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{0:00:55}{0:00:57}Antarctica. {0:00:58}{0:01:01}An inhospitable wasteland. {0:01:01}{0:01:05}But even here,|on the earth's frozen bottom... {0:01:05}{0:01:07}we find life. {0:01:14}{0:01:15}And not just any life. {0:01:20}{0:01:22}Penguins! {0:01:22}{0:01:26}Joyous, frolicking, waddling,|cute and cuddly life. {0:01:29}{0:01:30}Look at them... {0:01:30}{0:01:33}tumbling onto their chubby bum-bums. {0:01:33}{0:01:36}Who could take these|frisky little snow clowns... {0:01:36}{0:01:37}Seriously? {0:01:37}{0:01:40}Does anyone even know|where we're marching to? {0:01:40}{0:01:42}- Who cares?|- I question nothing. {0:01:42}{0:01:43}- Me, too.|- Me, too! {0:01:43}{0:01:44}Well, fine! {0:01:44}{0:01:47}We'll just fly to the front of the line|and see for ourselves. {0:01:47}{0:01:51}Kowalski! Rico!|Engage aerial surveillance. {0:01:53}{0:01:54}Here we go!|Doing it! Come on! {0:01:55}{0:01:57}Skipper, we appear to be flightless. {0:01:57}{0:01:58}Well, what's the point of these? {0:02:03}{0:02:07}I like it!|Hey, this could be our thing!

{0:02:09}{0:02:12}What are we gonna call it?|Let's call it the "high one." {0:02:13}{0:02:16}Hey, did anybody see that?|That's an egg! {0:02:16}{0:02:17}Is someone gonna go get it? {0:02:17}{0:02:18}We can't do that. {0:02:18}{0:02:19}Why not? {0:02:19}{0:02:23}Well, it's a dangerous world out there,|and we're just penguins. {0:02:23}{0:02:26}You know, nothing but cute and cuddly. {0:02:26}{0:02:29}Yeah! Why do you think there are

always|documentary crews filming us? {0:02:32}{0:02:35}Well, sorry, kid.|We lose a few eggs every year. {0:02:35}{0:02:36}It's just nature. {0:02:36}{0:02:38}Oh, right. Nature. {0:02:38}{0:02:41}I guess that makes sense... {0:02:42}{0:02:48}but something deep down in my gut|tells me that it makes no sense at all. {0:02:48}{0:02:51}You know what?|I reject nature! {0:02:53}{0:02:55}Who's with me? {0:03:38}{0:03:42}The old ship.|No one's ever returned from there alive. {0:03:44}{0:03:46}Relax, Kowalski.|There's a bird down there now.

{0:03:46}{0:03:48}Look, he's fine. {0:03:51}{0:03:54}Leopard seals.|Nature's snakes. {0:03:54}{0:03:56}Aren't snakes "nature's snakes"? {0:03:56}{0:03:59}How should I know?|I live on the flipping frozen tundra! {0:04:01}{0:04:04}They're going for the egg!|Give me a way down there, ASAP! {0:04:04}{0:04:07}All one would have to do|is collect 300 feet of kelp... {0:04:07}{0:04:12}Tiny and helpless,|the baby penguins are frozen with fear. {0:04:12}{0:04:17}They know if they fall from this cliff,|they will surely die. {0:04:17}{0:04:20}Gunter, give them a shove. {0:04:21}{0:04:24}...harnessing the jellyfish we've trained|to obey simple voice commands. {0:04:26}{0:04:27}Now, that's more like it! {0:04:40}{0:04:42}That-a-boy, Rico! {0:04:42}{0:04:43}Don't let them have it! {0:04:45}{0:04:48}Okay!|I guess that works. {0:04:52}{0:04:53}Get to high ground! {0:04:59}{0:05:00}Booyah!

{0:05:01}{0:05:02}Success! {0:05:06}{0:05:07}I'd recommend firing it now! {0:05:07}{0:05:08}Nope. Hold on. {0:05:09}{0:05:10}We really should fire it! {0:05:10}{0:05:12}Not till we see the white of its eyes. {0:05:12}{0:05:14}They're mostly pupil.|Very little white! Almost none! {0:05:14}{0:05:16}They gotta have a little bit of white,|right? {0:05:16}{0:05:17}None whatsoever! {0:05:17}{0:05:19}What if they look really far|to the left? {0:05:21}{0:05:23}Fire in the hole! {0:05:39}{0:05:42}Kowalski, analysis? {0:05:43}{0:05:46}We are really awesome at this! {0:05:48}{0:05:50}Boys, we did it!|Mission accomplished. {0:05:50}{0:05:53}Hey, we could do our thing!|High one! {0:05:54}{0:05:55}Yes! {0:06:02}{0:06:03}My bad! {0:06:05}{0:06:08}Look, it's the miracle of birth! {0:06:11}{0:06:14}A moment of extraordinary beauty. {0:06:15}{0:06:20}That's disgusting!|I think I have amniotic sac in my mouth! {0:06:26}{0:06:29}Hello!|Are you my family?

{0:06:42}{0:06:45}You don't have a family,|and we're all going to die. Sorry. {0:06:45}{0:06:46}What? {0:06:46}{0:06:49}What? I thought that was what|we were all nodding about. {0:06:49}{0:06:51}No one's gonna die! {0:06:51}{0:06:52}Know what you've got, kid? {0:06:53}{0:06:54}You've got us. {0:06:54}{0:06:56}We've got each other. {0:06:56}{0:06:59}If that ain't a family,|I don't know what is. {0:07:04}{0:07:06}So adorable. {0:07:06}{0:07:08}Kowalski, what's our trajectory? {0:07:08}{0:07:10}95% certain we're still doomed. {0:07:10}{0:07:12}And the other 5%? {0:07:12}{0:07:16}Adventure and glory|like no penguins have ever seen before. {0:07:16}{0:07:18}I'll take that action. {0:07:18}{0:07:19}But where are we going? {0:07:19}{0:07:21}The future, boys. {0:07:21}{0:07:24}The glorious future. {0:07:32}{0:07:34}That song! {0:07:34}{0:07:36}I swear, it's gonna make me|lose my salmon.

{0:07:36}{0:07:38}Singing getting louder, Skipper. {0:07:38}{0:07:39}Then move faster! {0:07:40}{0:07:42}And somebody get|that wig off Private! {0:07:45}{0:07:47}Kowalski, status report! {0:07:47}{0:07:49}I am really getting|tired of this song. {0:07:51}{0:07:53}Well, the best part|of owning a circus... {0:07:54}{0:07:57}is you can transport a cannon|over state lines. {0:08:11}{0:08:15}Ten years ago, on this very day,|a tiny egg hatched... {0:08:15}{0:08:18}and our world got a little bit cuter. {0:08:18}{0:08:23}So, tonight, Private,|we celebrate your birthday... {0:08:23}{0:08:26}by infiltrating|the United States gold depository... {0:08:26}{0:08:28}at Fort Knox! {0:08:28}{0:08:29}Splendid! {0:08:29}{0:08:31}- What?|- There she is, boys! {0:08:32}{0:08:34}The object of our unholy desire... {0:08:34}{0:08:35}the butter on our biscuit... {0:08:36}{0:08:37}- the royal flush...|- Skipper? {0:08:37}{0:08:40}Private, analogies? {0:08:40}{0:08:41}Sorry.|Please continue. {0:08:41}{0:08:44}The moment's gone.|Private ruined it. {0:08:44}{0:08:45}Sir, we're approaching our target. what's our rule|about interrupting

{0:08:48}{0:08:49}But, Skipper, I really don't... {0:08:49}{0:08:51}Are you questioning|my leadership, Private? {0:08:52}{0:08:53}- No, sir.|- Too bad. {0:08:54}{0:08:57}Because I respect a soldier|with some moxie. {0:08:57}{0:08:58}Really?|Then I really think we should... {0:08:58}{0:09:02}Whoa, whoa!|Dial back the moxie, sass-mouth! {0:09:02}{0:09:06}Look at you.|Still so adorable. {0:09:08}{0:09:09}Fire in the hole! {0:09:14}{0:09:16}Eight o'clock.|Night-night time! {0:09:16}{0:09:18}What? {0:09:21}{0:09:23}Private, come on! {0:09:31}{0:09:32}Please enter passcode. {0:09:32}{0:09:34}Kowalski, you're up. {0:09:34}{0:09:36}Please enter passcode. {0:09:36}{0:09:39}Rico, sonic incursion device. {0:09:42}{0:09:43}Oh, come on.|You're kidding, right? {0:09:44}{0:09:47}Kentucky, Skipper.|They do love their Flatt and Scruggs. {0:09:47}{0:09:50}Y'all come in now, you hear?|Have yourself an ice tea. {0:10:06}{0:10:10}Private, if you could have anything|you wanted in the whole wide world...

{0:10:10}{0:10:12}what would it be? {0:10:12}{0:10:13}Well, gee, Skipper. {0:10:13}{0:10:16}I think to be a meaningful|and valued member of this team. {0:10:16}{0:10:17}Oh, well, we got you something else. {0:10:21}{0:10:22}A vending machine? {0:10:22}{0:10:24}Not just any vending machine, Private. {0:10:25}{0:10:28}The last remaining home|in America's nanny state... {0:10:28}{0:10:33}for those succulent,|but chemically hazardous|bits of puffed heaven called... {0:10:34}{0:10:36}Cheezy Dibbles! {0:10:36}{0:10:39}Happy ding-dong birthday,|you little scamp. {0:10:40}{0:10:42}Thank you! {0:10:49}{0:10:51}You mess with the bull,|you're gonna get the horns, Private. {0:10:51}{0:10:54}Now hit that machine|and get your present. {0:10:57}{0:11:02}We just broke into the most secure facility|in North America. {0:11:02}{0:11:03}You know what that means? {0:11:03}{0:11:06}We're wanted criminals|who'll be on the lam|the rest of our lives... {0:11:06}{0:11:08}always feeling the hot breath|of Johnny Law on our

necks? {0:11:08}{0:11:13}No! it means, as elite units go,|we're the elitist of the elite. {0:11:14}{0:11:18}Top shelf in the bureau.|The penultimate, plus one. {0:11:20}{0:11:21}Where'd Private go? {0:11:23}{0:11:24}There he is.|D-3. {0:11:25}{0:11:26}Oh, Private. How much is he? {0:11:27}{0:11:28}He's $3.50, sir. {0:11:29}{0:11:31}That's outrageous.|Even for Private. {0:11:33}{0:11:34}Sir, the machine is alive! {0:11:36}{0:11:39}I don't think I like your attitude,|vending machine. {0:11:39}{0:11:40}Or your prices! {0:11:40}{0:11:42}Release them! {0:11:48}{0:11:49}What the...? {0:12:46}{0:12:47}Kowalski, analysis! {0:12:47}{0:12:49}All evidence indicates... {0:12:50}{0:12:53}I ate too many Cheezy Dibbles. {0:12:54}{0:12:57}We're behind enemy lines|and incredibly thirsty. {0:12:57}{0:13:00}Rico, bust us out|of this delicious prison. {0:13:04}{0:13:05}Nice work, Rico! {0:13:05}{0:13:09}You are a meaningful|and valued member of this team.

{0:13:24}{0:13:27}Private, quit lollygagging.|And regular gagging. {0:13:29}{0:13:31}Dark and ominous. {0:13:31}{0:13:34}Two of my least favorite traits|in a room. {0:13:34}{0:13:35}Look!|A button. {0:13:35}{0:13:36}Private, don't! {0:13:40}{0:13:41}Now, what have I told you about... {0:13:42}{0:13:43}Sorry, what? {0:13:50}{0:13:55}It looks like some sort of giant laser|sent to kill us all, sir. {0:13:57}{0:13:58}Another one! {0:13:58}{0:13:59}No! {0:14:02}{0:14:03}What the...? {0:14:03}{0:14:04}Naughty, naughty! {0:14:07}{0:14:11}Pretty birds belong in their cages. {0:14:28}{0:14:31}Now, that's just hurtful. {0:14:31}{0:14:33}And I was so happy to see you again. {0:14:34}{0:14:38}Skipper, Kowalski, Rico... {0:14:39}{0:14:41}and sweet little Private. {0:14:43}{0:14:44}Who are you? {0:14:44}{0:14:47}The humans know me|as Doctor Octavius Brine... {0:14:48}{0:14:52}renowned geneticist,|cheese enthusiast... {0:14:52}{0:14:56}and frequent donor to NPR pledge drives.

{0:14:56}{0:15:00}But you know me by a different,|much older name. {0:15:00}{0:15:04}A name perhaps you'd hoped|you'd never hear again. {0:15:05}{0:15:06}A phantom! {0:15:06}{0:15:09}A shadow of a former life. {0:15:10}{0:15:11}l... {0:15:11}{0:15:12}am... {0:15:12}{0:15:14}Dave! {0:15:19}{0:15:19}Kowalski? {0:15:20}{0:15:21}Sorry, sir. No clue. {0:15:23}{0:15:26}Dave! {0:15:26}{0:15:28}- Dave!|- Dave? {0:15:28}{0:15:29}Dave! {0:15:29}{0:15:30}Dave. {0:15:30}{0:15:32}Dave! {0:15:39}{0:15:40}Sorry. {0:15:41}{0:15:44}Wait, wait.|I live this way. {0:15:48}{0:15:49}Go ahead, Dan.|Continue. {0:15:49}{0:15:52}You seriously don't remember me? {0:15:54}{0:15:57}Dave! Dave! Right!|Oh, yeah, long time! {0:15:58}{0:15:59}How's the wife? {0:16:01}{0:16:03}I've never been married!

{0:16:03}{0:16:05}You may not remember me... {0:16:06}{0:16:08}but I could never forget you. {0:16:09}{0:16:11}Let's shake up some old memories. {0:16:12}{0:16:14}New York City. {0:16:16}{0:16:20}The Central Park Zoo.|Life was good. {0:16:21}{0:16:22}Roomy tank... {0:16:22}{0:16:24}great location... {0:16:24}{0:16:27}monkey-house views. {0:16:27}{0:16:28}And, of course... {0:16:29}{0:16:31}my adoring legion of fans! {0:16:31}{0:16:32}Cool! {0:16:33}{0:16:34}Dave! {0:16:34}{0:16:37}The octopus of a thousand tricks. {0:16:38}{0:16:39}Awesome! {0:16:39}{0:16:41}I was the total package. {0:16:41}{0:16:42}Wow! {0:16:42}{0:16:43}Hey. kids! {0:16:43}{0:16:45}You gotta see this!|Get up here, quick! {0:16:47}{0:16:48}And then, you arrived. {0:16:49}{0:16:51}They're so adorable! {0:16:51}{0:16:54}Just smile and wave, boys.|Smile and wave. {0:16:54}{0:16:57}And took everything from me.

{0:16:57}{0:17:01}- They are so adorable.|- Have you ever seen anything cuter? {0:17:02}{0:17:05}Four adorable baby penguins. {0:17:05}{0:17:06}With you around... {0:17:07}{0:17:10}no one wanted an old octopus anymore. {0:17:10}{0:17:13}"Out you go, Dave!" {0:17:14}{0:17:16}And so it went, over and over... {0:17:17}{0:17:19}at zoo after aquarium. {0:17:19}{0:17:21}I can't see the penguins, man! {0:17:21}{0:17:23}Adorable penguins stole the show. {0:17:29}{0:17:31}While I was shunned. {0:17:33}{0:17:35}Forgotten. {0:17:38}{0:17:40}Unwanted. {0:17:44}{0:17:46}Alone. {0:17:49}{0:17:51}That sounds awful! {0:17:51}{0:17:54}Oh, it was. {0:17:54}{0:17:59}I came to realize, some creatures|are born to get all the love. {0:17:59}{0:18:02}The rest of us get nothing. {0:18:02}{0:18:05}The only thing that has kept me going|all these years... {0:18:05}{0:18:09}is my burning thirst for revenge!

{0:18:11}{0:18:14}And my precious|souvenir snow globe collection. {0:18:20}{0:18:21}What is wrong with you? {0:18:24}{0:18:27}Daryl, Daryl, Daryl,|you can't blame us|for what happened to you. {0:18:28}{0:18:33}Can!|That's how this whole revenge thing works! {0:18:33}{0:18:38}And with this,|I finally have the|power to destroy you! {0:18:38}{0:18:39}Crikey! {0:18:45}{0:18:47}Nicolas, cage them. {0:18:48}{0:18:51}I've got some bad news for you, Dennis. {0:18:51}{0:18:52}You messed with the wrong birds. {0:18:53}{0:18:56}Because we are an elite unit,|the best of the best. {0:18:56}{0:18:58}The cream of the|corn on a platinum cob! {0:18:58}{0:19:03}And we're gonna take|your deadly green goop and|sashay right out the exit hatch. {0:19:03}{0:19:06}And just how are you going to do that? {0:19:07}{0:19:09}Deploy secret weapon! {0:19:11}{0:19:12}The cheese, it burns! {0:19:13}{0:19:14}Roll out! {0:19:20}{0:19:22}After them! {0:19:26}{0:19:28}All right, boys, it's just like Cuba! {0:19:28}{0:19:30}Taxi!

{0:19:35}{0:19:38}How about some music?|Something chase-y! {0:19:41}{0:19:42}Here they come! {0:19:43}{0:19:45}Let's move! {0:19:45}{0:19:48}Stroke! Stroke! Stroke again!|Stroke some more! {0:19:50}{0:19:52}Stroke! Stroke! Stroke! {0:19:52}{0:19:54}Sorry! {0:20:03}{0:20:04}We've got baddies, six o'clock! {0:20:05}{0:20:07}Kowalski, battle formation! {0:20:11}{0:20:13}So, you squeegees|wanna do the gondola mambo? {0:20:14}{0:20:15}Let's dance! {0:20:16}{0:20:18}Mother of pearl, that stings!|I've lost visual! {0:20:20}{0:20:21}Kowalski, be my eyes! {0:20:21}{0:20:22}Left! {0:20:22}{0:20:24}Right, right! Up! {0:20:24}{0:20:26}Duck! {0:20:28}{0:20:29}I think I got them. {0:20:29}{0:20:30}They are down, sir. {0:20:30}{0:20:32}Excelente! {0:20:39}{0:20:40}Skipper! {0:20:40}{0:20:42}They're back up,|and we are running out of canal! {0:20:43}{0:20:44}Parker Posey! Go all-terrain. {0:20:49}{0:20:50}Will you marry... What?

{0:20:57}{0:20:58}We've lost Engine One! {0:21:01}{0:21:02}And Two and Three! {0:21:03}{0:21:04}Four! {0:21:05}{0:21:06}Switch to emergency power! {0:21:06}{0:21:08}Aye-aye, Skipper! {0:21:15}{0:21:17}We've got melons!|Dead ahead! {0:21:28}{0:21:31}I can see!|Rico, the glowy thing! {0:21:32}{0:21:34}Venetian blinded again! {0:21:39}{0:21:40}We've been boarded! {0:21:40}{0:21:41}Initiate self-destruct sequence! {0:21:44}{0:21:45}Nice! {0:21:47}{0:21:49}Frankly, I'm surprised|we had a self-destruct sequence. {0:21:57}{0:22:00}All right, boys, battle stance! {0:22:00}{0:22:02}We're in battle stance, sir. {0:22:03}{0:22:07}Okay, good.|Now, we spring our trap. {0:22:09}{0:22:11}I'm not sure they're the ones|that are trapped, sir. {0:22:12}{0:22:16}Kowalski, remember our little talk about|true, but unhelpful, comments? {0:22:16}{0:22:17}Yes, sir. {0:22:17}{0:22:18}Sometimes we just have to wing it! {0:22:21}{0:22:22}Wow.

{0:22:35}{0:22:38}Sorry for underestimating|the plan, Skipper. {0:22:38}{0:22:41}It's okay, Kowalski.|Just don't ever doubt me again. {0:22:42}{0:22:43}Now what the heck is going on? {0:22:48}{0:22:50}Remain calm, penguins. {0:22:51}{0:22:53}You are now under the protection|of the North Wind. {0:22:55}{0:22:56}You're welcome. {0:23:04}{0:23:05}Oh, my gosh! {0:23:05}{0:23:07}You guys are so cute! {0:23:07}{0:23:09}You're just so cute! {0:23:10}{0:23:12}And cuddly! {0:23:13}{0:23:15}Hey, get away!|No more hugs! {0:23:15}{0:23:18}It's like being licked|by a basket full of puppy dogs. {0:23:18}{0:23:19}Corporal! {0:23:20}{0:23:23}Corporal! Chart a course|back to North Wind headquarters. {0:23:25}{0:23:28}Eva, inform them|that we're bringing in witnesses. {0:23:28}{0:23:30}Private, Dibble me. {0:23:33}{0:23:35}We're not going|anywhere with you. {0:23:35}{0:23:38}We don't even know|who the heck you are! {0:23:38}{0:23:40}The North Wind is|an elite undercover interspe... {0:23:43}{0:23:44}The North Wind is an elite un...

{0:23:46}{0:23:49}An elite undercover interspecies... {0:23:49}{0:23:50}...task f... {0:23:51}{0:23:53}...force. Dedicated to he... {0:23:54}{0:23:56}Helping... {0:23:57}{0:23:58}Dedicated to helping... {0:24:00}{0:24:03}Dedicated to helping animals who can't|help themselves. {0:24:05}{0:24:06}Like penguins. {0:24:06}{0:24:08}Really?|And you are? {0:24:08}{0:24:09}My name is classified. {0:24:09}{0:24:12}"Classified," eh?|What is that, Dutch? {0:24:12}{0:24:13}Can't really hear the accent. {0:24:14}{0:24:15}- Excuse me?|- There's the accent! {0:24:15}{0:24:17}My name isn't "Classified." {0:24:17}{0:24:20}My name is classified,|because I am the leader|of this strike team. {0:24:21}{0:24:23}The seal is Short Fuse,|weapons and explosives. {0:24:23}{0:24:25}The bear is Corporal, he's our muscle. {0:24:26}{0:24:28}And the owl is Eva,|intelligence and analysis. {0:24:29}{0:24:33}Well, Agent Classified,|we happen to be an elite unit, too. {0:24:33}{0:24:35}Self-destruct sequence activated.

{0:24:35}{0:24:37}You know,|you should really label these things. {0:24:37}{0:24:39}In three... two... one... {0:24:40}{0:24:42}The name's Skipper.|I run this outfit. {0:24:42}{0:24:43}Back there is Kowalski. {0:24:43}{0:24:45}He's the brains of our operation. {0:24:45}{0:24:47}Say something smart, Kowalski. {0:24:53}{0:24:56}See?|He's working on a whole other level. {0:24:56}{0:24:57}And Rico. {0:24:57}{0:24:59}He's our demolition expert. {0:25:00}{0:25:03}He destroyed that chair|for the sheer fun of it. {0:25:03}{0:25:04}No reason at all. {0:25:05}{0:25:07}And then there's Private. {0:25:08}{0:25:10}He's sort of our, you know... {0:25:10}{0:25:12}secretary/mascot. {0:25:13}{0:25:15}- Cute.|- And cuddly. {0:25:16}{0:25:17}Oh, sorry. {0:25:18}{0:25:20}Well, let's see how well|"cute and cuddly" handles this next bit. {0:25:32}{0:25:33}Nice doggy door. {0:25:40}{0:25:42}Wow! {0:25:43}{0:25:44}Look at this! {0:25:44}{0:25:46}Well, well, well.

{0:25:46}{0:25:49}Not a bad place|you got here, Classified. {0:25:49}{0:25:51}Thank you.|That's not my name. {0:25:51}{0:25:54}Arrival, Pad 17. {0:25:54}{0:25:56}All right, tiny penguins. {0:25:56}{0:26:00}The best way for the|North Wind to

protect|helpless animals like yourselves... {0:26:00}{0:26:02}is to bring Dr. Brine to justice. {0:26:02}{0:26:03}Now, you were inside his sub... {0:26:03}{0:26:05}so I need to know everything you know. {0:26:09}{0:26:10}Hey! {0:26:10}{0:26:13}Just tell me everything you know. {0:26:13}{0:26:14}All right. {0:26:15}{0:26:16}Numero uno. {0:26:16}{0:26:18}Never trust a Dutchman in a tulip fight. {0:26:18}{0:26:19}"Tulip fight." {0:26:19}{0:26:21}Canada is secretly training|an army of sasquatch. {0:26:22}{0:26:22}"Sasquatch." {0:26:22}{0:26:26}Hot dogs are, in fact,|only 17% actual dog. {0:26:26}{0:26:29}Not "everything" everything! {0:26:29}{0:26:33}Just everything regarding your abduction|by Dr. Octavius Brine. {0:26:34}{0:26:35}- Why didn't you say so?|- What?

{0:26:36}{0:26:38}My team has uncovered|that Dr. Octavius Brine... {0:26:38}{0:26:41}is actually an individual|known as Derek! {0:26:41}{0:26:44}- "Dave".|- As Dave, the octopus. {0:26:44}{0:26:45}An octopus? {0:26:45}{0:26:48}No, Dr. Brine is not an octopus.|He is... {0:26:48}{0:26:50}An octopus. Precisely. {0:26:50}{0:26:53}That's exactly what our intel indicated. {0:26:54}{0:26:55}Release the sheep. {0:26:58}{0:27:00}What you, of course,|could not know... {0:27:00}{0:27:04}is that Dr. Brine's laboratory|in Venice is secretly developing|a doomsday weapon... {0:27:05}{0:27:08}called the "Medusa Serum." {0:27:08}{0:27:10}But what you don't know... {0:27:10}{0:27:11}- is that Dirk...|- "Dave." {0:27:11}{0:27:13}...Dave won't be using his|Bazooka Serum... {0:27:14}{0:27:16}- "Medusa Serum."|- ...Medusa Serum on anybody. {0:27:16}{0:27:17}That part is accurate. {0:27:17}{0:27:19}Show him, Rico! {0:27:23}{0:27:25}You stole the Medusa Serum? {0:27:25}{0:27:29}Well, "Stole the serum,"|"Saved the day," "Did your job for you." {0:27:29}{0:27:31}Call it what you will.

{0:27:32}{0:27:33}Debbie! {0:27:33}{0:27:35}- "Dave."|- Dave! {0:27:35}{0:27:38}He hacked into our system. {0:27:39}{0:27:40}Where's the sound? {0:27:41}{0:27:42}Dave! {0:27:42}{0:27:44}- Your microphone, it's not on.|- I can't hear anything. {0:27:44}{0:27:46}Click on the button|with the picture of the microphone. {0:27:46}{0:27:48}Every time a villain calls in,|this happens. {0:27:48}{0:27:49}Hello?|Hello? {0:27:49}{0:27:51}Now we can hear you,|but we cannot see you. {0:27:52}{0:27:52}Every time! {0:27:53}{0:27:54}It's like talking to my parents. {0:27:54}{0:27:55}How about now? {0:27:56}{0:27:57}Yes, we've got you. {0:27:57}{0:27:59}Excellent.|Now where was I? {0:28:01}{0:28:02}Dave! {0:28:03}{0:28:05}Greetings, North Wind. {0:28:05}{0:28:07}I see you've met|my old zoo-mates. {0:28:07}{0:28:10}We were never "mates."|There was no mating. {0:28:11}{0:28:12}Turn yourself in, David.

{0:28:12}{0:28:15}You're powerless now that I've stolen|your precious Medusa Serum. {0:28:16}{0:28:17}You?|You didn't steal that! {0:28:17}{0:28:18}It's over. {0:28:18}{0:28:19}It's over? {0:28:19}{0:28:23}Then why did I call you? {0:28:23}{0:28:24}Weird. {0:28:24}{0:28:28}Oh! Maybe it was to show you this! {0:28:28}{0:28:31}That is a lot of serum|for four penguins. {0:28:31}{0:28:35}Oh, you thought|this was just about you four? {0:28:35}{0:28:37}No! No, no, no. {0:28:38}{0:28:40}We're just getting started. {0:28:41}{0:28:46}Now, if you'll excuse me,|I have to go do some shopping... {0:28:46}{0:28:48}for revenge! {0:28:51}{0:28:53}Wait. How do you...? {0:28:54}{0:28:55}What do I push? {0:28:56}{0:28:57}Is it the red, or... {0:28:58}{0:29:00}I thought it was the... It's not this... {0:29:04}{0:29:05}Incoming alert! {0:29:05}{0:29:06}Put it on the screen. {0:29:07}{0:29:09}The Berlin Zoo. 15 penguins missing.

{0:29:09}{0:29:11}Dave is kidnapping other penguins! {0:29:11}{0:29:13}No doubt cute and cuddly! {0:29:13}{0:29:14}We have to move! {0:29:14}{0:29:15}What? {0:29:15}{0:29:16}- Time for our A-game!|- Everybody, huddle up! {0:29:17}{0:29:18}Corporal, ready the jet. {0:29:18}{0:29:21}I'm initiating|North Wind Protocol "Zeta." {0:29:21}{0:29:23}Twelve more penguins|taken from London Zoo. {0:29:23}{0:29:25}Okay, boys, this is it. {0:29:25}{0:29:28}The mission we've been preparing for|our entire lives. {0:29:29}{0:29:31}We're gonna take down Dave,|or die trying! {0:29:31}{0:29:33}- Kowalski, cancel our improv class!|- Yes, sir. {0:29:33}{0:29:35}Rico, equipify! {0:29:35}{0:29:36}Private, do that little thing I like. {0:29:38}{0:29:39}It's still funny. {0:29:39}{0:29:41}Skipper!|Good news! {0:29:41}{0:29:43}I got them to credit our class! {0:29:43}{0:29:44}Sir, the jet is ready. {0:29:44}{0:29:47}Oh, yeah, baby!|Just like Super Bowl XIX! {0:29:47}{0:29:49}They're stealing my stuff! {0:29:49}{0:29:53}No! This mission has no place|for a pathetic waddle

of useless penguins. {0:29:53}{0:29:54}Who are you calling "pathetic"? {0:29:54}{0:29:55}Enough! {0:29:58}{0:30:01}See, Rico?|That's why you can't|have nice things. {0:30:03}{0:30:07}You know,|I'm pretty good|with computers myself. {0:30:16}{0:30:19}Put on your jammies, penguin. {0:30:21}{0:30:23}They are even cute when they're asleep. {0:30:23}{0:30:24}Not to me! {0:30:24}{0:30:28}I want these butterballs out of my way,|and out of my mission. {0:30:28}{0:30:30}Ship them to one|of our safe-houses. {0:30:30}{0:30:33}The most remote place on the planet. {0:30:39}{0:30:41}Where the heck are we? {0:30:41}{0:30:43}Oxygen content is low. {0:30:43}{0:30:45}I suggest we limit our breathing. {0:30:47}{0:30:48}Private! {0:30:51}{0:30:54}Sorry!|I get gassy when I fly. {0:30:54}{0:30:55}Toot sweet!|He does! {0:30:55}{0:30:56}We must be on a plane! {0:30:59}{0:31:01}What did North Wind do to us? {0:31:02}{0:31:03}They gave us badges! {0:31:04}{0:31:07}Not badges, tranquilizer darts!

{0:31:07}{0:31:09}Classified! {0:31:09}{0:31:12}That low-down dirty dog|is trying to kick us off the mission! {0:31:12}{0:31:16}He thinks we can't save the penguins,|because we're just "penguins." {0:31:17}{0:31:20}Well, penguins are our flesh and feathers!|They're us! {0:31:20}{0:31:22}And if anyone's gonna save us... {0:31:22}{0:31:23}it's us. {0:31:23}{0:31:26}But, Skipper,|we've gotta be five miles up. {0:31:26}{0:31:28}That pretty much limits our options. {0:31:28}{0:31:30}I make my own options. {0:31:36}{0:31:38}Brilliant move, Skipper. {0:31:38}{0:31:40}But now we seem to|be outside the plane. {0:31:40}{0:31:42}I kind of got caught up in the moment! {0:31:43}{0:31:45}Well, hindsight's 20/20. {0:31:45}{0:31:48}Okay, Kowalski,|your turn to pick up the slack. {0:31:49}{0:31:51}Oh!|Why don't we catch that plane? {0:31:53}{0:31:55}Bird strike, log it. {0:31:56}{0:31:58}We've got another target, at 12 o'clock. {0:31:59}{0:32:00}Good, it's only 11:30. {0:32:00}{0:32:03}Follow me, boys, we're going in hot!

{0:32:04}{0:32:06}Hot, hot! {0:32:06}{0:32:08}No one likes a showoff, Private. {0:32:08}{0:32:10}Aim for first class! {0:32:15}{0:32:17}I'm okay! {0:32:17}{0:32:19}Kowalski, where does this aircraft go? {0:32:19}{0:32:23}From the odd shape of this bagel,|I'd say we're headed for Paris. {0:32:23}{0:32:26}France? Forget it!|Not with their tax laws! {0:32:26}{0:32:28}Then I would suggest|a mid-air transfer. {0:32:28}{0:32:29}Affirmative! {0:32:29}{0:32:31}Peanuts! Peanuts! Peanuts! {0:32:31}{0:32:32}We're out of peanuts, Skipper! {0:32:32}{0:32:33}Try pretzels, Private. {0:32:35}{0:32:36}Bingo! {0:32:37}{0:32:38}There's our ride, boys. {0:32:38}{0:32:40}Can't stay, doll. {0:32:40}{0:32:42}Danger is my mistress. {0:32:43}{0:32:44}Rico, more height! {0:32:45}{0:32:47}Pretzels, pretzels, pretzels! {0:32:47}{0:32:48}We're out of pretzels! {0:32:48}{0:32:51}Then we're leaving just in time,|because these folks are gonna freak!

{0:32:51}{0:32:53}Deploy flaps! {0:32:54}{0:32:56}Stay on target! {0:32:57}{0:32:59}We're gonna catch it!|We're gonna catch it! {0:33:00}{0:33:02}Crikey!|We're not gonna catch it! {0:33:03}{0:33:05}Wait a minute.|Where's Skipper? {0:33:06}{0:33:10}Time to get creative.|Start grabbing boxes, boys! {0:33:11}{0:33:12}Going long! {0:33:15}{0:33:17}Private, stop playing|with those backpacks. {0:33:18}{0:33:19}Find something useful! {0:33:20}{0:33:23}Now we're talking!|Let's get to work. {0:33:23}{0:33:24}400 meters. {0:33:25}{0:33:26}300 meters. {0:33:26}{0:33:28}Speak American, Kowalski! {0:33:28}{0:33:30}Sorry, sir. 218 yards. {0:33:30}{0:33:31}109 yards. {0:33:40}{0:33:41}Okay, then. {0:33:42}{0:33:43}It's clear what|we need to do next. {0:33:50}{0:33:51}That feels right! {0:33:51}{0:33:53}Impressive bouncing, boys. {0:33:53}{0:33:55}Now, then, back to civilization. {0:33:56}{0:33:57}If we're gonna take Dexter down... {0:33:58}{0:34:01}we need to know|where he's gonna strike next.

{0:34:13}{0:34:16}Goal! {0:34:19}{0:34:22}Elijah, would you please take them away? {0:34:34}{0:34:36}Penguin footprints, still warm. {0:34:36}{0:34:37}We just missed Dave. {0:34:37}{0:34:39}Blast it!|He's gone! {0:34:39}{0:34:41}So many penguins! {0:34:44}{0:34:45}Boss!|He's stress-eating again! {0:34:45}{0:34:46}Corporal! {0:34:46}{0:34:47}There, there. {0:34:47}{0:34:49}Rub the angry out of the tummy. {0:34:49}{0:34:50}Corporal! {0:34:50}{0:34:51}Focus! {0:34:52}{0:34:54}We are going to save|those helpless penguins... {0:34:54}{0:34:58}because we are the North Wind... {0:34:58}{0:34:59}and no one... {0:34:59}{0:35:03}no one breaks the Wind. {0:35:04}{0:35:06}No one breaks the Wind. {0:35:07}{0:35:08}There's a good Corporal. {0:35:08}{0:35:11}Now, we rescued those four penguins|already, didn't we? {0:35:11}{0:35:14}Shipped them off, all cozy and snug,|to a Madagascar safe...

{0:35:14}{0:35:15}How come there's beeping? {0:35:15}{0:35:17}Sir, those penguins... {0:35:18}{0:35:19}they never made it to Madagascar. {0:35:20}{0:35:23}What?|Well, where the dickens are they? {0:35:27}{0:35:29}Kowalski, what are our coordinates? {0:35:29}{0:35:33}From my calculations, we've arrived|in the center of Dublin, Ireland. {0:35:37}{0:35:40}All right, soldiers, we gotta blend in.|Riverdance! {0:35:46}{0:35:49}But no time|to kiss the Blarney Stone, boys. {0:35:49}{0:35:51}We need to find intel|on Dave's location. {0:35:51}{0:35:52}Pronto! {0:35:58}{0:36:00}All right, you! Where's Dave?|Give us the goods! {0:36:01}{0:36:03}Spit it out!|Don't make me use me shillelagh! {0:36:03}{0:36:05}Sir, that's a baby squid. {0:36:10}{0:36:11}Sorry, laddie. {0:36:12}{0:36:16}Stranded on the Emerald Isle|without a single clue. {0:36:16}{0:36:18}Well, so much for the luck o' the Irish. {0:36:18}{0:36:19}Skipper, look! {0:36:24}{0:36:25}Begorrah! {0:36:25}{0:36:26}Does anyone speak Gaelic? {0:36:27}{0:36:29}No, but it looks like|Dave's been busy. {0:36:29}{0:36:32}He's stolen penguins from Guadalajara!

{0:36:32}{0:36:34}- Madrid!|- Paris! {0:36:34}{0:36:35}Athens! {0:36:35}{0:36:36}Bangalore! {0:36:37}{0:36:38}Düsseldorf! {0:36:38}{0:36:39}Osaka! {0:36:39}{0:36:40}Rio de Janeiro! {0:36:40}{0:36:42}- Nairobi!|- Amsterdam! {0:36:42}{0:36:43}Baton Rouge! {0:36:44}{0:36:46}Dave's snow-globe collection! {0:36:46}{0:36:49}It's every zoo and aquarium|he got kicked out of! {0:36:49}{0:36:51}Don't tell me|where he has been. {0:36:51}{0:36:54}Tell me where|he will have has been next. {0:36:54}{0:36:55}Wait, what is it, Rico? {0:36:56}{0:36:58}It's a book!|It's a film! It's a play! {0:36:58}{0:36:59}First word. {0:36:59}{0:37:01}Two syllables. Sounds like... {0:37:02}{0:37:04}Sounds like... {0:37:05}{0:37:06}What starts with...? {0:37:12}{0:37:14}Shanghai. {0:37:14}{0:37:16}Dave hasn't been there yet, Skipper. {0:37:16}{0:37:18}If we hurry, we can still stop him. {0:37:18}{0:37:20}Nice work, Rico!

{0:37:20}{0:37:24}Pack your bagpipes, boys.|It's time to blow this potato stand! {0:37:39}{0:37:40}So, this is it. {0:37:40}{0:37:43}Shanghai's famous|Little Dublin district. {0:37:44}{0:37:45}Skipper, look! {0:37:45}{0:37:47}I see you, Private. {0:37:47}{0:37:49}Who's the big boy|standing on his tippy-toes? {0:37:50}{0:37:52}- No, I mean...|- I just wanna eat you up! {0:37:52}{0:37:54}Skipper, look!|Above Private! {0:37:54}{0:37:57}Dave's next target.|Shanghai's famous Mermaid Penguins. {0:37:58}{0:37:59}Good eye, Kowalski! {0:37:59}{0:38:00}And once again... {0:38:00}{0:38:04}you've proved that|you are a meaningful

and|valued member of this team. {0:38:06}{0:38:08}Ladies and gentlemen... {0:38:08}{0:38:11}Shanghai Marine World|is pleased to present... {0:38:11}{0:38:15}our world famous Mermaid Penguins! {0:38:17}{0:38:19}Tonight, performance... {0:38:19}{0:38:22}to all of the missing penguins|around the world. {0:38:23}{0:38:25}Stay safe, little guys,|wherever you are. our mermaids|dedicate their

{0:38:25}{0:38:28}And we hope you|come home real soon. {0:38:33}{0:38:35}Now, keep those eyes roving, boys. {0:38:35}{0:38:37}Dave is a master of disguise. {0:38:38}{0:38:40}He could be a small child,|a house plant. {0:38:40}{0:38:42}Maybe even you, or me! {0:38:42}{0:38:44}Is it you, Kowalski? {0:38:44}{0:38:45}Hey, hold on. {0:38:50}{0:38:51}Wait a minute. {0:38:54}{0:38:55}Bingo! {0:38:55}{0:38:56}Nice try, Dave. {0:38:56}{0:38:59}Operation "Flash, Splash, and Crash"|is a go. {0:38:59}{0:39:00}Splendid! {0:39:00}{0:39:01}Take positions. {0:39:01}{0:39:05}Penguin feeding time|will begin in two minutes. {0:39:14}{0:39:15}Target, 30 yards and closing. {0:39:16}{0:39:19}In position, Skipper. {0:39:19}{0:39:20}Rico, report. {0:39:21}{0:39:22}In position. {0:39:22}{0:39:23}And for you, Private. {0:39:23}{0:39:24}Yes, Skipper! {0:39:24}{0:39:26}- Here's your mermaid costume.|- What? {0:39:26}{0:39:28}We need a diversion.

{0:39:28}{0:39:30}And, frankly, you're the only one|who can pull off that look. {0:39:31}{0:39:34}But I can do more, Skipper.|I want to help the team. {0:39:34}{0:39:35}Really help the team! {0:39:36}{0:39:38}If you think I'm ready, which I am! {0:39:38}{0:39:41}Assuming you agree, and perhaps even... {0:39:42}{0:39:43}if you don't. {0:39:44}{0:39:46}I like the moxie, soldier... {0:39:46}{0:39:51}but right now, I need a tail on that tush|and the cutest smile you've got. {0:39:51}{0:39:53}You trust me, soldier? {0:39:55}{0:39:57}Aye-aye, Skipper. {0:39:57}{0:39:59}Hey, it's feeding time! {0:40:02}{0:40:04}Target, 10 yards from flashpoint. {0:40:04}{0:40:05}Private, you're up. {0:40:07}{0:40:09}You just mermaid my day! {0:40:09}{0:40:11}"Flash" is a go! {0:40:12}{0:40:14}Look! They let one of the mermaids|out of the tank! {0:40:14}{0:40:15}Oh, she's so cute! {0:40:15}{0:40:17}It's the cutest thing I've ever seen! {0:40:17}{0:40:19}Shields up!

{0:40:24}{0:40:26}Target is stunned.|Rico, bring the "Splash." {0:40:28}{0:40:29}Yeah, yeah! {0:40:53}{0:40:55}What are you doing out here, cutie? {0:40:56}{0:40:57}Come on, back in your tank. {0:41:00}{0:41:02}Secure the mermaids, and find me... {0:41:05}{0:41:06}David, the octopus. {0:41:09}{0:41:11}A little late, North Wind. {0:41:14}{0:41:15}Mission accomplished. {0:41:15}{0:41:16}High one! {0:41:18}{0:41:19}Corporal, take our prisoner... {0:41:19}{0:41:22}the one that belongs to us,|into custody. {0:41:23}{0:41:23}What? {0:41:23}{0:41:26}You melted him?|You birds are sick! {0:41:28}{0:41:31}He's going in through the pipes! {0:41:35}{0:41:36}Skipper! {0:41:36}{0:41:38}Private?|Private! {0:41:39}{0:41:40}You gotta get out of there! {0:41:41}{0:41:43}No, no, no! No, no, no!|Private! {0:41:43}{0:41:44}Skipper! {0:41:45}{0:41:46}Private! {0:41:46}{0:41:48}- Help!|- No! {0:41:49}{0:41:51}Here we go!

{0:41:51}{0:41:53}Move, move, move! {0:41:56}{0:41:58}He's got Private! {0:41:58}{0:41:59}He's getting away!|He's getting away! {0:42:00}{0:42:01}Skipper!|The North Wind's plane! {0:42:01}{0:42:03}Sweet chariot of the gods! {0:42:03}{0:42:04}But can you fly it, man? {0:42:05}{0:42:07}There's only way to find out. {0:42:11}{0:42:12}No... {0:42:13}{0:42:14}I still can't read. {0:42:15}{0:42:16}Then we're going off book. {0:42:24}{0:42:26}No! No, no, no! {0:42:28}{0:42:31}Too much, too much, too much! {0:42:38}{0:42:39}I'm getting the hang of this, Skipper. {0:42:41}{0:42:43}Good!|We're coming for you, Private! {0:42:45}{0:42:49}Those escape! {0:42:49}{0:42:51}Eva, secure transport. {0:42:51}{0:42:53}Short Fuse, Corporal, hitch us a ride! {0:42:59}{0:43:00}Fire! {0:43:04}{0:43:05}Go, fetch! {0:43:19}{0:43:21}Hold her steady! {0:43:31}{0:43:33}Sir, Dave is pulling ahead.|We are too heavy. ludicrous butterballs|are letting David

{0:43:34}{0:43:36}Curse our heavily cheese-dibbled diet! {0:43:37}{0:43:39}Rico, give me a West Helsinki fire sale! {0:43:39}{0:43:41}- Yeah, yeah!|- Everything must go! {0:43:45}{0:43:47}Huh? What the-J? {0:43:50}{0:43:51}That's everything, sir. {0:43:51}{0:43:52}Have you purged the chemical toilet? {0:43:53}{0:43:54}But Rico was in there for 15 minutes! {0:43:54}{0:43:55}Just do it! {0:44:11}{0:44:13}Self-destruct sequence, in five... {0:44:13}{0:44:14}Private! {0:44:14}{0:44:16}- Stay strong, soldier!|- ...four... {0:44:16}{0:44:17}...three... two... {0:44:18}{0:44:19}...one. {0:44:36}{0:44:39}Skipper's log. {0:44:39}{0:44:43}Private has been kidnapped by Dave... {0:44:44}{0:44:48}while we have been cast adrift|for what seems like days. {0:44:48}{0:44:50}No rations, fresh water... {0:44:52}{0:44:54}or land in sight. {0:44:56}{0:44:58}Kowalski's sick as a dog... {0:44:59}{0:45:01}and Rico... {0:45:01}{0:45:02}keeps trying to eat him.

{0:45:03}{0:45:05}Just, please, just cut it out! {0:45:07}{0:45:10}Not sure how long|we can hold on. {0:45:11}{0:45:14}This may be my final entry. {0:45:14}{0:45:15}Ow! {0:45:15}{0:45:17}2004, Grand Cru.|Hints of pear, white peaches. {0:45:19}{0:45:20}This salmon is delicious. {0:45:20}{0:45:24}I've never been|more hydrated in my life! {0:45:24}{0:45:26}Let me cut you a piece of the salmon. {0:45:26}{0:45:27}No, thank you. {0:45:27}{0:45:28}It's the most delicious thing|on the boat. {0:45:28}{0:45:30}I have to loosen my utility belt. {0:45:30}{0:45:33}No, I'm full.|Just dump it in the ocean. {0:45:34}{0:45:37}You know,|we're all in the same boat, here. {0:45:38}{0:45:39}Actually, we're not. {0:45:39}{0:45:42}And perhaps you could express|a little more concern... {0:45:42}{0:45:44}over the fact that you stole|and destroyed... {0:45:44}{0:45:46}a $19 million vehicle! {0:45:47}{0:45:49}Bill me! {0:45:49}{0:45:50}Corporal? {0:45:50}{0:45:51}Corporal! {0:45:51}{0:45:54}We're picking up a signal, sir.

{0:45:54}{0:45:57}It's five klicks southwest... {0:45:57}{0:46:00}but it stopped at that remote island. {0:46:00}{0:46:01}Land? {0:46:03}{0:46:05}Good on you!|You've tracked down some land. {0:46:05}{0:46:07}No, silly willy. {0:46:07}{0:46:10}We've been tracking|your little secretary/mascot. {0:46:10}{0:46:12}What?|You put a homing device|on Private? {0:46:12}{0:46:14}All of you, actually... {0:46:14}{0:46:16}when I "darted" you. {0:46:16}{0:46:18}You low-down... {0:46:18}{0:46:21}dirty, mangy, filthy... {0:46:22}{0:46:25}flea-bitten, bum-sniffing|toilet-drinker! {0:46:27}{0:46:28}But... {0:46:28}{0:46:29}good! {0:46:30}{0:46:32}See?|I told you. {0:46:32}{0:46:35}You should've left this|to the professionals. {0:47:12}{0:47:15}892... 893... {0:47:15}{0:47:17}894... {0:47:20}{0:47:21}Ahoy, there! {0:47:23}{0:47:25}Penguins! {0:47:27}{0:47:31}I bet you're all just dying to know|why I brought you here.

{0:47:31}{0:47:33}He's gonna kill us all! {0:47:33}{0:47:36}What?|No. {0:47:37}{0:47:40}My Medusa Serum doesn't kill anyone. {0:47:40}{0:47:41}Where's the fun in that? {0:47:42}{0:47:44}So, what does it do? {0:47:44}{0:47:47}Something much, much worse. {0:47:49}{0:47:52}Right!|But, like, what specifically? {0:47:53}{0:47:57}Well, that's exactly|what I came up here to show you. {0:47:57}{0:47:59}All I need is a test subject. {0:48:00}{0:48:02}Hello, little buggy-boo! {0:48:02}{0:48:04}Is this about the chirping?|Because I could... {0:48:06}{0:48:12}Behold, as I unleash the full power|of the Medusa Serum! {0:48:14}{0:48:15}Fire! {0:48:22}{0:48:23}Yes!|It works! {0:48:25}{0:48:30}I made a monster!|I made a monster! {0:48:30}{0:48:33}And all you adorable penguins are next! {0:48:33}{0:48:35}Crikey! {0:48:36}{0:48:37}Who said that? {0:48:39}{0:48:40}No. {0:48:41}{0:48:44}No.

{0:48:48}{0:48:49}Yes! {0:48:49}{0:48:52}Gentlemen, you remember Private. {0:48:52}{0:48:53}Hey, Private. {0:48:54}{0:48:56}You'll never get away with this, Dave. {0:48:57}{0:48:58}My brothers are coming. {0:48:58}{0:49:02}And, together, we'll take a wrecking ball|to your whole rotten operation. {0:49:02}{0:49:04}Call off the hunt, everyone. {0:49:05}{0:49:10}Turns out the elite unit|will be coming to us. {0:49:19}{0:49:21}Eva. {0:49:21}{0:49:23}What do you see? {0:49:24}{0:49:26}My count is 30 hostiles. {0:49:27}{0:49:28}31. {0:49:30}{0:49:33}Those two are very close... together. {0:49:33}{0:49:36}I mean, "intertwined." {0:49:36}{0:49:37}Physically. {0:49:38}{0:49:39}But not in a... {0:49:39}{0:49:41}lx-nay on the irt-flay, Kowalski. {0:49:42}{0:49:43}Poor Private. {0:49:44}{0:49:48}Alone!|Helpless in the belly|of that beast. {0:49:48}{0:49:50}We've faced some long odds|before, Skipper. {0:49:50}{0:49:54}But these look like the longest.|And oddest.

{0:49:54}{0:49:58}If we're going to pull this off,|we'll need a diversion. {0:49:59}{0:50:00}Deactivating jungle camouflage. {0:50:01}{0:50:02}Will you be quiet? {0:50:02}{0:50:03}Listen, Classified... {0:50:03}{0:50:06}Short Fuse, you were supposed|to handcuff them to the raft! {0:50:06}{0:50:07}Don't you hologram me! {0:50:07}{0:50:10}I tried, but they don't have hands.|They just have flippers, boss. {0:50:10}{0:50:13}And I have flippers,|so it's flipping useless! {0:50:14}{0:50:17}All right, pooch.|If you won't work with us... {0:50:17}{0:50:19}you better work for us. {0:50:19}{0:50:21}Our plan requires a diversion. {0:50:21}{0:50:22}I give the orders around here. {0:50:22}{0:50:25}As much as it pains me,|I need you to act as our diversion... {0:50:25}{0:50:27}for our operation.|Understood? {0:50:27}{0:50:31}No! This is our plan, and it|requires you to cause a diversion. {0:50:31}{0:50:32}- "Dye"-version.|- "Di"-version. {0:50:32}{0:50:33}- "Dye."|- "Di." {0:50:33}{0:50:36}- "Dye! Dye! Dye!"|- "Di! Di! Di!"

{0:50:36}{0:50:39}Gentlemen, there is only one way|to resolve this. {0:50:40}{0:50:41}- We should kiss.|- Plan-off. {0:50:41}{0:50:46}Yup, "plan-off."|That's what I was gonna say. {0:50:46}{0:50:47}"Plan-off." {0:50:49}{0:50:51}Here's Dave's sub. {0:50:52}{0:50:55}And this young, helpless,|vulnerable rock... {0:50:56}{0:50:57}is Private. {0:50:57}{0:50:59}And here's Dave. {0:51:00}{0:51:03}While you four blowhards|divert the octopi... {0:51:03}{0:51:06}we strike fast, and strike hard! {0:51:07}{0:51:08}Get on in here, boys! {0:51:09}{0:51:10}Slap him silly, Rico! Come on! {0:51:10}{0:51:12}Kowalski, free the hostages! {0:51:14}{0:51:16}Now, that's what I'm talking about,|big fella! {0:51:16}{0:51:21}With Private freshly liberated,|we celebrate with a|well-earned high one... {0:51:21}{0:51:23}and feast off Dave's sweet remains. {0:51:24}{0:51:25}Any questions? {0:51:27}{0:51:29}Whoa!|Hey, now! {0:51:29}{0:51:32}Wow.|I mean, truly impressive. {0:51:32}{0:51:36}Especially the bit|where you slap the fruit. {0:51:36}{0:51:40}Corporal, dim the lights.|Short Fuse, glasses.

{0:51:47}{0:51:49}My apologies.|I had to rush a bit. {0:51:49}{0:51:51}The schematic is a little crude. {0:51:51}{0:51:53}Where is that music coming from? {0:51:53}{0:51:57}All right.|At 21:50, Skipper, Kowalski and... {0:51:57}{0:51:58}Richard, was it? {0:51:58}{0:52:02}...divert the octopi|away from their posts. {0:52:02}{0:52:04}At 22:00,|Short Fuse breaches the hull... {0:52:05}{0:52:08}with nano-charges. {0:52:09}{0:52:10}I call them "wet kabooms." {0:52:10}{0:52:12}- Please, don't.|- Okay, sorry. {0:52:12}{0:52:15}- At 22:02, knock-knock.|- Who's there? {0:52:15}{0:52:17}- The North Wind.|- "The North Wind" who? {0:52:17}{0:52:19}The North Wind who doesn't have time|for knock-knock jokes... {0:52:19}{0:52:22}because we're too busy taking down Dave! {0:52:23}{0:52:25}Personal hover tank?|Check. {0:52:25}{0:52:27}Auto-targeting wing mounts?|Why not? {0:52:27}{0:52:28}At 22:09... {0:52:30}{0:52:32}...mission accomplished. {0:52:32}{0:52:34}See that?|I don't even look back. {0:52:34}{0:52:38}There's a huge explosion,|and I just keep walking. a swarm of self-guided,|underwater

{0:52:40}{0:52:43}Way to go, boss!|That's North Wind, sucker! {0:52:43}{0:52:44}Nicely done. {0:52:49}{0:52:51}Blah-di-blah-blah-blah. {0:52:52}{0:52:55}A good plan is about more than|effect-y stuff... {0:52:55}{0:52:56}and vocabulary words. {0:52:57}{0:53:00}And you certainly|know a good plan. {0:53:00}{0:53:04}Your operation in Shanghai|allowed Dave to escape... {0:53:04}{0:53:06}with your boy. {0:53:07}{0:53:12}I've never lost a member of my team.|It must feel... {0:53:12}{0:53:13}awful! {0:53:15}{0:53:17}God, imagine the guilt.|The regret. {0:53:17}{0:53:20}The feeling that,|I don't know... {0:53:21}{0:53:23}that it should have been you. {0:53:30}{0:53:32}All for penguin plan. {0:53:34}{0:53:36}All for North Wind plan. {0:53:42}{0:53:43}His... {0:53:44}{0:53:45}His is better. {0:53:46}{0:53:47}What? {0:53:49}{0:53:53}I'm sorry, boys.|But I can't lead you this time. {0:53:53}{0:53:54}But... {0:53:56}{0:53:57}we're a team.

{0:53:57}{0:53:59}And you're our skipper, Skipper. {0:54:00}{0:54:02}We don't need these guys. {0:54:02}{0:54:05}No, Kowalski, but Private does. {0:54:06}{0:54:08}I think... {0:54:08}{0:54:10}this time,|we leave it to the professionals. {0:54:10}{0:54:12}- But, sir...|- it's settled. {0:54:12}{0:54:15}We take our orders|from Agent Classified now. {0:54:16}{0:54:18}That's an order, Rico! {0:54:26}{0:54:28}All right, Classified... {0:54:28}{0:54:31}what's the diversion? {0:54:40}{0:54:42}We take this|shame to our graves. {0:54:43}{0:54:44}Agreed. {0:55:08}{0:55:09}Hey! {0:55:19}{0:55:21}- Time?|- 22:00 hours. {0:55:21}{0:55:23}Time to take down Dave. {0:55:47}{0:55:48}David, the octopus... {0:55:49}{0:55:51}show me your tentacles. {0:55:54}{0:55:55}All of them. {0:56:15}{0:56:16}We lost them, Skipper. {0:56:16}{0:56:21}Not a moment too soon.|These hosen are|ridin' up my bundesliga. {0:56:21}{0:56:24}All right, boys, grab your coconuts|and hold them

tight. {0:56:26}{0:56:28}Classified should be walking away|from a huge explosion... {0:56:29}{0:56:32}with Private on his shoulder|in three, two... {0:56:32}{0:56:34}Give him a welcome home, Rico! {0:56:37}{0:56:39}Yes! In your face, Dave! {0:56:40}{0:56:41}The Private is back! {0:56:41}{0:56:42}Welcome home, Private! {0:56:42}{0:56:43}Yeah, all right! {0:56:43}{0:56:46}Here we go.|All right. {0:56:46}{0:56:48}Sir, the sub didn't explode... {0:56:48}{0:56:51}and I fear the fireworks... {0:56:51}{0:56:55}may have been a tactical mistake. {0:57:03}{0:57:04}Stay calm! {0:57:04}{0:57:06}Do not panic! {0:57:06}{0:57:08}We will still Win! {0:57:08}{0:57:10}Be full of love!|Don't hate! {0:57:10}{0:57:11}Follow your dreams. {0:57:11}{0:57:13}Love yourself.|Love other people. {0:57:13}{0:57:15}Pick and choose your battles in life! {0:57:15}{0:57:17}Don't let anyone|tell you what to do. {0:57:17}{0:57:19}Ignore the haters.

{0:57:19}{0:57:20}Love the one you're with. {0:57:21}{0:57:22}Eva! {0:57:25}{0:57:26}I know! {0:57:32}{0:57:36}Welcome, Skipper, Kowalski,|and rootin'-tootin' Rico! {0:57:36}{0:57:39}The gang's all here!|The mood is electric! {0:57:39}{0:57:42}Is this really, finally everybody? {0:57:42}{0:57:44}All right, Dave,|just what have you done with... {0:57:44}{0:57:45}Private! {0:57:45}{0:57:46}Guys! {0:57:47}{0:57:48}You're in for it now, Dave! {0:57:48}{0:57:50}Really? {0:57:50}{0:57:51}Anyway, great catching up. {0:57:51}{0:57:55}Now, who's ready to move on|to live penguin testing? {0:57:55}{0:57:58}You point that death ray|away from Private, right now! {0:57:58}{0:58:00}It's not a death ray, Skipper. {0:58:00}{0:58:02}He's gonna turn us into monsters! {0:58:03}{0:58:04}Yepper-doo! {0:58:04}{0:58:06}And what comes next, Dave? {0:58:06}{0:58:07}Invasion!

{0:58:08}{0:58:12}Horrible mutant penguins,|unleashed on the streets of New York City! {0:58:13}{0:58:14}You're the monster! {0:58:14}{0:58:15}Yes! {0:58:15}{0:58:17}I'm the monster. {0:58:17}{0:58:22}Everyone made that clear to me|every day of my entire life. {0:58:23}{0:58:26}But let's see how much everyone loves you|when you're the monster! {0:58:27}{0:58:27}Skipper! {0:58:27}{0:58:29}You can't take away Private's cuteness! {0:58:29}{0:58:31}He's the cute one.|That's his thing! {0:58:32}{0:58:32}What? {0:58:32}{0:58:34}It's all the little guy's got! {0:58:35}{0:58:37}You are super cute. {0:58:37}{0:58:38}We better crank this up. {0:58:39}{0:58:41}Drew, Barry, more power. {0:58:41}{0:58:43}- Ready?|- Negotiations have broken down! {0:58:43}{0:58:45}Rico, the paperclip!|Bust us out of here! {0:58:46}{0:58:47}We need that paperclip! {0:58:48}{0:58:49}Chop-chop, soldier! {0:58:53}{0:58:55}Where's the paperclip?

{0:58:57}{0:58:58}Private! {0:59:05}{0:59:06}No! {0:59:12}{0:59:13}- Private.|- Oh, no. {0:59:16}{0:59:18}I disintegrated him. {0:59:19}{0:59:21}That wasn't supposed to happen. {0:59:21}{0:59:23}You maniac! {0:59:23}{0:59:24}You blew him up! {0:59:25}{0:59:26}No. {0:59:27}{0:59:28}Oh, well! {0:59:28}{0:59:30}This is why we test things, people! {0:59:30}{0:59:33}I'll have to lower the power|for the others. {0:59:35}{0:59:36}Full speed ahead, gentlemen. {0:59:36}{0:59:40}The monsters are due in Manhattan. {1:00:07}{1:00:08}Sorry! {1:00:20}{1:00:21}Crikey! {1:00:22}{1:00:24}All right, all right, octopus. {1:00:25}{1:00:27}Whatever Dave's paying you,|I'll double it. {1:00:29}{1:00:31}Is that a yes?|Does anyone speak octopus? {1:00:31}{1:00:32}- Sorry.|- Not a clue. {1:00:32}{1:00:33}Blast it! {1:00:34}{1:00:38}You free us... {1:00:38}{1:00:39}we give you...

{1:00:40}{1:00:41}many fishes! {1:00:46}{1:00:47}What is that? {1:00:54}{1:00:55}Oh, great. {1:00:55}{1:00:56}Oh, no! This is it! {1:00:56}{1:00:59}I don't want to die all squishy! {1:01:02}{1:01:03}We're dead.|Dead! {1:01:04}{1:01:05}Dead.|Dead! {1:01:05}{1:01:08}Oh, no, we're dead! {1:01:08}{1:01:09}Dead! {1:01:10}{1:01:13}Dead! {1:01:14}{1:01:16}I pushed a button! {1:01:17}{1:01:19}Super.|Well done, Private! {1:01:19}{1:01:21}Good work, malinki. {1:01:21}{1:01:23}Yes. Yes. {1:01:23}{1:01:26}Excellent button-pushing. {1:01:26}{1:01:27}Compliment, praise, etcetera. {1:01:28}{1:01:29}All right, agents... {1:01:29}{1:01:31}we are back in business. {1:01:34}{1:01:36}Wait!|Skipper, Kowalski, Rico... {1:01:36}{1:01:37}all those penguins... {1:01:38}{1:01:39}They're this way! {1:01:39}{1:01:40}So is a massive army of octopi.

{1:01:41}{1:01:42}And as soon as we return|to the North Wind Headquarters... {1:01:43}{1:01:44}grab fresh equipment... {1:01:44}{1:01:45}and work up a smashing new plan... {1:01:46}{1:01:49}we'll come speeding back,|and take down Dave. {1:01:49}{1:01:52}But the penguins are in danger!|We have to go now! {1:01:52}{1:01:54}Again, "Huge army of octopi." {1:01:55}{1:01:57}So, because you failed once,|you're just running away? {1:01:57}{1:02:01}We did not fail.|And we are not running away. {1:02:01}{1:02:03}We're just very sensibly regrouping. {1:02:03}{1:02:04}Skipper wouldn't care! {1:02:04}{1:02:07}Plan or no, fancy equipment or no... {1:02:08}{1:02:10}he'd never leave a man behind! {1:02:10}{1:02:14}Well, I suppose we can't all be penguins,|can we? {1:02:20}{1:02:21}No. {1:02:22}{1:02:24}But maybe you should be. {1:02:32}{1:02:33}Come on. {1:02:42}{1:02:46}Showtime, everyone!|Big smiles for the Big Apple! {1:02:46}{1:02:48}Listen up, Doris! {1:02:48}{1:02:51}You turn us into freaks,|and then what?

{1:02:51}{1:02:54}You think that's gonna|make everybody love you? {1:02:55}{1:02:57}No, but they'll despise you. {1:03:01}{1:03:04}And I'm sure|going to love that! {1:03:13}{1:03:16}Breaking news!|The missing penguins have been found! {1:03:16}{1:03:18}Okay.|According to my notes... {1:03:18}{1:03:21}genetic researcher, Dr. Octavius Brine|has found the penguins... {1:03:21}{1:03:23}and is bringing them here|to New York's Battery Park. {1:03:23}{1:03:25}The penguins are coming back! {1:03:25}{1:03:26}Oh, my gosh! Look! {1:03:54}{1:03:56}Penguin lovers of the world! {1:03:56}{1:03:58}Guess who I found. {1:03:58}{1:04:00}Penguins!|Penguins! {1:04:00}{1:04:01}It wasn't easy... {1:04:01}{1:04:04}but seeing the penguins|get what they deserve... {1:04:05}{1:04:07}will make it all worthwhile. {1:04:07}{1:04:10}What a weird thing to say.|I'm so excited! {1:04:11}{1:04:12}Do it. {1:04:24}{1:04:26}Skipper! Skipper! Skipper! {1:04:26}{1:04:28}Rico! Kowalski!

{1:04:28}{1:04:32}It's like I can still hear|his little voice calling to us! {1:04:32}{1:04:35}You have to get out of there!|Move! {1:04:35}{1:04:38}"You have a great otter, there. Moo." {1:04:38}{1:04:39}Why would he moo? {1:04:39}{1:04:43}What are you asking me for?|I'm not Private's little ghost. {1:04:46}{1:04:47}Uh-oh. {1:04:49}{1:04:51}No! {1:04:52}{1:04:56}Are you ready? {1:04:56}{1:04:57}Yeah! {1:05:00}{1:05:02}Yay! {1:05:06}{1:05:08}Your new... {1:05:08}{1:05:10}and improved... {1:05:10}{1:05:12}Penguins! {1:05:14}{1:05:16}Penguins!|Penguins! {1:05:16}{1:05:19}Penguins! Penguins! Penguins! {1:05:33}{1:05:36}The people love you.|Just go give them a hug! {1:05:46}{1:05:47}Don't let them touch you! {1:05:56}{1:05:58}Oh, no.|What's happening? {1:05:58}{1:06:00}Nobody likes you anymore? {1:06:00}{1:06:03}Well, the fun and games|are just beginning. {1:06:03}{1:06:04}Watch this, penguins!

{1:06:04}{1:06:05}Somebody call... {1:06:05}{1:06:07}the exterminators! {1:06:16}{1:06:18}And when the exterminators|take you away... {1:06:19}{1:06:21}you never come back! {1:06:46}{1:06:47}Oh, dear. {1:06:47}{1:06:49}Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, no! {1:06:49}{1:06:51}What do I do?|What do I do? {1:06:52}{1:06:53}Crikey! {1:06:58}{1:07:01}Come on, then, you wanna go?|You want some argy-bargy? {1:07:27}{1:07:28}Uh-oh, missed one! {1:07:30}{1:07:32}What a wonderful day in the park! {1:07:33}{1:07:34}Skipper! {1:07:39}{1:07:40}Wait! {1:07:42}{1:07:44}Hold on!|What are you doing? {1:07:47}{1:07:48}Skipper! {1:07:50}{1:07:51}Don't eat that! {1:07:52}{1:07:56}Skipper, listen!|It's me, Private. {1:07:56}{1:07:58}I've got a plan, but I need your help. {1:07:58}{1:08:00}I need my Skipper. {1:08:22}{1:08:23}Private? {1:08:24}{1:08:25}Yes!|That's it!

{1:08:25}{1:08:27}Private, you're alive! {1:08:29}{1:08:31}Oh, God! {1:08:44}{1:08:46}Kowalski!|You've got to get a grip! {1:08:48}{1:08:50}Kowalski!|Eva is worried about you! {1:08:51}{1:08:52}She is? {1:08:52}{1:08:53}What did she say? {1:08:53}{1:08:55}Did she say my name, specifically? {1:08:55}{1:08:58}I mean, were there tears?|Details! Come on, tell me! {1:08:59}{1:09:01}Private!|You're alive! Come here. {1:09:02}{1:09:03}This feels a little awkward... {1:09:03}{1:09:05}but I'm happy{1:09:09}{1:09:11}Rico!|You need to listen to us. {1:09:11}{1:09:14}I guess you're kind of the same|either way. {1:09:16}{1:09:17}Heads up! {1:09:20}{1:09:23}Looks like we're back in business, boys. {1:09:23}{1:09:26}And our business is saving penguin-kind. {1:09:26}{1:09:27}Who's with me? {1:09:28}{1:09:29}Count me in. {1:09:29}{1:09:30}Let's do this! {1:09:31}{1:09:33}Let's create and feel momentum! {1:09:38}{1:09:40}Sir, how long do we stand here|like this?

{1:09:40}{1:09:44}Until we've reached maximum coolness. {1:09:46}{1:09:48}There it is. {1:09:48}{1:09:49}Now all we need is a plan. {1:09:49}{1:09:51}I've got one! {1:09:55}{1:09:57}You stole Dave's ray? {1:09:57}{1:10:00}Well, I figured if we could|reverse the ray... {1:10:00}{1:10:03}we could turn everyone back to normal. {1:10:03}{1:10:04}Reverse the ray? {1:10:04}{1:10:05}That's brilliant! {1:10:06}{1:10:07}But it's impossible. {1:10:08}{1:10:10}In order to reverse the ray,|we would need to replace|the Medusa Serum... {1:10:11}{1:10:14}with a power source|of almost immeasurable cuteness. {1:10:14}{1:10:16}"Immeasurable cuteness"? {1:10:16}{1:10:18}Where the heck|are we supposed to get that? {1:10:29}{1:10:31}No, wait, Private! No! {1:10:31}{1:10:33}We don't know what|that will do to you! {1:10:36}{1:10:37}All right! {1:10:37}{1:10:39}The ray!|It works! {1:10:39}{1:10:39}It works! {1:10:40}{1:10:41}Private!|Are you okay?

{1:10:42}{1:10:43}Yes! {1:10:43}{1:10:45}Whoa!|Butt-hand! {1:10:45}{1:10:47}There's a hand attached to his butt. {1:10:48}{1:10:49}That was not there before. {1:10:49}{1:10:51}Get out of there!|That's an order! {1:10:51}{1:10:52}Permission to defy order. {1:10:52}{1:10:53}Permission denied! {1:10:53}{1:10:54}Then I deny your denial. {1:10:54}{1:10:56}It's too risky, Private! {1:10:56}{1:10:58}It already made you|sprout a butt-hand! {1:10:58}{1:11:00}I know it has to|be me this time. {1:11:02}{1:11:04}And I think you know it, too. {1:11:18}{1:11:20}I'm the secret weapon! {1:11:30}{1:11:34}I'm happy!|And yet... {1:11:34}{1:11:39}now that I have my revenge,|I feel empty. {1:11:39}{1:11:44}As if what I needed all along was... {1:11:44}{1:11:45}more revenge! {1:11:46}{1:11:47}In fact, Robin, write this down. {1:11:48}{1:11:50}Tomorrow, we move on to kittens! {1:11:50}{1:11:52}Then, puppies! Bunnies! Pandas! {1:11:55}{1:11:57}Charlize, they're on the ray! {1:11:58}{1:12:00}Helen, hunt them down!

{1:12:00}{1:12:01}William, hurt them. {1:12:02}{1:12:03}Halle, bury them! {1:12:03}{1:12:05}Hugh, Jack, man the battle stations! {1:12:06}{1:12:07}Kevin, bake on! {1:12:07}{1:12:10}We're still gonna need|that victory cake! {1:12:18}{1:12:20}We're only gonna get|one shot at this, boys. {1:12:20}{1:12:22}How we doing on those snow globes? {1:12:22}{1:12:24}Beam-splitter ready! {1:12:24}{1:12:26}Fire at Will! {1:12:27}{1:12:28}Do it, Skipper! {1:12:41}{1:12:42}Dead batteries? {1:12:42}{1:12:44}Game over, Skipper. {1:12:46}{1:12:47}No! {1:12:48}{1:12:50}Rico, batteries! {1:12:50}{1:12:52}Skipper, Kowalski,|hold off those octopi! {1:12:52}{1:12:54}We're doing this now! {1:12:55}{1:12:58}You heard Private!|Deploy! {1:13:16}{1:13:19}Get back, you aquatic savages! {1:13:19}{1:13:22}Behind you! Beside you!|Six o'clock! Twelve o'clock! {1:13:26}{1:13:28}They're coming from every direction! {1:13:28}{1:13:30}There's just too many of them! {1:13:50}{1:13:51}Whoa!

{1:13:51}{1:13:53}You came back! {1:14:01}{1:14:05}Oh! That's why you look back|at the explosion. {1:14:20}{1:14:21}Fallback positions! {1:14:22}{1:14:24}Stay away from Private! {1:14:28}{1:14:31}Suck it up, Kowalski! {1:14:33}{1:14:34}No! {1:14:34}{1:14:36}It's over, Skipper. {1:14:36}{1:14:38}Over?|That's weird. {1:14:38}{1:14:42}Then why is Rico|throwing me a fresh pair of double-As? {1:14:46}{1:14:47}No! {1:14:48}{1:14:49}The remote! {1:14:57}{1:14:58}Rico!|Dibble me! {1:15:56}{1:15:57}It worked! {1:15:57}{1:15:58}Private! {1:15:59}{1:16:01}Excuse me!|Emergency! Coming through. {1:16:01}{1:16:03}Make a hole!|Make a hole! {1:16:07}{1:16:08}Oh, no! {1:16:08}{1:16:10}Don't worry! {1:16:10}{1:16:14}A chrysalis is just forming around you.|That's perfectly normal. {1:16:26}{1:16:27}Private.

{1:16:37}{1:16:38}Private? {1:16:42}{1:16:44}Oh, look at that.|Majestic! {1:16:45}{1:16:46}Hello! {1:16:47}{1:16:49}- Oh! Hey!|- What's wrong? {1:16:50}{1:16:51}Have I got something...? {1:16:51}{1:16:53}Cover your eyes.|Don't turn your head! {1:16:55}{1:16:56}So... {1:16:57}{1:16:58}How do I look? {1:16:59}{1:17:00}You're hideously disfigured... {1:17:01}{1:17:03}and will probably be hunted for sport. {1:17:03}{1:17:04}What? {1:17:05}{1:17:06}What? {1:17:06}{1:17:11}If there's anything we've learned|from this delightful adventure, Kowalski... {1:17:11}{1:17:14}it's that looks don't matter. {1:17:15}{1:17:17}It's what you do that counts. {1:17:18}{1:17:21}And look at what you did. {1:17:41}{1:17:43}Yes, sir. {1:17:43}{1:17:48}You are the most meaningful|and valued member of this team. {1:18:06}{1:18:07}Way to go, Private! {1:18:08}{1:18:09}Atta boy!

{1:18:10}{1:18:11}Nicely done. {1:18:12}{1:18:15}Way to go, Private.|You did it! {1:18:15}{1:18:17}We're so proud of you! {1:18:17}{1:18:18}You saved us! {1:18:18}{1:18:20}We love you, Private! {1:18:21}{1:18:22}Yeah, we love you! {1:18:23}{1:18:24}You the penguin! {1:18:44}{1:18:45}Ramirez! {1:18:45}{1:18:46}- "Dave."|- Dave! {1:18:52}{1:18:55}What?|Are you kidding me? {1:18:57}{1:18:59}Dave! Oh, look at you. {1:18:59}{1:19:03}You think this is over?|I'm just getting started! {1:19:03}{1:19:05}What do we do with him now? {1:19:06}{1:19:07}Open this right now! {1:19:07}{1:19:09}Here you go, kid. {1:19:11}{1:19:13}Cool! {1:19:19}{1:19:21}I hope you find happiness, Dave. {1:19:23}{1:19:25}It's snowing!|It's snowing! It's snowing! {1:19:25}{1:19:28}It's snowing! It's snowing!|It's snowing! It's snowing! {1:19:29}{1:19:30}Right. Now, then... {1:19:31}{1:19:33}This is difficult for me to say...

{1:19:33}{1:19:35}Is it "osteoporosis"? {1:19:35}{1:19:36}You just gotta lean into the vowel. {1:19:37}{1:19:38}Os-tee-oh-... {1:19:39}{1:19:40}No, no. {1:19:40}{1:19:45}I want to say, you four|are the bravest agents|I have ever known. {1:19:46}{1:19:47}The point is... {1:19:47}{1:19:49}I was wrong about you. {1:19:49}{1:19:53}And I hope there is some way|I can make it right. {1:19:53}{1:19:55}- Give us jetpacks?|- We should kiss. {1:19:57}{1:19:59}Did you just say...? {1:20:04}{1:20:05}Well, that feels right! {1:20:06}{1:20:08}I think I'd actually|prefer a jetpack, please. {1:20:09}{1:20:12}I think we should go with|Private's idea. {1:20:16}{1:20:19}Kowalski, what's our trajectory? {1:20:19}{1:20:24}95% certain this will end in massive,|flaming disaster. {1:20:24}{1:20:25}And the other 5%? {1:20:25}{1:20:28}Irrelevant, sir.|Jetpacks are awesome! {1:20:28}{1:20:30}Agreed. {1:20:40}{1:20:42}Who says penguins can't fly? {1:20:47}{1:20:48}Booyah!

{1:21:25}{1:21:28}Skipper, we are going to turn me|back to normal, right? {1:21:28}{1:21:30}Absolutely.|First thing, Monday. {1:21:34}{1:21:36}I'm in a rocket ship! {1:21:36}{1:21:37}I want to push the button. {1:21:38}{1:21:39}Give me that. {1:21:39}{1:21:40}Stealer! {1:21:40}{1:21:42}Let's do this!|I'm ready! {1:21:42}{1:21:43}Okay, on three.|One, three, go! {1:21:44}{1:21:46}I'm just going to do|a little practice push. {1:21:47}{1:21:48}Okay, I'm not going to press it... {1:21:49}{1:21:51}Why are you smacking my hand?|Hey, look over there! {1:21:52}{1:21:53}I'm a laser show! {1:21:55}{1:21:56}Julien! {1:21:57}{1:21:58}Hey! {1:21:58}{1:22:01}That's the Private we know and love.|High one! {1:22:02}{1:22:04}Immeasurable cuteness, right there. {1:22:04}{1:22:05}Good to be back. {1:22:06}{1:22:08}I feel like a french fry. {1:22:09}{1:22:11}I'm okay! {1:22:11}{1:22:13}And with cuteness to spare.

{1:22:13}{1:22:16}Come on!|Frosty mugs of herring juice, all around. {1:22:16}{1:22:17}- Private's buying.|- What? {1:22:17}{1:22:21}You know, if I'm being honest,|I expected a little more... {1:22:21}{1:22:22}pizzazz! {1:22:24}{1:22:26}Yes! Now, that's pizzazz!

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