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1.【2015·陕西】短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) My soccer coach retired in last week. I wanted to do anything special for him at his retirement party. My mum makes the better biscuits in the world, so I decide to ask her for help. Mum taught me some basic step of baking. I insisted on doing most of the baking myself. I thought the biscuits were really well. My only mistake was that I dropped some on the floor after I was packing them up. At a party, my coach, with a biscuit in his mouth, asked surprisingly who made them and joked, “I might have to retire again next year just get some more of these biscuits.” My favorite picture at the party is of my coach and me enjoy the biscuits with happy laughter! 【答案】 76.去掉 in 77.anything 改为 something 78.better 改成 best 79.decide 改成 decided 80.step 改为 steps 81.well 改成 good 82.after 改成 when/while 83.a 改为 the 84.just 后加 to 85.enjoy 改为 enjoying


【考点定位】考查短文改错 【名师点睛】这篇短文改错是记叙文,短文的内容和学生的日常生活有关。错误之处的设置 都是平常学生容易错的地方。考查点比较全面,各种词性都考查到了,也涉及到一些语法知 识的考查,如:非谓语动词,时态等。 2.【2015·四川】短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,共 15 分) Hi, Janice, It's been a month since I came to this new school and I really want share with you some of the problems I have been experiencing. As I tell you last time, I made three new friend here. We hang out together during lunch and after school. We've been spending a lot of time sing in karaoke bars. It's been three Saturdays now and it really costs me many. And I started to see this as a time—wasting activity! In fact ,I don’t like to go anymore, so I’m afraid I’ll lose their friendship. How do you think I should do? If you are me ,would you talk to him?


Please help with me and give me some advice. Grace 【答案】 61.加上 to 62. tell--told 63. friend--friends 64.sing--singing 65. many--much 66.so--but 67. How--What 68. are--were 69. him--them 70. 去掉 with 【解析】 试题分析:文章主要通过一封求助信,写出了写信人的困扰。作者交了三个新朋友,经常一 起去卡拉 OK 唱歌,但其实作者并不喜欢这样,他想知道自己该怎么做才不会失去这段友谊。 61.加上 to 考查动词 want 的用法,want 用不定式担当状语,故加上 to。句意为:我真地很 想和你分享一下我经历的问题。 62. tell—told 考查时态。 根据时间状语 last time 可知, 此句需要用一般过去时, 故把 tell 改成 told。句意为正如我上次告诉你的那样。 63. friend—friends 考查名词的复数。名词 friend 为可数名词,其前有 three 修饰,需要 用复数形式,故把 friend 改成 friends。句意为:我在这儿交了三个新朋友。 64.sing—singing 考查动名词担当宾语。本句考查句型 spend?(in)doing sth 结构,故 把 sing 改成 singing。 65. many—much 考查代词。根据句意,指的是花费很多钱,故用 much 而非 many。句意为: 那真的花费很多。 66.so--but 考查连词。上一分句意为:我不想再去;下一分句意为:我怕失去他们的友谊, 两个分句之间有转折关系,故把 so 改成 but。 67. How—What 考查疑问词的选择。本句中 do 之后缺少宾语,表示事情,故用 what 而非 how。 注意首字母要大写。

68. are—were 考查虚拟语气。根据句子可知,此处为虚拟语气,与现在事实不相符,故把 are 改成 were。句意为:如果你是我,?。 69. him—them 考查代词。根据上文可知,作者交了三个朋友,故用 them 而非 him。句意为: 你会和他们说吗? 70. 去掉 with 考查动词。动词 help 为及物动词,其后接宾语时无需加介词,故去掉 with。 句意为:请帮帮我,给我一些建议。 【考点定位】考查短文纠错

【名师点睛】本篇文章考查学生的短文纠错能力。短文纠错能力考查的范围较广,如各类词 类用法和各种语法知识。本篇文章中既考查了词类用法如:61、63、65、66、69、70 题,也 考查了学生的语法知识如:62、64、67、68,涉及多种语法知识。要求考生要通读全文,把 握大意,还要逐读各句才能找出错误所在。 3.【2015·浙江】短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分)

例如: It was very nice to get your invitation to spent∧weekend with you. Luckily the I was completely free then, so I’ll to say “yes”. I’ll arrive in Bristol at around 8:00 p.m. am in Friday evening. On

My old classroom was interesting because three side of the classroom were made from glass. I enjoyed sit close to the windows and looking at the view. On the left-hand side of the class, I could easy see the football field. In the mornings, it was full of students exercising. The view from the back of the classroom is also splendid. Close to the school there was a beautiful park with many trees around them. Farther in the distance, I could not enjoy the view of snowy mountains. On the right side


of the class was the road. I was always interested to see the drivers in hurry in the morning. The position of the classroom with its view made me felt like I was dreaming. If I was only a child when I studied in that classroom, I will never forget it. 【答案】 side-sides from-to sit-sitting easy-easily is-was them-it not 删除 in hurry- in a hurry felt-feel If-Although/Though 【解析】 试题分析:这是一篇介绍教室的文章。 side-sides 考查名词的单复数。根据前面的 three,此处应该使用复数形式 from-to 考查介词搭配 make of 与 make from 两者都常用在被动语态中,表示“某物由. 构成的”. make of 的原材料是看的到的,即平常我们说的物理现象,比如 The chair is made of wood.椅子是有木头做成的。而 make from 的原材料是看不到的,比如 Paper is made from the trees. 纸张是由木材做成的.是一种化学变化,从纸上是看不出一棵树滴. sit-sitting 考查动名词 动词 enjoy 后接 ing 形式。

easy-easily 考查副词 此处的副词修饰动词 see is-was 考查动词的谓语时态 根据前后句的谓语时态都是使用过去的, 所以这里面也需要 用过去时态。 them-it 考查代词 此处的 it 指代的是学校。 删除 not 考查意思是否表否定 该句的意思应该是表达肯定而不是否定所以要删除 not in hurry- in a hurry 考查冠词 in a hurry 意为“立刻”,也是一个固定搭配 felt-feel 考查使役动词的法。 Make sb do sth,是使役动词的用法。

If-Although/Though 考查连词的用法 ,根据句意“尽管在我读书的时候我是一个小孩, 但我不会忘记它”表达让步,而不是条件。而且翻译为如果意思上也不通。 【考点定位】短文改错 【名师点睛】这种题目对语法的要求很高,要求注意上下文的,以及单词的用法,以及特殊 用法、固定搭配等。其实这一些错误很有可能是在写作中会出现,所以,加强写作的练习对 于这一种题目,也是有帮助的。另外,这种题目也可以改编一下,成为语法填空的题目。 4.【2015·新课标全国 II】 2. 只允许修改 10 处,多者(从第 11 处起)不计分。 One day , little Tony went to a shopping center with his parent. It was very crowded. Tony saw a toy on a shop window. He liked it so very much that he quickly walked into the shop. After looks at the toy for some time, he turned around and found where his parents were missing. Tony was scared and begun to cry. A woman saw him drying and telling him to wait outside a shop. Five minutes later, Tony saw parents. Mom said, “How nice to see you again! Dad and I were terrible worried. ” Tony promised her that this would never happen again. 【答案】 71. parent 改为 parents 72. on 改为 in 73. very 去掉 74. looks 改为 looking 75. where 改为 that 或者去掉 where 76. begun 改为 began 77. telling 改为 told 78. a 改为 the 79. saw 后加 his 80. terrible 改为 terribly


【考点定位】语法填空。 【名师点睛】通过短短的 100 多个词,使考生能正确运用各类词和固定搭配,如动词、名词、 副词、代词和连词,辨别并改正错误。总的说来,本题都是学生平时书面表达中常见的错误。 多读多练习就能找出问题所在,也能对写作有帮助。 5.【2015·新课标全国 I】 When I was a child, I hoped to live in the city. I think I would be happy there. Now I am living in a city, but I miss my home in countryside. There the air is clean or the mountains are green. Unfortunately, on the development of industrialization, the environment has been polluted. Lots of studies have been shown that global warming has already become a very seriously problem. The airs we breathe in is getting dirtier and dirtier. Much rare animals are dying out . We must found ways to protect your environment. If we fail to do so ,we’ll live to regret it . 【答案】 76. think –thought 77. countryside 前加 the 78. or—and


79. on—with 80. been 去掉 81. seriously—serious 82. airs—air 83. much—many 84. found—find 85. your—our 【解析】 试题分析:作者是孩子的时候,梦想生活在城市。二作者现在生活在城市,却向往着家乡, 因为那里更少的污染。 76. think –thought 句意:我认为生活在那儿很快乐。时态用法错误。这里用一般过去时, 表示“过去认为” 77. countryside 前加 the 句意:但是我想念农村的家乡。这里 countryside 是特指,故用 定冠词 the。 78. or—and 句意:那里山绿并且空气新鲜。连词用法错误。前后句为并列关系,故用连词 and。 79. on—with 句意:随着工业化的发展。短语搭配错误。短语 with the development of 随 着??的发展。 80. been 去掉句意:许多研究表明。语态用法错误。主语与动词为主动关系,这里不需要用 被动语态。 81. seriously—serious 句意:全球变暖已经成为严重的问题。词性用法错误。修饰名词, 前面用形容词修饰。 82. airs—air 句意:我们呼吸的空气变得越来越脏。名词用法错误。名词 air 为不可数名 词。 83. much—many 句意:许多罕见的动物已经消失。名词 animal 为可数名词,故用 many 修饰。 84. found—find 句意:我们必须找到方法来保护我们的地球。动词用法错误。情态动词 must 后接动词原形。 85. your—our 句意:我们必须找到方法来保护我们的地球。代词用法错误。这里应当是保护 我们的环境。 【考点定位】短文改错。

(2014 届黑龙江省哈三中高三上学期第三次验收) As is known, that it is interesting to teach children to swim while they are still babies. Most large town in Florida and California have already run particularly lessons for babies. The idea has quickly spread to Europe which, in several countries, special courses were now offered to children who are from 7 to 24 months old. The first step is to have child get rid of the fear with water. Next, he is teaching to float in water. Once he can do that naturally and can swim with fear, the child can master the technique and push him forward through water. 【答案】

1.去掉 that 2. town 改成 towns 3. particularly 改成 particular 4. which 改成 where 5. were 改成 are 6. have 与 child 之间加 a 7. with water 改成 of water 8. teaching 改成 taught 9. with 改成 without 10. him 改成 himself 2 (2014 届浙江省温州中学高三上学期期中) Dear Mr. Black, I’m very thank to you for inviting me to stay with you in the come summer vacation. I have been dreamed of seeing you again so that I can get help from you in my English learning. And I’m afraid I cannot go to your pla ce in this summer. I’ve promised my grandmother, she lives in th e country, to spend this summer with her. She misses me too much that I find dif ficult to refuse her request. I’m busy preparing for my examinations in present. I planned to visit you in winter if it’s convenient to you. Best wishes. Yours truly, Li Ying

【答案】 1. thank 改为 thankful 2. come 改为 coming 3. dreamed 改为 dreaming 4. And 改为 But 5. 去掉 in 6. she 改为 who 7. too 改为 so 8. find 后面加 it 9. in 改为 at 10. planned 改为 plan 3 (2014 届浙江省浙北名校联盟高三上学期期中联考) One year ago, I was in great trouble. I worked hard at English and devote all my spare time to practise it. But I failed to pass the mid-term examination, which made me great disappointed. So I asked my grandpa for advice when I got to home. Hearing that I told him, he said, “To some extent, examination results are sometime unexpected by your study level. You can’t judge your progress by one examination.” He encouraged myself to work hard for long time to check my results. I took my grandpa’s advice. Now I realize that the process of learning is much more important and my English is more better than before. From my experience, I feel that we should listen to opinion from old people. 【答案】 1. devote → devoted 2. practise → practicing 3. great → greatly 4. 去掉 to。 5. that → what 6. sometime →sometimes 7. myself → me 8. for 和 long 之间加 a。
- 10 xkb1.com

9. more → much 10. opinion → opinions 4 (2013-2014 学年内蒙古包头市一中高三入学考试) A man was driving on the road. Suddenly his cars stopped. He got out of the car tried to find out the trouble. “It’s the motor.” Said the voice behind him. He was surprising and turned around. But he saw only an old horse. “Did you say something?” he asked. “I said you should check yours motor.” The horse replied. The man rushed to the nearest house. With a very excited voice, he told the farmer had happened. The farmer, therefore, showed no sign of excitement. He explained, “He didn’t know anything about cars. He can only repeat wha t I often s ay. 【答案】 1. cars 改成 car 2. tried→trying 3. the→a 4. surprising→surprised 5. something→anything 6. yours→ your 7. With →In
w w w .x k b 1.c o m

8. the farmer∧had →what 9. therefore→however 10. didn’t→doesn’t 5 (2014 届浙江省江山实验中学高三上学期第一次阶段性测试) It is real a good chance to have met all of you here. We have spent several precious weekend in learning in the English Club. Although we have been members for a short period of times, we have made a great progress. That is because we are all very much active and the activities are not only enjoyable and also helpful. Besides, the foreign teachers here work hard and try his best to make the activities lively and inter ested. I am very pleased to say that all of us greatly improved our spoken English so far. I am looking forward to see all of you again in the near future!
- 11 -

【答案】 1. real--really 2. weekend--weekends 3. times--time 4. 去掉 a 5. 去掉 much 6. and--but 7. his--their 8. interested--interesting 9. us∧have 10. see--seeing 6 (2014 届浙江省湖州市八校高三上学期第二次联考) I can’t swim so I have a strong fear of water. Look back at my childhood, I think that three reasons might explain fear. Firstly, I am not allowed to go near the water when I was a child, as my mother had an unreasonable fear of it. Therefore, I was taught to see to the water as something danger. Secondly, my eyes became bad when I was five. If I took off my glass in the water, I couldn’t see something, and this increased my fear. What’s worse, for a child I once saw a neighbor drowned. Since then I have been more frightening. 【答案】 1. so—because 2. look—looking 3. 加 the 4. am—was 5. 去掉 to 6. danger--dangerous 7. glass--glasses 8. something---anything 9. for--as 10. frightening—frightened
- 12 -



(2014 届云南省部分名校高三第一次联考(11 月) People often have troubles getting used to a new culture. They are usually curious when they firs t arrive a foreign country. Therefore, if they stay for a long time, they may start to feel different stages of culture shock. They can feel alone or sad because he can’t deal with the local people. How quick people get used to culture differences may be depend on the way they learn. That’s a problem if they can’t speak the language. On other hand, some can study the situation and make good guesses about the culture. When they finally began to understand some of the language and make some new friends, they will gradually enjoy themselves and feel satisfying. 【答案】 1. troubles 改为 trouble。 2. arrive 后加 in。 3. Therefore 改为 However。 4. alone 改为 lonely。 5. he 改为 they。 6. quick 改为 quickly。 7. may be depend on 中删去 be。 8. other 前加 the。
X K B 1.C O M

9. began 改为 begin。 10. satisfying 改为 satisfied。 8 (2014 届黑龙江哈师大附中高三上学期期中)

【答案】 1. shall---should

- 13 -

2. specially---special 3. responding to 4. the best 5. appreciation 6. will prefer ---prefer 7. which---what 8. bringing 9. means 10. ourselves 9 (2014 届河北省衡水中学高三上学期四调考试) Thanks for you mail. I’m glad to k now you are interested in the 2014 Florida Winter Camp. It will be held from January 27 to February 13, during that time you will get wonderful experience. You will have chances to improve your speaking English in the courses providing. Also, activities arranged for you to spend weekends together with your host family, so you can learn American English in authentic situations. However, a trip to the local Disneyland will certainly add up the fun of the camp.
w w w .x k b 1.c o m

Join in the camp and you will have the better knowledge of American culture and life. You are sure to benefit from it. Yours truly Li Hua 【答案】
w w w .x k b 1.c o m

1. you→your 2. that→which 3. 在“get”后面加 a 或 experienc→experiences 4. speaking→spoken 5. providing→provided 6. 在“arranged”前面加 are 7. However→Besides/Also/Morever 8. up→ to
- 14 -

9. 去掉 in 10. the→a 10 (2014 届河南省南阳市高三五校联谊期中考试) My neighbor Jackie is always consideration to others. One day , I was going to deliver a speech at an institute while I found my car wouldn’t get started. I rushed to the street to hire a taxi. Just at that time I come across Jackie. He was hurried going to attend his sick mother in hospital. Furthermore, when he learned about my problems, he didn’t hesitate to give me a lift. I arrived at the lecture hall in time, when the audience had been present . I owe my great thanks to my neighbour Jackie , he is a person ready to help the others at any time. 【答案】 1. consideration 改成 considerate 2. While 改成 when 3. come 改成 came 4. hurried 改成 hurriedly 5. attend 后面 加 to 6. Furthermore 改成 however 7. problems 改成 problem
新 课 标 第 一

8. when 改成 where

9 . he 改成 who 10. 去掉 the

(2014 届黑龙江省齐齐哈尔实验中学高三上学期期中考试) I went hiking to a mountain with my friend last summer. It was a good trip in the beginning and something unexpected happened halfway. One of my friends suddenly felt a terrible pain in his stomach and he couldn’t move any far. Nobody knew how to deal it. One girl tried to call her mum over her mobile phone, but there is no signal in the mountain area. Lucky we had brought a tent with us. We put it up and let him to rest in it. Aft er taken some pills, he drank some water and ate some food. After a while, I felt much better and we walked on. We all enjoyed us on the top of the mountain.

【答案】 1. 第一句:friend 改成 friends;
- 15 -

2. 第二句:and 改成 but 3. 第三句:far 改成 farther 4. 第四句:deal 后加 with 5. 第五句:is 改成 was 6. 第六句:Lucky 改成 Luckily 7. 第七句:去掉 rest 前面的 to 8. 第八句:taken 改成 taking 9. 第九句:I 改成 he 10. 第十句:us 改成 ourselves 12 (201 4 届浙江省衢州一中高三上学期期中考试) Nowadays, some students would not like to live in a dormitory. Instead, they rented houses outside the school. There are advantages for them all. Living in a dormitory can increase friendship and cooperation among classmates, but of course it is safer.Besides, a dormitory is more like a society, where enables students to learn to get along with the each other,thus preparing the social life later. As for renting houses to live lonely, it’s better for your study as you can feel freely in your own room without being interrupted by others. As a result,you can have a plenty of time to devote yourself to review your lessons wholeheartedly. But there may appear a few safety problem as you live outside the school. Anyhow as a student, I prefer living in a dormitory. 【答案】 1. rented 改为 rent 2. all 改为 both 3. but 改为 and 4. where 改为 which 5. repairing 后面加 for 6. lonely 改为 alone 7. freely 改为 free 8. 去掉 a 9. review 改为 reviewing 10. problem 改为 problems

(2014 届浙江省湖州中学高三上学期期中考试) Patience is of great importance in our daily life. Once I waited a bus to come at a stop. 30
- 16 -

minutes past, but no bus came. Both sad and annoyed, I decided to walk on feet. But no sooner had I left when the bus arrived. I thought if I had waited for one more minute, I would have caught it. If I chose to take a next bus, I would have to wait for other 30 minutes. Only then do I realize my problem. Being impatient will possible waste all the effort that we have put it in. Now whenever I am close to lose my patience, I’ll think of this experience. 【答案】 1. 加上 for 2. past → passed 3. feet → foot 4. when → than 5. a → the 6. other → another 7. do → did 8. possible → possibly 9. 去掉 it 10. lose → losing 14 (2014 届辽宁省抚顺市六校联合体高三上学期期中考试) As students, all of us will be faced a problem after passed the college entrance examination. Should we choose a good major and a good university first? Here are some differe nt ideas. Some more prefer to choose a major firs t so they can learn that they are interested in. In this way they can put their hearts into study and got their favorite jobs in the future. Other believe that the environment is important to one’s develop and that graduates from key universities are more likely to find good jobs. As long as I’m concerned, the best choice is a good university if we can’t obtain all.

【答案】 1. faced 后面加上 with
- 17 -

2. passed 改成 passing 3. and 改成 or 4. Some 后面的 more 去掉 5. learn 后面的 that 改成 what 6. got 改成 get 7. Other 改成 Others 8. develop 改成 development 9. long 改成 far 10. all 改成 both 15 (2014 届吉林省长春外国语学校高三上学期期中考试) Dear Editor, I’m the only daughter of my parents. So they worried about everything I do. For example, when I ride my bike, my parents won’t let me to ride by myself. They are afraid I might fall off my bike and hurt myself. They are taking great trouble to support a bike, w ith my mother even carried a first-aid box. I’m not free to ride and I often say angry, “Why not let me ride alone?” Now, most family have one child. Parents want to do everything for his children. This does no good on them. Too many love from parents may prevent children from independent. In my opinion, parents should let their children do t hat they should do alone. 【答案】 1. worried—worry/加 are 2. 去掉 to 3. the--a 4. carried—carrying 5. angry—angrily that--what 6. his--their 7. family--familie 8. many--much 9. on--to 10.

- 18 -

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2014-2015年改错真题_高三英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。一、Correction 1(2014 课标全国Ⅰ) 假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下...