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damage,destroy,harm,hurt,pain,wound,injured 详细英法和区别

harm, hurt, injure, wound,destroy,damage, pain, disable详细用法和区 别

【1】damage英 ['d? m?d?] 美 [d? m?d?] vt.& vi. 损害,毁坏 n. 损害,损毁;赔偿金 损伤; 损害; 损坏; 伤害 复数:damages 过去式

:damaged 过去分词:damaged 现在分词:damaging 第三人称单数:damages

㈠损坏;破坏;毁坏 To damage an object means to break it, spoil it physically, or stop it from working properly ①He maliciously damaged a car with a baseball bat... 他用棒球棒恶意损毁了一辆汽车。 ②The sun can damage your skin. 阳光能损伤皮肤

㈡损害;伤害 To damage something means to cause it to become less good, pleasant, or successful ①Jackson doesn't want to damage his reputation as a political personality... 杰克逊不想损害自己政界名人的声誉。

②He warned that the action was damaging the economy. 他警告说该行动正对经济造成破坏。 damaging ③Is the recycling process in itself damaging to the environment? 这一回收 利用过程本身对环境有害吗?

㈢(对物的)损坏,破坏,损失 Damage is physical harm that is caused to an object ①The blast caused extensive damage to the house... 爆炸给这所房子造成了大面积的损坏。 ②Many professional boxers end their careers with brain damage. 许多职业拳击手结束运动生涯时都已受到了 脑损伤。

㈣(不可数名词)(对人、情况、行为的)损害, 伤害,不良影响 Damage consists of the unpleasant effects that something has on a person, situation, or type of activity ①Incidents of this type cause irreparable damage to relations with the community... 这类事件会对与该社群的关系造成不可弥合的伤害。

②Adhering to the new rules meant inflicting serious damage on motor racing. 遵守新的规定就意味着赛车比赛将遭受严重 影响。

㈤法院判定的)损害赔偿金 If a court of law awards damages to someone, it orders money to be paid to them by a person who has damaged their reputation or property, or who has injured them. ①He was vindicated in court and damages were awarded. 他在法庭上被证明无罪,并且获得了损害赔偿金

㈥事已至此;已造成的损害无法挽回 If you say 'the damage is done', you mean that it is too late now to prevent the harmful effects of something that has already happened Once the damage is done, even modern surgery can't undo it entirely. 伤害一旦造成,即使是现代外科手术也无法 将其完全消除。

break, destroy, ruin, wreck, damage, spoil 这些动词均有“破坏,损坏”之意。 ①break: 普通用词,指某物因被打破或撕 破而受到破坏,可指有形或无形的破坏。 ②destroy: 多指彻底地、毁灭性地破坏, 含导致无用,不能或很难再修复的意味。

③ruin: 多指因外部原因而受到严重破坏或毁灭, 侧重破坏的彻底性,也可用于引申意义。 ④wreck: 侧重指船只、车辆、房屋等受到严重破 坏或完全毁坏,也可指计划、健康受到损害。 ⑤damage: 多指对无生命物体的损害,造成降低 价值、破坏功能等后果。 ⑥spoil: 强调不仅会削弱力量、精力或价值,而 且会导致不可避免的毁灭。

hurt, injure, wound, harm, damage, disable 这些动词均有“损害,伤害”之意。 ①hurt: 普通用词,较口语化,侧重指给有 生命的东西造成机体上或精神、感情上的 或轻或重的伤害。 ②wound: 专指对身体的重伤,尤指在战斗 中受的伤,强调外部创伤;也可指精神方 面的伤害。

③harm: 主要用于有生命的东西,语气略强 于injure,指引起严重的痛苦和损伤;有时 也用于抽象事物,指造成任何不良后果。 ④damage: 通常指对无生命物体的损害, 并有降低其价值,破坏其功能等的后果。 ⑤disable: 强调使伤残。

1. According to the assessor's statement,the fire damage was not severe. 根据估价员的估计,火灾损失并不严重。 2. Severe damage witnessed the destructive force of the storm. 严重的损失表明了这场暴风雨巨大的破坏力。 3. She was aghast at the extent of the damage to her car. 她的汽车的损坏程度使她震惊。 4. The damage it would cause makes the idea utterly impracticable. 这个想法可能造成损害,以致根本不能采 纳。 5. The police are investigating fraudulent claims for fire damage. 警方正在调查伪造的火灾索赔。

6. He had to satisfy all claims for the damage he had caused. 他必须赔偿他造成的所有损失。 7. Fortunately,the stormy waves caused trifling damage to the boat. 幸好,风浪使船只受到的损坏较轻。 8. Don't bend the book back, and you'll damage it. 别向 后卷书,会弄坏的。 9. The small boat rode out the storm without damage. 这条小船安然渡过了风暴而没有受到损坏。 10. Don't worry about the damage; I promise to square it up. 别为这损失担心,我保证赔偿。

11. It's only fair that those who do the damage should make restitution. 损坏东西的人应负责赔偿,这是再公 平不过的了。 12. Who's going to foot the bill for the damage? 谁来负 责这笔损害赔偿金? 13. He tried to use it to damage our international reputation. 他企图利用此事来破坏我们的国际声誉。 14. He was held on remand, charged with causing malicious damage to property. 他因恶意破坏财产而被 关押候审。 15. The majority of the damage is easy to repair. 这次的 大部分损害容易补救。

16. This contract guarantees you against damage by fire or flood. 这份合同保证你不会因火灾或水灾而受损失。 17. Walkers can unwittingly damage the fragile environment in which the birds live. 徒步旅行者可能无意中破坏鸟类生 活的脆弱环境。 18. I was not adequately insured for the damage my tenants caused. 对于房客造成的损坏,我当时没有购买数额充分 的保险。 19. By the time the messenger reached him, the damage had been done. 送信人赶到他那儿时,损失已经造成了。 20. The cost of the fire damage is impossible to quantify. 这次 火灾的损失是无法计算的。

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【二】harm英 [hɑ:m] 美 [hɑrm] n. 损害;伤害;危害 vt. 伤害;损害;危害 反辐射导弹; 伤害; 害人; 危害 复数:harms 过去式:harmed 过去分词:harmed 现在分词:harming 第三人称单数:harms

㈠(通常为故意地)伤害,危害 To harm a person or animal means to cause them physical injury, usually on purpose The hijackers seemed anxious not to harm anyone. 劫持犯似乎焦虑不安,不想伤害任何人。

㈡通常为故意的)伤害,危害 Harm is physical injury to a person or an animal which is usually caused on purpose All dogs are capable of doing harm to human beings. 只要是狗就可能会咬人。

㈢破坏;损害;对…产生不利影响 To harm a thing, or sometimes a person, means to damage them or make them less effective or successful than they were. ...a warning that the product may harm the environment... 该产品可能会危害环境的警告 Low-priced imports will harm the industry. 低价进口品将会对该行业造成危害。

㈣(某一行为造成的)损害,危害 Harm is the damage to something which is caused by a particular course of action. The abuse of your powers does harm to all other officers who do their job properly... 滥用权力会对其他所有恪守职责的官员们造成伤害。 To cut taxes would probably do the economy more harm than good. 减税对经济而言可能弊 大于利。

㈤短语不会受损害;不会受到伤害;会安然无恙 If you say that someone or something will come to no harm or that no harm will come to them, you mean that they will not be hurt or damaged in any way There is always a lifeguard to ensure that no one comes to any harm... 总是有一个救生员在 场以确保无人受到伤害。 'Go back and make sure that no harm comes to him,' he said quietly. “快回去吧,要保证他安然 无恙,”他平静地说。

㈥也许值得(做某事);不妨(做某事) If you say it does no harm to do something or there is no harm in doing something, you mean that it might be worth doing, and you will not be blamed for doing it. They are not always willing to take on untrained workers, but there's no harm in asking. ? 他们并不总是乐意雇用未经培训的工人,但问问 也无妨

㈦(做某事)没有坏处,有益;不妨(做某事) If you say that something would do no harm, or do someone no harm, you are recommending a course of action which you think is worthwhile, helpful, or useful. ? It would do her no harm to try them until we found the one which suited her best. 她不妨 把这些都试试,直到我们找到最适合她的为止

? ㈧ 短语没有产生危害;没有人受到伤害 If you say that there is no harm done, you are telling someone not to worry about something that has happened because it has not caused any serious injury or damage. ? There, now, you're all right. No harm done. ? 好了,你现在没事了,没人受伤。

㈨短语处于危险中 If someone is put in harm's way, they are caused to be in a dangerous situation. These men were never told how they'd been put in harm's way... 从来没人告诉这些人他们是 如何被置于险境的。 They could be in harm's way if military action becomes necessary. 如果非采取军事行动不可 的话,他们的处境会非常危险。

㈩ 短语在安全的地方;没有危险 If someone or something is out of harm's way, they are in a safe place away from danger or from the possibility of being damaged. For parents, it is an easy way of keeping their children entertained, or simply out of harm's way... 对父母来说,这是一个能让孩子们开心或者说是让 他们远离危险的简单方法。 Workers scrambled to carry priceless objects out of harm's way. 工人们争先恐后地将价值连 城的物品运到安全的地方。

1. He would never frighten anyone or cause them any harm . 他永远不会吓唬或伤害任何人。 2. to cause immeasurable harm 造成不可估量的损害 3. The boys didn't mean any harm—they just did it for a lark. 那些男孩并无恶意—他们只是闹着玩罢了。 4. The rain was not sufficient to do any harm. 雨量不足对庄稼有害。 5. His behaviour did more harm than good to himself. 他的行为对他自己害多利少。

? 6. He was charged with maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm. 他被控蓄意严重伤害他人身体。 ? 7. If we interfere, it may do more harm than good. ? 如果我们干预的话,可能弊多利少。 ? 8. People hate those who unwittingly harm the cause of peace. ? 人们痛恨那些在不知不觉中危害和平事业的人。 ? 9. Never do anything to harm the interests of the people. ? 决不能损害人民的利益。 ? 10. Never do anything to harm the interests of the masses. ? 损害群众利益的事绝对不干。

? 11. There's no harm in your staying up late occasionally. ? 偶尔晚睡并无妨害。 ? 12. I see no harm in letting the children read these books. ? 我看不出让孩子们看这些书有什么害处。 ? 13. The drought did a lot of harm to the crops. ? 干旱给庄稼带来许多危害。 ? 14. What harm have I ever done to you? ? 我哪点伤害你了? ? 15. Indulgence in smoking can seriously harm your health. ? 抽烟过度会严重损害你的健康。

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16. The war brought infinite harm to the nation. 战争给这个国家带来了无穷的灾难。 17. He means no harm to anyone. 他无意伤害任何人。 18. Why, what's the harm? 嗨,这又有什么害处呢? 19. He means you no harm. 他对你没有恶意。 20. The late storm did much harm. 不久以前的这场暴风雨造成了很大的灾害。

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【三】hurt英 [h?:t] 美 [h?t] vt. 损害;使受伤;使伤心;使受皮肉之苦 vi. 疼痛;感到疼痛;受痛苦;有坏处,有害 n. 伤害;痛苦 adj. 受伤的;痛苦的;(受)损坏的 伤害; 伤; 受伤; 疼痛 复数:hurts 过去式:hurt 过去分词:hurt 现在分词:hurting 第三人称单数:hurts

? ㈠动词使(自己或身体某部位)受伤 If you hurt yourself or hurt a part of your body, you feel pain because you have injured yourself. ? Yasin had seriously hurt himself while trying to escape from the police... 亚辛 试图从警察手中逃脱时受了重伤。 ? He had hurt his back in an accident. 他 在一次事故中伤了后背。

? ㈡动词(身体某部位)感到疼痛 If a part of your body hurts, you feel pain there. ? His collar bone only hurt when he lifted his arm. ? 他的锁骨只有在抬臂时才感觉到痛。

? ㈢能被表示程度的副词或介词词组修饰的 形容词受伤的 If you are hurt, you have been injured. ? His comrades asked him if he was hurt... ? 战友问他是否受伤了。 ? They were dazed but did not seem to be badly hurt. ? 他们有些神志不清,但看起来没有受重伤。

? ㈣动词弄伤,弄痛(他人) If you hurt someone, you cause them to feel pain. ? I didn't mean to hurt her, only to keep her still... ? 我不是故意要弄痛她,只是想让她别乱动。 ? You're hurting my arm... ? 你弄痛我的胳膊了。 ? Ouch. That hurt. 哎哟,好痛。

? ㈤动词伤害(感情);使伤心 If someone hurts you, they say or do something that makes you unhappy. ? He is afraid of hurting Bessy's feelings... ? 他怕伤害了贝茜的感情。 ? She's afraid she's going to be hurt and that she'll never fall in love again... ? 她害怕自己会受到伤害,从而永远不会再恋爱了。 ? What hurts most is the betrayal, the waste. ? 最痛彻心扉的是背叛和感情的浪费。

? ㈥能被表示程度的副词或介词词组修饰的 形容词(感情上)受到伤害的,伤心的 If you are hurt, you are upset because of something that someone has said or done. ? Yes, I was hurt, jealous... ? 是的,我感到伤心、嫉妒。 ? He gave me a slightly hurt look. 他有点 受伤地看了我一眼。

? ㈦动词伤心;感到痛苦 If you say that you are hurting, you mean that you are experiencing emotional pain. ? I am lonely and I am hurting. 我很孤单, 很难过。

? ㈧动词危害;损害;妨碍;对…产生不良影响 To hurt someone or something means to have a bad effect on them or prevent them from succeeding. ? The combination of hot weather and decreased water supplies is hurting many industries... ? 炎热的天气和供水的减少正危及很多行业。 ? They may fear hurting their husbands' careers. ? 她们可能担心对丈夫的事业造成损害。

? ㈨可变名词伤心;痛苦;委屈 A feeling of hurt is a feeling that you have when you think that you have been treated badly or judged unfairly. ? ...feelings of hurt and anger, fear and despair... ? 伤心、愤怒、恐惧、绝望的复杂情感 ? I was full of jealousy and hurt... ? 我满怀嫉妒,伤心不已。 ? There would be a hurt in her heart for a while, but in the end she would get over it. ? 她可能会伤心难过一阵子,但最终她会好起来。

? ㈩ 短语(做…)不会有坏处 If you say 'It won't hurt to do something' or 'It never hurts to do something', you are recommending an action which you think is helpful or useful. ? It never hurts to ask... ? 多问无妨。 ? It wouldn't hurt you to be a bit more serious. ? 认真一点对你没有坏处。

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1. Don't be a cry baby.That tiny scratch can hardly hurt at all. 不要一碰就哭,那么一点伤根本就不怎么痛。 2. I bent back too far and hurt my neck. 我向后仰得过度了,扭伤了脖子。 3. Be careful, you could end up by getting hurt. 当心,你可能最终会伤到自己的。 4. He was a benevolent old man, he wouldn't hurt a fly. 他是一个仁慈的老人,连只苍蝇都不愿伤害。 5. My aunt has slipped down in the street and hurt her ankle. 我姑姑在大街上滑倒了,摔伤了脚踝。

? 6. Scores of people have been hurt in running battles with police. ? 很多人在与警方的冲突中受伤。 ? 7. The experience left me with a feeling of deep hurt. ? 这次经历给我留下了深深的创伤。 ? 8. Jim was knocked over by a bus, but not seriously hurt. ? 吉姆被公共汽车撞倒了,但伤得不严重。 ? 9. I charged into a doorpost and hurt my head. ? 我一下撞到门框上,头撞破了。 ? 10. I've banged into the doorpost and hurt my arm. ? 我撞着了门柱,把臂伤了。

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11. My horse has hurt his toe so I can't race him. 我的马伤了脚趾,我不能骑它比赛。 12. Don't fire up like that; no one wants to hurt your feelings. 别发那么大的火,没人想使你伤心。 13. I did everything to hurt her, including sleeping around. 我尽做些能刺伤她的事,包括与别的女人上床。 14. I knocked my head against the doorpost and hurt it. 我的头撞在门柱上,撞伤了。 15. I hurt my foot, and had to hobble home. 我把脚弄伤了,只得一瘸一拐地走回家。

? 16. What can we do to smooth his hurt feelings down? ? 我们能做点什么来安抚他受伤的感情呢? ? 17. Jack was hurt deeply, and he bided his time for revenge. ? 杰克受了很深的伤害,他等待着报仇的时机。 ? 18. I crashed into a street light and hurt my knee. ? 我撞到了路灯上,把膝盖碰伤了。 ? 19. I thought he was really hurt but he was faking. ? 我原以为他真的受伤了,不料他只是在装样子而已。 ? 20. He went to the aid of the hurt man. ? 他前去帮助那受伤的人。

? 【四】英 ['?nd??(r)] 美 [?nd??] ? vt. 损害,毁坏;伤害(名誉、自尊等);(尤指 事故中)伤害;伤害(感情,自尊心等) ? 伤害; 损害; 损伤; 使蒙受损失 ? 过去式:injured ? 过去分词:injured ? 现在分词:injuring ? 第三人称单数:injures

? 伤害;使受伤 If you injure a person or animal, you damage some part of their body. A number of bombs have exploded, seriously injuring at least five people... ? 数个炸弹爆炸,造成至少5人重伤。 ? Several policemen were injured in the clashes. ? 几名警察在冲突中受伤。 ? ...stiff penalties for motorists who kill, maim, and injure. ? 对致人死亡、残疾、受伤的驾车者处以严厉惩罚

– –

I was told to beware lest I (should) injure him. 有人关照我,要我小心别伤害他。

? ? ?


2. He will never set you at defiance or willfully injure you. 他决不会违抗你,或者存心伤害你。 3. Will it wear, you think, and won't the rain injure it? 你说这经久耐用吗?不会一淋雨就坏吗? 4. If you go on at that rate, you will injure your health. 你如果照这样子继续下去,你会损害健康的。 5. God forbid that he should injure you! 他决不会害 你的!

? 6. It'seems that the further cats fall, the less they are likely to injure themselves. 看起来,猫跌落的距离越长, 它们就越不会伤害自己。 ? 7. We must not say or do anything that will injure her until we know. 我们在没有弄清楚以前,千万不能乱说, 也不能干出什么事情,叫她吃亏。 ? 8. You will only injure yourself if take notice of despicable enemies. 如果去在意卑劣的敌人,反而会身 受其害。 ? 9. To weaken, injure, or impair, often by degrees or imperceptibly; sap. 逐渐损坏;暗中破坏:削弱、伤害 或损害,常是逐渐地或很轻微地;使衰弱。 ? 10. This is a sub-optimal approach that could injure all. 这是一个会招致一损俱损后果的下策。

? 11. Methods: To analyze 36 cases of severe chest injure accepted in hospital. 方法:分析总结以往我院诊 治的重度胸外伤病例36例。 ? 12. Often dance can you bring about knee joint motile to injure? 经常跳舞会导致膝关节运动型损伤吗? ? 13. Old Zhiyun: Yakou Temple, Ying-Yuan dumping injure, Canbei base address remaining. 旧志云:崖口 古寺,楹垣倾圮,残碑基址仅存。 ? 14. Daniel: The important thing to point out, didn't injure the cameraman! 丹尼尔:我必须指出,重要是, 没伤到摄影师! ? 15. The bull may injure the horses used in the ring. 牛只在斗牛场中可能对马造成伤害。

? 16. What does it matter, so that it does not injure her happiness? 只要不影响她的幸福,又有什么关系呢? ? 17. At any moment, these wolves could seriously injure him, even kill him. 无论在什么时候,这些狼可以 正当的伤害他,甚至杀死他。 ? 18. Can we not compete? We don't injure our harmony. ? 妮妮:能不比吗?大家都别伤了和气。 ? 19. Improper handling of cylinders can injure your hands, back or feet. 不当操作气瓶能损伤手、背、脚。 ? 20. You could also severely injure internal organs like liver or spleen. 还有可能对您的肝脏或脾脏造成伤 害。

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

【五】wound英 [wa?nd] 美 [wa?nd] n. 创伤;伤口;伤害 v. 伤;伤害;“wind”的过去式和过去分词 伤口; 创伤; 伤; 模绕 复数:wounds 过去式:wounded 过去分词:wounded 现在分词:wounding 第三人称单数:wounds

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1. The nurse gently mopped the blood from the wound. 护士轻轻地抹去伤口上的血。 2. He has wound his opinions through each of his statements. 他的观点贯穿于他的每一篇声明中。 3. The wound was not properly disinfected and gangrene set in. 伤口未进行适当的消毒,开始生坏疽。 4. He received a mortal wound soon after the battle began. 战争开始后不久,他就受到了致命的重伤。 5. There was a gush of blood from the wound. 血从伤口流出。

? 6. He was seriously wounded.Blood poured out of the wound. ? 他伤得很重,伤口血流如注。 ? 7. The surgeon healed the soldier's bullet wound in the leg. ? 医生治好了那位士兵腿部的枪伤。 ? 8. A doctor used a probe to remove metal fragments from a wound. 医生用探针将伤口中的金属碎片取出。 ? 9. The doctor applied an unguent to the wound,which speedily healed it. 医生给伤口涂了些油 膏,伤口很快就愈合了。 ? 10. Blood was oozing out of the wound on his leg. ? 血正从他腿上的伤口渗出来。

? 11. Stripping the shirt from his back, he bound the wound. ? 他把衬衣从背上脱了下来,包扎好伤口。 ? 12. After the doctor treated the wound, it was carefully bandaged. ? 医生治疗过后,伤口被仔细包扎起来。 ? 13. You must bathe that wound before you bind it up. ? 包扎伤口之前必须先清洗。 ? 14. The wound had not healed properly and was oozing pus. ? 伤口未真正痊瘉,还在流脓。 ? 15. The bullet wound in his shoulder was opened up for treatment. 切开他肩上的枪伤进行治疗。

? 16. If the wound is stitched up skillfully,it will hardly leave a mark. 如果伤口缝合得好,不会落下什么伤疤。 ? 17. A great spurt of blood came out of the wound. ? 鲜血从伤口喷涌而出。 ? 18. The doctor introduced a tube into the sick man's wound. ? 医生把一根导管插入病人的伤口。 ? 19. She had the stitches taken out of the wound. ? 她将伤口缝的线拆去了。 ? 20. The nurse sponged up the blood from the wound. ? 护士用海绵把伤口的血吸掉。

? 【六】destroy英 [d?'str??] 美 [d?str??] ? vt. 破坏,摧毁;消灭,歼灭(敌人);杀 死;使失败 ? 破坏; 毁坏; 损坏; 摧毁 ? 过去式:destroyed ? 过去分词:destroyed ? 现在分词:destroying ? 第三人称单数:destroys

? ㈠ 动词毁坏;破坏;毁灭;摧毁 To destroy something means to cause so much damage to it that it is completely ruined or does not exist any more. ? That's a sure recipe for destroying the economy and creating chaos... 那样做肯定会破坏经济、制造混乱。 ? No one was injured in the explosion, but the building was completely destroyed... ? 没有人在爆炸中受伤,但大楼遭到了彻底毁坏。 ? Even the most gifted can have confidence destroyed by the wrong instructor. ? 即使是最有天赋的人也可能会被错误的导师摧毁自信。

? ㈡ 动词毁掉…的生活;使垮掉 To destroy someone means to ruin their life or to make their situation impossible to bear. ? If I was younger or more naive, the criticism would have destroyed me. ? 如果我再年轻一些,或是再单纯一些,那 些批评可能就会把我给毁了。

? ㈢动词杀死,消灭(生病或具危险性的动 物) If an animal is destroyed, it is killed, either because it is ill or because it is dangerous. ? Lindsay was unhurt but the horse had to be destroyed. ?

1. It is proverbially easier to destroy than to construct. 谁都知道破坏容易建设难。 2. Destroy the old world and build a new one. 破坏旧世界,建设新世界。 3.To hedge around a partnership of love with control by law would be to destroy its base of trust in one another. 以法律限制来束缚爱情的结合将毁掉彼此信任的基础。 4. Einstein lived not to conquer or destroy, but to understand. 爱因斯坦活在世上不是为了征服或破坏什么, 而是为了理解这个世界。 5. An atom bomb would destroy a city. 一颗原子弹能摧毁一座城市。

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6. Acids in the stomach destroy the virus. 胃酸能杀死病毒。 7. He said army officers had threatened to destroy the town. 他说陆军军官们曾威胁要摧毁那座小镇。 8. Most importantly, they blended into a culture that they wanted to destroy. 最重要的是,他们融入了他们意图摧毁的文化当中。 9. They destroy themselves even in the bosom of happiness. 他们甚至在幸福的怀抱中把自己毁灭。 10. It is extremely injurious to plants and tends to destroy them. 它极大地危害作物甚至损毁庄稼。

? 11. The armament of any of the great powers could destroy civilization. ? 任何大国的军事力量都能摧毁文明世界。 ? 12. He would go to him-threaten, cajole, actually destroy him, if necessary. ? 他要去看他——威胁、利诱、倘使需要的话,就把他彻头彻尾地毁灭。 ? 13. It can destroy tissue and inflict serious harm quite rapidly. ? 它能破坏组织,并且使其遭受十分迅速严重的损伤。 ? 14. Professor Fang worked out a method to destroy bacteria on the seeds. 方教授想出了一个办法来消灭种子上的细菌。 ? 15. We want to nurture the new project, not destroy it. ? 我们要支持这个新工程,不要破坏它。

? 16. My paramount object is to save the Union and destroy slavery. 我的最高目标是拯救美国,摧毁奴隶制度。 ? 17. Soon Carthage must destroy Rome or be destroyed by her. 不久,迦太基一定要消灭罗马,或者被罗马消灭。 ? 18. These political upheavals might well destroy the whole framework of society. ? 这些政治动乱很可能会破坏整个社会结构。 ? 19. Would she now destroy that, wiping out any advantage gained? 现在她会不会把那全毁了,使已经取得的成果成为泡影? ? 20. We should execute and destroy such veritable fiends and dregs of humanity. ? 我们应当处决并消灭这种不折不扣的魔鬼,人类的渣滓。

? 【七】pain英 [pe?n] 美 [pen] ? n. 痛苦;刻苦;令人厌烦的人[事物];身体某部分的疼痛 [不适] ? vt.& vi. (使)疼痛,(使)痛苦,伤害 ? vt. 使…痛苦;使…烦恼 ? vi. 感到疼痛;引起疼痛 ? 疼痛; 痛苦; 痛; 疼 ? 复数:pains ? 过去式:pained ? 过去分词:pained ? 现在分词:paining ? 第三人称单数:pains

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㈠可变名词痛;疼痛 Pain is the feeling of great discomfort you have, for example when you have been hurt or when you are ill. .back pain. 背痛 a bone disease that caused excruciating pain... 造成剧痛的骨病 ②To help ease the pain, heat can be applied to the area with a hot water bottle... 用热水瓶热敷疼痛部位有助于缓解疼痛。 ③I felt a sharp pain in my lower back... 我感觉到后腰一阵剧痛。 ④The illness began with a nagging pain. 那种病一开始是持续疼痛。 ...chest pains. 胸痛 If you are in pain, you feel pain in a part of your body, because you are injured or ill.感到疼痛 She was writhing in pain, bathed in perspiration. 她痛苦地扭动着,全 身都汗湿了。

? ㈡ 不可数名词痛苦;悲痛 Pain is the feeling of unhappiness that you have when something unpleasant or upsetting happens. ? ...grey eyes that seemed filled with pain. 似乎充满了 痛苦的灰眼睛 ? ㈢动词使痛苦;使苦恼 If a fact or idea pains you, it makes you feel upset and disappointed. ? This public acknowledgment of Ted's disability pained my mother... 这一下大家都知道了特德的残疾, 这让母亲非常痛苦。 ? It pains me to think of you struggling all alone. ? 想到你一个人苦苦挣扎,我很难过。

? ㈣短语讨厌鬼,烦心事(英国英语亦用a pain in the arse, a pain in the backside等,美国英语 亦用a pain in the ass, a pain in the butt等,但 多数人认为具冒犯意味) In informal English, if you call someone or something a pain or a pain in the neck, you mean that they are very annoying or irritating. Expressions such as a pain in the arse and a pain in the backside in British English, or a pain in the ass and a pain in the butt in American English, are also used, but most people consider them offensive.

? ㈤(尤指为避免困境而)急切想做,迫切想要做 If someone is at pains to do something, they are very eager and anxious to do it, especially because they want to avoid a difficult situation. ? Mobil is at pains to point out that the chances of an explosion at the site are remote. ? 美孚公司急于说明那个地点发生爆炸的可能性微 乎其微。

? ㈥ 短语作为辛劳的回报;付出千辛万苦,到头来 却… You say that something was all you got for your pains when you are mentioning the disappointing result of situation into which you put a lot of work or effort. ? Corfield got for his pains was a bullet in the head... 科菲尔德千辛万苦,到头来却被一枪爆头。 ? The Professor lavished his learning on the young visitor but gained little gratitude for his pains. 教授将自己的学识倾囊传授给那位年 轻访客,到头来却没有获得一点感激。

? ㈦ 短语介词如违反则以…处罚 If someone is ordered not to do something on pain of or under pain of death, imprisonment, or arrest, they will be killed, put in prison, or arrested if they do it. ? We were forbidden, under pain of imprisonment, to use our native language. 我们被禁止使用母语,违者将被关进监狱。 ? ㈧短语煞费苦心;尽心竭力 If you take pains to do something or go to great pains to do something, you try hard to do it, because you think it is important to do it. ? Social workers went to great pains to acknowledge men's domestic rights... 社会工作者尽量尊重男性的家庭权利。 ? I had taken great pains with my appearance. ? 我在自己的容貌上下了很多工夫。

? 1. The pain was almost more than he could bear. ? 这种痛苦几乎使他无法忍受。 ? 2. the pain of an emotional crisis such as divorce or bereavement ? 诸如离婚或痛失亲人等情感危机的痛苦 ? 3. If the pain continues, consult your doctor. ? 如果疼痛持续不消退,要请医生诊治。 ? 4. He was given drugs to deaden the pain. 给 了他止痛药。 ? 5. The pain was ebbing. 疼痛逐渐减轻了。

? 6. They hope the new drug will prove especially efficacious in the relief of pain. 他们希望这种新药能在 缓解疼痛方面产生特效。 ? 7. She walked slowly down the road, evidently in pain. ? 她沿路慢慢地走着,显然很痛苦。 ? 8. The pain in my back was excruciating. ? 我的背疼痛难忍。 ? 9. It is hard to fathom the pain felt at the death of a child. ? 丧子之痛是难以体会的。 ? 10. to howl in pain疼得直叫喊

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11. The pain was indescribable. 疼痛得无法形容。 12. an involuntary cry of pain 不由自主的痛苦的喊叫 13. There is a limit to the amount of pain we can bear. 我们能忍受的疼痛是有限度的。 14. Massage will help the pain. 按摩能减轻疼痛。 15. a cry of pain 痛苦的喊叫

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16. The drug brought a brief respite from the pain. 药物暂时缓解了疼痛。 17. the body's pain suppressors 人体分泌的镇痛剂 18. temporary relief from pain 短暂的解痛 19. He winced as a sharp pain shot through his left leg. ? 他左腿一阵剧痛疼得他直龇牙咧嘴。 ? 20. He could feel the pain again as the medicine wore away. ? 药性消退后,他又感到疼痛了。

【8】disable英 [d?s'e?bl] 美 [d?s?eb?l] ? vt. 使无能力;使残废,使伤残;使无资格; 使不中用 ? 禁用; 使残废; 禁止; 退出特权命令状态 ? 过去式:disabled ? 过去分词:disabled ? 现在分词:disabling ? 第三人称单数:disables

? 1动词使丧失能力;使伤残 If an injury or illness disables someone, it affects them so badly that it restricts the way that they can live their life. ? She did all this tendon damage and it really disabled her... ? 她遭受这么严重的肌腱损伤,这实际上让她残废了。 ? Although disabled by polio during the Second World War, Proctor was also a first-rate helmsman. 二战期 间尽管身患小儿麻痹症,普罗克特仍不失为一流的舵手。 ? disabling ? ...skin ulcers which are disfiguring and sometimes disabling. 有损容貌甚至会致残的皮肤溃疡

2 动词(通常指暂时地)使无效,使不能正常运 转 If someone or something disables a system or mechanism, they stop it working, usually temporarily. if you need to disable a car alarm. 如果你需 要暂停汽车报警功能

1. One bomb can disable a ship. 一颗炸弹就能炸毁一艘 船。 2. Job applications from disable workers poured in at a staggering rate. 残废工人求职申请书大批涌来、数量惊 人。 3. Disable menu items when they are not applicable. 禁 用不适用的菜单项。 4. A power failure during the firmware writing operation will disable the camera. 固件写入过程中切勿关闭电源。 5. A signal used enable or disable a circuit function. 或 禁止电路功能的信号。

6. Auto disable screen saver(setting condition of disable screen saver) 自动禁止屏幕保护-(设置禁用屏 幕保护的条件) 7. If problems comtinue, disable or any newly installed hardware or software. 如果问题还存在,禁用或删除安 装的硬件或软件。 8. If you disable the switch, the trace messages will not appear. 如果禁用此开关,则不会显示跟踪消息。 9. Fitting prostheses and or thoses for the disable, including intelligent prostheses. 为各类上、肢截肢及 其它肌残病人安装各类假肢及矫形器,包括目前最先进的 智能假肢。 10. It's an injury that could disable somebody for life. 这种伤害可能会造成终身残疾。

11. Disable buffering (reduce delays in stream delivery, recommended for synchronized events) 禁用缓冲(减 少流传递中的延迟,对于同步事件,建议使用此功能) 12. Clear the check boxes for settings you want to disable. 清除要禁用的设置的复选框。 13. To disable the auto-detection of encoding, clear this option. 若要禁用自动编码检测,请清除此选项。 14. Disable Image Toolbar for all future browsing sessions or this session only? 为所有将来的浏览会话 禁用图片工具栏还是只针对此会话? 15. Disable or remove any newly installed hardware and drivers. 禁用或删除任何新安装的硬件和驱动程序。

16. What command will disable CDP on a router interface? 那个指令可以在路由器接口上关闭CDP协议? 17. New Feature: Add an option to disable the orientation all screens. 新功能:增加一个选项,可以禁 止屏幕自动旋转。 18. Disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing. 禁用BIOS中内存设置,诸如缓存和映射。 19. Disable the user's ability to add or edit bookmarks. 禁止使用者加入或编辑书签。 20. If you need tou use safe Mode to remove or disable. 如果您需要在安全模式下删除或禁用(某些设置)。

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