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M5 U3 project导学案(教师版)

Module 5 Unit 3

Task & Project

First reading Read Man and nature and give the main idea for each paragraph. Paragraph Para1 Para2 Para3 Para4 Main idea _______________ c

arelessness. have been seriously damaged by


__________________ towards the problem. All the countries need to work together to _____________ _______________________________________________ Humans can only really win by_________________.

Read GM food : hope or danger ? and find the topic sentence for each paragraph. Paragraph Para1 Para2 Para3 Para4 Para5 Para6 Second reading (Read the two articles carefully and fill in the blanks.) (1)__________ Detailed information ※The Earth will be (2)________ some day if humans continue to be careless. ※Some argue that development shouldn’t make (3)_______ for nature. ※ Compared with some poorer nations, many developed nations are (4)__________ about saving nature. ※The whole world need to work together to protect the environment. ※It is humans that are (5)__________ to find answers that are good for everyone, and everything. ※ The new technologies excite many people, but also make others (6)__________. ※New material (7)___________ into DNA gives a plant or an animal new qualities. ※This technology has been used to produce plants (8)__________ able to defend themselves against pests and disease. ※Whether GM food is safe is still under (9)___________. ※No one knows how the GM material might (10)__________ the food chain.

Topic sentences

Man and nature

GM food: hope or danger?

Language points
1.in favour of 赞同;支持 Would anyone say that development should be stopped in favour of nature?(P58) 会有人说为了保护自然就应该停止经济发展吗? Everyone in the class voted in favour of the sports meeting. 班上每个人都投票赞成举办运动会。 【归纳拓展】 in favour of 赞同;支持 in sb.'s favour 对某人有利 do sb.a favour 帮某人一个忙 do sb.the favour to do sth.帮某人忙做某事 ask sb a favour=ask a favour of sb.请某人帮忙 Will you do me the favour to close the window? 你能帮帮忙把窗子关上吗? May I ask a favour of you?能不能请你帮个忙? 类似于 in favour of 结构的短语有: in charge of 负责 in consideration of 考虑到;由于 in honour of 为向??表示敬意;为庆祝;为纪念 in memory of 为纪念 in search of(为了)寻找、寻求 in sight of 能看见;在??视力范围内 in control of 控制 in praise of 表扬;赞赏 in place of 代替;取代 in need of 需要 in case of 以防万一 in search of 寻找 【即时应用】 完成句子 ①I am ______________________ (赞成)stopping for a rest now. ②Could you __________________________(帮我个忙)and pick up Sam from school today? ③The delay may actually work____________(对我们有利). 【答案】 ①in favour of ②do me a favour ③in our favour 2.point of view 观点 From the point of view of some people,we are only doing what humans have always done,using nature to meet our own needs.(P58)根据有些人的观点,我们现在只是在人类一直在做的事——利 用自然来满足我们的需求。 Form my point of view,the president hasn't done enough to help poor people. 以我的观点来看,总统在帮助穷人方面做得不够。 【归纳拓展】 view...as 认为??是?? in one's view(=in the view of sb)依某人看来 in view of 考虑到;由于 hold/take the view that... 持??的观点 have different/opposite views 有不同的/对立的观点 【即时应用】 In view of the weather,we will cancel the outing.

因天气关系,我们要取消此次郊游。 In my view and in the view of most people,it's a very sound investment. 照我的和大多数人的看法,这是很可靠的投资。 完成句子 ①________(依我看),the country needs a change of government. ②________(由于他的)conduct,the club has decided to dismiss him. ③Everyone at the meeting ________(都有不同的观点). 【答案】 ①In my view/From my point of view ②In view of his ③had different views 3.frighten vt 使惊吓;使惊恐 While many people are excited about these new technologies,these same technologies frighten others.(P59) 尽管许多人因这些新技术而兴奋不已,这些同样的技术也使其他人恐惧。 Keep still,or you'll frighten the rabbit away. 别动,不然你会把兔子吓跑的。 They frightened the old lady into signing the paper. 他们恐吓老太太,使她签了这份文件。 【归纳拓展】 ①fright n. 恐怖;惊吓 ②frightening adj. 令人害怕的;吓人的;可怕的 ③frightened adj. 受惊的;害怕的 be frightened of/by sth.害怕……/被??吓住 be frightened to do sth.吓得不敢做某事 be frightened that...害怕?? be frightened to death 吓得要死 【即时应用】 He was shaking with fright. 他吓得发抖。 She was frightened by the anger in his eyes. 她被他眼中的怒火吓住了。 I was frightened of being left alone in the house. 我害怕被一个人留在屋里。 All the children became ________ and began to cry when they saw the ________ snake creeping towards them. A.frightened;frightening B.frightening;frightened C.frightened;frightened D.frightening;frightening 【解析】 考查 frighten 的用法。frightened“感到害怕的,受惊的”;frightening“令人恐 惧的;引起突然惊恐的”。根据句意“当看到吓人的蛇正在向他们爬过来时,所有的孩子都害 怕地大叫起来。”可知选择 A 项。 【答案】 A 4.Nowhere is this truer_than with genetically modified (GM) food.(P59) 转基因食品就是最好的例子。 (1)nowhere...truer than...是比较级表示最高级的意思。 No one in my class works harder than Jack. 我们班没有人比杰克更用功。 I like nothing better than swimming.



? ?all other+复数名词 ①比较级+than+ ?any of the other+复数名词 anyone/anything else ? ?any+单数名词?不同范围?
any other+单数名词 ②比较级与否定词连用表示最高级的意思 any other student? ? ? ? Julia is taller than?all other students ? in her class. ?anyone else ? ? ? 朱丽叶是她班上最高的。 完成句子 ①我从未听过比你更好的嗓音。 I have never heard a ________ voice ________ yours. ②抄写数字是最烦人的。 Nothing can be ________________ copying the number. 【答案】 ①better;than ②more tiresome than (2)否定词在句首,用倒装语序。 Nowhere could I find a person to help me at that time. 当时我找不到一个可以帮助我的人。 【归纳拓展】 never,seldom,few,little,barely,hardly,scarcely,rarely,no,not 等含有否定意义的副 词及构成的词组在句首用倒装语序。注意此时用部分倒装,即只提前助动词。 Seldom have I seen such brutality. 我很少见到这种暴行。 Never shall I forget the day. 我决不会忘记这一天。 【即时应用】 完成句子 ③Never before ____________(人们那么受鼓舞). ④No sooner ________________(我睡着) than someone telephoned. ⑤Not until Columbus discovered the new land __________________(香蕉被带到) Europe. ⑥Scarcely __________________________(到家)when it began to rain. ⑦Not only ______________(献出)a musical performance but they also gave a brief introduction to the history of western brass instrument. 【答案】 ③have the people been so inspired ④had I gone to sleep/had I fallen asleep ⑤were bananas brought to ⑥had we got/arrived/reached home ⑦did they give/present

5.profit n.利益;收益 vi.& vt.获益;对??有用 Research has been limited to increasing production profits, rather than making sure that GM foods are safe.(P59) 目前的研究仅局限于增加生产利润,而不是确保转基因食品的安全。 【归纳拓展】 ①make a profit 赚取利润 do sth.for profit 为赢利而做某事 gain much profit from 从??中获得许多益处 ②profit from /by sth.(无被动)从??中获利/益 【即时应用】 They make a profit of ten pence on every copy they sell. 他们每售出一本获利十便士。 He profited greatly from his year abroad. 他在国外一年获益匪浅。 There is very little ________ in selling newspapers at present. A.advantage B.mistake C.drawback D.profit 【解析】 考查名词辨义。句意:现在卖报纸利润很少。There is little advantage in doing sth.做 某事不利;There is little profit in doing sth.做某事利润少。根据句意可知选 D 合适。 【答案】 D 6.permission n.准许;许可;批准 Since no one really knows whether GM food is safe, many countries have hesitated to give permission for the production of GM foods,as they would rather be cautious with this new technology.(P59) 由于没有人确切地知道转基因食品是否安全,许多国家在是否允许生产转基因食品问题上犹豫 不决,他们宁愿对这项新技术持谨慎的态度。 You have my permission to leave.我准你离开。 She refused to give her permission.她拒不同意。 【归纳拓展】 ①without permission 未经允许 ②permit vt.允许 n.许可证 permit doing sth.允许做某事 permit sb.to do sth.允许某人做某事 【即时应用】 They entered the area without permission. 他们未经许可擅入该地。 We forbid ________ here. Who permits you ________? A.smoking;smoking B.smoking;to smoke C.to smoke;to smoke D.to smoke;smoking 【解析】 句意:此处禁止吸烟,是谁准许你吸烟的?forbid doing sth.禁止做某事;permit sb.to do sth.准许某人做某事。故选 B。 【答案】 B


Ⅰ. Words spelling 1. The key to ________ (限制) air pollution is strict regulation on private cars. 2. The m ________of the websites are accessible free of charge. 3. It is a common p_________ in the USA to fix a date with a doctor ahead of time. 4. We should never toy with the customers only for economic p___________. 5. No one can leave the building without my p____________. 6. I’ve got r________ news that he has returned from abroad. 7. I think it may take some time before we can have an a_______ assessment(评估) of the damage. 8. The manager thought she was r ________so that he told her every detail of his plan. 9. A scientific diet provides balanced __________ (营养)for your body. 10. He took a small key from his pocket and slowly i___________ it into the lock. 11. I thought that the whole (概念)of cloning was not moral. 12. With the development of economy, new ________(隧道,航道) are being built.. 13.The (原先的)owner of the house has moved out. 14. According to the survey (实施)last week, more than half college students admitted having consumed alcoholic drinks. 15. If we further damage the Earth, it may cause a _________(灾难).

Ⅱ . Complete the following sentences:
1. 我真是筋疲力尽,简直可以睡上一整天。 I'm so ________ ________ that I could sleep for a whole day. 2. 我们能说为了照顾自然就应该停止经济的发展吗? Would anyone say that economic development should be stopped ____ _______ _____ nature? 3. 根据有些人的观点,我们现在只是在做人类一直在做的事情---利用自然来满足我 们自身的需求。 ______ the point of ______ of some people, we are only doing what humans have always done, using nature to _________ _______ own __________. 4. 在数十年破坏自然、过度消耗地球上的自然资源之后,许多发达国家现在关注是 如何保护自然,而不是如何开发或者说是破坏自然。 After _______ ______ destroying nature and ________ ______ Earth’s resources, many developed nations are now _________ _______ saving nature ________ ______ developing or destroying it. 5. 许多贫穷国家以飞快的速度在消耗着自然资源。 Many poor nations are using up natural resources _______ _____ _______ __________. 6. 世界上的发展中国家和发达国家需要携手合作,确保自己的人民能够享受健康幸 福的生活,同时又不损害其周边的环境。 The_____________ and ___________ countries of the world need to _________ _______ to make sure that people enjoy ____________ and _______________ lives,

_____________ the environment around them ___________. 7. 并非所有对自然来说是最好的就意味着对人类来说也是好的。 ________ _________ that is best for nature is _________ ______ people. 8. 转基因食品就是最好的例子。 ____________ is this ___________ _________ with genetically modified food. 9.目前的研究仅局限于增加生产利润,而不是确保转基因食品的安全。 Research has been __________ ________ ________________ production profits, ________ ____________ making sure that GM foods are safe. III. Choose proper phrases to fill in the blanks: B in favor of , figure out, be concerned about, meet one’s needs; get burnt out at a fast pace, be limited to take into consideration, follow in one’s footsteps 1. ________the customers’ ________,we plan to open more chain stores in our city. 2. It is necessary for the government to ________ the growth of the younger generation. 3. The noise of your radio must _____________________ a level that we can all bear 4. No one can ___________ why he quit such a secure job. 5. If he doesn't stop working so hard, he'll ___________ one day. 6. In their discussion, I was _________________ Mr. Sun. 7. In doing so, human beings are damaging the earth ________, which will pose a great threat to the existence of us. 8. John ____________his father ’s __________and became a dentist. 9. Time factor is what we must first ___________________ IV. Multiple choices: 1. —Ann, it’s really difficult and I can’t _____ how to do it. —Don’t worry, and I’ll help you. A. point out B. wipe out C. pick out D. figure out 2. The scientist ____ the experiment with growing pears, which was very successful. A. invented B. conducted C. introduced D. discovered 3. Everything _____ into consideration, we ought to have another chance. A. to take B. taking C. taken D. being taken 4. My English teacher is really very kind. I’ll never forget the ________ he has done for me. A.favour B.deed C.help D.value 5. _____ passengers survived the traffic accident except a woman and two children. A. The most B. A majority of the C. Most of D. The majority of 6. If you want to see a doctor, you should fix a date with him ahead of time. That is a common ____ in the USA.

A. sense B. practice C. rule D. reality 7. —How is your recent trip to Sichuan? —I’ve never had ________ one before. A.a pleasant B.a more pleasant C.a most pleasant D.the most pleasant 8. It was due to luck ______ judgment _____ the driver succeeded in avoiding an accident. A. rather than; that B. better than; when C.other than; when D. more than; which 9. The government is making every effort to help those ____________financial aid. A. in favor of B. in honor of C. in celebration of D. in need of 10. We have only three tickets available for the movie. So we have to limit the number of the children _____ three--- just three. A. for B. with C. in D. to 11. My money is ________ , so I have to call my parents saying that I am missing them . A.run out B.using up C.running out D.running out of 12. It made our head teacher angry ______ Wang Lin, without the _______ from the school, was absent from class for a week. A. that; permission B. which; permit C. which; permission D. that; permit 13. He is always lying. Hardly____________ what he says. A. I believed B. did I believe C. do I believe D. I believe


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