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Module 1, Book 4
Life in the Future

Life in the future



aluminum steel glass mud

Light metal Strong metal plasti

c stone rubber wood brick concrete

Natural resources
Alternative resources Recycled materials



Gas Solar power


Wind power

Urban life
Garbage ships


Get rid of garbage problems Load huge spaceships with waste materials Prevent landfill and environmental problems Arrest criminals by firing nets Not allowed within a future city’s limits online Place order

Batman nets > Forget smoking

{Smoking possible outside cities and outdoors
Voice command

Forget the malls >

Telephones for life > Telephone number at birth Free of charge Recreation > All forms of ~ At the flick of a switch Cars > Powered by electricity Telesurgery


Distance surgery
Carry out operations Telesurgery outpatient clinic Senior citizens People with disability

Holidays at home Space travel

{ High-tech cameras attached to…

What will the city of the future look like? 未来的城市会是什么样子?____________________________________________ Making predictions is a risky business. 预言未来是一件冒风险的事。__________________________________________ The earth’s natural resources run out. 地球上的自然资源消耗殆尽。__________________________________________ 我们将不得不更多地依赖再生能源。____________________________________ We’ll have to rely more on alternative energy. Public services are in great need of improvement. 中国的公共服务急需改善。____________________________________________ Work is in progress on the types of building. 有关建筑类型的工作正在进行当中。____________________________________ Guitar music is on the way out. 吉他音乐正在消失。__________________________________________________

Now people like to shape houses like coffins. 现在的人们喜欢把房子修成棺材的样子。________________________________
我太忙于享受生活而无暇考虑未来。____________________________________ the future. I’m too busy enjoying my life to worry about Reading Comprehension: Life in the future will be different from life today. Between then and now many changes will happen. But what will the changes be? The population is growing fast. There will be many people in the world and most of them will live longer than people live now. Computers will be much smaller and more useful, and there will be at least one in every room. And computer studies will be one of the important subjects in schools then. People will work fewer hours than they do now and they will have more free time for sports, watching TV and travel. Traveling will be much cheaper and easier. And many more people will go to other countries for holidays.

There will be changes in our food, too. More land will be used for building new towns and houses for all the people. Then there will be less room for cows and sheep, so meat will be more expensive. Maybe no one will eat it every day. Instead they will eat more fruit and vegetables. Maybe people will be healthier. Work in the future will be different, too. Robots will do dangerous and hard work. Because of this, many people will not have enough work to do. This will be a problem. 1. In the future there will be _______. A. much more fruit B. more people C. less vegetables D. less people 2. Every family will have at least a _______ in the future. A. robot B. cow C. TV set D. computer 3. In the future people don't have to _______. A. work long hours B. work fast C. walk on foot D. eat meat

4. People may not eat _______ as much as they do today. A. fruit B. fish C. meat D. rice 5. One big problem in the future is that _______. A. many people don't have to work B. many people will not be able to find work C. people have to work fast D. all the work will be done by robots



[2011· 江西卷] 假设你是星光中学的李华,将参加主题为“Let's Ride
Bicycles”的英语演讲比赛。请撰写一份演讲稿,主要内容包括: 1.目前汽车带来的空气污染和交通堵塞等问题; 2.骑自行车的益处,如节能环保、有利健康等。 参考词汇:低碳生活(lowcarbon life);节能(energy saving)


? Good morning, everyone, ? I am Li Hua from Xingguang Middle School. The topic of my speech is “Let's Ride Bicycles.” ? __________________________________________________ ? __________________________________________________ – Thank you!

?【精彩美文】 ? Good morning,everyone, ? I am Li Hua from Xingguang Middle School. The topic of my speech is “Let's Ride Bicycles”. ? As is known to all,with the improvement of people's living standards,cars have become a popular means of transport, bringing great convenience to our life. However,they have also caused some problems such as air pollution and traffic jams.

How can we solve the problems then?As far as I'm concerned, iding bicycles is a good solution. For one thing,bicycles don't eed any petrol and they are energysaving. For another,bicycles re environmentally friendly because they won't give off waste gas. What's more,riding bicycles is a good way for us to exercise and it s beneficial to our health. Therefore,let's take the responsibility to build up a owcarbon city by riding bicycles. Come on and join us! Thank you!

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Ⅱ.短语检测 1.确切地;肯定地 2.自然资源 3.用完;耗尽 4.依赖;依靠 5.替代性能源 6.除掉;处理掉 7.免费 8.履行;实施;执行 9.被附在/粘在 10. 小心;当心

for sure natural resources run out/use up rely on alternative energy get rid of free of charge carry out be attached to look out/be careful

on the way out 11. 即将被淘汰;即将过时 12. 作为开始;首先;第一点 for a start

? send Ⅲ.佳句再现

for sure 1.No one knows _______, and making predictions is a risky _________________ business. 谁也说不准,并且猜测也是件冒险的事。 load 2. To get rid of garbage problems, the city will ____ huge ___________
spaceships with waste materials and them towards the sun,

preventing __________ landfill and environmental problems.
? 为了摆脱垃圾问题的困扰,城市将会用巨型宇宙飞船装载 废弃材料,朝太阳发射,防止垃圾填埋和环境问题。

? 3.Everyone will be given a telephone number at birth that will

no matter where they live never change ______________________. 每个人一出生就会给予一个电话号码,将来无论他们住在 哪里,这个电话号码都不会改变。

common ? 4.Distance surgery will become ________ as doctors

carry out operations __________________ from thousands of miles away, with each having city _______ its own telesurgery outpatient clinic.

随着每个城市都拥有自己的远程手术门诊部,医生将 能从数千里以外实施手术,远程手术将变得非常平常。
using go anywhere in the world ______ hightech cameras attached to __________ their head.年长的市民和残疾人通过使用绑在头 上的高新技术相机可以周游世界。

? 5.Senior citizens and people with disabilities will be able to

? 6. Don’t call me before seven. I will ________________. be getting dressed ? 不要在七点之前给我打电话。那时我将在穿衣服。

3 charge v. 收费;充电;指控,指责 (1) take charge of 负责,掌管(动作) (2) free of charge(=for free) 免费 the charge for sth. 某物的收费 charge sb. For sth. 为某物向某人收费


charge sb. with sth.


2. 根据汉语意思完成句子 (1) As long as you’ve paid in advance we won’t charge you for delivery. 只要你预先付款, 我们就不收你送货费。 (2) These patients are in/under the charge of Dr. Wilson. ____________________ 这些病人是威尔逊医生负责治疗的。 (3) Tomtook charge of the government after the military took over in ____________ 1975. 1975年军事政变后汤姆掌管了政府。


? ? ?

4 attach v.( fasten or connect one object to another)将某物系在、缚在 或附在(另一物)上 (1) attach…to… 把……连/拴/装/贴在……上面 be attached to sth./sb.


attach importance/significance to… 重视,认为……很重要

? ?

? 【活学活用】
? ? ? ? (1) Attach a recent photo to your application form. _____________________ 请在求职表上贴一张最近的照片。 (2) Sheattaches great importance to regular exercise. ________________________ 她认为定期锻炼很重要。

?【易错警示】 ?run out是不及物动词短语,其主语通常是时间、金钱、食物 等无生命的名词。run out of则是及物动词短语,主语是人,后 接宾语。use up是及物动词短语,相当于run out of;而give out 是不及物动词短语,表示“(某物)用完了,没有了”,无被动 语态。

? 2.单项填空
? ? It is predicated that existing reserves of fossil fuel ________ by 2045. A. have been run out B. are going to be run out


C. will have run out 【解析】 C

D. have run out


考查动词的时态和语态。run out是不及物 动词短语,无被动语态,通常以物作主语。再结合后面的 时间状语by 2045可知应该用将来完成时,由此可以判断答 案为C。

I’m too busy enjoying my life now to worry about the future! 享受生活,没时间为未来担忧! 【句式点拨】 too…to…太……以至于不能…… 【温馨提示】 too…to在下列情况下表示肯定含义:


(1) 当too后是glad,pleased,happy,delighted,satisfied, ready, willing,eager,anxious等形容词时。如: They are too anxious to leave.他们急于离开。


He is always too ready to help others. 他总是乐于助人。 与这些词连用时,too前还常加上only,all,but,just,simply等副 词,意思不变,因为这些词加 上too后与very同义。如: I’m only too glad to see you.见到你非常高兴。 They are but too pleased to hear the news. 他们听到这则消息,非常高兴。 (2) 与cannot连用时。 You cannot be too careful(=You can never be careful enough) to do your homework. 你做作业越仔细越好(=无论怎样仔细也不过分)。

? ? ? ? ?



2.[2010· 江西卷] Parents ________ much importance to education. They will do their best to give their children that priceless gift. A.attach B.pay C.link D.Apply 【解析】 A 本题考查动词辨析。attach importance to 是固定搭配,表示“重视;看重”。

? 3.As there is less and less coal and oil, scientists are
? ? ? exploring new ways of making use of energy, such as sunlight, wind and water for power and fuel. A.primary B.alternative C.instant D.Unique 【解析】 B 本题考查形容词辨析。既然石油和煤都越 来越少,人们只好使用一些其他可替代这些燃料的东西。 alternative 有“可选择的,可替代的”之意,符合句意。 primary首要的,初期的;instant立即的,迅速的;unique 独特的。

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

5.—Do you think we should accept that offer? —Yes, we should, for we ________ such bad luck up till now, and time ________ out. A.have had; is running B.had; is running C.have; has been run D.have had; has been run 【解析】 A 本题考查动词的时态和语态。前面有现 在完成时的时间状语up till now,故第一空用现在完成时; 后面指时间快用光了,用进行时表示将来时。

? 9.—Can I help you?
? —I'd like a room with a bath. How much do you________? ? A.pay B.offer C.charge D.Afford ? 【解析】 C 本题考查动词辨析。charge在此 处是指“要价”。pay意为“付款给(某人),支付 (价款)”;offer意为“主动提供”;afford意为 “付得起”,皆不符合题意。本题的关键是空格 处动作的发出者是you,而不是I。

? 6.When we will hold the flower show in the park mainly ________ the weather recently. ? A.lies on B.puts on ? C.relies on


on ? 【解析】 D 本题考查动词短语辨析。 depend on表示 “依靠,依赖,信任”时和 rely on意义相同。但是depend on还可以表 示“取决于,由……决定”。

? 10. —When can I see you, Mr Black? Three o'clock this afternoon? ? —Oh, no. I ________ a meeting then. ? A.will have B.will be having

C.am having


【解析】 B 本题考查动词的时态。此处用将来进行 时强调在将来某个时间正在进行的动作。故选B。

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