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高中英语必修四 同步练习Book 4-Unit 5 课后作业

Book 4 - Unit 5 课后作业



Unit 5 课后作业

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.There are 40 students in our class,who come from a ________of backgrounds. A.variety B.mixture C.extension D.combination 2.John worked hard at his lessons and gained________to a famous university last year. A.permission B.admission C.agreement D.freedom 3.He was found ______ in front of the TV set,______ the football match. A.to sit;to watch B.seated;watching C.seating;watching D.seated;watched 4.______ many other similar ones,China Daily is________newspaper. A.Comparing with;a most satisfied B.Compared to;the most satisfied C.Comparing to;a more satisfying D.Compared with;a more satisfying 5.The young man,determined to carry out his plan,cares little about__ others might say about it. A.what B.when C.which D.why 6.Most members of the committee were in favour of the suggestion;only a ____were against it. A.majority B.minority C.quantity D.amount 7. only____ the activity _____ public awareness of world hunger, raised a lot of money for Not but the poor children. A./;has increased B.is;increase C.has;increased D./;increased 8.Sorry,Madam.You’d better come tomorrow because it’s ____ the visiting hours. A.during B.at C.beyond D.before 9.The person who was taking photos asked the family to sit ___ and listen _____to his order. A.closely;close B.close;closely C.close;close D.closely;closely 10.________tomorrow,our ship will set sail for Macao. A.However the weather is like B.However is the weather like C.Whatever is the weather like D.Whatever the weather is like Ⅱ.阅读理解 A Compared to people with bad attitudes, people who are cheerful and relaxed are less likely to suffer from colds, according to a new study.“It’s possible that being upbeat helps the body fight illnesses”, says Sheldon Cohen, the study’s lead researcher from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh. In a previous study, Cohen and his colleagues put coldcausing viruses into the noses of 334 healthy adults. People who tended to be cheerful and lively were least likely to develop sniffles, coughs, and other cold symptoms. People who showed positive feelings were also less likely to mention symptoms to their doctors, even when medical tests detected those symptoms. Those findings were interesting, but they didn’t prove that a person’s attitude affects whether he or she gets sick.Instead, it was still possible that a person’s underlying personality is what matters.Evidence suggests, for instance, that certain people are naturally more likely to be outgoing and optimistic, with high selfesteem and a sense of control over life.This would mean that who we are, not how we feel, ultimately decides our chances of catching colds. To figure out which mattered more (personality or emotions), the CMU team interviewed 193 healthy adults.The researchers talked to each person over the phone every evening for 2 weeks.At the end of the interviewing period, people got nose drops that contained either cold or flu viruses. Then,each person stayed in an isolated room for 5 or 6 days.The results showed that everyone in the study was equally likely to get infected.Their symptoms, however, differed depending on the types of emotions that they had reported over the previous 2 weeks.Among those who reported good moods and had been infected with the flu virus, for example, 28 percent developed coughs and stuffy noses. On the other hand, those symptoms struck 41 percent of people who had been less

Book 4 - Unit 5 课后作业


upbeat. 【解题导语】 最新研究表明性格开朗的人往往觉察不到感冒的存在。 1.What would be the best title for the passage?
A.Smiles Turn away Colds C.Be Outgoing and Optimistic to Fight Colds B.An Interesting Way to Beat Colds D.What Matters More, Personality or Emotions? B.developed cold symptoms more slowly D.were less likely to feel cold symptoms

2.In the previous study, people who showed positive feelings______.
A.didn’t catch colds as often C.were less likely to have cold symptoms detected

3.What mainly decides our chances of catching colds according to the new study? A.Personality. B.Selfesteem. C.Emotions. D.Attitudes. 4.The underlined word “symptoms” probably means________.
A.something that causes cold C.something that results in cold B.signs that something exists, especially something bad D.changes in your body or mind that show that you are not healthy

B Sixteen years ago,Eileen Doyle’s husband,an engineer,took his four children up for an early morning cup of tea,packed a small case and was never seen or heard of again.Eileen was astonished and in a state of despair.They had been a happy family and, far as she knew, as there had been nothing wrong with their marriage. Every day of the year a small group of men and women quietly pack a few belongings and without so much as a note or a goodbye close the front door for the last time,leaving their debts, their worries and their confused families behind them.Last year, more than 1,200 men and nearly as many women were reported missing from home-the highest in 15 years.Many did return home within a year,but others rejected the past completely and are now living a new life somewhere under a different identity. To those left behind , this form of desertion is terrible blow to their pride and selfconfidence.Even the finality of death might be preferable.At least it does not imply rejection or failure.Worse than that,people can be left with an unfinished marriage,not knowing whether they will have to wait seven years before they are free to start a fresh life. Clinical psychologist Paul Brown believes most departures of this kind to be well planned rather than impulsive.“It’s typical of the kind of personality which seems able to ignore other people’s pain and difficulties.Running away,like killing yourself,is a highly aggressive act.By creating an absence the people left behind feel guilty,upset and empty.” 【解题导语】 本文谈论了一小部分人为躲避债务,逃避现实,不辞而别甚至从此消失 的现象以及由此引发的问题。 5.When her husband left home,Eileen Doyle________. A.could not forgive him for taking the children B.had been expecting it to happen for some time C.could not understand why D.blamed herself for what had happened 6.Most people who leave their families behind them________. A.do so without warning B.do so because of their debts C.come back immediately D.change their names 7.Some people would even prefer the death to the running away of their spouse because____. A.their spouse would feel no pain during the death B.their spouse death would not blow their pride and confidence C.a desertion would not bring a feeling of rejection of failure D.their spouse death would make them feel less painful 8.Which might be the title of the passage? A.Broken marriage B.New life after desertion C.A new social problem D.Desertion and its influence 9.What can be inferred from the passage? A.Many people choose to leave home quietly because they hate their family. B.Paul Brown regards leaving home as an act of selfishness. C.Those who are left behind will lose confidence and won’t marry again.

Book 4 - Unit 5 课后作业


D.Eileen’s husband,together with his four kids,was probably killed in an accident. C He met her at a party.She was so outstanding,with many boys around her,while he was so normal,with nobody paying attention to him. At the end of the party,he invited her to have coffee with him.She was surprised,but due to being polite,she agreed. They sat in a nice coffee shop.He was too nervous to say anything , and she felt uncomfortable,thinking,“Please let me go home.” Suddenly he asked the waiter,“Would you please give me some salt?I’d like to put it in my coffee.” Everybody stared at him-so strange! face turned red, still, put the salt in his coffee His but, he and drank it. She asked him curiously,“Why do you have this hobby?” He replied, “When I was a little boy, was living near the sea.I liked playing in the sea, I and I could feel the taste of the sea, like the taste of the salty coffee.Now every time I have the salty just coffee,I always think of my childhood.I miss my hometown so much.I miss my parents who are still living there.” While saying that tears filled his eyes.She was deeply touched.That’s his true feeling,from the bottom of his heart.A man who can tell out his homesickness,he must be a man who loves home,cares about home,and has responsibility of home. Then she also started to speak about her faraway hometown,her childhood,and her family.That was a really nice talk,also a beautiful beginning of their story. They continued to date.She found that actually he was a man who meets all her demands;he was kind? hearted ,warm and careful.He was such a good person but she almost missed him! Thanks to his salty coffee!Then the story was just like every beautiful love story-the princess married the prince,and then they were living a happy life...And,every time she made coffee for him,she put some salt in the coffee. After 40 years, passed away, he leaving her a letter which said, “My dearest, please forgive my whole life lie.This was the only lie I said to you-the salty coffee”. “Remember the first time we dated?I was so nervous at that time.Actually I wanted some sugar,but I said salt.It was hard for me to change so I just went ahead.” “I tried to tell you the truth many times in my life,but I was too afraid to do that,as I have promised not to lie to you for anything.” “Now I’m dying.I’m afraid of nothing so I tell you the truth:I don’t like the salty coffee.What a strange bad taste!But I have had the salty coffee for my whole life!” “Since I knew you,I never feel sorry for anything I do for you.Having you with me is my biggest happiness for my whole life.If I can live for a second time,I still want to know you and have you for my whole life,even though I have to drink the salty coffee again.” Her tears made the letter totally wet. Someday,someone asked her,“What’s the taste of salty coffee?”“It’s sweet,”she replied. 【解题导语】 这是一个感人的爱情故事。男主人公与女朋友约会时,在咖啡店因为紧 张说错了话,本来要给咖啡放糖,却叫服务员给他盐。后来,为了信守爱情,他喝了一辈子 的咸咖啡。 10.After ordering some salt to put into the coffee,the young man must have felt________. A.touched B.satisfied C.disappointed D.embarrassed 11.Which of the following statements is TRUE? A.Salt coffee is more delicious and sweeter than sugar coffee. B.The man ordered the salt coffee in order to create a chance to date with the girl. C.The man had to have salty coffee all his life to keep his word. D.The woman hardly believed the man’s explanation at their first date.

Book 4 - Unit 5 课后作业


12.From the passage we can see that the man is________. A.caring and kind? hearted B.shy and sly C.dishonest but responsible D.warm and understanding 13. is implied in the passage that the woman___when reading the letter left by her husband. It A.was cheated by her husband’s behavior B.was touched by her husband’s white lie C.felt sorry to know the truth too late D.felt angry about his dishonesty Keys:Ⅰ.单项填空
1.解析: A。variety 意为“多样性, 选 种类”, 表示“他们来自不同的背景”。mixture“混合物, 混合体”; extension“伸长,伸展,延伸,范围”;combination“结合,合并,配合,组合”。 2. 解析: B。 选 admission 意为“准许进入”, admission to university 指“被大学录取”。 permission“许可”; agreement“同意”;freedom“自由,特权”。 3.解析:选 B。第一个空,过去分词作补语,表示状态;第二个空,现在分词作状语,表示伴随。 4. 解析: D。 选 考查分词。 第一空, 要填 compared to/with, 意为“与??相比”, 是状语从句 If it is compared to/with 的省略;第二空,现在分词 satisfying 表示“令人满意的”,常修饰物,符合题意。 5.解析:选 A。what 在句中引导宾语从句,并在从句中作 say 的宾语。句意:年轻人决心继续执行他的计 划,而不顾其他人说些什么。 6.解析:选 B。对应于前面的“most members”(大多数成员赞成这个建议),only 引导的应该是“少部分人 反对”,所以用 minority(少数)。majority 指“大多数”;quantity 和 amount 都表示“数量”,但与后面的谓 语不相符。 7.解析:选 C。当 not only 置于句首时,前一个分句要倒装,后一分句不倒装。句意:这项活动不但提高 了公众的世界饥荒意识,而且也为贫穷孩子筹集了很多钱。 8.解析:选 C。during 在??期间;before 在??之前;at 在某一时间点。beyond 超过;比??晚。句意: 对不起,女士。你最好明天再来,因为探视时间已经过了。 9. 解析: B。 选 句意: 那个正在拍照的人要求那家人坐近些认真听他的要求。 close 作副词表示位置近; closely 作副词意思是“仔细地”。 10.解析:选 D。句意:无论明天天气怎样,我们的船都要驶往澳门。考查状语从句,从句应用陈述语序。 Ⅱ.阅读理解 A 1. 解析:选 A。主旨大意题。本文是研究报道,第一段是文章的中心段,根据本段第一句内容可判断此项 正确。B 项过于笼统。 2.解析:选 D。细节理解题。根据第二段最后一句的前半句内容可知乐观的人更不容易感觉到感冒症状。 本句的后半句是说医疗检查发现了感冒症状,由此可排除 C 项。 3.解析:选 C。细节理解题。根据最后一段中的“Their symptoms,however,differed depending on the types of emotions that they had reported over the previous 2 weeks.”可判断关键因素是人的“情感”。下文内容也有 线索提示。 4.解析:选 D。猜测词义题。本段前半部分提到试验中把引起感冒的病毒注入试验对象的鼻孔,乐观的人 很少有流鼻涕、 咳嗽等感冒症状, 甚至感觉不到异常变化, 而本句中提到医疗检查的确发现了这些 symptoms, 由此可推断此处此词的含义是“症状”。前两项的意思基本相同,可排除;C 项不贴切。 B 5. 解析: C。 选 细节理解题。 根据第一段的第二句“Eileen was astonished...”可以断定 C“她不明白为什么” 是正确答案。其余三项均不符合文章意思。 6.解析:选 A。细节理解题。依据文章第二段的“without so much as a note or a goodbye”可知 A 项正确。 7. 解析:选 D。细节理解题。根据文章第三段可知答案为 D。 8.解析:选 D。主旨大意题。A 项和 C 项的范围太广,B 项偏离文章主旨,只有 D 项“遗弃及其带来的影 响”符合文章主旨。 9.解析:选 B。理解判断题。依据第四段第二句“It’s typical of the kind of personality which seems able to ignore other people’s pain and difficulties”可知 B 项正确。 C 10.解析:选 D。考查推理判断。从第五段可知,男主人公在和女朋友第一次约会的时候,向服务员要放进 咖啡里的盐,此刻每个人都盯着他看,觉得他好奇怪,于是他的脸都红了。由此判断选 D,此时他觉得很尴 尬。 11.解析:选 C。考查细节理解。从文章的叙述可知,当初男主人公因为紧张,本来是要给咖啡加糖,结果 说成了要盐,于是喝了一生的咸咖啡,40 年后,在他去世前给妻子的纸条上说明了事情的真相。故选 C。 12.解析:选 A。考查细节理解。文章第十段说,女孩在约会中发现这个男孩心地善良,做事很细心 (kind? hearted ,warm and careful)。 13.解析:选 B。考查推理判断。文章最后一段说,当别人问她咸咖啡的滋味时,她回答说“很甜”,由此 推断,故事的女主人公被丈夫的这个谎言感动了。

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