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2014高考英语阅读理解限时训练题及答案 (17)

2014 高考英语阅读理解限时训练题及答案(17)
阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项。 【深圳市 2014 高考英语综合能力测试题(6) 】A Although both American and British people can generally .understand what each other is saying, so

metimes it is necessary to explain some things. Some words or phrases could be taken in a wrong way. One of the most noticeable differences is in the spelling of some words. For example, the word "color" in American English becomes "colour" in British English. Another example is the American word "theater" - in British English it becomes "theatre". Other words also have various spelling differences. Although some words are spelled the same in the two forms of English, they may have different pronunciations. The accent is .put on a different syllable in a word. British People pronounce their numbers differently from American people, especially the big numbers. They tend to add the word "and" between the numbers. American English-speaking people usually say 107 "o ne hundred seven ", while British English-speaking people say "one hundred and seven". Sometimes when using the past tense of a verb, "ed" may be used in American English, while "t" is common in British English. An example is "dreamed" and "dreamt". Vocabulary, of course, is a major difference at times. Because of the widespread use of American English, many British people are starting to use some American nouns to replace their British ones. So " lorry" becomes "truck". There are many other words that are being replaced as well. As is often the case, the same words have completely different meanings in the two forms of English. In British English "biscuit" is similar to "cookie", but in American English it is more like a dinner roll. There are also many other minor differences between the two forms of English. It is interesting to note that many British English-speaking people adore American accents. Likewise, many American English-speaking people love British accents. 26. How many differences between American and British English are mentioned in this passage? A. Four. B. Five. C. Six. D. Seven.

27. How do American English-speaking people pronounce the number "309"?

A. Three hundred and nine. B. Three hundred and ninth. C. Three hundred nine. D. Thirty and nine. 28. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage? A. American and British people don't like each other's accents. B. "Bisc uit" refers to the same food in the two forms of English. C. "Lorry" in American English becomes "truck" in British English. D. The difference of spelling in the two forms of English is noticeable.
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29. According to the passage, the past tense of the verb "spill" in American English could be _______ A spilled B. spiled C. spillt D. spilt

30. What is the best title of this passage? A. The Differences Between Spoken and Written English B. The Differences Between American and British English C. Spelling Is a Noticeable Difference D. Vocabulary Is a Major Difference

【参考答案】26-30 ACDAB
美国英语在拼写、发音和语法等方面与英国英语都有一些小的差异,通常是美国英语把英国 英语中的不规则的拼写法规则化了。 26. A。细节理解题。从第二段至第五段中关键词 spelling,pronunciations,past tense of a verb 及 vocabulary 可知。 27. C。推理判断题。从第三段后三句可推出答案。28. D。细节理解题。根据第二段第一句可 知答案。29. A。推理判断题。从第四段可推出答案。 30. B。主旨大意题。通读全文可知本文从多个方面说明美国英语和英国英语的区别。


The traditional tent cities at festivals such as Glastonbury may never be the same again. In a victory of green business that is certain to appeal to environmentally-aware music-lovers, a design student is to receive financial support to produceeco-friend ly tentsmade of cardboard that can be recycled after the bands and the crowds have gone home.

Major festivals such as Glastonbury throw away some 10,000 abandoned tents at the end of events each year. For his final year project at the University of the West of England, James Dunlop came up with a material that can be recycled. And to cope with the British summer, the cardboard has been made waterproof.

Taking inspiration from a Japanese architect, who has used cardboard to make big buildings including churches, Mr Dunlop used cardboard material for his tents, which he called Myhabs.

The design won an award at the annual New Designers Exhibition after Mr Dunlop graduated from his product design degree and he decided to try to turn it into a business.

To raise money for the idea, he toured the City’s private companies which fund new businesses and found a supporter in the finance group Mint. He introduced his idea to four of Mint’s directors and won their support. Mint has committed around£500,000 to MyHab and taken a share of 30 per cent in Mr Dunlop’s business. The first Myhabs should be tested at festivals this summer, before being marketed fully next year.

Mr Dunlop said that the design, which accommodates two people, could have other uses, such as for disaster relief and housing for the London Olympics. For music events, the cardboard houses will be ordered online and put up at the sites by the Myhab team before the festival-goers arrive and removed by the company afterwards. They can be personalized and the company will offer reductions on the expense if people agree to sell exterior(外部的) advertising space.

The biggest festiv als attract tens of thousands of participants, with Glastonbury having some 150,000 each year. Altogether there are around 100 annual music festivals where people camp in the UK. The events are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious.

1. “Eco-friendly tents” in paragraph 1 refer to tents


A. economically desirable

B. favorable to the environment

C. for hold ing music performances

D. designed for disaster relief

2. Mr Dunlop established his business


A. independently with an interest-free loan from Mint

B. with the approval of the City’s administration

C. in partnership with a finance group

D. with the help of a Japanese architect

3. It is implied in the passage that


A. the weather in the UK is changeable in summer

B. most performances at British festivals are given in the open air

C. the cardboard tents produced by Mr Dunlop can be user-tailored

D. cardboard tents can be easily put up and removed by users

4. The passage is mainly concerned with


A. an attempt at developing recyclable tents

B. some efforts at making full use of cardboards

C. an unusual success of a graduation project

D. the effects of using cardboard tents on music festivals



There’s an energy crisis in America, and it has nothing to do with fossil fuels. Millions of us get up each morning already weary over the day holds. “I just can’t get started.” People say. But it’s not physical energy that most of us lack. Sure, we could all use extra sleep and a better diet. But in truth, people are healthier today than at any time in history. I can almost guarantee that if you long for more energy, the problem is not with your body. What you’re seeking is not physical energy. It’s emotional energy. Yet, sad to say life sometimes seems designed to exhaust our supply. We work too hard. We have family obligations ( 义务). We encounter (遭遇) emergencies and personal crises. No wonder so many of us suffer from emotional fatigue (疲劳), a kind of utter exhaustion of the spirit. And yet we all know people who are filled with joy, despite the unpleasant circumstances of their lives. Even as a child I observed people who were poor or disabled or ill, but who nevertheless faced life with optimism and vigor (活力). Consider Laura Hillenbrand, who despite an extremely weak body wrote the best-seller Seabiscuit. Hillenbrand barely had enough physical energy to drag herself out of bed to write. But she was fueled by having a story she wanted to share. It was emotional ener gy that helped her succeed. Unlike physical energy, which is finite (有限的) and diminishes (减少) with age, emotional energy is unlimited and has nothing to do with genes or upbringing. So how do you get it? You can’t simply tell yourself to be positive. You must take action. Here are six practical strategies that work. 1. Do something new. Very little that’s new occurs in our lives. The impact of this sameness on our emotional energy is gradual, but huge: It’s like a tire(轮胎) with a slow leak(漏). You don’t notice it at first, but eventually you’ll get a flat. It’s up to you to plug the leak—even though there are always a dozen

reasons to stay stuck in your dull routines of life. That’s where Maura, 36, a waitress, found herself a year ago. Fortunately, Maura had a lifeline—a group of women friends who meet regularly to discuss their lives. Their lively discussions spurred Maura to make small but nevertheless life altering changes. She joined a gym in the next town. She changed her look with a short haircut and new black T-shirts. Eventually, Maura gathered the courage to quit her job and start her own business. Here’s a challenge: If it’s something you wouldn’t ordinarily do, do it. Try

a dish you’ve never eaten. Listen to music you’d ordinarily tune out. You’ll discover these small things add to your emotional energy. 2. Reclaim life’s meaning. So many of my patients tell me that their lives used to have meaning, but that somewhere along the line things went stale (厌倦的). The first step in solving this meaning shortage is to figure out what you really care about, and then do something about it. A case in point is Ivy, 57, a pioneer in investment banking. “I mistakenly believed that all the money I made would mean something.” she says. “But I feel lost, like a 22-year-old wondering what to do with her life.” Ivy’s solution? She started a program that shows Wall Streeters how to donate time and money to poor children. In the process, Ivy filled her life with meaning. 3. Put yourself in the fun zone. Most of us grown-ups are seriously fun-deprived (缺乏的) . High-energy people have the same day-to-day work as the rest of us, but they manage to find something enjoyable in every situation. A real estate broker I know keeps herself amused on the job by mentally redecorating the houses she shows to clients (客户) . “I love imagining what even the most run-down house could look like with a little tender loving care,” she says. “It’s a challenge—and the least desirable properties are usually the most fun.” We all define fun differently, of course, but I can guarantee this: If you put just a bit of it into your day, you energy will increase quickly 4. Bid farewell (告别)to guilt and regret. Everyone’s past is filled with regrets that still cause pain. But from an emotional energy point of view, they are dead weights that keep us from moving forward. While they can’t merely be willed away, I do recommend you remind yourself that whatever happened in the past, nothing can change that. Holding on to the memory only allows the damage to continue into the present. 5. Make up your mind]

Say you’ve been thinking about cutting your hair short. Will it look stylish—or too extreme? You endlessly think it over. Having the decision hanging over your head is a huge energy drain. Every time you can’t decide, you burden yourself with alternatives. Quit thinking that you have to make the right decision; instead, make a choice and don’t look back. 6. Give to get. Emotional energy has a kind of magical quality: the more you give, the more you get back. This is the difference between emotional and physical energy with the latter. You have to get it to be able to give it. With the former, however, you get it by giving it. Start by asking everyone you meet, “How are you?” as if you really want to know, and then listen to the reply. Be the one who hears. Most of us also need to smile more often. If you don’t smile at the person you love first thing in the morning, you’re sucking energy out of your relati onship. Finally, help another person—and make the help real, concrete. Give a massage to someone you love, or cook her dinner, then, expand the circle to work. Try asking yourself what you’d do if your goal were to be helpful rather than efficient. After all, if it’s true that what goes around comes around, why not make sure that what’s circulating around you is the good stuff?

16. Laura Hillenbrand is an example quoted to show how ________ in life. A. physical energy can contribute to one’s unsuccess B. emotional energy can contribute to one’s success C. physical energy can contribute to one’s success D. emotional energy can contribute to one’s unsuccess
17. The author believes emotional energy is ________. A. inherited and genetically determined C. not inherited and genetically determined B. related to inherited and genes D. related to inherited and upbringing

18. Even small changes people make in their lives ________ their emotional energy. A. cannot help control C. can help control B. cannot help increase D. can help increase

1 9. Ivy filled her life with meaning by launching a program to ________.

A. help herself

B. teach herself

C. teach poor children

D. help poor children

20. The real-estate broker the author knows enjoyed ________. A. redecorating the houses C. the same day-to-day work B. mentally redecorating the houses D. defining fun differently




[2012· 浙江卷]

Below is a selection about some Guinness(吉尼斯) World Records. Top 6 Unusual Guinness World Records ◆ Fastest 100 m running on all fours The 2008 Guinness World Records Day was, according to GWR , their biggest day of recordbreaking ever, with more than 290,000 people taking part in record attempts in 15 different countries. Kenichi Ito's record attempt was part of this special day. He is just another example of Japanese with “super powers”. His “super power” is to run with great speed on all fours. Kenichi Ito ran 100 m on all fours in 1 8.58 seconds. Th e Japanese set this record at Setagaya Kuritsu Sogo Undojyo, Tokyo, in 2008. ◆ Most people inside a soap bubble◆ Longest ears on a dog◆ Most living generations Did you ever wonder what is the Guinness World Record for most living generations in one family? Seven is the answer. The ultimate authority on recordbreaking mentions on t he website that the youngest great?great?great?great grandparent of this family was Augusta Bung “aged 109 years 97 days, followed by her daughter aged 89, her granddaughter aged 70, her great granddaughter aged 52, her greatgreat granddaughter aged 33 and her greatgreatgreat granddaughter aged 15 on the birth of her great?great?great?great grandson on January 21, 1989”. ◆ Most Tshirts worn at once◆ Heaviest pumpkin 46.Why is Kenichi Ito described as a man with a “super power”? A.He set a good example to all Japanese.

B.He made record attempts in 15 different countries. C.He set a new record for “Fastest 100 m running on all fours”. D.He participated in the 2008 Guinness World Records Day activities.

47.Jeffries is the name of ________. A.the owner of the dog with the longest ears B.the grandfather of the dog with the longest ears C.the present holder of the record for “Longest ears on a dog” D.the former holder of the record for “Longest ears on a dog” 48.How many Tshirts had Krunoslav Budiseli put on before he felt it difficult to go on?

A.68. B.120. C.238. D.245. 49.According to the given information, which Guinness World Record was most recently set? A.The record for “Most people inside a soap bubble”. B.The record for “Most living generations”. C.The record for “Most T?shirts worn at once”. D.The record for “Heaviest pumpkin”. 【要点综述】本文是一篇应用文,主要向读者介绍 6 个不同寻常的吉尼斯世界纪录的情 况。 46. C 细节理解题。从第一则纪录中提到的 He is just another…super powers…Kenichi Ito ran 100 m on all fours…知, Kenichi Ito 创造了最新的最快的 100 米“四肢爬”纪录, 所以选 C 项。 47. D 细节理解题。从文章第三则纪录中 Mr. Jeffries is the previous record holder of this title…可以知道,Mr. Jeffries 是前纪录保持者,所以选 D 项。 48. B 细节理解题。从第五则纪录中…The Tshirts weighed 68 kg and Budiseli said he began struggling around Tshirt No. 120…可以知道 Budiseli 在穿了 120 件 T 恤后感觉有点困难 再穿上 T 恤了,所以选 B 项。 49. A 推理判断题。从文章的纪录中可以知道,A 项是 2011 年 4 月 4 日创造的;B 项是 1989 年 1 月 21 日创造的; C 项是 2010 年 5 月 22 日创造的; D 项是 2010 年 10 月 9 日创造的, 由此知 A 项是最近时间创造的,所以选 A 项。


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