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揭阳一中 2013 届高一上学期期中考试 英语二试题
第一部分 听力(共两节,满分30分) (略) 第二部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分45分) 第一节 单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 21. Atlanta a series of fierce fights between blacks and whites in the 1960. A.

met B. saw C. happened D. made 22. He the examination paper time and time again to make sure that he could get a high mark. A. got through B. dipped into C. got over D. went through 23. I want to know when he for New York. A. has left B. will be leaving C. is leaving D. leaves 24. For _____ disabled, _________ life is difficult. A. the; / B. /; the C. the; a D. a; the 25. This is quite a difficult problem and none of us could ______ a solution to it. A. come about B. come out C. come up to D. come up with 26. The scientists are now trying to discover what use could be ________ such material. A. made out B. made up C. made of D. made from 27. After Mr Gao stayed in America for two years, he could _____ wait to get home. A. almost B. hardly C. nearly D. seldom 28. She knew that he did it to make her sad. A. right away B. as a matter of fact C. in the end D. on purpose 29. The early years Mary lived in the village with the farmers and had a great effect on her later life won’t be forgotten. A. when; who B. which; which C. when; which D. which; who 30. ________ so many people communicating in English, we can see that it will be more and more important to have a good knowledge of English. A. Besides B. As for C. Because of D. With 31. Now, the exam is starting and the teacher is papers. A. giving out B. giving off C. giving away D. giving up 32. Is this city you visited last summer? A. that B. the one C. which D. where 33. All the people felt at the news. A. shocking; shocking B. shocked; shocked

C. shocking; shocked D. shocked; shocking 34. It’s no use ________ to persuade him to get rid of that habit; he can’t make ________. A. trying; it B. to try; it C. trying; that D. to try; that 35. — How about putting some pictures into the report? — ________ A picture is worth a thousand words. A. No way! B. Why not? C. All right? D. It doesn’t matter. 第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) My learning disability is in reading. Most of the time I hate reading because I think people will 36 me if I get words wrong. Sometimes I feel like crying. I get 37 because I can’t read as well as I would like to. My reading disability also gets 38 the way with my tests because I sometimes can’t 39 the meanings of the questions in my test. 40 most kids, I also find that if a book doesn’t interest me, I easily get 41 and reading becomes a bigger 42 to me. When I read, I try to read where it is quiet so I can concentrate better; 43, I have to read the sentences over and over again. I have happy days and sad days. The 44 days are when I am asked to read, and I don’ 45 any t of the words wrong. My dark 46 are when I have my hand up to read and my teacher doesn’t 47 me, but later calls on me to read a difficult part that is beyond (超出) my ability. I used to think I was the only one who couldn’t read. You can’t 48 if someone can or can’t read by looking at them. 49 knew I had trouble in reading until I attended a class with a girl and she found out my 50. Then I found out she couldn’t read very well. I was 51 to find out we had something in 52. Together we learned there were ways to get information other than by 53. There are books on tape, video and people who 54 read to us. Having trouble in reading doesn’t 55 we can’t learn from one another and make friends. 36. A. laugh at B. dislike C. upset D. ignore 37. A. glad B. frightened C. angry D. surprised 38. A. on B. by C. in D. across 39. A. carry out B. take out C. deal with D. figure out 40. A. Different from B. Like C. Except for D. Compared with 41. A. disappointed B. bored C. lost D. hurt 42. A. stress B. suffering C. challenge D. fear 43. A. otherwise B. insteadC. however D. besides 44. A. rich B. unforgettable C. cheerful D. attractive 45. A. recite B. pronounce C. speak D. choose 46. A. days B. times C. hours D. years 47. A. see B. notice C. pick D. trust 48. A. understand B. imagine C. tell D. explain


49. A. Everyone B. People C. Classmates D. Nobody 50. A. illness B. weakness C. reality D. prevention 51. A. anxious B. ready C. happy D. discouraged 52. A. general B. particular C. short D. common 53. A. reading B. speaking C. writing D. listening 54. A. should B. must C. need D. will 55. A. affect B. influence C. mean D. determine 第三部分 阅读理解(共20小题;每小题2分,满分40分) A Wouldn’t it be refreshing to take a shower on a longdistance flight or bus journey? Unfortunately, it is only a dream for most of us. The key obstacle (障碍) that carrying a lot is of water adds too much bulk and weight to vehicles. So US aircraft maker Boeing has organized an 11-strong team in the United States to find a solution. The result is an in-flight (or in-bus) shower that turns a little water into a lot of mist. The shower unit is a water-tight cylinder (圆筒) with fine nozzles (喷嘴) all around it. As travelers step inside, an optical sensor measures their height and shape and pumps water mixed with shampoo at high pressure through only those nozzles needed to cover the body. The fine mist is electrically ionized (离子化) as it leaves the nozzles. Since the human body is a natural conductor, the liquid drops are attracted to the earthed body. So no water is wasted. The nozzles then send out a mist of pure water, for bathing, followed by warm air for drying. It sounds rather pleasant, but Boeing hasn’t revealed a marketing plan yet. 56. Which of the following items is NOT in the shower unit? A. A cylinder. B. An optical sensor. C. A man-made conductor. D. Nozzles. 57. From the passage, we learn that _________. A. you need to take your own shampoo for an in-flight shower B. the ionized water drops can be attracted by the human body C. the water available is not enough for all the passengers D. as soon as the shower was invented, it had a wonderful market 58. This passage mainly talks about _________. A. less water, more water B. turning dreams into reality C. how high tech is making Boeing more powerful D. how high tech makes in-flight showers possible B Jason What I like best is seeing Arsenal win and playing football. If I am feeling sad I will play a football game on my Play Station 2. The best day I have ever had was when I finished first in the


800-metre race at my secondary school. It was a school record, although I didn’t know that at the time. My family makes me happy, too. Antonio My little sister makes me sad because she always tells tales on me to my mum. If I am having a bad day, food cheers me up. I like chili con carne and sweet chili crisps. It makes me happy because I want to be big and have lots of energy. Usman I haven’t done anything very exciting in my life but one of my best achievements is that I got a good report from my school this year, because last year I got a bad one. People on TV make me laugh, particularly Eddie Murphy. If I am having a bad day I watch Basil Brush. I am good at making other people happy. I just talk and my friends start laughing — they think I am silly. Ashleigh If I’m having a bad day, knowing that someone is there for me can make me happy. I wouldn’t say I’m the best at making other people happy, but I know that just being a good friend to other people is important. The things I like doing are singing, dancing, hanging out with my friends and just being lively and funny. Kinzey The most exciting thing I have ever done in my life was when I went abseiling in Wales. But that was a one-off. The things I do all the time are playing football, watching movies and going places with my friends. I know it sounds bad, but what I find funny is when people hurt themselves. If I am having a bad day and I see someone having a worse day than me, that makes me feel better. 59. Food is very important for _________ when he has a bad day. A. Kinzey B. Ashleigh C. Antonio D. Usman 60. ________ like playing football. A. Jason and Ashleigh B. Jason and Usman C. Kinzey and Usman D. Kinzey and Jason 61. Which of the following statements is TRUE? A. Kinzey finds it bad when people hurt themselves. B. Jason knew he had set a new school record when he finished first in the 800-metre race. C. When Usman talks, his friends start laughing because they think he is humorous. D. Antonio likes food because he wants to be big and have lots of energy. 62. Ashleigh mentions all the following things EXCEPT _________. A. to make other people happy B. to play football with friends C. to hang out with friends D. to be lively and funny 63. The passage is mainly about _________. A. what makes different people happy B. what makes different people feel moved C. relationships between different people D. what different people think success is C As my dad unwrapped the new bicycle helmet 头盔) I got him for his birthday, I realized that ( that


a number of people ride their bicycles every day without the protection of a helmet. Due to cold winters across the country, riding has become increasingly dangerous as many roads have potholes and are torn-up (磨损的). Not everyone realizes that there are laws requiring the wearing of helmets in many places. Where I live, there has been a law in place since October 1, 1992 stating that cyclists of all ages are required to wear helmets. Unfortunately, accidents can happen to the best of riders. My dad has been a cyclist for many years, and he often rides around my county and to Rockland Lake State Park. One afternoon, as he was just entering the park, he lost control of his bicycle and flew off and landed on a nearby patch of grass, breaking his helmet into pieces and losing consciousness. When he was just awakening, a lovely couple found him and brought him back to our house, where he attempted to recap the events leading up to his fall. Later that day, a CAT scan revealed that he had a concussion (脑震荡). That evening, while my dad was showing me the pieces of his broken helmet, we both came to a shocking realization. If he had not worn his helmet, he probably would have cracked his skull and perhaps died. Today, when my dad and I go out cycling, the wearing of our helmets is not even a question. Regardless of age, everyone should wear a helmet whenever they get on a bicycle. 64. According to the passage, which of the following statements is TURE? A. Young men needn’t wear helmets. B. The writer’s father didn’t wear a helmet until the writer bought him one. C. People don’t have to wear helmets on smooth surface roads. D. Accidents do not happen to the best cyclists. 65. In the writer’s opinion, why should people wear bicycle helmets? A. Because a law requires them to do so. B. Because many people like wearing bicycle helmets. C. Because people have realized the importance of wearing helmets. D. Because the conditions of roads are very poor and it is dangerous to ride on them. 66. The underlined part “we both came to a shocking realization” in Paragraph 4 means “_______”. A. we understood how lucky the dad was to have worn a helmet B. we were shocked to see the broken helmet C. we realized that young people needn’t wear helmets D. only old people should wear helmets 67. From the accident that happened to the writer’s dad, we can infer that ___________. A. the cyclists should follow the law B. his dad was not worried about this accident C. it is necessary for cyclists to wear helmets D. everyone should care about life D Three types of pangolins (穿山甲) exist in Africa — the giant pangolin, the tree pangolin and the most widespread, the ground pangolin. Pangolins have small heads and long, broad tails. They are toothless and have no external ears, although their hearing is good. Their sense of smell is well-developed, but their sight is poor. The weight of the scales (鳞片) and skin make up about 20% of their weight.


The common pangolin prefers sandy soils and is found in woodlands and savannas (热带草 原), within reach of water. All pangolins can roll themselves into a ball to defend themselves. The cutting action of their scales protects them too. Pangolins also have scent glands (臭腺) that release strong, foul smelling secretions. Pangolins are normally alone. Females are usually alone with their young. The young are 6 inches long and weigh 12 ounces at birth. Their pale, soft scales begin to harden by the second day. The baby is folded in the mother’s lap or rolled-up body. It is nursed for 3 to 4 months and begins to eat termites (白蚁) at 1 month. At this time the infant begins to accompany the mother, perhaps riding on the base of her tail. If the mother senses danger the baby slips under her and is protected when she rolls up her body. Pangolins use their sense of smell to locate termite and ant nests. They dig up the insects with their claws and use their extremely long tongues to eat them. 68. Where do common pangolins like to live? A. On a tree. B. In a pond. C. On a hill. D. In woodlands. 69. When pangolins are ______, they release strong, foul smelling secretions. A. happy B. sad C. frightened D. angry 70. Which of the following words best describes the function of the pangolin’s scales? A. Heavy. B. Beautiful. C. Protective. D. Hard. 71. What does the last paragraph mainly talk about? A. The pangolin’s habitat. B. The pangolin’s diet. C. The pangolin’s behavior. D. The pangolin’s appearance. E Where is the richest town in America? WORTH magazine unveiled (揭开) its 6th annual list out of the 205 richest towns and the most valuable homes, and the winner is Jupiter Island, Florida, 30 miles north of West Palm Beach on the Atlantic coast. Jupiter Island, Florida, an Atlantic coast barrier island, is about 10 miles long, a quarter to a half mile wide. Its medium home price is $3.9 million and the upper homes, down near the National Wildlife Refuge, run in the 4 to 5 million range. The people who live on Jupiter Island come for privacy. Few, if any, homes are visible from the road. There’ nothing commercial (商业 s 的) here, and people come for quiet. In some towns, you can’t make noise between certain hours and between October and April. One home with the hand painted ceilings, a horizonless pool, and the master suite (套房) of 10,000 square feet, has a 14-million-dollar price tag (标签). But this home is no where near the top end. There are homes in Jupiter in the 30- and 40-million-dollar list. The runners up to Jupiter are No.2 — Atherton, California; No. 3 — Aspen, Colorado; 4th — Los Altos Hills, California; and 5th — Belvedere, California. 72. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage? A. America has 250 rich towns. B. Jupiter Island is 30 miles long. C. The most expensive home is 40 million dollars. D. People living here come for privacy and quiet.


73. The underlined word “horizonless” in the second paragraph probably means “________”. A. very large B. very clear C. very salty D. very small 74. Which of the following is the third richest town in America? A. Jupiter Island, Florida. B. Belvedere, California. C. Los Altos Hills, California. D. Aspen, Colorado. 75. What is the best title of the passage? A. How much are the best homes. B. How rich are the towns. C. The richest town in America. D. A really quiet place. 第四部分 写作(共两节,满分35分) 第一节 短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) You’ve no idea how sadly I felt when I learned you 76. _________ failed in the exam. I’d like to talk to you how to make 77. _________ progress in English study. Learn a foreign language with 78. _________ less reading and without reading will make you never 79. ________ master the spirit of it. You should make your theory 80. ________ connected with practice. Trying to get advice on English 81. _________ learning from the people around you. Never to be 82. _________ satisfied when you are praised for even little success. 83. _________. I am sure you will be good in English before long. 84. __________ I hope you success next time. 85. __________ 第二节 书面表达(满分 25 分) 请以“Habits”为题写一篇 100 词左右的短文,并包括如下要点: a) 习惯一旦形成,很难改掉; b) 好的习惯可以给人带来哪些好处;反之,不好的习惯对人会有怎样的影响; c) 作为学生,应该养成一些怎样的学习习惯。 参考词汇:优点 advantage;勤奋 diligence;respect 尊敬 高中一年级(上)期中复习测试题听力原文、参考答案及重点解析 听力原文 Text 1 M: How did your interview go? W: I couldn’ feel better about it. The boss smiled every time t I gave him an answer. Text 2 W: Excuse me, when will the 7:15 bus arrive? M: It’s been delayed for two hours because a bridge has fallen down. Text 3 M: There are only 13 chairs for 14 of us. W: Why not find another, then? Text 4 W: What’s the time by your watch? M: It’s eleven sharp. W: I feel hungry now. I think it must be time for lunch. M: You have to wait for another half hour.


Text 5 W: Bob, are you going straight home after school today? M: No, I have a class until one o’ clock, and after that I’m going to spend two hours at the library before going home. Text 6 W: Do you know when we’ going to have the mid-term exam? M: Yes, in a fortnight. Didn’ re t you know this before? W: No, nobody told me. I’ been on sick leave. M: I see. How long ve were you away? W: Three weeks. M: Have you completely recovered? W: Oh, yes, thank you. Text 7 W: I’m so angry with Peter. M: Why? What happened? W: Well, you know we have just bought a cellphone. M: Yes, I know. And Peter likes it a lot. W: Yes, he does. That’s the problem. He is always spending so much time on it that he has little interest in his schoolwork. M: Oh, dear! W: And just now I received his teacher’s phone call. She said his study was affected a lot. M: That’s too bad! What did you say to him? W: I told him that he shouldn’ t use it too much. M: Is he going to follow your advice? W: Oh, you know kids. Whatever their parents say goes in one ear and out the other. Do you think you can talk to him? You are his favorite uncle. M: Well, I’ll try. Text 8 M: Excuse me, could you please tell me if this is the business department? W: Yes, it is. Go to the fifth floor of the hall, turn right and you’ll be there. M: Thank you. By the way, what time do you start work here? W: We start at 8:30 in the morning. M: Do you have a break between 12:00 and 2:00. W: No, we only have a one-hour break for lunch. We open at 1:00 in the afternoon. M: Do you work overtime? W: Yes, but only when we’re very busy. That rarely happens, sir. Aren’t you going to the business department? M: Oh. I nearly forgot. I have an appointment with the manager of the department at 11:00. I should have been there five minutes ago. Text 9 W: I’m very sorry you didn’t win, Jack. M: So am I. What a disappointment! W: Come on. Cheer up! M: No, I feel terrible, Mary. And our classmates ... W: But you tried your best, didn’t you? M: Yes, I did. W: You won’t give up trying, will you? M: No, I won’t. I’ ll do better next time. W: I’ help you. We can practise together. M:That would be great. W: ll Then don’t look so sad, Jack. M: I’ll try to cheer up. W: You’ll get over it. M: I know. Thanks a lot, Mary. W: Come on. I’ll buy you a coffee. M: OK. Let’s go. Text 10 Today there are more than 3,000 languages used throughout the world. Almost all of these languages belong to a certain language family. According to various studies, there are about 20 to 30 language families. Each language is related to one language family or another. Therefore, the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciations of these languages within a family are similar. The language we are using now is English. As everyone knows, English has become a world language because of its establishment as a mother tongue outside England. It is spoken by 300 million people in the world. Besides, there are 200 million people that speak it as their second language. However, English is a member of the IndoEuropean language family. This large family includes most of the languages that are spoken throughout Europe.


1-5 CCBBA 6-10 ABCBB 11-15 BBCBA 16-20 CCCAC 听力填空题(选做)(18-20 One possible version) 18. similar 19. a mother tongue 20. 200 million 21-25 BDCAD 26-30 CBDCD 31-35 ABDAB 36-40 ACCDB 41-45 BCACB 46-50 ACCDB 51-55 CDADC 56-60 CBDCD 61-65 DBABD 66-70 ACDCC 71-75 BDADC 短文改错(One possible version): 76. sadly→sad 77. you 后加 on 78. Learn→Learning 79. and→or 80. √ 81. Trying→Try 82. 去掉 to 83. little 前加 a 84. in→at 85. hope→wish 书面表达(One possible version): Habits Habits are gradually formed. Once formed, they are difficult to get rid of. They are either moving us forward or holding us back, so we should take care in the formation of habits. As we know, good habits have many advantages. For example, going to bed early and getting up early makes us healthy; diligence helps to succeed; honesty helps win the respect and trust of others. If we form bad habits, such as rudeness, laziness, lying and stealing, they might ruin us. As students, we should develop such habits as taking five minutes to review our lessons every day, putting our notes in order and so on. 重点解析 21. B。句意为:在 20 世纪 60 年代,亚特兰大目睹了黑人和白人之间一连串激烈的冲 突。当 see 的主语是物时,语言显得生动,意为“目睹,见证” 。25. D。短语辨析题。 come about 发生;come out 开花,出来;come up to 达到;come up with 提出。本句意思是 “这个问题相当难,没有人能提出解决办法来” 。29. C。这是个复合句,主句主语 The early years 后面是由 when 和 which 引导的两个并列的定语从句,主句的谓语是 won’t be forgotten。39. D。figure out 弄明白;carry out 执行,实施;take out 取出;deal with 处 理,对付。42. C。当对一本书不感兴趣,再读它的时候,对于本身有着诵读困难的作 者来说,阅读就变得更难了,因此选 challenge 意为“挑战” 。 48. C。只通过看这个人,你无法辨别他是否有诵读困难。tell 辨别,区分。56. C。 细节判断题。根据第五段和第六段的内容可知这种淋浴器的部件包括:a water-tight cylinder with fine nozzles 和 an optical sensor;根据第七段的“Since the human body is a natural conductor ...”可知人体本身就是导体,故离子化的水珠就自动地被吸到了人体上,而不靠人 造的导体,故 C 项不包括在内。63. A。文章中每个人都在说什么让他们高兴,不高兴 时怎么做才会高兴,所以选 A。67. C。推理判断题。根据最后一段中的“If he had not worn his helmet, he probably would have cracked his skull and perhaps died.” 可知对于车手来说 戴头盔是必要的。故选 C。72. D。细节判断题。根据第二段中的“The people who live on Jupiter Island come for privacy.”和“There’s nothing commercial here, and people come for quiet.”可知答案是 D。


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