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人教修订版高二英语 Unit 6 Life in the future 教案
外语三班 熊学东(201016010305)

Ⅰ、Title II、Teaching Period III、Students IV 、teaching Aims

SEFC(2) Unit 6 Life In the future—Reading One period Senior2 Target language: Forecast, trend, contemporary, indicate, urban, energy, ensure, system, consumer, reform, goods, purchase, tiny, cash, remain, importance, regular, medical, deal, physician, cure, biochemistry educator, distance, hopeful, catch a glimpse of, lead to, keep in touch with, pay attention to, in store ,in general. Ability goals: i Learn to summarize the outline of the whole text. ⅱTry to grasp the key words. Learning ability goals. ⅰDevelop the students’ reading skills-skimming, scanning. ⅱTrain the students to be more responsible for their future life by working hard. ⅰHow to develop the students reading skills-skimming, scanning, and finding headlines and guessing words. ⅱHow to understand, master, and use Noun clause?

V、Teaching Important Points

VI、Teaching Difficult point VII、Teaching methods

Stimulating students’ interests, training their imagination and the writing ability from reading. ⅰSkimming method to find the headlines. ⅱTask-based method to finish the teaching assignment. ⅲ Discussing method to arouse the students’ interest in future life.

VIII、Teaching aids IX、Teaching procedures Teaching steps Step I Lead in

A multimedia and multimedia slides Students’ Activities

Teacher’s Activities

i Show some beautiful pictures about the past Say any information they have found in these picture. and present life Ask: What can you see in these pictures? ii show the students another group of pictures, comparing the life in the past with the life of

today. iii Do you want to know what our future life will be like? Let’s learn a new lesson Unite6 Life in the future Step II Scanning Scan the text. How many paragraphs are there in this text? In which paragraph answers can be found to the question. Summarize the structure of the text: This text Is made up of four part Transportation Business Health and medicine Education and knowledge What measures have people taken? What are current trends? Ask the students to find the features of the new maglev train? A, How will people shop in the future? B, How will people travel in the future? C, What will schools like in the future? D, What will the future like in general?

Step III

Part I Transportati on

1. Find the features of the new maglev train: Environmentally, friendly , energy saving ,at an amazing speed 430km/h ⒉The train is con- trolled by an advanced system. Sci entists are also developing new fuels and engines ⒋Summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the ne w maglev train.

Part II Business

Play the tape Ask the students to read and answer some question Ask: Which one do you prefer, E-commerce or going shopping in store?

2 Find the answers to the questions: ①What will become more and more popular in the uture business? ②What can people do in the mall-s in the future? ③How will people pay for their purchases? 3 Use some adjectives to describe the online shopping f

Part III Health and medicine Step IV Education and Knowledge Step Word study Summarize that it’s never too old to learn

1 read and choose the right answers

1 Listen and do T/F 2 Read and answer some questions 3 Do you like to study in a school on the air? Why?

V Forecast, trend, urban , consumers, tiny , goods, cash , regular , ensure , physician

1. Have you listened to the weather ___? What will the weather ___be like tomorrow? 2. Young people are always interested in the ___of the fashion. 3. Many people want to work in ___areas but still live in the countryside. 4. This company promises that ___who have been cheated by it can get double their money back. Step VI Discussion Step VII Homework What will our future life be like in your opinion? Discuss in group of four.

Mastering reading skills-skimming and scanning; Writing a letter to introduce what you saw and meet as if you just came back from 3000 years.


Unite 6 Life in the future
1 Scanning and skimming 2 word study:
Forecast, trend, urban, consumers, tiny, goods, cash, regular, ensure, physician

3 Language points:
1 have relations with: 与 …往来. Deal with… 与……相处 2 behave towards; treat; 3manage;tends to;处理;

4 be well-prepared for“为……作好准备”, 强调“已经准备好”这一状态, prepare for 则强调“为……做准备”这一动作。 in store “存储着”、“预备着”、“必将发生”。

现行英语高中人教版教材,强调语言运用,注重能力培养,突出兴趣激发,重视双向交 流,重视灵活扩展。本课为该教材 Book 2 Unit 6 的第三课时 (Reading) Life in the future,本课的具体内容涉及未来的交通、商业、医药与健康、 知识与教育等。本人根据对学情的分析和教学内容的处理,将目标预设为: 1 通过学习,理解文章大意,抓住关键词,充分利用“标题”这一有效阅读技巧把握文章 主旨,了解作者意图并深入地培养猜测词义、理解语句、归纳段落大意等能力; 2 通过学习,掌握本单元所学词汇,并能在新的语境下巩固运用; 3 进一步拓展学生的想象力, 提升其语言实践能力, 让他们意识到只有用自己的智慧和勤 劳的双手才能改造社会,为人类造福。高二年级学生已具备一定的英语听说基础,良好的英 语学习习惯,一定的自学能力和较强的接受能力。本人根据本单元教材编排特点,结合学生 的实际,对本课时教学内容安排如下: 1 学习课文;2 词汇练习;3 理解运用;

学习的重点是通过阅读让学生了解将来人类可能的生活状况,捕捉文章的信息,根据上 下文猜测词义,通过教学表明,这些教学实施是恰当的。 设计的教学活动遵循快读-详读 —巩固—练习— 运用。 这样的设计是由梯度的, 完成从 理解到表达的过渡。 本课的一个亮点是在教学中注意学生创新能力的培养,在英语教学中注重培养学生的创 新能力,使学生形成良好的思维和行为习惯,是我们英语教育工作者义不容辞的责任,求异 思维是创造思维的核心。 在课堂教学中, 本人经常采用课堂讨论的形式, 鼓励学生“标新 立 异”,打破思维定式,敢于说“say no” , 从而让学生多侧面 、多角度地思问题,用自己 的独特见解来回答教师提出的问题。例如,在组织学生学习交通、商业、教育与知识时,就 提出了 “Use some adjectives to describe the maglev train/the online shopping”的 要求和“Do you like to study in a school on the air? why?”的问题,让学生各抒己 见,展开热烈讨论,自由宽松的学习氛围是学生发展个性的土壤。罗杰斯说“成功的教育依 赖于一种真诚的理 解和信任的师生关系,依赖于一种和谐和安全的课堂气氛。”师生之间 建立亲密融洽的关系有利于学生产生创造的勇气和信心。 因此本人在教学过程中非常重视学 生自信心的培养,对于学生的成绩,优点以及思维中的合理因素都及时给与鼓励。 本课时的另一个亮点是多媒体课件的使用,利用计算机和网络技术为核心的现代教育技 术作为一种创新型教学手段,具有直观性、交互性、生动性等特点,有利于适时拓展教学内 容, 最大限度地发掘学生的创造力, 英语教学可见的制作尤其要注重学生创造性思维能力的 培养,并应留给学生一定的思维空间。例如本人在构思 “What can you see in these pictures?”这部分课件时, 设计了一组图片, 给学生展示 科技进步给人类生产和生活带来的巨大影响,既开阔了学生的眼界,拓展了学生的思维,同 时又对本课时的学习起到一个良好的“序曲”作用。 在技能训练的同时,贯穿相关的语言知识,进行情感教育,使学生成为“终身学习者”, 此外,在课堂教学中,培养学生的合作学习态度,共同参与,体验并协作完成学习任务。

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