到自己很渺小,但我们也应该勇敢、坚强。Jimmy 在面对疾

病时所表现出的正是这个特征。great 伟大的;strong 强壮的;equal 平等的。] 17.C [上文提到在面对疾病时,可以放弃也可以继续工作,关键看你选择什么。本句 是回答这个问题:只要你做出正确的选择,生命就会充满希望。] 18.B [Jimmy 原本是一名成功的画家,得病之后又继续工作,又赢得了新的名誉和财 富。] 19. D [根据 Jimmy 所患疾病可排除 A 项; slowly 只强调动作, 不符语意; separately 与下文 with his wife and daughter 矛盾。] 20.A [过自己想过的生活比金钱和荣耀所能提供的东西要有意义的多。]


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