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外研社中职英语基础模块修订版PPT UNIT6

Unit 6
See you on Friday evening!

Look at the picture and discuss:
1. What is the girl doing?

2. How do you make appointments?

You'll be able to:
1. talk about the importance of making appointments;

2. make and arrange appointments.

Warming up
1 Listen and match.
Friends Yoga instructor 听录音,将事项与时间匹配。

at 8 pm this Sunday at 10 am tomorrow morning this Saturday tonight at 7 pm on Wednesdays
Nancy Key sentences:

Parents Boss

1. Nancy will have dinner with her parents tonight.

2. Nancy is going to see the dentist this Saturday.

Warming up

Discuss and tick.


where to meet

√ √ √

what to do

√ √

with whom

what to take

when to meet

what to wear

how to get there

how to contact each other

Listening and Speaking
1 Listen and learn.

contract client inform

n. 出口 n. 合同

n. 客户
v. 通知 n. 报告,介绍 n. 支持


Listening and Speaking
2 Listen and practice.
Judy: Hello? Who’s that? Carl: Hi, Judy. It’s Carl. Judy: Hey, Carl. What’s up? Carl: Uh, well… do you want to play tennis with me tomorrow evening?


Judy: Tomorrow evening? I’d love to, but I can’t. I have to
prepare for a test. Carl: Oh, that’s too bad. How about Friday evening?

Judy: Friday would be fine. When and where shall we meet?
Carl: How about 7 pm at the gym near your home? Judy: Terrific! See you on Friday evening.


What’s up?是一种常用的非正式问候语。


朱迪:你好!哪位呀? 卡尔:你好,朱迪。我是卡尔。 朱迪:你好,卡尔,什么事? 卡尔:哦,嗯??你想明天晚上和我一起打网球吗?

卡尔:噢,太不巧了。周五晚上怎么样? 朱迪:周五晚上没问题。咱们在什么时间,什么地方见面? 卡尔:晚上7点,在你家附近的体育馆见面怎么样? 朱迪:太好了!周五晚上见。

Listening and Speaking
3 Listen again and act.


Listening and Speaking
S1: S2: S1: S2:
S1: S2: S1: S2: S1:

Hello? Who is that? Hi, S1. It’s S2. Hey, S2, what’s up? Uh, well… how about visiting an amusement park this weekend? This weekend? I’d like to, but I can’t. I’m going to visit my grandparents this weekend. Oh, that’s too bad. What about next Sunday? Next Sunday would be fine. When and where shall we meet? How about 9 am, in front of the school gate? Wonderful! See you at 9 am next Sunday.

Listening and Speaking

S1: S2: S1: S2: S1: S2:

Hello? Who is that? Hi, S1. It’s S2. Hey, S2, what’s up? Uh, well… do you want to play football with us after school? Yes, I’d love to. I love football. Great! See you then.

Listening and Speaking
Boss: Tracy, we need to find time to discuss the export contract.
Tracy: Let me check your schedule, sir. How about 9 o’clock tomorrow morning? Boss: Well, I have to meet a new client then. Tracy: Um… What about 2 o’clock tomorrow afternoon? Boss: OK. Please inform the managers about the meeting.

4 Listen and practice. 听录音,谈论如何安排公务预约。

Tracy: Sure. Should the engineers attend it, too?
Boss: Yes. And ask Mr Wang, the sales manager, to make a presentation on customer support in the contract.

Tracy: OK. And I’ll book a meeting room beforehand.


该句中的book表示“预订”。又如:book a ticket: 订票。

老板:特蕾西,我们需要找时间来讨论一下出口合同的 事。 特蕾西:先生,让我来查一下你的时间安排。明天早上9点 怎么样? 老板:嗯,我要在那时见一位新客户。 特蕾西:哦??明天下午2点钟怎么样? 老板:好的。请通知经理们开会的事。

老板:是的。请销售经理王先生对合同中的有关客户支持 的内容做一个报告。


Listening and Speaking
5 Listen again and fill.
What’s the topic of the meeting? When will the meeting take place?


Discuss the export contract 2 o’clock tomorrow afternoon The boss, managers, engineers, Mr. Wang Mr. Wang, the sales manager

Who will attend the meeting?
Who will give a presentation?

Reading and Writing
1 Read and learn.
To: henrys@bbt.com From: lihong@information.com.cn Subject: An invitation to the conference on electronic technology Dear Mr Smith, We are happy to inform you that our company is going to hold a conference on electronic technology in Beijing next month. We would be honoured if you could attend. The purpose of the conference is to show our latest products. Our general manager will give a presentation. And there will also be a tour of our factory. The conference will be held from 12 May to 14. If you are able to come, please let us know your arrival time and your flight number. We will meet you at the airport. We will also reserve a room for you at Jinlong Hotel, where the conference will be held. Looking forward to meeting you in Beijing. Yours sincerely, Li Hong



语从句中the conference will be held是一般将来时的被动

亲爱的史密斯先生: 我们很高兴地通知您,下个月我公司将在北京召 开一个关于电子科技的会议。如果您能莅临,我们将 甚感荣幸。 会议的目的是展示我们最新的产品。我们的总经 理将做介绍。我们还将安排参观工厂的行程。 会议将在5月12 号到14号期间举办。如果您能来的 话,请告知我们您到达的时间和您的航班号。我们将 去飞机场接您。我们还会在金龙饭店,也就是会议的 举办地为您预订一个房间。 热切盼望着在北京与您相见。 你真诚的, 李红

Reading and Writing
2 Read again and fill.

Invitation Card
Li Hong Hong Ms Li Requests the honour of the presence of Mr electronictechnology technology MrSmith Smith at the conference on electronic From 12 12 May May to 14 14 Jinlong Hotel At Jinlong

邀请函一般包括邀请对象,活动的背景、目的和名 称, 主办单位,活动内容,活动时间和地点,联系方 式及其他需要说明的事项。

Reading and Writing
3 Read and learn.
Dear Ms Li, 读下文,了解如何回复邀约。

Thank you for inviting me to the conference. I’m glad to have the opportunity to attend it because I am interested in your latest products. I’m sure I can learn a lot from your general manager’s presentation. I will arrive in Beijing at 10 am on 11 May. My flight number is CZ2318.
I also look forward to meeting all my friends in your company. Yours sincerely, Henry Smith


亲爱的李女士: 谢谢您邀请我参加会议。我很荣幸有机会参加会议, 因为我对贵公司的最新产品很感兴趣。我确定会从贵公 司总经理的介绍中学到很多东西。我将在5月11号上午十 点到达北京。我的航班号是CZ2318。 我也盼望着见到贵公司的朋友们。 你真诚的, 亨利?史密斯

look forward to:期待,盼望,后面通常加名词或动名词。

Reading and Writing
4 Read again and write. 再读上文,根据提示仿写。
Conference topic: digital machinery Conference time: 19 July Venue: Yuyuan Hotel, Shenzhen Arrival time: 6 pm on 18 July Flight number: CZ5634

Dear Ms Yang, Thank you for inviting me to the conference on digital digital machinery on 19 July. I’m honoured to have this opportunity to machinery 19 July attend the meeting. I will arrive in Shenzhen at 6 pm pm. My flight number is CZ5634 CZ5634. I’m looking forward to meeting you at the conference. Yours sincerely, George Martin

Reading and Writing
5 Read and learn.

Marketing Dept. business partners





上午9点到12点 下午5点至晚上 9点 与营销部门的人 见面 和生意伙伴打 晚上7点至8点半 网球, 游泳 共进晚餐

上午10点至中午 12点 与总经理见面 晚7点至10点 去聚会

中午12点至 晚上6点 休假 晚上6点至9 点 与父母一起 吃饭




晚7点至9点 上午9点至下午 中午12点至下午3 4点 点 与夫人一起看电 影 拜访朋友 和家人一起去 野餐

Reading and Writing
6 Read again and discuss. 再读上表,为史密斯

1. Ms Snow wants to meet Mr Smith in his office as soon as

possible before Thursday.
2. Mr Green would like to have dinner with the Smiths. 3. Mr Smith wants to have a business meeting with the manager from another company.


1. 斯诺女士想在周四之前尽快见到史密斯先生。 2. 格林先生想和史密斯一家共进晚餐。 3. 史密斯先生想和另一家公司的经理开一次商务会议。

More Activities
1 Read and practice.
读对话,练习电话预约。 Carrie: Hello. This is Mr Thompson’s office. Bill: Hello. This is Bill Green from BBT Company. Could I speak to Mr Thompson now? Carrie: I’m sorry, he’s not in at the moment. I’m his secretary. May I help you? Bill: OK. I’d like to make an appointment with Mr Thompson as soon as possible. I need to talk with him about a contract. Carrie: Let me see. Mr Thompson will be in his office tomorrow morning. Bill: Could I come to meet him then? Carrie: Yes. Could you please come at 9 o’clock? Bill: OK, 9 am in Mr Thompson’s office. Thanks a lot. Carrie: My pleasure.


卡丽:您好。这里是汤普森先生的办公室。 比尔:您好。我是来自BBT公司的比尔?格林。我现 在能和汤普森先生通话吗? 卡丽:很抱歉,他此刻不在。我是他的秘书。我能 帮您什么忙吗? 比尔:好的。我想尽快和汤普森先生预约一下。我 需要和他谈一下合同的事。 卡丽:让我看看。汤普森先生明天早上在办公室。 比尔:我能在那时来见他吗? 卡丽:可以。您9点钟来行吗? 比尔:好的,早上9点,汤普森先生的办公室。非常 感谢。 卡丽:我的荣幸。

该句中的this is是电话用语,表示我是??。

More Activities
2 Read again and act. 再读对话,根据提示表演电话预约。

Mr White’s clinic; see the doctor; have a sore throat; 3 o’clock tomorrow afternoon

More Activities
S1: Hello. This is Mr White’s clinic. S2: Hello. This is S2. Could I speak to Mr White now? S1: I’m sorry, he’s not in at the moment. I’m his secretary. May I help you? S2: OK. I’d like to see the doctor as soon as possible. I have a sore throat. S1: Let me see. Mr White will be in his clinic tomorrow afternoon. S2: Could I come to meet him then? S1: Yes. Could you please come at 3 o’clock in the afternoon? S2: OK, 3 pm in Mr White’s clinic. Thanks a lot. S1: My pleasure.

Around the World

When travelling, you’ll experience different “local” times. And that can affect almost everything: catching trains and buses, shopping, getting a meal or making appointments. Knowing a little about the local culture can prevent a lot of frustrations. Remember that it’s important to go with the flow.


旅行时,你会经历各种各样的当地时间。当地 的时间可能会影响到几乎每件事:赶火车或汽车, 购物,吃饭或预约。了解一点当地的文化可能会避 免很多的不便。记住,遵循(当地的)文化习俗很 重要。

Around the World
For example, if you go to a restaurant in Spain at 7 pm, that’s bad news. The staff is usually eating then. Try going after 9 pm, as Spaniards do. For the Swiss, the earlier the better, say 6 pm; after 10 pm, a tourist hoping for a hot meal in Switzerland just might go hungry.


例如:如果你在晚上 7 点进到一家西班牙餐厅用 餐,那对你来说可不是个好消息。(因为)餐厅的员 工们通常在那个时间吃饭。试着在晚上 9 点之后去, 就像西班牙人那样。对瑞士人来说,越早越好,例如 可在晚上 6 点钟(去餐厅吃饭);如果在晚上 10 点以 后去的话,希望在瑞士吃上一顿热饭的游客可能就要 挨饿了。

Around the World
However, in some Latin American nations, hours and minutes seem to hardly matter. In Mexico, guests invited to a 6 pm social dinner think nothing of showing up two or three hours later. In fact, it’s wise to arrive at least an hour late for dinner in Mexico City to avoid embarrassing an unprepared host.


然而,在一些拉丁美洲国家里,(等上)几个 小时和几十分钟似乎不算什么。在墨西哥,被邀请 参加晚上6点的社交晚宴的客人晚到两个或三个小时 被视为很正常的事。实际上,在墨西哥城,为了避 免使尚未准备好的主人尴尬而至少迟到一个小时不 失为明智的举动。

Fun Time
1 Proverbs



First come, first served.



Love me, love my dog.

Fun Time

A Joke

Patient: I want to make an appointment with the doctor. Nurse: The doctor is too busy. You have to wait until next week. Patient: What! Maybe I will have died next week. Nurse: It doesn’t matter. You can send your family to cancel the appointment.


病人:我想和大夫预约一下。 护士:医生太忙了。你得等到下周才行。


My Progress Check
I can make and arrange appointments with:
appointment instructor export contract client inform presentation beforehand purpose amusement park arrival time flight number

Do you want to play tennis with me tomorrow evening? Let me check your schedule. How about…?

Great! I want to learn more!

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