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Writing Task 1: Some people claim that staying in a place all one’s life is good for one’s growth, while others disagree with this view, and they prefer changing the place. Write an article to express your point of view on this topic. You should write no less than 120 words. Sample writing: There is a widespread concern over whether it’s a bad thing that people live in a place all their life. But it should always be kept in mind that one man’s meat is another man’s poison. A majority of people think that staying in a place for a long time is a better choice. In their views there are two reasons contributing to this attitude as follows: in the first place, people who stay in one spot can develop a lifetime friendship, and such a friend will give a hand without hesitation if trouble comes. In the second place, when people move to different places, they usually are under pressure from strangeness. A person may feel lost and tense in a place where streets, stores and schools are all different, just as a popular saying goes: fear always springs from ignorance. Some other people, however, differ in their opinions on this matter. They maintain that it is not good to live in one place through their lives. In their point of view, on the one hand, people who spend a lifetime in one location can be confined to a limited way of life. An inevitable result is that life lacks passion. On the other hand, those who move frequently have a variety of outlooks. There is a chance to appreciate different ways of life. As far as I am concerned, I firmly agree with the view that people shouldn't stay in a place all their lives. It's because people can broaden their vision in different places, and also because fear will disappear with time. There is no doubt that nothing brave nothing has. Writing Task 2: Some people learn best when a classroom lesson is presented in an entertaining, enjoyable way. Other people learn best when a lesson is taught in a serious, formal way. Which of these two ways of learning do you prefer? Write an article on this topic. You should write no less than 120 words. Sample writing 1: Whether (or not) I would prefer a lesson to be presented in an entertaining, enjoyable fashion depends on two things; first, my familiarity with the subject matter, and second, what precisely is meant by "entertaining" or "enjoyable". One way of making the subject matter less daunting is to simplify it, perhaps by leaving the more complicated parts out. This approach is perhaps appropriate when a new subject is being introduced. After all, the basics are often the hardest part of a subject to learn, and therefore it is important that they be taught in an accessible, non-threatening manner. Advanced students, however, may grow impatient at a superficial treatment and will appreciate a more scholarly approach. Another way of making a subject more approachable is to make the presentation clearer. Such a step is desirable for beginners and advanced students alike. Genius lies in simplifying a subject, not in making it needlessly difficult.

A third way of making learning a given subject enjoyable is to approach it from a novel, creative perspective. Advanced students will profit from looking at old, familiar concepts in a new light. Beginners, however, would probably do better to study the material in the time-tested, conventional manner. In order to challenge tradition, one must first understand it. In summary, if a lesson is relevant and enlightening, it will usually command the student's attention regardless of the teaching style. On the other hand, if the lesson is irrelevant or insubstantial, then no amount of gimmickry can save it. Sample writing 2: To teach in an enjoyable way is preferred to teach in a serious way As education is becoming increasingly important, more emphasis has been placed on exploring varied approaches to teaching. Although some people favor the serious way of teaching, I personally believe that students can benefit more when taught in an enjoyable way. Admittedly, some students are suitable for the serious way of learning. Punishment for unfinished homework or violation of class disciplines would push them to work hard both at school and home. But the serious way of teaching, in many cases, is found to stifle imagination and creativity. How could we expect students to learn well without feeling happy and stimulated? How could we draw the students’ attention when they feel bored or disinterested? An entertaining atmosphere of study is beneficial to students in a number of ways. Firstly, learners are able to have a better understanding of the courses when they feel relaxed with little anxiety. If they have to move on without fully understanding the previous content, they would find it difficult to follow the teachers. Secondly, an enjoyable teaching approach helps students to develop real interest in learning. As is known to all, one can only learn well if one wants to learn. That is to say, when their interest is aroused when studying, the students will choose to spend more time and energy on it voluntarily. Lastly, an informal way of teaching can help create independent thinking and learning, which are necessary for lifelong study. To sum up, I prefer an enjoyable and entertaining way of learning for its pleasant atmosphere and long-term benefits. Writing Task 3: For many university students there are two alternatives: one is to find a job, and the other is to pursue study. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and it is difficult to say which is better. Which choice is more suitable for you? You should write no less than 120 words. Sample writing: After staying on campus for many years, some students become bored and can't wait to get a job. They are eager to lead a life that is less intellectually stressful and less economically pressing. In their eyes, a job can provide them with opportunities to solve problems that will demand a combination of both academic and practical knowledge. However, some students plan to continue their education in pursuing further degrees. As far as academic preparation is concerned, the knowledge and skills acquired at an undergraduate level are far from adequate in the job market. It is a fact that an ever-increasing number of graduates are returning to school, motivated by the need to update their knowledge and enhance their skills. The

news that graduates with higher degrees are better off is a direct result of the shrinking job market. All this indicates that a bachelor’s degree can hardly qualify students for a competitive position. If I were able to choose for myself, I would prefer to stay and pursue an M. A. degree. I know my choice would mean a commitment of time and money. Opportunities, however, always take the form of hardships and risks. The days might be rigorous and painstaking, but they would certainly be fulfilling and rewarding, and would surely lead to a prosperous future. Writing Task 4: Throughout out country more and more private schools are set up. Some people doubt about the effectiveness of these private schools. They say adequate money doesn’t necessarily guarantee better education. Write an article to clarify your own points of view towards this issue. You should use your own ideas, knowledge or experience to support your argument. You should write no less than 120 words. Sample writing: Nowadays, more and more private schools have been set up in China. In my opinion, the private school has enough advantages to justify its existence and development in our country. For one thing, private schools can make up for the shortage of schools in our country. As is known to all, our country is a developing one and we have the largest population in the world. The demand for primary, secondary and advanced education is far beyond what the government can provide. With the setting up of private schools, the money of private persons and organizations is invested into education, thus relieving the financial burden of the government. The government can then use the limited amount of money in poorer areas and thus ensure more children's rights to go to school. For another, private schools offer an ideal environment to ensure the quality of education. Private schools are equipped with better living facilities and modern teaching equipment. Moreover, private schools offer higher pay for teachers and they have attracted many highly competent teachers. If the students can be well guided and disciplined and if they can work hard, they can really receive a better education. Maybe private schools can produce more talents and better constructers for our country. As has been discussed above, private schools can compensate for the current deficiency of educational resources while offering more chances for students to receive better education. There is every reason for them to exist and develop. Writing Task 5: You will read a question which says, “Which is a better source of news—Newspaper or TV?” Write an article for the newspaper to clarify your own points of view towards this issue. You should use your own ideas, knowledge or experience to generate your support for your argument, including an example. You should write no less than 120 words. Sample writing: For most of us today, television is our main source of news. According to a questionnaire on the way of getting news, nearly 72 percent of the people watch TV, and only 12 percent read

newspapers for daily news. Although television news excels in bringing into our living room dramatic events of singular importance, space craft launchings, natural disasters, record-breaking sports events, presidential inaugurations, wars, murders and the like, it cannot cover important stories in the depth they may deserve because of its time limitations. Regardless of the complexity or significance of an event, it somehow must be fitted into a prescribed number of minutes. On the other hand, while the newspaper cannot compete with television visually, for example, a war is often best communicated by pictures, but not words, it may beat its rival with a more in-depth version of the event. Free from time restrictions imposed on television news, a newspaper can devote as much space to a story as it sees fit and flesh it out with more vivid details. Furthermore, television by nature is a passive medium, for it deprives viewers of the freedom of selection. Whether you like or dislike a particular piece of news, all you have to do is sit in front of the tube and let it happen and follow its space passively. But by reading newspapers, you can select the most interesting news, and skip what you think is irrelevant and dull; you can read in detail or briefly. Besides, watching television involves little mental activity. A constant diet of television journalism contributes to the rise in new illiteracy and the decline in general intellectual skills such as reading and writing. In contrast to television news, the print media encourage active involvement in what's being reported. The readers have to make greater efforts than TV viewers to follow and absorb the stories. Reading requires a high level of mental involvement, which, in turn, improves our intellectual competence. When we consider television versus print journalism on the basis of the format, coverage and nature, is there still any question as to which is better source of news? Writing Task 6: With the widespread computers, there is an increase in the number of people making use of the Internet. Some people believe that the Internet will bring great benefits to people while others think the Internet may cause depression. Write an article about it to clarify your points of view towards this issue. You should write no less than 120 words. Sample writing: As computers are increasingly popular, we can have more access to the Internet. It is true that the Internet can bring us a lot of benefits. With the Internet we can connect with the rest of the world. We can build relationships with people who are in places we cannot go. We can enjoy services offered on the Internet. The Internet, however, also brings us some side effects. The Internet use may cause a decline in psychological well-being. According to the research done in an American university, even people who spent just a few hours a week on the Internet experienced more depression and loneliness than those who logged on less frequently. It wasn't that people who were already feeling bad spent more time on the Internet, but that using the Internet actually appeared to cause the bad feelings. The fact that the Internet use reduces the time available for family and friends may account for the drop in well-being. Faceless, bodiless "virtual" communication may be less psychologically satisfying than the actual conversation, and the relationships formed through it may be shallower. What's more, exposure to the wider world via the Internet makes users less

satisfied with their lives. Though the Internet use may cause some side effects, we must remember that this is not about the technology itself; it's about how it is used. If it can be used properly, the Internet can be more beneficial to our life. Writing Task 7: It is said that the subjects taught in schools are too academic in orientation and that it would be more useful for children to learn about practical matters such as home management, work and international skills. To what extent do you agree or disagree? You should write no less than 120 words. Sample writing: A criticism often heard these days is that the subjects taught in schools tend to be too academic, and contribute little to preparing a young person for the real-life tasks he or she will have to perform after graduation. They say that academic subjects are rooted in the past, and are not useful for solving modem problems. I disagree with this point of view for the following three reasons. My first reason is that it is the duty of parents, not teachers, to prepare their children to deal with the practical affairs of life. The home, not the classroom, is the ideal place to learn about home management and interpersonal skills. As for work abilities and attitudes, they are best learned "on the job" and under the supervision of an experienced older worker. My second reason is that academic subjects have withstood the test of time. They represent the accumulated wisdom of our ancestors down through the ages, and far from being impractical, they equip us with the knowledge and confidence to make sound judgments about any problems which may crop up. In addition, academic subjects are good for training us in mental discipline, while practical subjects are weak in this regard. My third reason is based on the saying "Man does not live by bread alone." Schooldays devoted solely to instruction in down-to-earth practical matters would be dull indeed! Lessons in the best literature of the world and the epoch-making scientific and geographical discoveries of the past enrich our lives and make us feel that we are part of the great family of mankind. All in all, the teaching of academic subjects in schools is entirely appropriate. It is my firmly held view that practical subjects have no place in the classroom. On the contrary, the curriculum should be more academic! Writing Task 8: It is generally acknowledged that families are now not as close as they used to be. Give possible reasons and your commendations. You should write no less than 120 words. Sample writing: There is much discussion nowadays as to whether or not the relationship between family members is as close as before. Diverse contributing factors can be identified. In the following, I would like to present my point of view. Great changes have taken place in family life along with the development of society. One of

them is that the once-extended family tends to become smaller and smaller. Many children have to leave their parents at an early age to study or work elsewhere. As time passes, children become emotionally estranged from their parents. Compared with the past, social competition is becoming increasingly fierce. People are urged to concentrate their efforts upon work, so that they can achieve success, or at least a good standard of living. As a result, they can't afford to spend their leisure hours with their families. The importance of bonds of kinship is gradually fading from their minds. In addition, the availability of various kinds of recreational facilities also diverts people from enjoying chats with the members of their families. Their free time is mostly occupied by watching TV, surfing the Internet or playing video games. They come to lose interest in communicating with the other members of their families. In view of such alienation within families, urgent steps must be taken, in my opinion. For members of families who live away from one another, regular contact on the phone can bring them the care that they need. Family reunions on holidays or other important occasions can make a difference as well. For members of families living together, it is a good idea to take some time off work or recreation periods to spend more time with each other. In the final analysis, a close family relationship can surely be maintained as long as we realize the significant role it plays in our lives and attach due importance to it.


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