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Ⅰ.语法和词汇知识 1.(2013 届湖南师大附中模拟)Don't you think it is high time you ________ yourself in your books ? A.can bury C.burying B.to bury D.buried

【解析】 bury oneself in “专心于”,it is time that 后的从句中谓语动词应 用一般过去时,故选 D。句意:你不认为到了你专心读书的时候了吗? 【答案】 D

2.It is ________ unforgettable experience to help send ________ injured to hospital and take good care of them. A.an;the C./;the 【 解析】 B.an; / D./;/ experience 作 “ 经历 ” 讲时,为可数名词, an unforgettable

experience 一次难忘的经历; 形容词前加 the 表示一类人或事物, the injured 受伤 的人。 【答案】 A

3.—What is happening over there? —The police are trying to find the ________ of the accident. A.setting C.excuse 【解析】 B.cause D.space 考查名词辨析。cause 起因,符合题意。setting 背景;excuse 借

口;space 空间。句意:——那边发生了什么事情?——警察在试图找出事故的 起因。 【答案】 B

4.—You must have made a lot of money by doing the business. —Oh,my income is rather variable,but I could earn 100 yuan a day ________. A.in common C.on average B.in all D.on the whole

【解析】 考查介词短语。答句句意:我的收入相当多变,但是平均每天可 以挣 100 块钱。 on average 平均; in common 共有; in all 总共, 总计; on the whole 总体上,就大部分而言。 【答案】 C

5.(2012· 唐山模拟)After the earthquake the electricity supply failed,________ the cooling system break down. A.having made C.made B.making D.to make

【解析】 句意:地震过后,电力中断,结果造成制冷系统瘫痪。此处用现 在分词作结果状语,表示一种必然的结果。 【答案】 B

6.________ by the mudslide,the city was cut off from the outside. A.Having struck C.Struck 【解析】 B.To be struck D.Being struck 考查非谓语动词。此处 struck by the mudslide 相当于状语从句

because it was struck by the mudslide。由此可知句子主语 the city 与 strike 之间是 逻辑上的被动关系, 所以要用过去分词。 to be struck 作状语表示目的, being struck 表示“正在被袭击”。 【答案】 C

7.The idea of a way out of the trouble had never ________ to anyone. A.happened C.appeared B.occurred D.flashed

【解析】 句意:没有人想到一个摆脱这个僵局的方法。此句要用 occurred 构成 sth.occurred to sb.句式,意为“某人想到了??”。 【答案】 B

8.(2013 届烟台模拟)If you keep driving so fast,you'll ________ in hospital sooner or later. A.round up C.turn up 【解析】 B.end up D.send up 句意:如果你开车老是这么快的话,你迟早会去住院的。round

up“集拢, 围捕”; end up“终究, 总归, 结束, 结局”; turn up“出现, 露面”; send up“使(价格)上升,发射”。 故 B 项符合句意。 【答案】 B

9.—How are you getting on with your business,Tom? —I'm glad to say it is ________. A.picking up C.taking up 【解析】 B.making up D.turning up

答话部分句意:我很高兴地说生意正在好转。pick up 在此处意

为“好转”。 make up 组成,化妆,编造;take up 重新开始,从事,占据;turn up 出现,露面。 【答案】 A

10.(2013 届济南模拟)As far as I see,________ is no possibility ________ he will win the tennis match this time. A.it;that C.it;whether 【解析】 B.there;that D.there;whether


there is no possibility that...不可能??,固定句式。 【答案】 B

11.(2012· 山东高考)George returned after the war,only ________ that his wife had left him. A.to be told C.being told B.telling D.told

【解析】 句意:乔治战后返家,结果被告知他的妻子已经离开了他。本题 考查非谓语动词作状语。由题干中的 only 及语境可知要用不定式构成结果状语, 故选 A。 【答案】 A

12.Hearing the news that they were safe and sound,I felt a great weight ________ my mind. A.taken in C.taken down B.taken off D.taken over



take off 意为“去掉”,take sth.off one's mind 去掉??的心事。take in 吸收;take down 记下;take over 接管,均不符合句意。 【答案】 B

13.“It was the most ________ experience of my life,” he said,“it is ________ even to think of it.” A.terrifying;frightened C.terrified;frightened 【解析】 B.terrified;frightening D.terrifying;frightening

考查形容词。第一空用 terrifying 作定语,意为“吓人的,可怕

的”;第二空用 frightening 作表语,意为“吓人的,可怕的”。句意:“这是我 一生中最可怕的经历,”他说,“甚至连想一下都很吓人”。 【答案】 D

14.To buy some salt,the careless housewife went downstairs,________ fish ________ over the gas. A.left;cooked C.leaving;cooking B.leaving;being cooked D.left;being cooked

【解析】 由第二个逗号可知, 第一个空要填的不是并列谓语, 而 housewife 与 leave 为主动关系,故应用现在分词 leaving;fish 与 cook 为动宾关系,且强调 的是“在下楼时”正在进行的动作,故应用现在分词的被动形式。正确答案为 B 项。 【答案】 B

15.—Mary,did you get the newly published book of the writer? —Yes.________,my friend bought one for me yesterday. A.Thankfully C.Sadly 【解析】 B.Unfortunately D.Hopefully 考查交际用语。thankfully 感激地;unfortunately 不幸地;sadly

伤心地;hopefully 满怀希望地。由 my friend bought one for me yesterday 可知, thankfully 符合题意。 【答案】 A


1.如果一个人在事故中伤得很重,你最好让他呆在原地不动。(leave+宾语 +宾补) _________________________________________________________________ 2.他们说笑着进了剧院。(现在分词短语作结果状语) _________________________________________________________________ 3.他们有可能在下次选举中获胜。(There is the possibility of.../that 从句) _________________________________________________________________ 4.当他们到达时,火已被居民们扑灭了。(by the time) _________________________________________________________________ 5.不幸的是,他迟到了 10 分钟,因此不能参加竞赛。(副词或副词短语作 评注性状语) _________________________________________________________________ 【答案】 where he is. 1.If a person is badly injured in an accident,you'd better leave him 2.They entered the theatre,talking and laughing. 3.There is the

possibility that they will win the next election. fire had been put out by the inhabitants. so he could not take part in the contest. Ⅲ.阅读理解 A

4.By the time when they arrived,the

5.Unfortunately,he was ten minutes late,

(2013 届武汉市模拟 )Some of Britain's most favoured spring visitors are disappearing in their thousands.Scientists say birds such as the cuckoo (布谷鸟), whose song announces the arrival of warm weather in Britain ,are dropping in numbers. A typical migrant bird(候鸟) from Africa, cuckoo_may_no_longer_make_its_annual_appearance_in_the_woodlands_in_Britain, _says a scientist.Numbers of migrant birds from Africa have declined seriously in the UK since 1995.For cuckoos the figure is 44%.The call of the cuckoo could be silenced in the near future. The real problem is that there are so many different possible causes for the loss, which makes it difficult to find out the real reasons for their decline and to prepare plans to put things right.

The loss could be the result of changes in farmland use in Britain which are affecting the way cuckoos breed (交配繁殖) when they arrive here in spring.On top of changes of land use, scientists suspect that many cuckoos are finding it increasingly difficult to feed themselves when they come to breed in Britain.The large insects they eat have dropped rapidly in number here. Climate change might be another important reason.Migrant cuckoos arrive and breed at times which are no longer the best periods when food,such as insects,is available.Climate change also affects timings of breeding cycles. Or the loss could be due to the increase of human populations in Africa and the destruction of natural living environment where they make their homes in winter. Apart from these,the killing takes place in spring and autumn when cuckoos, flying from and to Africa,across islands in the Mediterranean Sea.They are shot in their hundreds of thousands by hunters who just enjoy killing them for the“sport”: It is against European Union law,but that doesn't stop it happening. Sheehan,a scientist,said,“Cuckoos arrive in our countryside just as the first good weather arrives.We associate them with spring and warmth.That is why they appear so often in old English stories.They are part of our culture,which makes the decline in their number so worrying.” 【语篇解读】 科学家发现,在英国,吟唱春天到来的布谷鸟的数量在急剧 减少,但真正的原因还不能确定。 1.What can be inferred from the underlined part in Paragraph 2? A.Cuckoos may arrive in warm weather. B.Cuckoos may rarely be seen in Britain. C.Cuckoos may appear every two years. D.Cuckoos may come back to the woodlands. 【解析】 推理判断题。根据第一段内容可知,科学家说在英国很多吟唱温 暖天气到来的鸟, 例如布谷鸟都在大量减少。故画线部分表示“在英国可能会几 乎看不到布谷鸟”。 【答案】 B

2. Concerning the rapid decrease in the number of cuckoos, scientists ________. A.find it difficult to discover the real reasons

B.know few possible causes for the loss C.have plans to put things right D.doubt if the data are accurate 【解析】 细节理解题。 根据第三段中的 which makes it difficult to find out the real reasons for their decline 可知选 A 项。 【答案】 A

3.According to the passage,what happens in Britain that possibly causes the decline of cuckoos? A.Many hunters kill cuckoos for fun. B.Cuckoos' main food is getting less. C.Policies on land use have changed. D.Human populations increase rapidly. 【解析】 推理判断题。根据第四段中的 scientists suspect that many cuckoos are finding it increasingly difficult to feed themselves when they come to breed in Britain 可知,科学家怀疑布谷鸟到英国繁殖时发现它们很难吃饱,由此可推知, 布谷鸟的主食在减少,即 B 项正确。 【答案】 B

4.Which could be the best title for the passage? A.Cuckoos,Who Takes Away Your Food? B.Climate Change: a Danger to Cuckoos C.Spring May Lose the Song of Cuckoos D.A Song for England's Cuckoos 【解析】 主旨大意题。通读全文可知,本文主要介绍了在英国,预示着春 天到来的布谷鸟的数量在急剧减少,故 C 项最适合作为本文的标题。 【答案】 C B (2013 届德州市模拟)Nature responds to climate change.To understand it,we need to monitor key life cycle events—flowering,the appearance of leaves,the first frog calls of the spring—all around the world.But scientists can't be everywhere so they're turning to nonscientists,sometimes called citizen scientists,for help.

A group of scientists and educators set up an organization last year called the National Phenology Network.“Phenology” is what scientists call the study of the timing of events in nature. One of the group's first efforts depends on scientists and nonscientists alike to collect data about plant flowering and leafing every year.The program,called Project BudBurst,collects life cycle data on different kinds of usual plants from across the United States. “People don't have to be plant experts—they just have to look around and see what's in their neighborhood , ”says Jennifer Schwartz , an adviser with the project.“As we collect this data, we'll be able to predict how plants and communities of plants and animals will respond as the climate changes.” That data will help scientists predict not only how natural communities may change but also how these changes will affect people. Scientists monitoring lilac flowering in the Western United States reported that in years when lilacs bloomed early-before May 20th - wildfires later in the summer and fall are larger and more severe.“Lilac blooming could serve as an alarm bell,”Jennifer says. Improved monitoring is an important step toward predicting how natural communities will respond to climate change. “The best way for us to increase our knowledge of how plants and animals are responding to climate change is to increase the amount of data we have,”she says.“That's why we need citizen scientists to get as much information from as many places on as many species over as long a time period as we can.” 【语篇解读】 自然界如何随着气候的变化而产生相应的反应,科学家们为 了得到更充分的数据,与有关人员成立了专门组织进行研究。 5.The National Phenology Network is set up to ________. A.research how nature makes response to climate change B.keep a record of what is happening in nature C.make a study of the first frog calls of the spring D.judge what plants will die out in the future 【解析】 推理判断题。根据第一、二段内容可推知,成立这个组织是为了

发挥众人的作用,协助科学家更好地研究自然界如何对气候变化产生反应。 【答案】 A

6.The task of Project BudBurst is to ________. A.grow more plants to improve the climate B.collect information about usual plants C.make citizens tell different plants D.find out how many kinds of plants there are in America 【解析】 细节理解题。根据第三段内容可知,Project BudBurst 的任务是

收集普通植物的信息。 【答案】 B

7.By saying“Lilac blooming could serve as an alarm bell” in Para.6,Jennifer meant ________. A.lilac flowers could make people feel anxious or afraid B.lilacs could warn people of the danger of wildfires C.the blooming of lilacs could predict the happening of wildfires D.the flowers of lilacs could be used to wake people up 【解析】 推理判断题。根据第六段内容可推知,Jennifer 的意思是指丁香

开花可以预测野火的发生。 【答案】 C

8.This passage is mainly about ________. A.why we need to collect data about nature B.when an alarm bell sounds for nature C.what citizen scientists are in America D.how nature responds to climate change 【解析】 主旨大意题。文章第一段的第一句开门见山地点明了主题,由此 可判断 D 项正确。另外,最后两段的内容也是线索提示。 【答案】 Ⅳ.写作 (2013 届济南外国语学校模拟)假如你是新华中学的学生, 某地区发生了台风 灾害,学校组织赈灾活动,请你根据以下要点写一篇 120~150 字的倡议书,向 D

同学们发出倡议,为灾区人民献出一份爱心。 1.报告台风灾害发生的严重性; 2.发出倡议,说明可以献爱心的做法; 3.对同学们表示感谢,提出希望。 _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 【参考范文】 These days,we have learned over the radio and in the newspapers that a strong typhoon occurred in some parts of our country.It is said that many houses were destroyed,and the people there can't live their lives as usual.I wonder if things have improved by now. The government is trying to help the people in the disaster areas rebuild their homes.I think we can also do something for the people who suffer from the disaster.I'd like to send them a schoolbag,which is a present given to me by my sister on my birthday.I hope it will be of some help to them. I do hope the students of our school can do something to help them.I believe the day will soon come when they overcome all the difficulties and live a better life.Thank you.

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