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【人教新课标】2012届高三英语一轮复习精品同步练习:必修5 Unit 2 The United Kingdom

Unit 2 Ⅰ.多项选择

The United Kingdom

1.I’m trying to break the __________ of getting up too late. A.tradition C.habit B.convenience D.leisure

解析:选 C。考查名词。句意:我正试图改

掉起床太晚的习惯。habit:a thing that you do often and almost without thinking,especially sth.that is hard to stop doing. 即“习惯”符合句意。 2.The teacher stressed again that the students should not __________ any important details while retelling the story. A.bring out C.leave out B.let out D.make out

解析: C。 选 leave out“漏掉”; bring out“使显示; 出版; 生产; 说出”; out“放 let 掉,泄露;放大;出租”;make out“书写,拼凑;说明;设法应付;理解;辨认出”。 3.Peter __________ under the pressure of his position and was unable to work for a year. A.settled down C.passed away B.broke down D.broke out

解析:选 B。句意:Peter 不堪工作之负病倒了,一年不能上班。break down 在此意为 “身体出毛病”。settle down 定居,平静下来;pass away 去世;break out 突发,爆发。 4.—I hear that you will be on travel again. —Yeah.My boss __________ for me to discuss business details with someone from another company. A.asked C.sent B.arranged D.called

解析:选 B。arrange for sb. to do 是固定用法,表示“安排某人做某事”。其他三 项均无此用法。 5.If what you say is not__________with what you do,it will have a bad effect on your children. A.controversial B.consistent



解析:选 B。考查形容词辨析。be consistent with 与??一致。句意:如果你言行 不一的话,这将对你的孩子产生不好的影响。controversial 争论的,争议的;confident 自信的,确信的;considerate 考虑周到的。 6.—Sorry,but I can’t visit you tomorrow. —Come whenever it is to your __________. A.preference C.convenience B.pleasure D.connection

解析:选 C。答句句意:你什么时候方便就什么时候来。convenience 方便,便利。 preference 偏爱;pleasure 快乐,高兴;connection 连接。 7.Mrs.White said that she would treasure the most __________ time she had ever had. A.positive C.miserable B.enjoyable D.unbelievable

解析:选 B。由宾语从句中的 she would treasure 可知,是一段“令人愉快的 (enjoyable)”时光。 8.—How many people attended the exhibit? —__________ speaking,about 200.I didn’t count. A.Strictly C.Generally B.Roughly D.Honestly

解析:选 B。roughly speaking 粗略地说。strictly speaking 严格地说;generally speaking 通常,一般说来;honestly speaking 老实说。由 I didn’t count 可知应选 B 项。 9.The traveler __________ us with his stories,most of which happened in the war and were full of great adventures. A.thrilled C.challenged B.influenced D.encouraged

解析:选 A。根据 happened in the war and were full of great adventures 可知旅 行者的经历使我们惊骇(thrilled)不已,故选 A 项。 10.Nobody wanted to __________ matters for him though everyone knew that he

was blameless. A.solve C.handle B.clarify D.set about

解析:选 B。本题考查词义辨析。solve,handle 和 set about 都是“解决”之意,而 clarify 意思是“澄清;阐明”。句意:没有人想为他澄清事情的真相,虽然每个人都知道 他是清白的。 Ⅱ.完成句子 1.The girl glanced over her shoulder and found ________________(自己被跟踪 了)by a young man in black.(follow) 解析:考查 find 复合宾语。herself 和 follow 成被动关系,故使用过去分词作宾补。 答案:herself followed 2 . Every year one million tourists visit Stonehenge , which is believed ________________(修建) before the Pyramids,about 4,000 years ago. (construct ) 解析:考查不定式的时态和语态。sth. is believed to do 为固定结构,由 about 4,000 years ago 可知动作已完成。 答案:to have been constructed 3 . ________________( 让 他 激 动 的 )was that he reunited with his lost brother.(thrill) 解析:考查主语从句。引导主语从句且在从句中作主语要使用 what;“让他激动”可 表达为 thrill him/ make him thrilled,据此可知答案。 答案:What thrilled him/What made him thrilled 4.He finally got into a situation __________(他得不到帮助) and had to struggle to climb out of the deep hole all by himself.(available) 解析: 考查定语从句。 Situation 后的定语从句通常用 where 来引导; “某人得到. ..” 可表达为 be available to sb.,据此可知答案。 答案:where help wasn’t available to him 5 . When he entered , he found the small room __________( 配 有 现 代 化 的 设 备).(furnish) 解析:考查 find 复合宾语结构。the small room 与 furnish 之间成被动关系,故用过 去分词做宾补。

答案:furnished with modern equipment 6.The other day he __________(把自己锁起来) in his study,preparing for the coming exam. (keep) 解析: 考查 keep 的复合结构。 由语境提示可知, 本题要选用“keep + 宾语+ 宾补” 结构。himself 与 lock 成被动关系,故用 locked。 答案:kept himself locked 7.________________(我成长的地方)is very hot and damp in summer.(grow) 解析: 考查定语从句。 place 后的定语从句引导词作状语可用 in which 也可用 where the 答案:The place in which/ where I grew up 8.The electric product was a great success when first __________( 引进市 场).(introduce) 解析:考查状语从句的省略。在状语从句中,当主、从句主语一致且从句中有 be 动词 时,从句可以使用“连词+分词”这样的省略结构。本题中 introduce 与主句的主语成被 动关系,故用过去分词。 答案:introduced to/into the market 9.“Our son says that he needs some money to pay for the rent,” he said to his wife,________________(把信折起来).(fold) 解析:考查分词作伴随状语。he 与 fold 成主动关系,故用现在分词形式。 答案:folding the letter 10. Most of the group agree with the suggestion that the visit to the zoo tomorrow ________________(取消了).(cancel) 解析: 考查虚拟语气。 the suggestion 后面的同位语从句要使用虚拟语气, 即“should +动词原形”,should 可以省略。 答案:(should )be cancelled Ⅲ.完形填空 Words:361 难度系数:☆☆ 建议用时:12′

(2010 届英语周报第 9 期)One day,a ragged(衣衫褴褛的)man with an old wallet in his hand was asking at every door along the street for a few cents to buy something to eat.As he was complaining about his bad fortune,he kept __1__ why those folks who had so much money were never __2__ and were always wanting more.

“As for me,if I had only enough to __3__ and to wear,I wouldn’t want anything more,”said the beggar. Just at that moment Fortune(命运女神)came down the __4__.She saw the beggar and said to him,“Listen!I’ve long wished to __5__ you.Now,hold your __6__ and I’ll pour this gold into it.But I’ll pour only on this __7__:All that falls into the wallet will be pure gold;but every piece falling upon the __8__ shall become dust.Do you understand?”

“Yes, understand, I ”said the beggar.“Then have a __9__.Your wallet is __10__, so don’t load it too heavily.”said Fortune.The beggar was so glad that he could hardly __11__.He quickly opened his wallet,and a __12__ of yellow coins was poured into it.The wallet soon began to grow heavy. “Is that enough?”asked Fortune.“Not yet.”“Isn’t it cracking?”“Never __13__.”The wallet was filled with so many coins that the beggar’s hands began to __14__.“Ah,if only the golden stream would __15__ forever!I’m the richest man in the world now!Just a little more.”said the beggar.“__16__ just a handful or two.”“There!It’s full.The wallet will __17__.”“But it will __18__ a little more,just a little more!” Another piece was added and the wallet split(裂开).The __19__ fell upon the ground and was turned to dust.The beggar had now __20__ but his broken wallet. 【解题导语】 珍惜你目前所拥有的一切,永远不要贪得无厌。 B.explaining D.showing

1.A.wondering C.proving 答案:A 2.A.relaxed C.satisfied

B.worried D.depressed

解析:选 C。他一直“想知道(wondering)”,为什么那些人那么有钱还不感到“满足 (satisfied)”,还想得到更多。 3.A.play C.learn B.watch D.eat

解析:选 D。eat 与本空后的 wear 构成并列:要是我的话,只要有“吃(eat)”、有穿, 我就什么也不想要了。 4.A.yard C.street B.bridge D.forest

解析:选 C。由文章第一句可知,这个乞丐正在街上挨门乞讨。由此可知,命运女神是 降落到“街上(street)”。 5.A.praise C.forgive B.help D.appreciate

解析:选 B。命运女神准备“帮助(help)”这个乞丐。 6.A.wallet C.box B.pocket D.coat

解析:选 A。文章首句中的 an old wallet 是提示。 7.A.day C.evening B.condition D.island

解析:选 B。本空后就是命运女神所提出的帮助他的“条件(condition)”。 8.A.hands C.table B.feet D.ground

解析:选 D。文章最后一段有提示:落在钱包里的是纯金币,掉在“地上(ground)”的 将变成尘土。 9.A.drink C.look B.care D.rest

解析:选 B。命运女神要开始往里倒金币了,提醒乞丐“小心(have a care)”。 10.A.small C.old B.empty D.full

解析:选 C。文章第一句中的 old 给出了提示。 11.A.stand C.breathe B.sleep D.wait

解析: D。 选 根据下句的 He quickly opened his wallet 可推断, 乞丐“等不及了(could hardly wait)”。 12.A.pair B.stream



解析:选 B。由很快钱包就变得沉甸甸可知,“一串串的(a stream of)”金币被倒进 了钱包里。15 空前的 the golden stream 是提示。 13.A.stop C.speak B.fear D.go

解析:选 B。从上句的 cracking 可知,命运女神怕钱包会破。乞丐叫她别“担心 (fear)”。 14.A.lift C.tremble B.close D.open

解析:选 C。钱包里装了太多的金子,变得很沉。乞丐快拿不动了,双手开始“颤抖 (tremble)”。 15.A.pour C.dry B.end D.melt

解析:选 A。要是金币能不停地“流入(pour)”钱包该多好啊!上文 6 空后 pour this gold 是提示。 16.A.Add C.Lend B.Take D.Send

解析:选 A。再添点,哪怕“添(Add)”一两把也行。 17.A.fly C.burst B.disappear D.change

解析:选 C。现在已经装得很满了,钱包很快就会“爆裂(burst)”。 18.A.attract C.include B.need D.hold

解析:选 D。hold 在此意为“盛得下”。 19.A.treasure C.gift B.food D.metal

解析:选 A。这些金币就是一笔很大的“财富(treasure)”。 20.A.something C.everything B.anything D.nothing

解析:选 D。所有的金币都变成了灰尘。这个乞丐除了一个破钱包之外,一无所有。

Ⅳ.阅读理解 Words:602 难度系数:☆☆☆ 建议用时:8′

What exactly are white lions ? “They are a color variation of regular lions,”says William Swanson,director of animal research at the Cincinnati Zoo, in Ohio. White lions are the result of a rare color gene mutation(变异).When both a male and a female lion carry the same white genes,there is a good chance that one or more of their cubs(幼兽)will be born with white fur. Not many lions carry the white mutation.In nature,it’s rare.A mutation can make an animal’s survival more difficult.For example,being white makes it harder for the animal to mix with its surroundings.Mutations also can cause physical problems,so those animals generally do not survive long enough to reproduce. But sometimes white lion cubs are born among wild lions,especially in two areas of South Africa. In 1975 two white cubs were spotted in the wild in South African reserve.They were seized and sent to a zoo.Today about 500 cubs of those two white lions and a few others known to have the white color gene live around the world in zoos, circuses,farms and private preserves. White lions may be extremely rare in the wild,but breeders(饲养动物的人)know how to create more of them.This has created serious concern and debate. White lions continue to exist only because they are inbred by people—fathers and daughters,sisters and brothers.Scientists worry that it also will cause health issues for white lions. Inbreeding to create white lions as moneymaking attractions is only one concern.Another concern is that some people want to release captive-bred(人工 繁 殖 的 )white lions into the wild in South Africa to restore balance to the ecosystem.However,not everyone agrees that releasing these white lions into the

wild is a good idea.Dan York of Hillsdale College has been studying white lion genetics and is worried.He says that because so many of today’s white lions are inbred,it could spread health problems.If they breed with wild lions,they’ll pass on the genetic problems to the wild population. Instead of releasing captive-bred white lions,York suggests that South Africa concentrate on protecting all of its wild lions.That would ensure the safety of the wild population of lions,which may produce healthy white cubs in the future. 【解题导语】 本文主要介绍由于基因变异而产生的白狮。

1.It’s difficult for a white lion to survive because __________. a.its fur contrasts sharply with the surroundings b.the mutation may cause physical problems c.it is likely to be attacked by wild lions d.it is hunted by human beings A.a,b C.a,c B.a,d D.b,d

解析: A。 选 细节理解题。 由第三段中的“being white makes it harder for the animal to mix with its surrounding”及 Mutations also can cause physical problems...可 知 A 项正确。 2.What does the underlined word “inbred” in Paragraph 7 probably mean? A.kept in enclosed space and unable to run away B.bred in human-controlled environments with restricted settings C.produced by breeding among closely related members D.born among wild lions and kept in the zoo 解析: C。 选 词义理解题。 通过第七段——fathers and daughters, sisters and brothers 可推断此处的 inbred 有“近亲繁殖”的意思。故答案为 C。 3.One of the reasons for inbreeding white lions is that __________. A.they can bring people a profit B.their fur can be of great use C.people want to keep white lions as pets D.people want to study the genes of white lions

解析:选 A。细节理解题。由倒数第二段中的 Inbreeding to create white lions as moneymaking attractions is only one concern.可知,人工繁殖白狮是为了利用它们赚 钱。 4.Which of the following agrees with Dan York’s opinion? A.It’s useless studying white lion genetics. B.White lion cubs born among wild lions are more healthy than captive-bred ones. C.White lions shouldn’t be kept in zoos or circuses. D.The ecosystem in South Africa is being seriously damaged. 解 析 : 选 B 。 推理 判 断题 。 由 最 后 一段 中 的 York suggests that South Africa concentrate on protecting all of its wild lions.That would ensure the safety of the wild population of lions,which may produce healthy white cubs in the future. 可知。 5.It can be inferred from the passage that __________. A.white lions are seldom seen in the wild B.color gene mutation is common among lions C.South Africa is taking strict measures to protect its wild lions D.white lions will disappear from the earth soon 解析:选 A。推理判断题。由第六段中的 White lions may be extremely rare in the wild...可知。

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