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山东德州 2014 届高考英语一轮复习完形填空加强训练 34
1.阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。
It was like any other mid-September day.I was teaching maths, like I typically did each day at 10:00 a.m. .Students were busy working on the 37 was the sound of pencil tips tapping the desks. "Boys and girls, eyes up here please." As expected, students focused on me, eager, ready, 38 ."I need a volunteer to write the answer on the board." A silent sea of the air.I quickly looked at the hands raised, and tnen a hand different from the rest,.John Doe’s hand. John Doe was a little boy with Cerebral Palsy (脑瘫). His balance was shaky and he could easily be 41 .His body was very rigid and his movements were never smooth.His writing 42 40 39 shot up into 36 I previously asked.All you could

my eyes on one hand in particular,

was at most times unreadable, and speaking was difficult for him.Everything was a( n) for John Doe. However, John loved 43

and would come every day with a smile on his face.His 44

determination to succeed was remarkable for a child so young who was facing so many in his daily life. Getting back to the maths lesson, students were waiting to be called.One of those hands was John Doe' s. "John, come on up and answer the question." I called. He got out of his seat 46 and walked to the front.His moving was 47


and with

each shaky step, it looked as if the slightest misstep could lead to him falling over.All eyes were on him.The class was 48 .He made it up to the board after spending so much energy to get

there.As I gave him the chalk I thought to myself. “What have I just done? Did I set him up to 49 ? What if he gives a wrong answer?" I was getting really Grasping the chalk and with great 51 50 .

, he wrote down the answer, which looked as if a overcame me."

kindergartener wrote it, but was at least 52 .Immediately a sense of 53 Excellent job! John Doe, you are right!" I said

54 .At that very moment, my entire class

spontaneously (自发的) began clapping for him. John stood there, smiling the biggest smile. He was admired for his strong will and 55 .

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That moment left an unforgettable mark on my heart. 36.A.story 37.A.hear 38.A.thinking 39.A.hands 40.A.lowered 41.A.turned away 42.A.competition 43.A.maths 44.A.choices 45.A.eager 46.A.proudly 47.A.awkward 48.A.hopeful 49.A.help 50.A.curious 51.A.patience 52.A.objective 53.A.honor 54.A.interestedly 55.A.drive B.picture B.see B.waiting B.books B.narrowed B.knocked over B.experience B.life B.dangers B.firm B.hurriedly B.steady B.silent B.regret B.worried B.effort B.relevant B.guilt B.anxiously B.potential C.question C.tell C.observing C.pencils C.fixed C.pulled down C.adventure C.school C.pressures C.shaky C.nervously C.cautious C.noisy C.fail C.puzzled C.courage C.readable C.privilege C.excitedly C.diligence D.project D.write D.discussing D.papers D.rolled D.stepped on D.challenge D.teachers D.barriers D.powerful D.slowly D.unnatural D.calm D.practise D.annoyed D.concern D.creative D.relief D.formally D.talent

2.阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白
处的最佳选项。 Streit was an experienced safecracker who never used force — either against people or safes. He was a real difficult 12 11 of his trade and it took him only 19 minutes to open the most 13 by his brother Stefan, he took 14 the safe

he had ever met. In about 10 years,

about 33,000,000 —from the safes of 28 banks in Austria. On his last job, he door open and 80,000 behind. With the
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was a note, ''We don't need all that much''. A



his car and Streit was caught by the police. Then he was sent to Austria's Stein 17 . He boasted (吹嘘) at his trial that he would continue 19 18

Prison to serve a six-year

the law, ''I'm a thief and I shall use every opportunity.'' In spite of the

, prison officials

moved Streit to the prison's blacksmith shop. One day during the week before Christmas, Streit 20 . Searchers found all his doors were well locked. Streit had 22 21 to make a set of keys 23 the

and let himself out. Not to

, though. After crossing into Bavaria, Streit 24

suspicion (怀疑) of German customs police on purpose and got himself in a German prison, ''he (温和的) sentences for 25 26

. ''I want to be

to the surprised police. ''As German courts give much milder like mine and will 28 27 the time I would otherwise have

served in Stein Prison.'' In prison, Streit

his keepers to let him telephone his former 29 I caused trouble. I didn't want to

keeper, Karl Schreiner of Stein Prison. ''I'm sorry 30 h 11. A.artist 12. A.bank 13. A. offered 14. A. made 15. A. safe 16. A.recognized 17. A.treatment 18. A. obeying 19. A. sentence 20. A. disappeared 21. A. tried 22. A. safety 23. A. attracted 24. A. recognized 25. A. went 26. A. crimes 27. A. multiply
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anybody by escaping. Conditions weren't that bad. In fact the food was better than it is e r B.dancer B.safe B. trained B. left B. job B. stole B. holiday B. breaking B. trial B. starved B. decided B. freedom B.offered B. relaxed B. lied B. robbery B. lose e C. composer C. prison C. helped C.broke C. door C. rode C. freedom C.respecting C.warning C.survived C. managed C. hometown C. removed C.arrested C. negotiated C. money C. add . ' D. musician D. door D.respected D. removed D. money D. broke D. sentence D. destroying D. suggestion D. worked D.expected D.prison D. admitted D. encouraged D.explained D.mistakes D. reduce '

28. A. cheated 29. A.though 30. A. injure

B. persuaded B. but B. steal

C.expected C. for C. embarrass

D. helped D. if D. Accuse

3.阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中选出能填入空白处的
最佳选项。 When my family moved to Ohio over the summer, I feared attending another new school and knowing no one because I was able to expect what was coming. I had bright red hair and enormous glasses. In addition, I was 11 and not very sociable.

Boarding the school bus that first day, I felt like all eyes on me. I could hear the 12 bus “She’s huge!” Obviously, the kids on the bus had known each other well. I spent that first 13 in silence. 14 . I did not notice that a few boys had tied a shoelace 15 everything I was carrying.

The following day was even

across the aisle (过道) and thus fell face first on the bus,

16 17

I was embarrassingly gathering my supplies, I could hear the laughter, and then the “That felt like an earthquake!” Anyway, I 19 up in my eyes. 18 to find a seat. Looking out of the

window, I held back the tears

It was then that I sank into myself. I began walking everywhere. I would wander through the woods behind our house. I would also walk to a would chat silently with God. I began home instead. Then, began making 23 . 24 with her weight, wanting to be a “perfect” 25 together. This 22 21 20 about two miles down the road, where I

the afternoon school bus on purpose, walking

, I started losing weight. And as I became content with myself, I

One of my newly-found friends also

cheerleader. She lived near my neighborhood so we would meet and become a daily activity with talking and laughing 26

the way different from the lonely 27 . I just had to be me, and be

walks I had taken. My friend said that I didn’t have to be happy with myself. While I would not want to
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that time of loneliness, sadness and embarrassment, I am


I made it through. Whenever I am struggling with any other problem in life, I always

remember the proverb “This too shall pass.” If you can find a path with no obstacles (障碍), it probably doesn’t 11. A. overweight 12. A. shouts 13. A. ride 14. A. funnier 15. A. losing 16. A. Though 17. A. opinions 18. A. determined 19. A. growing 20. A. garden 21. A. escaping 22. A. uninterestedly 23. A. friends 24. A. compared 25. A. walk 26. A. in 27. A. perfect 28. A. remind 29. A. excited 30. A. exist 30 anywhere. B. outgoing B. whistles B. lift B. longer B. dropping B. Because B. statements B. attempted B. jumping B. market B. stopping B. unexpectedly B. changes B. struggled B. play B. by B. friendly B. relive B. upset B. lead C. intelligent C. whispers C. drive C. worse C. leaving C. Since C. discussions C. managed C. welling C. library C. delaying C. unfortunately C. efforts C. dealt C. chat C. across C. shy C. relate C. proud C. stretch D. friendly D. laughs D. travel D. duller D. throwing D. While D. comments D. pretended D. putting D. church D. missing D. uncertainly D. decisions D. lived D. run D. along D. thin D. rethink D. regretful D. stay

4.阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。
My First Job Jay Leno is a very famous TV host in NBC.He started his talk show titled The Jay Lena Show in September 2009. was a very popular TV programm in America. It Here is the story of his first job.
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I gained a very strong work concept from my parents, both of whom lived through a hard period of time-the Great Depression(大萧条) .They couldn't ___36___ people who didn't work regularly.I once told my mom that Sylvester Stallone was getting $12 million for ten weeks of work."What's he going to do the rest of the _37__?" she asked. I took my first job at Wilmington Ford near my homerown of Andover, Massachusetts, when I was 16.I worked until five or six o'clock on school days and __38____ 12-hour days during the summer as a prepper(擦洗汽车的小工) .This meant washing and polishing the new cars, and making sure the paper floor mats were in __39__.Another responsibility was taking off the hubcaps (车轮毂盖) at night, so they wouldn't get stolen, and day.This was 41 work because we had about seven acres of 43 40 them the next

42 One day, carrying

an armful of hubcaps

a corner, I almost __44__ our new general manager.Scared, I

dropped them all.He __45 me on the spot. I was too ashamed to tell my parents.Every day for about two weeks, I stayed __46 evening.Then I would go home and say I had a .__47___ day at work. Trying to make a last 48 , I wrote a letter to Henry Ford II and told him what until

happened.I said that we were a reliable Ford family and that when I was old enough, I was going to buy a Mustang. __49__ the owner of the dealership(经营店) called."I don't know who you know in Detroit." he said."but if you want your job back, you've 50 it.”

Later, during college, I wanted to work at a Roils-Royce dealership, but the owner said there were no openings.So 1 started washing cars there anyway.When the ___51__ noticed me, I said I was working until he _52__ me.He did.And the second day, I started to work there as a sales clerk. It 53 persistence (坚持) to succeed.Attitude 54_ matters.I have never thought .

I was better than anyone else, but I have always believed I couldn't be _ 55 36.A.see 37.A.day 38.A.put in 39. A.place 40.A.changing 41.A.hard
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B.know B.month B.took up B.need B.selling B.normal

C.understand C.week C.gave out C.shape C.replacing C.regular

D.love D.year D.stuck to D.fashion D.cleaning D.plain

42.A.mats 43.A.at 44.A.broke into 45.A.fired 46.A.calm 47.A.stressful 4S.A.effort 49.A.Gradually 50.A.reached 51.A.prepper 52.A.helped 53.A.makes 54.A.also 55.A.followed

B.cars B.in B.looked across B.left B.busy B.relaxing B.change B.Eventually B.passed B.owner B.tired B.shows B.even B.scolded

C.areas C.beyond C.crashed into C.punished C.still C.bad C.dialogue C.Temporarily C.got C.clerk C.hired C.carries C.never C.defeated

D.floors D.around D.came across D.forgot D.alone D.great D.decision D.Hopefully D.caught D.customer D.called D.takes D.ever D.interrupted

5.阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白
处的最佳选项。 I was a publishing director and was looking forward to embracing a new day of work, as always,that morning. I would always turn to the crossword, but that day it didn't 31 I'd been doing it for 30 odd

years, but trying to read this one was like treading through syrup(糖浆): 32 slow and hard. I thought I must be tired. I said to my assistant. The 33 colleague contacted my wife, Beth, and she drove me straight to hospital. There, confirmation came that I'd had a stroke in the part of my brain that 34 communication. I was now in a condition that means it's difficult or 35 to receive and produce language. It was the only time I 36 . 37 Work in a couple of

I was back at home a week later, and my goal was to get better and months. The way to 38

my language ability was rough. I'd look at simple pictures and try to 39 round and round in the darkness, looking for words. 40 that I wasn't going to be able to go back to my old

describe them as my mind

As the months passed it became
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job. For 25 years, I had


myself as a publisher. I was used to a busy day of meetings. I

enjoyed colleagues and the 42 I'd had. I didn’t feel ready to say goodbye to my old self. There were times when I felt incredibly 43 . 44 . I couldn't manage novels or newspapers,

In the darkest months, I devoted myself to

45 I tried reading poetry, and found the shorter lines less overwhelming. My speech came back, and I learned how to read again, though much more slowly. I also learned the 46 up. I allowed myself to slow down, and started to enjoy it. 47 , I rid of my old skin. I grieved the past, its passing and its absence, and started to 48 I look after my grandson a day a week, and my relationship with my 49 the importance of the things 50 to keep

it. Now, 10 years later,

family is deeper than ever. If you'd asked me 15 years ago to

in my life I might have said work, but now I'm no longer a high-achieving publisher. I'm a man. 31.A. wear off 32.A. temporarily 33.A. curious 34.A. calls for 35.A. practical 36.A. prayed 37.A. contribute to 38.A. obtaining 39.A. slipped 40.A. messy 41. A. informed 42.A. extinction 43.A. angry 44.A. speaking 45.A. since 46.A. favor 47.A. Gradually 48.A. keep up with
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B. make any sense B. scarcely B. reserved B. deals with B. absurd B. cried B. agree to B. rebuilding B. doubted B. flexible B. estimated B. reward B. acute B. trying B. until B. patience B.Hopefully

C. count up C. incredibly C. rigid C. suffers from C. impossible C. failed C. return to C. revealing C. wandered C. straightforward C. reflected C. agenda C. prejudiced C. writing C. SO C. coincidence C. Narrowly

D. pay off D. savagely D. concerned D. responds to D. innocent D. withdrew D. appeal to D. improving D. reckoned D. self-evident D. defined D. status D. merciless D. managing D. as D. comfort D. Annually D. live up to

B. come to terms with C. get around to

49.A. arrange 50.A. genius

B. compare B. community

C. rank C. dignity

D. declare D. family

6.阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。
“Can I see my baby?” the happy new mother asked. When the baby was placed in her arms and she was Time 36 . The baby had been born without ears. 37 that the baby’s hearing was perfect. It was only his 39 38 that was damaged.

When he rushed home from school one day and sighed, 40

himself into his mother’s arms, she

that he would have many heartbreaks in his life. 41 with his classmates. He might 43 42 have been class 44

He grew up and became a

president, but for that. The boy’s father

with the family physician in secret. “Could 45

be done?” the father asked. “I believed I could got,” the doctor answered. So the for a young man. 46

on a pair of outer ears, if they could be 47

began for a person who would make such a

Two years went by. Then the father said, “You are going to the hospital, son. Mother and I have someone who will give the ears you need. operation was very “Who 50 49 48 it’s a secret,” said the father. The

, and a new person appeared. “But I must know!” he urged his father.

so much for me? I could never do enough for him.” “I do not believe you could.”

said the father. The secret was Slowly and 52 51 for years till he stood with his father over his mother’s coffin. 53 that his mother

, his father raised his mother’s thick brown hair to 54 55

had no outer ears. “Mother said she was gently, “and nobody ever thought she was less 36.A.angry 37.A.told 38.A.figure 39.A.put 40.A.knowing 41.A.enemy
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she never let her hair be cut,” he whispered , did they?” D.curious D.saw D.appearance D.took D.wondering D.friend

B.surprised B.seemed B.face B.got B.guessing B.favorite

C.disappointed C.proved C.ear C.sent C.doubting C.stranger

42.A.ever 43.A.asked 44.A.something 45.A.transplant 46.A.operation 47.A.devotion 48.A.Therefore 49.A.normal 50.A.changed 51.A.discussed 52.A.carefully 53.A.see 54.A.proud 55.A.respectable

B.even B.chatted B.everything B.operate B.interview B.sacrifice B.Though B.useful B.worked B.hidden B.sadly B.find B.glad B.ugly

C.also C.spoke C.anything C.set C.search C.effort C.But C.difficult C.gave C.spread C.tenderly C.tell C.worried C.beautiful

D.still D.said D.nothing D.fix D.examination D.contribution D.Otherwise D.successful D.did D.kept D.excitedly D.show D.regretful D.fashionable

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1.36-40 CABAC 41-45 BDCDA 46-50 DABCB 51-55 BCDCA

2.11-15 ABCBD

16-20 ADBCA

21-25 CBACD

26-30 ADBDC

3.11-15 ACACB

16-20 DDCCD 21-25 DBABA

26-30 DABCB

4.36-40 CDAAC 41-45 ABDCA 46-50 BDABC 51-55 BCDAC

5.31—35 BCDBC 36—40 BCBCD 41—45 DDABC 46—50 BABCD

6.36—40 BCDAB 41-45 BBCDA

46-50 CBCDC

51-55 DCDBC

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