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山东省滨州市2016高考英语二轮复习 阅读理解精选(5)

山东滨州市 2016 高考英语二轮阅读理解精选(5)
由 (2012 浙江瑞安中学高三 5 月适应性练习)改编 Leonardo’s Discovery Warehouse is a hands-on arts and sciences museum located in downtown Enid, Oklahoma. It’s fun for children of all ages! Build in the Carpentry Shop, create your own masterpiece in the Art Studio, observe our snakes, chinchillas and ferret in the Animal Area and so much more inside the converted(修改的)warehouse. Learn while you play at Adventure Quest, the outdoor science park that’s also one of the largest playgrounds of its kind in the world! Spend the day or come play for a few hours—you’ll love Leonardo’s. A team of artists, scientists, children and educators dreamed this place and then the community worked together to make Leonardo’s a reality. Hours of family fun and inspiration await you at Leonardo’s Discovery Warehouse... PHONE: (580) 233—2787 MUSEUM HOURS: Tues—Sat 10am—5pm Sunday 1pm—5pm LOCATION: 200 E.Maple Enid,OK Science Museum Oklahoma,Oklahoma’s only science museum and Smithsonian affiliate,enriches people’s lives by revealing the wonder and relevance of science. Home to more than 350 hands-on science exhibits and educational programs,Science Museum Oklahoma offers an interactive and enjoyable experience for visitors of all ages. PHONE: (405) 602—6664 MUSEUM HOURS: Mon-Fri 9am—5pm Saturday 9am—6pm Sunday 11am—6pm LOCATION: 2100 NE 52nd Street Oklahoma City,OK WEBSITE: http://www.sciencemuseumok.org/ Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum Welcome to one of the world’s largest children’s museums and one of North


America’s favorite family destinations! We’ve created a special place where thousands of children aged 3 - 12 come each year to explore their world. As you explore our website, be sure to Take a Virtual Tour. You’ll discover our hands-on, award-winning museum is uniquely created as an imaginary town where children can actually BE the doctor, the judge, the firefighter, the waterworks engineer and so much more! PHONE: (405) 382-0950 MUSEUM HOURS: Tues-Fri 10am-5pm Saturday 10am-5pm Sunday 1pm-5pm LOCATION: 1714 Highway 9 West Seminole, OK WEBSITE: http://www.jasminemoran.com/ At the Museum of the Great Plains, the natural and cultural history of the Great Plains of north America is studied and shown in many exhibits and programs that will be enjoyed by all members of the family. Special events include a twice-yearly encampment of 1830s trappers and hunters, plus re-enactments of 19th and 20th century events and activities. PHONE: (580) 581-3460 MUSEUM HOURS: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm Saturday 10am-5pm Sunday 1pm-5pm LOCATION: 601 NW Ferris Ave Lawton, OK WEBSITE: http://www.museumgreatplains.org/ Welcome to the Tulsa Air and Space Museum &Planetarium where the past and future meet to inspire today’s visitors. Experience Tulsa’s rich history in the aerospace industry by exploring 19,000 square feet of exhibit space and educational displays

in the museum,then sit back in the planetarium(天文馆)and enjoy a trip to the outer limits of the universe. PHONE: (918) 834-9900 MUSEUM HOURS: Tues-Fri 10am-5pm Saturday 10am-5pm LOCATION: 3624 N 74th E Ave Tulsa, OK WEBSITE: http://tulsaairandspacemuseum.com/ 17. In what section of a newspaper will you probably read the advertisements?( A.Geography B.Education C.History D.Environment )

18.What do Science Museum Oklahoma and Leonardo’s Discovery Warehouse have in common?( )

A.Aiming at science B.Introducing animals C.Offering imaginary roles D.Enjoying a trip to the universe 19.Emma has a tight schedule and has to work from 10am-5pm every day.If she wants to visit a museum,which website will she probably login to get more information?( A.http://www.jasminemoran.com/ B.http://www.museumgreatplains.org/ C.http://tulsaairandspacemuseum.com/ D.http://www.sciencemuseumok.org/ 20.Which of the following can be learned from the advertisements?( ) )

A.Visitors can enjoy family fun in all the museums except the Museum of the Great Plains. B.Visitors can experience something related to culture in the Tulsa Air and Space Museum.

C.Visitors can phone (405) 382-0950 if their children want to enjoy role-playing programs. D.Visitors can explore an adventure of outer space in 601 NW Ferris Ave Lawton,OK. 21.What may be the purpose of the writer writing the passage?( A.To show his knowledge of museums. B.To provide some information on museums. C.To attract attention from the readers. D.To entertain readers. 语篇解读:本文给我们提供了几家博物馆的主题、开放时间、位置和联系方式等信息。 答案及剖析:17.B 推理判断题。由全文内容介绍的全是博物馆的信息可知 ,该广告应出 )

现在报纸的教育栏目,故选 B 项。 18.A 细节理解题。 由第一部分的 Leonardo’s Discovery Warehouse is a hands-on arts and sciences museum...和第二部分的 Science Museum Oklahoma, Oklahoma’s only science museum...可知,这两个都是科技博物馆,故选 A 项。 19.D 细节理解题。由题干中的 has to work from 10am-5pm every day 和每个博物馆 的开放时间可知,Emma 只能去 Science Museum Oklahoma 参观,故选 D 项。 20.C 推理判断题。由 Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum 部分的...created as an

imaginary town where children can actually BE the doctor...和该博物馆的电话联系方 式可知 C 项正确。由第四部分的...that will be enjoyed by all members of the family... 可排除 A 项;人们在 the Tulsa Air and Space Museum 体验的是 history in the aerospace industry...educational displays,故排除 B;the Museum of the Great Plains 坐落在 601 NW Ferris Ave Lawton, OK,而它的主题是 the natural and cultural history of the Great Plains of north America,故排除 D 项。 21.B 推理判断题。由全文对几家博物馆的位置、联系方式和主题活动的介绍可知,作者 提供了关于它们的信息,故选 B 项。 【长难句子分析】


我们营造了一个特别的地方,在那儿数以千计的年龄在 3 到 12 岁的孩子每年都来探索他们的 世界。

【重庆市名校联盟 2014 联合模拟】D Jack Andraka from Maryland won the grand prize at the 2013 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. It is the largest high school science competition in the world. The Maryland teenager is the youngest winner of the $75,000 award,who was chosen from among 1,500 students in 70 countries. Jack Andraka invented a test for pancreatic cancer, one of the deadliest forms of cancer. He started to learn it after losing a close family friend to the disease. “I went on the Internet and I found that 85 percent of all pancreatic cancers are diagnosed late, when someone has less than a 2% chance of survival,” he says, “ and I was thinking, ‘That’s not right. We should be able to do something.’ ” He found that early discovery is important to increasing the chances of surviving the disease. The Maryland teenager requested and received permission to work in a laboratory at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. There he developed a simple paper test, which can identify the disease in a single drop of blood. His test has proven correct 90% of the time. It also is 100 times more sensitive than other tests. “It costs three cents per test, and then also it takes only five minutes to run.” he said. Jack’s success wouldn’t have been possible without Anirban Maitra, a professor at Johns Hopkins. He was the only person among the 200 researchers Jack contacted who showed interest in his project. “I was very surprised that this was a 15-year old boy who was writing this. I wanted to meet this clever young man and see what he wanted to talk about and so I called him over for an interview.”


Jack worked in Professor Maitra’s laboratory, completing his project in seven months. The government has given the Maryland teenager patent rights to the pancreatic cancer test. He is now talking with companies about developing the test into a simple product. Whatever happens, the professor believes Jack Andraka’s name is one we will be hearing again over the next 10 to 20 years. 48. What made Jack Andraka research pancreatic cancer? _____ A. A high school task C. Losing a friend B. A professor’s encouragement D. Doubts about the present test

49. We can infer from the text that Jack Andraka _____. A. left a deep impression on Professor Maitra. B. was thought highly of by companies. C. got support from others easily. D. wasn’t afraid of failure. 50. The underlined sentence in the last paragraph suggests Jack Andraka will _____. A. become rich C. get a good job B. make contributions continually D. make products to treat cancer

51. What’s the best title for the test? _____ A. Intel International Science and Engineering Fair B. Jack Andraka’s fights against cancer C. Research on Pancreatic cancer D. Teenage cancer research 【参考答案】48—51、CABD

【重庆市名校联盟 2014 联合模拟】E Although man has known asbestos for many hundreds of years, it was not until 160 years ago that it was mined for the first time on the North American continent. H. W. Johns, owner of a New York City Supply Shop for roofers, was responsible for the opening of that first mine.

Mr. Johns was given a piece of asbestos which had been found in Italy. He experimented with the material and then showed its surprising powers to his customers. After putting on a pair of asbestos gloves, which looked much like ordinary work gloves, he took red-hot coals from the fireplace and played with them in his hands. How astonished the customers were to discover that he was not burned at all. You can well imagine that he had increasing business in asbestos roofing materials. However, because it was very expensive to transport them from Italy to the United States, Mr. Johns sent out a young scientist to seek a source nearer home. This young man found great vein(岩 脉), in the province of Quebec in Canada. Ever since 1881 Quebec has led the world in the production of this unusual mineral, which is made up of magnesium, silicon, iron, and oxygen. When it is mined, the asbestos is heavy, just as you would expect a mineral to be. When it is separated, a strange thing happens; the rock breaks down into fine, soft, soapy fibers. Scientists do not know why the rock can be separated easily into threads, but they have found thousands of uses of this fireproof material, of the so-called “cloth of stone”. 52. Which title best expresses the main idea of this passage? A. Asbestos mined in Canada C. A “wonder” mineral B. Fireproof matter D. A new roofing material

53. Johns proved his ability as a salesman by_______. A. going into roofing business C. sending a trained scientist B. carrying asbestos from Italy D. showing the use of asbestos gloves

54. Which is the most important character of asbestos that the author wants to show us? A. It is like thread. C. It burns easily. B. It feels soapy. D. It is unusually heavy.

55. The author’s main purpose in writing this passage was to _______. A. show the need for more scientists C. increase the sales of asbestos 【参考答案】52—55、CDAD

B. compare asbestos with other minerals D. present facts about asbestos


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