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1. 汤臣大酒店是浦东第一家五星级酒店,接待了一大批国内外宾客。
Tomson Hotel, the first five-star hotel in the Pudong New Area, has hosted a large number of domestic and foreign guests.
2. 上海博物馆是中国最大的博物馆之一,收藏有五千多幅中国传统国画。
Shanghai Museum, one of the largest in China, has a collection of over 5,000 Chinese traditional paintings.
3. 上海是中国的工业中心,上海至欧洲和北美地区的出口量持续增长。
Exports from Shanghai, the nation's industrial hub, to Europe and North America are on the rise.
4. 上海是个充满活力的大都市,上海市民的居住正发生着深刻的变化。
Shanghai, a vigorous cosmopolitan city, is witnessing profound changes in the housing conditions for the local residents.
5. 市场格局发生了重大变化,引发了新一轮国产彩电价格大战。
A major change in the market disposition pattern has given rise to a fresh round of color TV price war among home TV manufacturers.
6. 香港回归祖国,标志着"一国两制"构想的巨大成功。
Hong Kong's return marks the great success of the concept of "one country, two systems."
7. 上海多年来成功地举办了旅游节,这对拓展旅游市场,促进社会经济的发展,发挥了十分积极的作用。
The successful holding of the tourist festivals in Shanghai over the years has played an active role in expanding the tourist market and in turn promoting the economic and social development.
8. 浦东办公大楼市场繁荣,首先是因为一些地区逐渐集中起高质量的楼群,其次是因为政府实施了优惠政策,推动了房地产销售和租赁的增长。
The boom in the Pudong office market is due to the concentration of high-quality buildings in certain areas and the implementation of preferential policies by the government to boost the sales and leasing of those properties.
9. 经济全球化深入发展,科学技术突飞猛进,给亚洲的发展带来新的机遇,也带来新的挑战。
The further economic globalization and the rapid advance of science and technology have presented both new opportunities and challenges to the development of Asia.
10. 中国是一个发展中国家,人口多,底子薄,经济不发达,农村尤其不发达。
China is a developing country with a large population, a meager heritage and an underdeveloped economy, especially in the rural areas.

1. 近年来上海在市政建设方面投入力度较大,使城市交通状况有了较大改善,大大方便了市民的出行。
Shanghai's heavy input in public works in recent years has contributed to the remarkable improvement of the city's transport, thus greatly facilitating the movement of residents.
2. 产品滞销,市场竞争对手密集,这些因素将限制中国市场的发展。
The unmarketable products and the intensive rivals will hinder the development of China's market.
3. 造成市场经济秩序混乱的原因是多方面的,很重要的是市场经济法律法规不健全,管理松懈,监督不力,纪律松弛。
There are many reasons for the chaos plaguing order in the market economy, including inadequate legal and regulatory footing for the market economy, lax management, ineffective supervision and poor discipline.
4. 去年经济增长加快,综合实力增强。
Economic growth speeded up with enhanced comprehensive strength last year.
5. 二十年多来,中国经济体制改革不断深化,综合国力明显增强,对外经贸合作日益扩大。
Over the past two decades and more, China has deepened the reform of its economic system, visibly increased its overall national strength and steadily expanded its foreign economic cooperation and trade.
6. 如果中国加入世贸组织,外国公司就可以进入以往受保护的市场,同时提供更多工作机会。
China's entry into the WTO will allow the foreign enterprises to enter the previously protected market, meanwhile creating more jobs.
7. 经过过去十年开发,浦东新区出现许多观光购物点,吸引了众多游客纷纷涌向浦东。
During the past decade of development, the Pudong New Area, where many sightseeing and shopping opportunities have come about, is luring the tourists into flocking there.
8. 城市地区主要规划七条轻轨,为地铁做补充,其中的AB线将会使浦东新区的公共交通更加便利。
To supplement the metro lines, seven light rail lines are mainly planned for urban districts, among which Line A and Line B will facilitate the public transport in Pudong New Area.
9. 如今,在上海工作的境外人士已达数万人,他们在上海的经济生活中,发挥着相当重要的作用。
Now tens of thousands of foreigners working in Shanghai are playing an important role in its economy.
10. 金茂大厦高421米,这座上海最高的建筑也是全国之最。
Jinmao Tower, 421meters high, is the tallest building in Shanghai and in China.

1. 上海大剧院1998年正式开放,这所中国大陆最好的剧院拥有1700平方米的大舞台。
Opened in 1998, the Shanghai Grand Theatre is the most advanced theatre in the mainland with a 1700 square meter stage.
2. 积极推动信息技术在各行业的广泛应用,着力发展电子政务和电子商务。
We need to extensively apply IT in enterprises in all industries, with special emphasis on electronic administration and commerce.
3. APEC领导人承诺进行全面合作,加强经济政策与金融部门的相互沟通合作,确保经济与市场不受国际恐怖主义的干扰。
Leaders of APEC pledge to cooperate fully to ensure that international terrorism does not disrupt economies and markets through close communication and cooperation among economic policy and financial authorities.(APEC:Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation : 亚太经济合作组织)
4. 他假装诚实,取得了上司对他的信任。
He won trust from his boss by pretending to be an honest man.
5. 调查表明,伴随国家消费信贷的稳步推行,中国城乡居民的电冰箱需求量还将逐步增大。
Surveys suggest that with the steady implementation of consumer credit policy, the demand for refrigerators will grow among urban and rural residents in China
6. 根据预测,随着网络的广泛应用,电脑的需求量将会大大增加。
The demand for computers is predicted to grown considerably with the wide application of electronic networks.
7. 随着各类商业保险逐步进入城市家庭,今年中国保险市场有望进一步升温。
The insurance market is expected to boom with the entry of various kinda of commercial insurance into urban families.
8. 这个城市的电脑公司、电信公司大部分都是合资企业,投资庞大,技术先进。
Most computers, telecommunication companies in this city are joint ventures with heavy investment and advanced technologies.

1. 中国彩电需求将会剧增,农村地区将成为最大的增长点。
The demand for color TV sets will explode in China, with the largest increase in rural areas.
2. 现在电子贺卡凭借免费、环保和传送迅捷等优势,成为上网一族的首选。
The electronic cards are the favorite with Web users with their advantages of being free in charge, being environmentally-friendly and being fast in delivery.
3. 泰国是亚洲最大的盗版CD生产基地,年产量可达六千万张。
Thailand is Asia's largest production base for pirated CDs, with an annual production of 60 million copies // with a capacity to make 60 million copies a year// with 60 million copies produced every year.
4. 上海出台了一项为外地人才办理户口的新政策,宗旨是加快经济建设和社会发展速度。
Shanghai government has issued a new policy on registered permanent residence for qualified non-Shanghai residents with the aim of accelerating economic and social development.

5. 目前全球在使用着4亿多部移动电话,每天又在增加25万户。
There are 400 million mobile phones in use globally with another 250,000 new users added every day.
6. 随身听已推出20周年,至今畅销不衰,全球已销售了2亿多部随身听。
The walkman has been selling well for two decades since its introduction, with 200 million having been sold globally.
7. 游行队伍唱着歌,喊着口号,浩浩荡荡穿过广场。
Singing and shouting slogans, the parade moved across the square like a flood.
8. 到2050年,我国老年人口将达到四亿,约占世界老年人口的五分之一。
By 2050, the old people in China will reach 400 million, accounting for one fifth that of the world.



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