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英语阅读2015高考真题 传记故事

The Boy Made It! One Sunday, Nicholas, a teenager, went skiing at Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine. In the early afternoon, when he was planning to go home, a fierce snowstorm swept into the area. Unable to see far, he accidentally turned off the path. Before he knew it, Nicholas was lost, all alone! He didn’t have food, water, a phone, or other supplies. He was getting colder by the minute. Nicholas had no idea where he was. He tried not to panic. He thought about all the survival shows he had watched on TV. It was time to put the tips he had learned to use. He decided to stop skiing. There was a better chance of someone finding him if he stayed put. The first thing he did was to find shelter form the freezing wind and snow. If he didn’t, his body temperature would get very low, which could quickly kill him. Using his skis, Nicholas built a snow cave. He gathered a huge mass of snow and dug out a hole in the middle. Then he piled branches on top of himself, like a blanket, to stay as warm as he could. By that evening, Nicholas was really hungry. He ate snow and drank water from a nearby stream so that his body wouldn’t lose too much water. Not knowing how much longer he could last, Nicholas did the only thing he could- he huddled(蜷缩) in his cave and slept. The next day, Nicholas went out to look for help, but he couldn’t find anyone. He followed his tracks and returned to the snow cave, because without shelter, he could die that night. On Tuesday, Nicholas went out to find help. He had walked for about a mile when a volunteer searcher found him. After two days stuck in the snow, Nicholas was saved. Nicholas might not have survived this snowstorm had it not been for TV. He had often watched Grylls’ survival show. Man vs. Wild. That’s where he learned the tips that saved his life, In each episode(一期节目)of Man vs. Wild, Grylls is abandoned in a wild area and has to find his way out. When Grylls heard about Nicholas’ amazing deeds, he was super impressed that Nicholas had made it since he knew better than anyone how hard Nicholas had to work to stay alive. 56. What happened to Nicholas one Sunday afternoon? A. He got lost. B. He broke his skis. C. He hurt his eyes D. He caught a cold 57. How did Nicholas keep himself warm? A. He found a shelter. B. He lighted some branches. C. He kept on skiing. D. He built a snow cave. 58. On Tuesday, Nicholas _____. A. returned to his shelter safely B. was saved by a searcher C. got stuck in the snow D. staved where he was 59. Nicholas left Grylls a very deep impression because he _____. A. did the right things in the dangerous situation B. watched Grylls’ TV program regularly C. created some tips for survival D. was very hard-working


试题分析:本文讲的是一个小男孩在暴风雪中迷路,他不畏艰难,利用在电视中学到的野外生存知识逃脱 困境的故事。 56. A 细节理解题。根据第一段第三行,Before he knew it, Nicholas was lost, all alone!”可知答 案。说明在 Nicholas 迷路了。故选 A。 57. D 细节理解题。根据文章第二段根据第四段第一行,Nicholas built a snow cave。以及 to stay as warm as he could 可知,Nicholas 保持温暖的方式是建了一个雪洞。故选 D。 58.B 细节理解题。根据第六段第三行,He had walked for about a mile when a volunteer searcher found him。可知,星期二的时候,Nicholas 被一名志愿搜索者救了。故选 B。 59.A 推理判断题。根据最后一段中的,He was super impressed that Nicholas had made it since he knew better than anyonehow hard Nicholas had to work to stay alive。”可知,Grylls 这个人想表达一个 小男孩能在如此困难的情况下成功逃生是难能可贵的,A 选项正好能表达此意思。故选 A。

本文考查记叙文,讲的是“小孩在山里迷路,求生的过程”,做好一篇记叙文,要交代清楚人物和事件, 就必须交代清楚记叙的要素,即:时间、地点、人物、事件的原因、经过和结果。弄清记叙文中的人称代 词指代的对象,有利于更好地理解文意。线索是记叙文的纲,抓住线索,就能理顺文章内容,掌握文章结 构,更好地理解文章的中心思想。记叙文以叙事为主,但有时也运用描写、说明和议论。尤其是要注意夹 叙夹议类文章,它的题目往往设计为推理性和总结性题目。文中题目往往在文中能找到出处,把握好文中 具体细节即可。

Peter loved to shop used articles. Almost a month ago, he bought popular word game that used little pieces of wood with different letters on them. As he was purchasing it, the salesgirl said, “Uh, look, the game box haven’t even been opened yet. That might be worth some money. ” Peter examined the box, and, sure enough, it was completely covered in factory-sealed plastic. And he saw a date of 1973 on the back of the box. “You should put that up for auction (拍卖) on the Internet, and see what happens.”the salesgirl said. “Yes, you’re right. People like something rare.” Peter agreed, “I can’t imagine there being very many unopened boxes of this game still around 40 years later.” “Don’t forget to tell me if you sell it.” the salesgirl smiled. “No problem.” Peter said. After he got home, Peter went online to several auction websites looking for his game. But he couldn’t find it. Then he typed in the name of the word game and hit Search. The search result was 543 websites containing information about the changes of the game. Over the years, the game had been produced using letters in different sizes and game boards in different colors. He also found some lists of game fans looking for various versions of the game. Peter emailed some of them, telling them what he had. Two weeks later, Peter went back to the shop. “Hello. Do you still remember the unopened word game?” The salesgirl looked at him for a second, then recognized him and said, “Oh, hi!” “I’ve got something for you,” Peter said. “I sold the game and made $1,000. Thank you for your suggestion.” He handed her three $ 100 bills. “Wow!” the salesgirl cried out. “Thank you, I never expected it.” 26. Which of the following best describes Peter’s word game? A. It was made around 40 years ago. B. It had game boards in different sizes. C. It was kept in a plastic bag with a seal. D. It had little pieces of wood in different colors. 27. What did the salesgirl probably think of Peter’s word game? A. Old and handy. B. Rare and valuable. C. Classic and attractive. D. Colorful and interesting 28. Peter got the names of the game fans from _________. A. an auction B. the Internet C. a game shop D. the second-hand shop 29. What happened at the end of the story? A. Peter gave the girl $300 as a reward. B. The salesgirl became Peter’s friend. C. Peter returned the word game for $ 1,000. D. The salesgirl felt confused to see Peter again. 30. What is the main theme of the story? A. It’s important to keep a promise. B. It’s great to share in other people’s happiness. C. We should be grateful for the help from others. D. Something rare is worth a large amount of money.

本文叙述了 Peter 在听从了一位女销售员的建议, 买了一个旧的游戏盒子, 并到网上拍卖。 结果他挣了 1000 美元。为了感激这位女销售员,他给了她 300 美元做为回报。 26. A 细节理解题。根据“I can’t imagine there being very many unopened boxes of this game still around 40 years later.”可知这个游戏盒子大约在 40 年前制造的。故选 A。 27. B 推理判断题。根据 the salesgirl said,“Oh, look, the game box hasn’t even been opened yet. That might be worth some money.”可知这个女销售员认为这个游戏盒子没有打开过,可能值钱,有价值。 故选 B。 28. B 推理判断题。根据 The search result was 543 websites containing information about the changes of the game?..He also found some lists of game fans looking for various versions of the game. 可知 Peter 是从网上得知这个游戏爱好者的名字。故选 B。 29. A 细节理解题。根据 Peter said,“ I sold the game and made $1000.Thank you for your suggestion,”He handed her three $100 bills.可知 Bill 感谢这位女销售员的建议,给了她 300 美元作 为回报。故选 A。 30. C 推理判断题。全文围绕着 Peter 听了女销售员的建议,买了这个游戏盒,赚了钱,为了表示感谢,他 给了这位女销售员 300 美元作为回报。故推断这个故事的主题是我们应该感激别人的帮助。故选 C。 本文考查学生的细节理解能力和推理判断能力。考生需认真阅读短文,仔细审题,主要的是要理解全文的 中心思想, 让人们懂得学会感激别人的帮助。 第 30 题, 需要学生通过阅读全文, 概括总结出, 作者的意图。

When the dog named Judy spotted the first sheep in her life, she did what comes naturally. The four-year-old dog set off racing after the sheep across several fields and, being a city animal, lost both her sheep and her sense of direction. Then she ran along the edge of cliff( 悬崖) and fell 100 feet, bouncing off a rock into the sea. Her owner Mike Holden panicked and celled the coastguard of Cornwall, who turned up in seconds . Six volunteers slid down the cliff with the help of a rope but gave up all hope of finding her alive after a 90-minute search. Three days later, a hurricane hit the coast near Cornwall. Mr. Holden returned home from his holiday upset and convinced his pet was dead. He comforted himself with the thought she had died in the most beautiful part of the country. For the next two weeks, the Holdens were heartbroken . Then, one day, the phone rang and Steve Tregear, the coastguard of Cornwall, asked Holder if he would like his dog bark. A birdwatcher, armed with a telescope, found the pet sitting desperately on a rock. While he sounded the alarm, a student from Leeds climbed down the cliff to collect Judy. The dog had initially been knocked unconscious(失去知觉的)but had survived by drinking water from a fresh scream at the base of the cliff. She may have fed on the body of a sheep which had also fallen over the edge. “The dog was very thin and hungry,” Steve Tregearsaid , “It was a very dog. She survived because of a plentiful supply of fresh water,” he added. It was ,as Mr. Holden admitted, “a minor miracle(奇迹)”. 50. The dog Jody fell down the cliff when she was A. rescuing her owner B. caught in a hurricane C. blocked by a rock D. running after a sheep 51. Who spotted Judy after the accident? A. A birdwatcher B. A student from Leeds C. Six volunteers D. The coastguard of Cornwall 52. What can we infer from the text? A. People like to travel with their pets. B. Judy was taken to the fields for hunting. C. Luck plays a vital role in Judy's survival. D. Holden cared little where Judy was buried. 53. Which of the following can be the best title for the text? A. Miracle of the Coastguard. B. Surviving a Hurricane. C. Dangers in the Wild D. Coming Back from the Dead.

试题分析:文章介绍是叫 Judy 的狗在追赶一只羊的时候,从悬崖上掉下来。主人努力寻找几个小时无果, 以为它已经死去就放弃了,结果几天后,意外得到消息,狗还活着。真是很幸运的事情。 50.细节理解题。根据文章第一段的句子:The four-year-old dog set off racing after the sheep across several fields?,Then she ran along the edge of a cliff(悬崖) and fell 100 feet, bouncing off a rock into the sea.可知叫 Judy 的狗在追赶一只羊的时候,从悬崖上掉下来。故选 D。 51.细节理解题。根据文章第五段的句子:A birdwatcher, armed with a telescope, found the pet sitting desperately on a rock. 可知事故后是一个观鸟者看见了 Judy,故选 A。 52.细节理解题。根据文章第六段的句子:It was a very lucky dog. She survived because of a plentiful supply of fresh water.可知在 Judy 的事故中运气起着至关重要的作用。故选 C。 53.主旨大意题。根据文章的内容可知介绍一只狗掉到悬崖下面死里逃生的经历,所以用 Coming Back from the Dead 比较合适。故选 D。学优高考网 故事类阅读理解是考生擅长的,这篇文章篇幅不长,难易度适中,考查细节题为主。通读全文,带着问题 到文章中找出信息句,答案不难找出。

Nothing could stop Dad. After he was put on disability for a bad back, he bought a small farm in the country, just enough to grow food for the family. He planted vegetables, fruit trees and even kept bees for honey. And every week he cleaned Old Man McColgin's chicken house in exchange for manure(肥料). The Smell really burned the inside of your nose. When we complained about the terrible smell, Dad said the stronger the manure, the healthier the crops, and he was right. For example, just one of his cantaloupes filled the entire house with its sweet smell, and the taste was even sweeter. As the vegetables started coming in, Dad threw himself into cooking. One day, armed with a basket of vegetables, he announced he was going to make stew(炖菜).Dad pulled out a pressure cooker and filled it up with cabbages, eggplants, potatoes, corns, onions and carrots. For about half an hour. the pressure built and the vegetables cooked. Finally, Dad turned off the stove, the pot began to cool and the pressure relief valve sprayed out a cloud of steam. If we thought Dad's pile of chicken manure was bad, this was 10 times worse. When Dad took off the lid, the smell nearly knocked us out. Dad carried the pot out and we opened doors and windows to air out the house. Just how bad was it? The neighbors came out of their houses to see if we had a gas leak! Determined, Dad filled our plates with steaming stew and passed them around. It didn’t look that bad, and after the first wave had shut down my ability to smell, it didn’t offend the nose so much, either. I took a taste. It would never win a prize in a cooking competition, but it was surprisingly edible and we drank up every last drop of soup. 34.Why did Dad clean Old Man Mocolgin’s chicken house regularly? A. To earn some money for the family. B. To collect manure for his crops. C. To get rid of the terrible smell. D. To set a good example to us. 35.What can we infer about Dad 抯 stew?g A. It is popular among the neighbors. B. It contains honey and vegetables. C. It looks very wonderful. D. It tastes quite delicious. 36.What does the underlined word offend?in the last paragraph mean A. To attract B. To upset C. To air D. To shut 37.What can we learn about Dad form the text? A. He is an experienced cook. B. He is a troublesome father. C. He has a positive attitude to life. D. He suffers a lot from his disability.


本题考查记叙文阅读。在高考试卷中,每套试卷中通常都会包含记叙文。通常情况下记叙文阅读的难度相 对比较低。 要求考生能够依据文章的写作顺序, 弄清文章大意, 了解记叙文的 5W(what/who/when/where/why), 同时关注考题中的细节,掌握文章的主题大意。本题中细节理解题有一题(34),要求考生能关注关键词 manure,在原文中迅速定位;推理判断题有两题(35、37 题),要求考生能够迅速找到与之相关的 stew 和 父亲的做事风格等。记叙文阅读通常都会出现词义猜测题,要求考生能通过对上下午的理解猜测出词的大 概意思。

One day when I was 12, my mother gave me an order: I was to walk to the public library, and borrow at least one book for the summer. This was one more weapon for her to defeat my strange problem — inability to read. In the library, I found my way into the “Children’s Room.” I sat down on the floor and pulled a few books off the shelf at random. The cover of a book caught my eye. It presented a picture of a beagle. I had recently had a beagle, the first and only animal companion I ever had as a child. He was my secret sharer, but one morning, he was gone, given away to someone who had the space and the money to care for him. I never forgot my beagle. There on the book’s cover was a beagle which looked identical(相同的) to my dog. I ran my fingers over the picture of the dog on the cover. My eyes ran across the title, Amos, the Beagle with a Plan. Unknowingly, I had read the title. Without opening the book, I borrowed it from the library for the summer. Under the shade of a bush, I started to read about Amos. I read very, very slowly with difficulty. Though pages were turned slowly, I got the main idea of the story about a dog who, like mine, had been separated from his family and who f