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Unit 2


Doctors have known for years that women should not take

ACE inhibitors during the last six months of pregnancy.The
medicine can injure the baby.ACE inhibitors,though,have been considered safe when taken during the first three months.

But a new study has found that women who take these drugs early
in their pregnancy still increase the risk of birth disorders.The study shows that,compared to others,their babies were almost

three times as likely to be born with major problems.These
included problems with the formation of the brain and nervous system and holes in the heart.

此段落的大意是:___________________________________ Damage to Pregnant Women’s Future Babies



It is a picture of a family of five.
The only child of the family is riding his “horse”—his father.What a proud “King”

he is! His grandfather is holding an
umbrella over him and cooling him with a fan.His mother is carrying his schoolbag

and lots of other things for him.His grandmother is trying hard to
carry an electronic piano and a drawingboard. 寓意理解

What will the child become in the future? He’ll think of
himself more than anyone else.He’ll be unable to do anything without help.He’ll become no good for the world.


1.A smile of A appeared on her face when she was told that her child behaved well at school.



2.Once a fire breaks out,sound the fire C and then leave

the hotel quickly.
A.cushion A.declared B.chapter C.alarm B.stated C.envied D.basement D.Scanned 3.I have read some chapters and D the rest of the book.

4.As he was not allowed to C her to the shops,he wrote out

a list of items for her.
A.obey B.annoy C.accompany D.conduct 5.You’d better not ask a foreigner how much he earns.That’s

a personal D .
A.favour B.talent C.dignity D.affair 6.She was B innocent because there wasn’t enough evidence.


B.declared C.sponsored D.Opposed
C.appealing D.varying

7.I’m not making excuses;I’m simply A a fact. B.adapting

8.She can sing,dance,paint and cook.She is really a woman of many B . A.stresses B.talents C.patterns D.Faiths 9.After they got B ,she never remarried. A.resigned B.divorced



10.If you continue to C the rules,you will be punished. A.abolish B.exchanged



Ⅱ.短语填空 leave...alone;set aside;reach for;fall in love with; take...seriously;ring up;in all;be bound to;or rather; help out

1.Someone had called,so he had to walk ________ run to or rather
the office. 2.If this man ________ for me again,don’t put him through. rings up

3.Don’t lie to her;she is bound to find out about it.
4.You look unhappy.Is there anything I can do to ________? help out

5.He visited,_____ ,ten hospitals in the east of China. in all 6.Peter ________ the papers and reached for a cigarette. set aside

7.The government _____ the public health ________. seriously took
8.I stopped him before he reached for the gun. 9.I fell in love with this house the moment I saw it.

10.She has asked to be left alone but the press photographers
follow her everywhere.

1. As he was not allowed to accompany her to the shops (因 为不让他陪她去商店),he wrote out a list of items for her.(as) 2. By the amused and surprised look on her face (从他脸 上的那种有趣而又惊奇的神色来看),Claire knew that Gladys thought she was having an affair.(look) 3.Asimov invented a theoretical framework which was designed to show how ideas and thinking may develop (目的是想阐述各种想法可能会如何发展) in the future. (design)

1.Claire didn’t want the robot in her house,especially as her husband would be absent for three weeks,but Larry

persuaded her that the robot wouldn’t harm her or allow
her B . A.to harm B.to be harmed


D.being harmed

2.Tony suggested that she D Gladys and her friends to the house the night before he was to leave and Larry was to

A.would invite B.had invited C.invited D.invite 3.At that moment,Tony folded his arms around her,A his face close to hers. A.bending B.bent C.to bend D.having bent

4.It was when Asimov was eleven years old C his talent for writing became obvious.





5.This really surprised Asimov and from that moment, he started to take him A as a writer.



1.desire n. 愿望;心愿;要求 句型 have a desire for.../to do...渴望……;渴望做…… He had a strong desire for success/fame/wealth. 他渴望成功(出名、致富)。 I have no desire to discuss the matter further. 我不想再谈此事。 拓展 desire 后还可接 that 引导的同位语从句,从句中


The people expressed their desire that the war (should) come to an end soon. 人民表达了早日结束战争的愿望。 vt. 期望;希望;请求

We all desire health and happiness.我们都渴望健康和幸福。
句型 desire to do sth. 希望做某事 desire sb.to do sth. 希望某人做某事

desire that...希望……
We always desire to live in peace with our neighbours. 我们总是期望与邻居和平相处。 She desires you to visit her next week. 她希望你下周去见她。

They desired that we (should) do something to help them

out of trouble.他们希望我们想办法帮他们摆脱困境。
链接 hope 希望 wish 希望

long 渴望
2. favour n.喜爱;恩惠 搭配 do sb.a favour 帮某人个忙;劳驾

ask a favour of sb. 请某人帮忙
win one’s favour 得到某人的嘉许或青睐 Would you do me a favour and turn off that radio?

I want to ask a favour of you;will you lend me your car? 我想请你帮忙,你能把车子借给我吗?

He did all he could to win her favour.

识记 in favour of 赞同;支持
in one’s favour 有利于某人;有助于某人 Are you in favour of workers’ control of companies? 你是否赞同由工人管理公司? The system tends to operate in favour of the wealthier classes.这种体制有利于富人阶层。

3.bound adj.肯定的;负有义务的;受约束的
句型be bound to do sth.肯定会做某事;有义务做某事;理应做 某事

His laziness is bound to result in his failure.他的懒惰注定导致他
的失败。 You are not legally bound to answer these questions.在法律上,

John felt bound to tell Katherine about the job,even though he didn’t want to work with her. 约翰感到应该告诉凯瑟琳关于那份工作的事,尽管他不想和她一 起共事。 识记I’m bound to say我得说 I’m bound to say that you are taking a huge risk.我得说你在冒很 大的风险。

4.sympathy n. 同情;同感;赞同 搭配 have/feel sympathy for/with sb.同情某人 I’ve a lot of sympathy for her;she brought up the children on her own. 我非常同情她,她是独立把孩子们抚养成人的。 I have no sympathy for Jane;it’s all her own fault. 我不同情简,那都是她自己的错。 识记 in/with sympathy 同情地 be in sympathy with 赞同;同……一致 On that point I’m in sympathy with him. 在这一点上我同他一致。 The miners were on strike and the railway men came out in sympathy. 矿工们在罢工,铁路工人也举行罢工表示支持。 链接 mercy 怜悯,宽恕,仁慈pity怜悯,同情

5.envy vt. 妒忌;羡慕

句型 envy sb.sth./envy sb.for sth. 羡慕某人的……
envy sb.doing sth. 羡慕某人做某事 I don’t envy you your journey in this bad weather. 我才不羡慕你在这样恶劣的天气里旅行呢。 I don’t envy Ed that job.我不羡慕埃德的那份工作。 He envied Rosalind for her youth and strength. 他羡慕罗莎琳德的青春和活力。 I envy you having such a close family. 我羡慕你有这么一个亲密的家庭。 链接 be jealous of 嫉妒……

1.turn around 转过身;转过来 The little girl turned around and ran to her mother. 那小女孩转身向她妈妈跑去。 He turned around to find a policeman following him. 他转过身来,发现一个警察跟着他。

链接 turn against 背叛
turn away 转过脸去,不理睬,拒之门外,辞退 turn back 折回,返回

turn down 调小,关小,拒绝(请求、要求)
turn in 上交,递交

turn off 关掉
turn on 打开 turn out 结果是,被证明是,生产出,解雇 turn over 翻过来,翻身,仔细考虑 turn to 求助于,查阅,翻到,转向 turn up 出现,出席,来到,露面,开大,拧大 2.leave alone 不管;随……去;别招惹;别碰 Leave me alone.I’m hopeless.别管我,我要绝望了。

Leave it alone for some time.Talking about it may do harm.
先别问了,谈论它可能会造成伤害。 You leave my sister alone or I’ll tell my father.


3.set aside 储蓄;留出;把……置于一旁;搁置

I’ve set aside some money for this journey.
我为这趟旅行存了一些钱。 Each week he tried to set aside a few dollars of his salary. 每周他都尽量从工资中存下几美元。 Let’s set aside our personal feelings. 我们先暂时抛开个人的情感。 链接 put away 储蓄 put aside 储蓄 lay aside 储蓄

1.So Claire borrowed a pile of books from the library for him to read,or rather,scan.于是克莱尔从图书馆借来

【要点指南】 rather作副词用时,可作“更确切地说”, 常与or连用,表示想要纠正已经说过的话,或欲使已 说过的话更确切。 He worked till late last night,or rather,early in the morning. 他一直工作到深夜,或者更确切地说,到今天凌晨。 The building is like a palace,or rather a temple.

You have to be sixteen for cheap tickets—or rather under sixteen.

2.But even though Tony had been so clever,he would have to be rebuilt—you cannot have women falling in love with machines.但是,尽管托尼很聪明,他还得做一番改造—— 总不能让女人与机器相爱吧。 【要点指南】 have sb./sth.doing sth.是固定句式。在肯定 句中,意为“让某人或某事反复或一直或不停地做某事”; 在否定句中,意为“不允许或禁止某人做某事”。

The two men had their lights burning all night long. 那两个人让灯通宵亮着。

They tried to have her talking.But no use.
他们想让她说话,但没用。 I can’t have them wasting their time in this way.

I can’t have you catching cold.Run and change your wet clothes. 我不能让你着凉。快去把湿衣服换掉。

【方法技巧】 主题句在文章的末尾。很多文章在末尾处会对前面的

主题句。所以,我们在阅读时,千万不要忽视文章末尾处 的那一两句话哟。

When people first got their real job,they may face a lot of new,confusing situations.They may find that everything is different from the way things were at school.It is also possible

that they will feel uncomfortable and insecure in both professional and social situations.Eventually,they realize that university classes can’t be the only preparation for all of the different situations that arise in the working world. Perhaps the best way to learn how to behave in the working world is to identify a worker you admire and observe his behavior.In doing so,you will be able to see

what it is that you admire this person for.For example,
you will observe how he acts in crisis.Perhaps even more important,you will be able to see what his approach to

day- day situations is. to-

While you are observing your colleague,you should be asking yourself whether his behavior is like yours and how you can learn from his responses to a wide variety of situations.By watching and learning from a model,

you will probably begin to identify and adopt good Working
habits. ◆What is the main idea of this passage?

A.Learn from a model.
B.Learn,learn and learn again. C.Learn forever. D.One is never too old to learn. 答案:A

【实践应用】 Imagine a world in which children would be the rulers and could decide not only the outcome of each and every occurrence,but also dictate the very structure and form of

the environment.In this world,a child’s wildest thoughts
would become reality limited only by the extent of his or her imagination.while such a world might sound both fant

astic and frightening,at least from a logical,adult
perspective,it does exist.What’s more,it has been in existence for some time and is populated by hundreds of thousands of children who spend hours within its bound aries experimenting and learning.This world is not real,

at least not in the traditional sense,but exists within a computer and is generated by an educational programming language called LOGO.Unlike other computer languages and programs that are designed to test children and provide applications that formally dispense information,LOGO

allows children,even preschool children to be in total
control.Children teach the computer to think and as a result develop and sharpen their own reasoning ability.

◆The best title for this passage would be________.
A.Children Rule the World B.Children Learn Reasoning Using LOGO C.Computer Languages

D.The Unreal World of the Child and the Computer

解析:在介绍完 LOGO 语言之后,作者道出主题,
对整篇文章进行了概括和总结,做出结论:Children teach the computer to think and as a result develop and

sharpen their own reasoning ability.故只有B项“儿童掌
握使用LOGO语言可以发展自己的推理能力”才是文章 的主题。 答案:B

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