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江南大学现代远程教育 2013 年下半年第二阶段测试卷
考试科目:《大学英语(二) 》 时间:90 分钟
专业: 姓名: 学习中心(教学点) 批次: 学号: 层次: 身份证号: 得分:

(总分 100 分)

1、-- How is your father today? -- __C________, thanks. A:He is over forty B:He's a doctor C:He's much better D:He's Brown 2、--Will you please give the note to him? -- ______A________. A:Certainly, I'll give it to him B:No, please not C:Sorry, I don't D:Yes, please do 3、--I was born in Boston, but I studied in New York.____B_____? --I was born in New York, but studied in Boston. A:What do you do B:And you C:Where were you D:Do you 4、--What does your father do? -- __C_________. A:He is cleaning the street B:He is forty C:He is a farmer D:He is all right

5、-- _____C________? -- Do you have a toy horse? A:What do you want to sell B:Shall I help you C:What can I do for you D:Do you like a toy horse

1、 Tom arrived at the bus station quite early for Paris bus. The bus for Paris would not leave until five to twelve. He saw a lot of people waiting in the station. Some were standing in line, others were walking around. There was a group of schoolgirls. Their teacher was trying to keep them in line. Tom looked around, but there was no place for him to sit. He walked into the station cafe. He looked up at the clock there. It was only twenty to twelve. He found a seat and sat down before a large mirror on the wall. Just then, Mike, one of Tom's workmates came in and sat with Tom. "What time is your bus?" asked Mike. "There's plenty of time yet" answered Tom. "Well, I'll get you some more tea then" said Mike. They talked while drinking. Then Tom looked at the clock again. "Oh! It's going backward" he cried. "A few minutes ago it was twenty to twelve, and now it's half past eleven." "You're looking at the clock in the mirror." said Mike. Tom was so sad. The next bus was not to leave for another hour. Since then Tom has never liked mirrors. √

(1)、Tom went into the station cafe because Mike asked him to have a cup of tea. A:T √B:F

(2)、Tom and Mike talked while drinking. √A:T B:F

(3)、When Tom looked at the clock in the mirror, it's actually half past twelve. √A:T B:F

(4)、From the story we know that when we look at a clock in a mirror, we will find it's going backward.

√A:T B:F

(5)、Tom arrived in Paris on time. A:T √B:F

2、 My Aunt Edith was a widow of 50, working as a secretary, when doctors discovered what was then thought to be a very serious heart disease. Aunt Edith didn't accept defeat easily. She began studying medical reports in the library and found an article in a magazine about a well-known heart surgeon, Dr. Michael DeBakey, of Houston, Texas. He had saved the life of someone with the same disease. The article said his fees were very high; Aunt Edith couldn't possibly pay them. But could he tell her of someone whose fees she could pay? So Aunt Edith wrote to him. She simply listed her reasons for wanting to live: her three children, who would be on their own in three or four more years; her little-girl dream of traveling and seeing the world. There wasn't a word of self-pity-only warmth and humor and the joy of living. She mailed the letter, not really expecting an answer. A few days later, my doorbell rang. Aunt Edith didn't wait to come in; she stood in the hall and read aloud: Your beautiful letter moved me very deeply. If you can come to Houston, there will be no charge for either the hospital or the operation. Signed :Michael DeBakey

(6)、Aunt Edith stopped working as a secretary when she knew she had a very serious heart disease. A:T √B:F

(7)、From the story we can see Aunt Edith accepted defeat easily. A:T √B:F

(8)、In Aunt Edith's letter to the doctor, she showed she was warm, humorous and enjoying living. √A:T B:F

(9)、When Aunt Edith mailed her letter, she didn't expect the doctor would give her a reply. √A:T B:F

(10)、Michael DeBakey mainly told Aunt Edith in the letter that her disease was so serious that he couldn't cure her. A:T √B:F


The Swedes are among the most charming peoples in Europe. And their charm comes from

an apparent contradiction in the national character. They are extremely conservative in social relationships; within the family and when meeting friends and business acquaintances, their conduct is governed by strict social patterns. At the same time, they are one of the most intellectually progressive people in the world. They are always open to new ideas. All social occasions in Sweden are regulated by rules and traditions. And these traditions are expressed in a specific ritual (仪式) made up of formal bows, handshakes, and greetings. When a visitor enters a Swedish home, he is invariably received with a "Welcome"; when he leaves, his host will tell him "You will be welcome again". These charming phrases are an indestructible part of Swedish social life and they give it an old-world flavor of good manners. Equally attractive is the Swedish acceptance of modern technological equipment. A traveller never needs to search for a telephone in Sweden: telephone booths are placed at regular intervals along the main streets and highways. And in church, for example, long benches are fitted with hearing aids for worshippers who may be hard of hearing. Swedish homes are among the best equipped in the world and travellers in Sweden find their journeys made easy by the use of the most efficient modern devices.

11. The contradiction of the Swedes can be found in ____. A) their strictness in social activities and friendliness in entertaining guests √B) their conserved attitude towards social relationships and openness to initiative ideas C) their clearly set social patterns and enthusiasm about big parties D) their specific ritual and concern about good manners 12. "Invariably" in the second paragraph can be best replaced with ___. A) "often" B) "usually" C) "sometimes"

√D) "always" 13. It cannot be inferred from the passage that the Swedes are ____. √A) hard-working B) polite C) considerate D) efficient 14. According to the passage, the Swedish social ritual doesn’t include ____. A) greetings B) bows C) handshaking √D) embraces 15. Which of the following statements is NOT true? A) People can hear the priest more clearly with the hearing aids in the church. B) The Swedes' homes are among the best equipped ones in the world. √C) Travelers will be most satisfied when travelling in Sweden. D) It's very convenient to make a call in booths in Sweden.

1、A pilot should be responsible ____ the safety of all the passengers on board. A:against B:at √C:for D:with 2、The construction of the new bridge has been ____ for two weeks because of the bad weather. A:devoted B:developed C:depended √D:delayed 3、It was because of the heavy rain last night ____ I didn't go home before 10 o'clock. √A:that B:when C:which D:how

4、The reason I didn't go to Canada was _______ a new job. A:because I got B:how I got √C:that I got D:why I got 5、Professor White contributed a lot to our community, _______. √A:teaching, writing, and lecturing B:teaching, writing, and a lecturer C:a teacher, a writer, and lecturing D:teaching, lecturing, and a writer

1、 A rich American went into a shop in London. He wanted very much ___1___ a nice-looking watch. He saw a watch and liked it so much that he decided to buy it. But the owner of the shop asked five hundred dollars for it.While the American was hesitating, a young man suddenly came into the shop, took the watch out of the owner's hand and ran out with it. It all happened in ___2___ seconds. When the owner ran out into the street, the young man had already ___3___ among the people. The American went on. At the next corner, he saw the young man with the stolen watch in his hand, "Do you want to buy a fine watch, sir?" he said in a low voice, "It's only a hundred dollars." "The young man doesn't know I saw him ___4___ the watch just now," he thought. The American paid at once and went happily back to his room with the watch. He told his friend about the fine watch. His friend ___5___ a look at the watch and started to shout immediately. He said, "You are a fool. This watch is worth only ten dollars. I'm sure the shop owner and the young man planned all this together."

(1)、 A:a few B:disappeared √C:to get D:took E:stealing

(2)、 √A:a few B:disappeared C:to get

D:took E:stealing

(3)、 A:a few √B:disappeared C:to get D:took E:stealing

(4)、 A:a few B:disappeared C:to get D:took √E:stealing

(5)、 D:took E:stealing

1、She looks lovely when she is happy. 她高兴的时候看起来很可爱。 2、Okay, and I need a pen to fill out the address. 好,我还得借一支笔来填写地址。 3、I've been so busy lately,I haven't had time to call anybody. 我最近一直很忙,所以没时间打电话给任何人。

Instructions:建议你在30分钟内,根据下面所给的题目和提纲用英语写出一篇不少于80词的短 文。 1.介绍你的一位英语老师; 2.说明他(她)的主要教学方法以及你的看法。 My Teacher of English

My teachers of English are all so great ,I love them all. But one of them impressed me.He is my junior high school English teacher .His Chinese name was Chu. He was so thin .But his teaching process was loveable. He had a lively sense of humor. So we students had a comprehensive grasp of the subject easily. A good teacher not just has much knowledge ,but also he should to know how to educate his students well in a good way. In my opinion, I care nothing about his experience ,but what we can gain from him.

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