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(崔运昌整理) Book 2
1.A new law has been passed, forbidding the killing of ________ animals. A. former B. rare C. generous D. legal 2.The other day he bough

t me a ________ diamond ring as a birthday present. A. valuable B. reliable C. frequent D. grateful 3. “I wouldn’t tell lies to you; that’s not my _________,” said the man to his wife. A. vase B. trial C. style D. dynasty 4.They ________ their rooms with flowers and balloons to welcome the New Year. A. selected B. removed C. decorated D. debated 5.Jim had an enthusiastic ____________ when he returned home after 10 years’ stay in Asia. A. reception B. escape C. guidance D. insurance 6.Actually I find the _________ news more interesting than national or international news. A. active B. fluent C. informal D. local 7.In legend stories young princes usually live in large and beautiful _________. A. troops B. leagues C. castles D. temples 8.We sat in the bomb shelter listening to the enemy shells _________. A. sinking B. exploding C. designing D. ruining 9.Medical _________ shows that men are more likely to have heart attacks than women. A. evidence B. entrance C. identity D. reception 10.It was reported that of the six people injured in the crash, only two _______. A. ignored B. recognized C. buried D. survived 11.The Olympic winner will receive a gold _________ as an award. A. vase B. medal C. castle D. jewel 12.A new ________ bus service to Tianjin Airport started to operate two months ago. A. regular B. physical C. usual D. former 13.We drew this conclusion on the _______ of research and experiments. A. motto B. glory C. basis D. style 14.We all know that Japan will ________ the Olympic Games in 2020. A. charge B. volunteer C. admit D. host 15.It is my ________ to check that all doors and windows are locked after everybody leaves. A. doubt B. poster C. responsibility D. evidence

16.Taking ________ exercises regularly will do good to our health. A. physical B. stubborn C. legal D. fluent 17.The taxi diver was _______ $50 for ignoring the red light. A. replaced B. fined C. debated D. removed 18.You’ve been working all morning—I think you ________ a rest. A. charge B. admit C. bargain D. deserve 19.Children under 18 will not be ________ into the pub in this country. A. designed B. decorated C. competed D. admitted 20.I might buy a TV, if I can find a _______ in the sales. A. medal B. pain C. bargain D. motto 21.The development of the information ________ is making the world become smaller. A. operator B. technology C. signal D. intelligence 22. As we all know, the industrial ________ took place in England first. A. Revolution B. Dynasty C. Gymnastics D. Character 23.Jack equals his brother in strength but not in ________. He is slower in thinking. A. rocket B. appearance C. tube D. intelligence 24. Marilyn’s dream of being a film star became a _______, which delighted her parents very much. A. signal B. reality C. glory D. goal 25.He chose Italy, but ________ I’d prefer to go to Spain. A. personally B. logically C. swiftly D. regularly 26.Add these numbers together with a calculator and then give me the ________. A. host B. coach C. total D. finance 27.You have got to fill in this ________ form before we arrange for a job interview. A. reality B. application C. reception D. expression 28.Hiking by oneself can be fun and good for health. It may also be good for _______ building. A. respect B. character C. reputation D. friendship 29.As we sped down the highway, the lights of the city _________ before us. A. explored B. solved C. arose D. charged 30.We should not judge a person by his ______ and the clothes he wears. A. stage B. quality C. pace D. appearance 31. Laws have been made to prevent people from killing __________ animals and birds. A. distant B. wild C. secure D. fierce 32. The farmers suffered a heavy ________ because of the terrible storm. A. zone B. harm C. loss D. insect 33. The cruel king showed no ______ and killed all the prisoners. A. relief B. ending C. pain D. mercy 34. I waved my hand to catch her _________, but she just ignored me. A. attention B. character C. carpet D. style 35. According to a study, little children often feel ________ near their parents.

A. magical B. secure C. faithful D. universal 36.I just wonder how he can feed a family of eight on such a low ________. A. basis B. stage C. income D. track 37.To their ________, someone had found the keys and handed them in. A. mercy B. incident C. attention D. relief 38.On the floor lay four or five boxes _______ toys and books. A. decreasing B. employing C. containing D. affecting 39.I would ________ it if you would let me deal with this by myself. A. appreciate B. inspect C. protect D. replace 40.The government insists that the dam will not do any ________ to the environment. A. reserve B. application C. bargain D. harm 41.The pencil fell off the table and went _________ across the floor. A. affecting B. rolling C. sorting D. earning 42.She loves music and is now learning to play an _________. A. instrument B. invitation C. incident D. evidence 43.The newspaper says that the BBC will be ________ the match live from Paris. A. calculating B. performing C. broadcasting D. inspecting 44.In ______ to being used in industry, laser can be applied to operations in the hospital. A. devotion B. addition C. application D. reception 45.I think at the beginning of each book a __________ introduction to it is necessary. A. wild B. secure C. swift D. brief 46.Her ________ to the job left her with very little free time. A. relief B. basis C. devotion D. faith 47.He told me that nobody else in the office had received an _________ to the party. A. invitation B. bargain C. shelter D. guidance 48.The elderly need special care in winter, as they are _______ to the sudden changes of weather. A. stubborn B. generous C. humorous D. sensitive 49.His face looked ________ to me, but I just couldn’t remember where we met. A. distant B. confident C. familiar d. logical 50.She doesn’t _______ much money, but she enjoys the work. A. appreciate B. earn C. employ D. charge

6 Groups of people went out ___________ the missing child. 7 Wood can be _________ fine paper. 8 We had to _________ the engine piece by piece for transport. 第二组: take part in a set of as well as one after another run against 1 The students present at the lecture asked the professor questions _________. 2 I bought _________ china, which cost me a great deal. 3 He is a famous scientist ________ a well known writer. 4 I will _________ the other 10 boys in the 10,000-meter race. 5 Only five students were chosen to __________ the national math competition. 第三组: in common go by deal with in a way make up with the help of after all watch over 1 Will you please _________ my child while I am out? 2 Those two brothers not only look alike, but also they have a lot _________. 3 When I am back to school from sick leave, I will _________ for the missed lessons. 4 __________, he has been very successful. 5 I cannot think of ways to __________ the salesman at the door. 6 I made great progress in English ___________ Mr. Lin. 7 Look! Little Tom is in tears. Don’t scold him. __________, he is only a boy of six. 8 Three months _________ before I knew about it. 第四组: die out as a result (of) in peace in danger protect…from pay attention to come into being 1 The new country _________ only two years ago. 2 He fell far behind other students ________ laziness. 3 The government is doing its best to _______ those rare animals _______ being hunted. 4 I had warned him of the possible danger, but he didn’t _______ it. 5 Elephants would _________ if men are allowed to shoot as many as they wished. 6 Children’s lives are _________ every time they cross the road. 7 The two communities live together _________. 第五组: dream of be honest with play jokes on or so break up by chance sort out stick to II.把下列短语填入每个句子的空白处(注意所填短语的形式变化) : above all 第一组: 1 The watch costs 200 yuan ________. look into belong to in search of in return take apart think highly of make…into at war 2 It was ________ that I found the jewel. 1 That black suitcase on the floor _________ me. 3 ________, make sure you keep in touch. 2 That murder case is __________ by the police. 4 It is the kind of trip that most of us can only ________. 3 China was __________ with Japan at that time. 5 If you _________ others, they will help you a lot. 4 I gave him a nice gift _________ for his help. 6 If you _________ the truth, you have nothing to fear. 5 All of us __________ Mary’s spoken English. 7 The boys _________ Tom. They hid his shoes and he couldn’t find them.

8 Sentences can be ________ into phrases and phrases into words. 9 Please ________ the things you want to keep and throw everything else away.
Keys: Unit 2 1-10:BACCA DCBAD 11-20 : BACDC 41-50:BACBD CADCB






II.把下列短语填入每个句子的空白处(注意所填短语的形式变化) :


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