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选修6 Unit5 words and expressions

Unit 5

The power of nature

1.appoint vt. 约定;指定(时间、地等) ; 任命;委任 appointed adj.指定的;约定的
(1)appoint sb.as/to be ... appoint sb. to do sth. 任命某人为?? 委派某人做某事

appoint a time / place for sth. / to do sth. 确定时间/地点做某事




make an appointment with sb. 与某人约会 have an appointment with sb. 与某人有约会 keep/break an appointment 守/违约

①(英译汉)I was appointed to take charge of
arranging all the activities on that day. 我被指定来负责安排那一天的所有活动。 ___________________________________________ ②My patient didn’t turn up________________________ ,that is,she broke at the appointed time

an appointment.

made an appointment ③(牛津P82)She __________________ for her son to see the doctor. 她为儿子约定了看医生的时间。

④ We appointed the place and time for the next
meeting. 我们决定了下次集会的地点与时间。

⑤I'd love to go there with you, but I
have an appointment with my lawyer.


2、evaluate vt. 评估;评价;估计
evaluation n. 估价;评价 对……进行评价

make an evaluation of

他们对医疗保健计划进行了深入的评估。 They _______________________________the health care program .

made an intensive evaluation of

3、wave vt. 波动;挥手;n. 波浪;波涛

wave to


wave goodbye to 向……挥手告别 迈克和我收拾好东西与马丁太太道了别。

Mike and I picked up our things and __________________ waved goodbye to Mr. Martin .

4.suit n.一套外衣;套装vt.适合;使适宜 (1)suit sb. suit one's needs (2)a suit of clothes (3)suitable adj. 适合某人 适合需要 一套衣服 适当的;相配的 适合于某人/某物 适合做某事

be suitable for sb./sth. be suitable to do sth.

①Our manager seldom wears anything other than _______________whatever the season. a business suit 不管什么季节,我们的经理总是穿西服,很少穿其他 衣服 suits everybody ②It is almost impossible to find a time that . 要想找到适合所有人的时间几乎是不可能的。

③The afterschool programme suits the needs ofmost of
the children. 课外活动适合大多数孩子的需求。

④This kind of accommodation offers an independent is more suitable for lifestyle and ___________________the longstay student.


比较:suit, match, fit




match 配



①Her shoes match her dress; they look very well together. ②—We could go now or this afternoon — whatever time suits you best?

—Either will do. ③The colour of this pair of shoes suits me very well, fit but it doesn't ________me.

5.make one‘s way 前往 make our way ①We managed to ______________through the excited crowd. 我们奋力地从激动的人群中挤了出来。 makes his way ②I'm glad that he ________________in his career. 我很高兴他在事业上有所进步。

①We managed to make our way through the excited crowd. 我们奋力地从激动的人群中挤了出来。 ②I'm glad that he makes his way in his career. 我很高兴他在事业上有所进步。

fight one's way lose one's way feel one's way push one's way wind one's way

奋力前进 迷路 摸索前进 挤出来 蜿蜒前进

her way ③She gradually fought _______________to the top of the company. 她努力奋斗,逐渐进入公司高层。 winds its way ④The Great Wall across north China like a huge dragon. 长城像一条巨龙,在中国北方蜿蜒盘旋。

6、unconscious adj. 失去知觉的;未察觉的
unconsciously adv. 无意识地;不知不觉地 conscious consciously 我也许无意中做了什么得罪她的事。 unconsciously Perhaps , _______________, I ‘ve done something to offened her .

7.anxious adj. 忧虑的;不安的 (1)be anxious for sth. / to do sth.渴望某事/做某事

be anxious (for sb.)to do sth 急于让某人做某事
be anxious about… 为……担心 / 担忧

be anxious that 希望……(that从句采用 should do




with anxiety

to be anxious ①Studies have shown that to be bored is_______ 研究表明感到(课堂)枯燥无味是焦虑的表现。
②I the news of the train accident. felt/was anxious for/about his safety when I heard

当我听到火车事故的消息时,我很担心他的安全。 ③She is anxious to go to college , but anxious about

not passing the college entrance exam.
她渴望上大学,但又担心不能通过大学入学考试。 was anxious that ④He ___________he should have a house of his own. 他极希望能拥有属于自己的房子。

8. panic v.&vt.(panicked, panicked) (使人或动物) 受惊;惊慌 n.惊慌;恐慌 (1)panic sb. into doing sth. 使某人惊慌地做某事

(2)get into a panic = be thrown into a panic 使陷入惊慌状态 in panic 惊慌失措地

in a state of panic


(1)(英译汉)Shoppers are panicked into buying
things they don’t need. 购物者因恐慌,抢购一些他们并不需要的东西。 ___________________________________________ got into a real panic (2)(填空)She __________________when she thought she’d lost the ticket.

(3)(2011· 湖北卷)“Tommy,run!Be quick!The

house is on fire!” the mother shouted,
with________clearly in her voice. D A.anger B.rudeness C.regret D.panic

in panic ④At the two gunshots the crowd fled . 听到两声枪响,人群惊慌地逃走了。 I felt very nervous and had to force myself panic not to ________. 惊慌 。 我非常紧张,不得不强迫自己不要______

9、vary from ...to ... 由……到……不等
(1)vary v. vary in sth. _____________( 大小、形状等)不同,有别 vary with.. _____________ 随……变化,改变 vary between...and.. 从……到……转变 ___________________ (2)various 各种各样的;多姿多彩的 adj.____________________ (3)variety n. 种种;多样化 a variety of 种种……_____________

Just like spoken language,body language

_____________________________. varies from culture to culture (2)Some guests arrived late at the party for a variety of various ___________/__________reasons. 因为各种理由,有些客人晚会迟到了
vary with (3)Prices of fruit and vegetables often ________ the season. vary in 水果和蔬菜的价格常随季节而变化。 ④These cars size, price and colour. 这些汽车在大小,价格和颜色方面各不相同。

10.guarantee v.保证;担保 n.保证;担保;保修单 (1)guarantee to do sth./thatclause

guarantee sb. sth. 保证某人某事

be guaranteed to do sth. 肯定会、必定会做某事
(2)give sb.a guarantee (that) ... 向某人保证??

under guarantee


guaranteed that ①And the other is to _______________they can use
the technology over long periods of time. 另一个目的是保证他们可以长期使用这项技术。 ②Even if you complete your training I can't guarantee you a job . 即使你完成了培训,我也无法保证你能有工作。

is guaranteed to ③If we try to keep it a secret, she ______________
find out. 如果我们试图保密,她肯定会发现。 ④Can you give me a guarantee that the work will

be finish on time?

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