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【内容来自于相关网站和学校提供】(考试时间:90 分钟 满分:100 分) 选择题(每题 4 分,共 100 分):

第 1 题: Passage CExpo 2010 is held in Shanghai from May 1to October 31.People all over the world are looking forward to it. Here are several golden rules on how to best plan your trip.Rule 1:Do your homeworkRead everything you can before going. Really study the maps .Know the pavilions. Arrive at the entrance nearest to the things you want to see. Have a plan. It will make a big difference.Rule 2:Allow plenty of timeExpo 2010 is the largest attraction event in the history of the world. It will take many days too see it. Plan to spend from five to eight days of more seeing it.Rule 3:Pace yourselfExpo is enormous .The distances are punishing .It is better to spend a day seeing a single area than to run back and forth all over the site. Remember to wear the most comfortable shoes. Never mind what they look like.Rule 4 :Get going in MayAt many Expos the crowds are smaller in May and in early June than any other time. And beware the last two weeks. During every Expo, people delay their visits and then in early October they suddenly realize. 《Expo will close soon! I haven't seen it!》 As a result ,the last several weeks usually have the most crowed days of the entire Expo.Rule 5 :Find out what everyone else is doing –and do the oppositeIf you don't like large crowds and long lines, do the opposite. Here is an example: Most people go on Saturdays or on holidays .So avoid Saturdays and holidays. Go on weekdays when most people are at work.Rule 6 :Turn up Expo 2010 is the largest celebration in China's history-am amazing once –in-a-lifetime event. When it is gone and it will never be seen again. So whatever you do, don't miss it! Expo 2010 will last ________. A. five to eight days year 【正确答案】C B. several weeks C. six months D. a

讲解:Expo 2010 is held in Shanghai from May 1to October 31.可知将持续 6 个月。 选C

第 2 题:A. dear

B. bad

C. big

D. small

【正确答案】C 讲解:这里应选择一个褒义形容词修饰汤姆的蔬菜水果,故只能选 big。

第 3 题:(A)The 2008 Olympic Games (B)will (C)be taken place (D)in Beijing.

【正确答案】C 讲解:C 改为 take place。 take place 表示《发生、举行、举办》,一般指非偶然性事 件的《发生》,即这种事件的发生一定有某种原因或事先的安排

第 4 题:“Can’t you stay here a bit longer?” A. Yes; away 【正确答案】D 讲解:你不能再待会儿吗? 不行,我得走了。选 D B. Yes; off

“______. I must be ______ now.” D. No; off

C. No; away

第 5 题:As is known to us, children who are not active or ______ diet is high in fat will gain weight quickly. A. that 【正确答案】D 讲解:正如我们所知,不爱运动或者饮食中脂肪含量过高的孩子会快速增肥。定语从 句引导词 whose+n.表示某人的。选 D B. what C. which D. whose


第 6 题:Please pass me a pen to write______. A. in 【正确答案】C 讲解:其结构时 write sth with a pen。用笔写,要用 with。选 C B. by C. with D. to

第 7 题: Passage A More and more people like bicycling and it is no surprise. It is fun, healthy and good for the environment. Maybe that's why there are 1.4 billion bicycles and only 400 million cars on roads worldwide today. Bikes can take you almost anywhere, and there is no oil cost! Get on a bicycle and ride around your neighbourhood. You may discover something new all around you. Stopping and getting off a bike is easier than stopping and getting out of your car. You can bike to work and benefit (受益) from the enjoyable exercise without polluting the environment. You don't even have to ride all the way. Folding (折叠) bikes work well for people who ride the train. Just fold the bike and take it with you. You can do the same on an airplane. A folding bike can be packed in a suitcase. You can also take a common bike with you when you fly. But be sure to look for information by getting on airline websites. Not all airlines are bicycle-friendly to travellers.Health Benefits of Bicycling:It helps to prevent heart diseases.Bicycling helps to control your weight.A 15-minute bike ride to and from work three times a week burns off five kilos of fat in a year.Bicycling can improve your mood (心情).Exercise like bicycling has been shown to make people feel better, more relaxed and selfconfident.Bicycling is healthier than driving.From the passage, we know that bicycling is becoming very A. surprising 【正确答案】D 讲解:细节理解题。根据第一段第一行 More and more people like bicycling and it is no surprise.越来越多的人喜欢骑自行车,这毫无疑问。故选 D,受欢迎的。 B. exciting C. expensive D. popular

第 8 题:修辞手法不同其他三项的一项是(

A.水从悬崖上像条飞练似的泻下。B.云海五座,如五大洋,汹涌澎湃。C.绯红的 莲花峰迎着阳光,舒展了一瓣瓣的含水的花。D.山如眉黛,小屋恰似眉梢的痣一点。 【正确答案】C

讲解:A 是比喻 B 是比喻 C 是拟人 D 是比喻

第 9 题:(A)It's important (B)of (C)us (D)to protect our environment.

【正确答案】B 讲解:B. of 改为 for .形容词 important 用来修饰 protect our environment,所以要用 for.如果形容词修饰人要用 of

第 10 题:Never ______ such a foolish man since I came to this part of the city. A. I did see 【正确答案】D 讲解:Since 是现在完成时的标志。Never 放句首,句子要倒装。选 D B. did I see C. I have seen D. have I seen

第 11 题:Which of the following was NOT one of the woman's duties? A. Answering phone calls. B. Receiving visitors. C. Writing e-mails to customers. D. Making reservations. 【正确答案】D 讲解:【解析】哪一项不是这个女人的职责。从对话中可以找到:接电话,接待来访 者,给客户写邮件。没有预定这项工作。

第 12 题: Passage BVans, Keds, Dollies—they sound like the names of rock bands, but if you have teenagers, you'll know they're actually the latest in teenage footwear.But experts are now warning that the current shoe fashions will be causing teenagers discomfort in the short term and storing up years of foot, knee and back pain in the future.Here, the experts identify the problems caused by teenagers' shoe choice.KEDS/VANSSlip-on shoes with elastic (弹性的)sides are particularly popular among teenage boys - with Keds and Vans the most soughtafter brands.The main problem is that they are just too flat—so flat that the heel, which strikes the ground first, also becomes damaged and painful.BALLET PUMPSThe

worst shoes of all are such light and thin dolly shoes. The problem is partly their flatness, as with Keds and Vans. However ballet pumps, which have no string or heel, have other specific problems.《As the shoe has no fastening device, it relies on the toes to keep the shoe on, causing an awkward gait(步法), this leads to short- and long-term problems such as calluses(茧子), heel and knee pain.》WEDGES AND STILETTOSThese shoes can also cause problems with gait. They may look good, but the heels on these are so high they can force the wearer's body weight forward, making them very unstable.Teens who wear these shoes regularly are also in danger of joining those millions of women with constant back pain.SCHOOL SHOESSo what do podiatrists(足科医生)have on their wish list, especially for everyday wear?Something in a natural, breathable fabric, with a string to hold it on, with a small heel and a deep toe-box that does not press the toes, such as Clark's, Marks & Spencer or Rhino.If your teen insists on wearing 'bad' shoes, get them some simple foot orthodontics(矫形器) in the shoes. These support and correct the movement of the foot and, properly fitted by a podiatrist, can often transform their walk and halt the damage. Which pair of shoes may not be found on the podiatrists list? B C 【正确答案】B 讲解:【解析】 podiatrists(足科医生)have on their wish list:Something in a natural, breathable fabric, with a string to hold it on, with a small heel and a deep toe-box that does not press the toes 可知选 B D A

第 13 题:A.ask

B. basket

C. table

D. grass

【正确答案】C 讲解:A./ɑ:/ B./ɑ:/ C./eɪ/ D/ɑ:/

第 14 题:________we can't understand is___________he didn't join us in the discussion. A.What; why 【正确答案】A 讲解:【解析】what 引导主语从句,我们不能理解的是为什么他不参加我们的讨论。 B.What; how C.That; that D.That; whether


第 15 题:一 Although it's a good opportunity , I've decided not to accept your offer.一______ I do wish you'd think it over . A.I'm glad to hear that D.Forget it. 【正确答案】B 讲解:尽管这是个好机会,但我决定不接受您的录取通知。-很遗憾听到这个消息,我 真的希望你可以好好考虑。选 B B.I'm sorry to hear that C.I don't think so

第 16 题:His brave action ________ a serious accident in the street. A. prevented 【正确答案】A 讲解:【解析】他在街上的壮举阻止了一场严重的事故。His brave action 是三单,一 般现在时要加 s,否则用过去时。选 A B. protected C. help D. stop

第 17 题:We are very ________ about the __________news. A.exciting;exciting D.exciting;excited 【正确答案】C 讲解:-ed 修饰人,-ing 修饰物。选 C B.excited;excited C.excited;exciting

第 18 题:A、no




【正确答案】C 讲解:原因是大多数学校只对男性开放。选 C

第 19 题:选出下列各项解说有错误的一项( )

A.莫泊桑是十九世纪下半叶法国重要的批判现实主义作家。他与俄国的契诃夫、美国 的欧?亨利并称为世界三大短篇小说大师。 B.莫泊桑的代表作有短篇小说《羊脂球》、 《项链》,长篇小说《漂亮的朋友》、《包法利夫人》。 C.《项链》原名《首饰》, 作者以项链的借、丢、赔展开情节,故事写得曲折有致,特别是结尾耐人寻味。 D.主 人公玛蒂尔德的主要性格是爱慕虚荣、追求享乐,但并非只是如此,在小说的后半部 分她所表现出现的倔强和自尊,揭示了她性格的另一方面。 【正确答案】B 讲解:《包法利夫人》是福楼拜写的。

第 20 题:We have plenty of time to catch the train. A.a lot of 【正确答案】A 讲解:a lot of =lots of 许多,大量修饰可数或不可数名词,many 修饰可数名词。选 A B.a lot C.many D.kinds of

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