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湖北省黄梅一中2013-2014学年高二英语上学期适应性训练试题(十一) 新人教版

湖北省黄梅一中 2013-2014 学年高二英语上学期适应性训练试题(十一) 新人教版 英语试题 词汇知识运用(共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节单项选择(共 10 小题;每小题 l 分,满分 l0 分) 1. —It is raining hard. Will you go to your friend?s birthday party? —I promised him to g

o, but the heavy rain really places me in a ______. I?m not sure whether I will go or not. A. disadvantage B. conclusion C. dilemma D. challenge 2. I threatened to report the taxi driver for illegally ______ a passenger, but he pointed at his “Not for Hire” sign and drove away. A. resisting B. rejecting C. disposing D. removing 3.Everyone can ______ and every dollar counts, please join us and donate some money to help earthquake victims. A. make a success B. make a promise C. make a point D. make a difference 4.After a heated discussion, the employees presented many ______ suggestions which might help improve the quality of the company?s product. A. accurate B. optimistic C. positive D. temporary 5.They?re ______ choosing a cautious policy in order to avoid a risk in such an important event. A. thoroughly B. deliberately C. carelessly D. naturally 6.Maybe you have been to many countries, but nowhere else _______ a more beautiful palace. A.can you find B.you could find C.you can find D.could you find 7.________ his lessons , he failed in the exam. A. Not reviewing B. Having not reviewed C. Not reviewed D. Not having reviewed 8.After the SixParty Talk in Beijing, an agreement was reached _____that North Korea would abandon(放弃)_____ nuclear weapons. A. stating(声明); to develop B. stating; developing C. to state; to develop D. states; developing 9.The 8.8 quake in central Chile caused widespread damage, destroying lots of buildings and hundreds of thousands of people_______ . A.to affect B.affecting C.affect D.affected 10.Written in a hurry, ________________. A. they find many mistakes in the report B. Sam made many mistakes in the report C. there are lots of mistakes in the report D. the report is full of spelling mistakes 第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A,B,C,D)中选出可以填入空白处的 最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 Eighty-year-old retired tailor, James McKay, spent Saturday night in jail after thirty-year-old Keith Smith over the head his walking stick. McKay's wife, Laurence told us that while McKay is usually a person, he had been to this act of violence by getting wet just once too often. Smith lives above the McKays and it appears that not only is he a keen gardener, he is also a collector. Unfortunately for him, the water he sent over his balcony every day ended up on the

McKay's, or too often, on the McKays . “For the last fortnight, since Smith moved into the flat above us, we have hardly dared to go to our ,” said Laurence. She added that it wasn't so much the water falling onto their balcony from Smith watering his plant bothered them, it was more the way he cleaned his fish tanks. “We'd be there happily reading our newspapers, when so much water would come from above that we'd be as wet as if we'd with our clothes on! Neither could we get rid of the of fish!” And on Saturday evening it was just too . “It was James's birthday,” explained Laurence, “and I'd made him a birthday cake. The candles were a great sight as you can imagine, but James didn't get to blow them out.” , Smith emptied one of his larger tanks over his balcony and both the McKays and the cake were wet . Rarely had Laurence seen McKay move so fast. “I couldn't him. He was up there in a flash. It was the fastest I'd seen him move since 1964.” Smith is not going to take things further with the police. He has also promised to change his from now on. And what of James McKay? he left the police station, a large crowd of supporters sang him, “Happy Birthday”. “ the most exciting birthday !” said the cheerful old man. “The best since my adolescence I'd say!” 11.A. hitting B. tapping C. pushing D. touching 12.A. by B. via C. through D. with 13.A. quiet B. peaceful C. sensitive D. stubborn 14.A. accustomed B. taken C. driven D. attracted 15.A. fish B. seed C. plant D. newspaper 16.A. himself B. itself C. themselves D. herself 17.A. bathroom B. kitchen C. bedroom D. balcony 18.A. which B. what C. that D. whether 19.A. sitting B. exercising C. sleeping D. eating 20.A. regularly B. unconsciously C. precisely D. suddenly 21.A. swum B. showered C. watered D. drowned 22.A. taste B. sense C. feeling D. smell 23.A. little B. soon C. late D. much 24.A. Beside B. Instead C. Otherwise D. Consequently 25.A. over B. across C. through D. down 26.A. stop B. blame C. ignore D. stand 27.A. views B. attitude C. ways D. mind 28.A. While B. Since C. Until D. As 29.A. Sincerely B. Impossibly C. Definitely D. Previously 30.A. before B. ever C. already D. since 第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每篇短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项, 并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 A Some people believe that international sport creates goodwill between the nations and that if countries play games together they will learn to live together. Others say that the opposite is true:
-2 -

international contests encourage false national pride and lead to misunderstanding and hatred. There is probably some truth in both arguments, but in recent years the Olympic Games have done little to support the view that sports encourage international brotherhood. Not only was there the incident of tragedy involving murders of athletes, but the Games were also ruined by lesser incidents caused principally by minor national contests. One country received its second-place medals with visible anger after the hockey final. There had been noisy scenes at the end of the hockey match, as the losers disagreed with the final decisions. They believed that one of their goals should have been allowed and that their opponents? victory was unfair. Their manager was in great anger when he said: “This isn?t hockey. Hockey and the International Hockey Federation are finished.” The president of the Federation said later that such behavior could result in the suspension(停赛) of the team for at least three years. The American basketball team announced that they would not yield first place to Russia, after a disputable(有争议的) end to their contest. The game had ended in disorder. It was thought at first that the United States had won by a single point, but it was announced that there were three seconds still to play. A Russian player then threw the ball from one end of the court to the other, and another player popped it into the basket. It was the first time the US had ever lost an Olympic basketball match. An appeal jury (评审委员会) debated the matter for four and a half hours before announcing that the result would stand. The American players then voted not to receive the silver medals. Incidents of this kind will continue as long as sport is played competitively rather than for the love of the game. The suggestion that athletes should compete as individuals or in non-national teams, might be too much to hope for. But in the present organization of the Olympics there is far too much that encourages aggressive patriotism (爱国主义). 31.According to the author, recent Olympic Games have ____. A. created goodwill between the nations B. hardly showed any international friendship C. caused only false national pride D. led to more and more misunderstanding and hatred 32.What did the manager mean by saying, “...Hockey and the International Hockey Federation are finished”? A. There should be no more hockey matches organized by the Federation. B. His team would no longer take part in international games. C. Hockey and the Federation are ruined by the unfair decisions. D. The Federation should be ended. 33. The basketball example implied that . A. too much patriotism was displayed in the incident B. the announcement to make the match last longer was wrong C. the appeal jury was too hesitant in making the decision D. The American team was right in receiving the silver medals 34.Which statement best summarizes this passage? A. The organization of the Olympic Games must be improved. B. Different teams often have disputes when fighting for the first place. C. Any team that has disrespectful behavior should be suspended. D. Athletes should compete as individuals.


B From the beginning of human history, wild animals provided food, clothing and sometimes medicine for man. We may not depend as much on wild animals now. But we hear about them every day. Americans use the names of animals in many ways. Automobile manufacturers and gasoline companies especially like to use big cats to sell their products. They like lions, tigers and wildcats. When Americans say wildcat, they usually mean a lynx, an ocelot or a bobcat. All these cats attack quickly and fiercely. So wildcats represent something fast and fierce. An early American use of the word wildcat was quite different. It was used to describe members of Congress who declared war on Britain in 1812. A magazine of that year said the wildcat congressmen went home. It said they were unable to face the responsibility of having involved their country in an unnecessary war. Wildcat also has been used as a name for money in the 1800s. At that time, some states permitted banks to make their own money. One bank in the state of Michigan offered paper money with a picture of a wildcat on it. Some banks, however, did not have enough gold to support all the paper money they offered. So the money had little or no value. It was called a wildcat bill or a wildcat banknote. The banks who offered this money were called wildcat banks. A newspaper of the time said those were the days of wildcat money. It said a man might be rich in the morning and poor by night. Wildcat then was also used for an oil well or gold mine that had almost no oil or gold in it. Dishonest developers would buy such property. Then they would sell it and leave town with the money. The buyers were left with worthless holes in the ground. Today, wildcat oil wells are in areas that are not known to have oil. 35.What is the main idea of the passage? A. Wildcats and their stories. B. Wildcats and their characters. C. Varieties of animal species. D. Relationship between animals and humans. 36 . The underlined words "a lynx, an ocelot or a bobcat" in Paragraph 1 may refer to "__________". A. gasoline companies B. automobile manufacturers C. brands of automobile D. names of wildcats 37.Which of the following would people like to have or trust according to the passage? A. Wildcat congressmen. B. Wildcat oil wells. C. Wildcat banks. D. Wildcat cars. 38.It can be inferred that during the days of wildcat money__________. A. people couldn't buy anything with the money B. people complained and suffered a lot C. the rich invested too much on oil wells D. people didn't know how to save money C The United States economy has dipped into economic recession (经济衰退). This caused discomfort and hardship in every level of society; but for many of the nation?s poor, discomfort and

hardship turned into misery (苦难). An increase in homelessness is probably the worst result of a nation?s financial disaster. About 3 million Americans were homeless because of a lack of affordable housing. Experts suggest that a family should spend no more than 30 percent of its income on housing. In fact, in some families housing costs make up 50 percent or more. An unexpected event, such as losing work or illness, can quickly push a family into homelessness. An article in Time magazine tells a story of one such family. A young couple and their three children rented a two-bedroom apartment for about $350 a month. They could hardly go on with the husband?s $920-a-month take-home pay; so when their rent was raised to $500 a month, they could no longer make ends meet. Another woman was found dead on a street in Washington D.C., the capital, and she died at a bus-stop across the street from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. People become homeless for different reasons. Some may not be able to pay for housing, because they have lost their job and cannot find another place they can afford. Others have mental diseases, or are addicted to drugs or alcohol, many of whom do not live with their family. And what?s more, there are not enough centers for shelter as the government doesn?t pay enough attention to this social problem. People are making efforts to solve the problem. However, it will not be easy, because it is a personal and economical problem as well as a social problem. 39.The passage is mainly about __________ in the US. A. ways of solving economic problems B. homeless people being taken good care of C. different reasons for economic recession D. economic recession leading to social problems 40.In the passage the author supported his view by __________. A. presenting specific figures B. giving examples C. explaining in details D. discussing different opinions 41. One main result that economic recession has led to is __________ A. an increase of living costs B. more and more deaths C. an increase of homeless people D. less centers for poor people 42.How many reasons why people become homeless are listed in the passage? A. 2. B. 3. C. 4. D. 5.

D Everyone wants some degree of success. Many people believe that they deserve success simply because they believe that they deserve success. But there is a widespread belief that people who get on in life may be successful not because they deserve it, but because of influential (有影响的) friends or the right background. Sometimes it may just be a comforting and harmless belief, while at the other extreme it can be very destructive. I once met a brilliant young engineer who worked in a chemical plant. Because of her knowledge and experience, she should have been promoted to Production Manager. Instead, the job went to a man who was totally unsuited for the post. Everyone knew that he only got it because he was politically

acceptable to his superiors (上司). This injustice discouraged the young engineer and many of her colleagues. It also meant that the factory was much less efficient than it could have been. At the same time, we should not be pessimistic (悲观的). More and more the modern world depends on having people who are in the job because they are good enough, not just because their faces fit. There is a story of a factory owner who sent for an engineer to see to a machine which would not go. He examined it, then took out a hammer and tapped, once. The machine started up immediately. When he presented his bill, the owner protested, "This can't be right! $ 100 just for tapping a machine with a hammer?" The engineer wrote out a new bill: "For tapping a machine, $1; for knowing where to tap. $99." 43.The engineer at the chemical plant was not promoted because _____. A. it was politically less good for the boss to accept her than the man B. her boss did not think she had the fight qualifications for the job C. the man who got the promotion was more experienced than she was D. it is more difficult for a woman to get a promotion than for her male colleague 44.The engineer who repaired the machine was right in charging $ 100 because____. A. he hit the machine to get it started again B. the factory owner could not have repaired it himself C. he was charging for his knowledge and expert skills D. he was the only person who could find out what was wrong with it 45.What can we learn about the author's attitude toward the widespread belief that "people get on in life may be successful not because they deserve it"? A. He quite agrees with it. B. He doesn't express his opinion his opinion at it. C. He completely disagrees with it. D. He doesn't quite agree with it. 46.According to the text, which of the following is NOT true? A. Having influential friends or right background seems helpful sometimes. B. The engineer had good reason to overcharge the factory owner. C. Not all those who are good in their jobs have the chance to be promoted. D. Those who are good in their jobs are still largely needed by the modern society.

E Scientists have confirmed that the majority of overweight people who try to lose weight either by cutting calories or exercising will return to their former size.Fewer than 10 percent of the l2 million British people who go on a diet each year succeed in losing significant amounts of weight and most of those who do put it all back on again within a year. The study of 25,000 people provides further evidence of the popularity of?yo-yo dieting?where slimmers get into a cycle of losing weight and regaining it.The scientists,from the Medical Research Council?s National Survey of Health and Development, have concluded it is better to avoid getting fat in the first place.They followed 5,362 men and women from their birth in l946 and 20, 000 from birth in l958, measuring their weight and blood pressure and assessing their lifestyles. The researchers found both groups began gaining weight in the 1980s and have steadily increased in size

ever since. Dr Rebecca Hardy,the council?s programme leader on body size,said:“0nce people become, overweight,they continue extremely upwards.They hardly ever go back down.A(印刷不清两个 单词) weight but very few get back to normal。The best policy is to prevent people becoming overweight. For men weight goes up steadily through life。 For women it starts slowly and accelerates in the mid-thirties.” But the study's findings do not mean dieting is pointless,as eating less and taking more exercise can increase fitness and lower blood pressure. In 2009, a quarter of adults and l4 percent of children were obese( 过度肥胖的 ) , according to the Department of Health?s latest Health Survey for England.Although previous research has shown one in four Britons is trying to lose weight at any one time,it has been predicted that 60 percent of us will be obese by 2050,leading to even more cases of diabetes(糖尿病),heart disease and cancer.Experts said we are programmed to put on weight rather than lose it.Dieting can make this tendency worse as decreasing calorie intake causes the body to go into starvation mode and reduce the amount of energy it naturally expends,making it even harder to lose weight. Commenting on the study, Professor Nick Finer from London Hospital, said:“It is unlikely that man would have progressed with mechanisms to fight against obesity which has only become a problem in the last 30~40 years.For most of human history,storing fat would have been an advantage.” 47.According to Dr Rebecca Hardy,which of the following is TRUE? A.It is easier for men to lose weight than women. B.Once people lose weight,they never put on weight again. C.Never to become fat is the best way of keeping a good shape. D.The fact that fat people keep their weight upwards is unusual. 48.The author says “the study?s findings do not mean dieting is pointless” because . A.the study lacks believable facts B.obese people are confident in losing weight C.dieting can really make a few people lose weight D.dieting and sports help to keep people free from some diseases 49.From the last paragraph,we can learn that . A.decreasing calorie intake makes it even harder to lose weight B.the idea that people lose weight with mechanisms is practical C.being overweight is a lasting problem through the human history D.by 2050 more and more people will have got unfit because of losing weight 50.Which of the following can serve as the best title of the passage? A.Which is better:cutting calories or exercisin97 B.Fat people can?t really keep the weight off C.A new study on people?s health D.How to go on a healthy diet 第四部分:书面表达(共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节:完成句子(共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) 51. When I opened the door, l found him sitting in the sofa, completely _____________________ reading a novel. (absorb) 当我打开门时,我发现他坐在沙发上,完全专心地看小说。 52.So _____________________________ that Maric was able to set up new branches elsewhere.

(successful) 她的生意是如此成功,以至于玛里克可以在别的地方建立新的分公司。 53.It seems that we have to accept the result and make a good preparation to have another try. earlier, I could have done something to avoid this accident. (inform) 看来我们必须接受这个结果并做好再次尝试的准备了。要是我早点得知的话,就可以做些什 么来避免这场事故了。 54.It is the test system, rather than the teachers, for the students? heavy study burden nowadays. (blame) 对于学生现在的学业重压,该受责备的是考试体系,而不是老师。 55. Have you ever had a case but nobody showed any concern? (fall) 你有没有过这种情况,你病倒了,却没有人关心? 56.With my money , I have to draw some from the bank in case I have none in hand. (run) 我的钱快用完了,所以我要从银行取点钱,以防手头太紧。 57. We are told from the director?s office that we know the result of the final examination. (long) 我们从主任办公室获悉,过不了多久,我们就可以知道期终考试的结果。 58.Some experts recommend signs and posters be put up in areas . (allow) 一些专家建议应在不允许抽烟的地方贴上标志和海报。 59. No one really knows exactly when the first people arrived in now. (call) 没有人知道确切在什么时候第一批移民者到达我们今天称之为美国的地方。 60 . A reporter begins by contacting people ______________ and then prepares questions. (interview) 记者要先和被采访人联系,然后准备好要采访的问题。 第二节:短文写作(共 1 题;满分 25 分) 学校网站开设了一个“英语写作”栏目(column), 以便学生发表(post)英语作文,进行交流,提高 写作能力。现请你为该栏目写一个英文介绍,词数不少于 80,内容应包括: 1、开设目的; 2、作文投稿要求:内容贴近学生生活; 3、优秀作文的鼓励方法; 4、邀请大家参加。 注意: 1、开头语已为你写好(不计入总词数) ; 2、请在答题卡上作答。 Welcome to the column “English Writing”!

答案 单项选择:1-10 C B D C B A D B D D 完形填空: 11-15 A D B C A 16-20 C D C A D 21-25 B D D B C 26-30 A C D C B

阅读理解 31-34 B C A A 35-38 A D D B 39-42 D B C B 43-46 A C D B 47-50 C D A B 51.absorbed in 52.successful was her business 53.if I had been informed/had I been informed 54.that is to blame 55.where\ in which you fell ill 56.running out 57.it will not be long before 58.where smoking is not allowed 59.what we call America 60. to be interviewed / who are to be interviewed / who will be interviewed 作文: Welcome to the column “English Writing”! In order to improve your English writing skills and learn English well, we expect all of you to post your article on the column. You can write anything that you are familiar with and send them to us. Afterwards, teachers can give you some advice on what you have written online. In this way, I?m sure you can make more progress. The students whose writings are excellent will be awarded. The first prize: an MP4, for the second prize, you can get an English dictionary and the third one: an exercise book. If you happen to know the news, please inform your classmates of it. I hope all of you can learn a lot in this activity.


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