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牛津高中英语模块七unit1 project

Title (1) ___________ to the Amish way of life (4)_________ of the telephone

Module7 Unit1 Project 姓名
To phone or not to phone?

区分 no matter what 与 whatever; no matter when 与 whenever; no matter where 与 wherever ...... you say, I won’t believe you. I won’t believe you say. mistakes he made was unforgivable. I meet him, he is always playing computer games. (2) circumstance (1) I wanted to leave quickly but ___________________________(在这种情况下) I decided to stay another night. (2) Under no circumstances _________betray our friends for personal benefit. A did we (3) sacrifice v. 牺牲; 以…为祭品 She sacrificed family life to her career. The local people sacrificed a chicken. n. 牺牲;祭品 He was willing to make any sacrifice for peace. The local people offered sacrifices to the gods. 2. They then whether they will accept it. (L11) B we should C should we D we could

Step1 Fill in the blanks according to the text.

In the USA, the Amish are famous because they don’t use any (2)_________technology such as TVs, private telephones. They think phones are not their (3) __________and dislike dealing with strangers. · There is something important about staying (5)_________ and sharing life not found over a telephone wire. · (6)__________ the circumstances are, when the telephone rings ,everyth ing is interrupted. Real relationships are often (7)__________ , and whatever personal peac e one has is destroyed whenever the phone rings.

Possible (8)_________ to the use of phones Step2 Phrases 取代 就…而投票 面对面 在电话里 被…吸引/沉浸于… 出于某种原因 接电话 打断你的谈话 集中于/专注于 总的来说 重视…高于一切 额外 Step3 language points 1.

Maybe we should (9)_________ away all of our phones into the dustbin. Maybe we should (10) _______ away from modern technology. 事实上 与…打交道/相处 没有…就无法生存 也 拨错号码 被赋予更多的重要性 如此…以至于… 短信 而不是 平静安稳的生活 把…扔进垃圾桶 使…摆脱…

vote v. 投票, 选举, 表决 Since we can’t reach an agreement, then let’s vote on this problem. He promised to vote for / against Bill. vote n. 选票, 选举 The issue was put to the vote. People get the vote at 18. There were 21 votes for and 17 against the plan. She obtained 40% of the vote. 3. The Amish reject v. 拒绝一个礼物 / 建议 / 被一所大学拒绝接纳 After the transplant his body rejected the new heart. 4. Since the Amish each other face to face, they telephones in their houses.(L21)

because they like having tight communities where everyone lives close together. (L12) 成分

where everyone lives close together 在句子中充当

句中 since 引导___________ 从句。 face to face 作__________(成分) 。 value (1) When we were young, parents taught us to become the people who are of value to society. (2) The market value of this car has declined. (3) The old machine was valued at 1,000 yuan. (4) We should value every minute in the school. (5) I really value him as a friend. 【归纳】 value 词性___________ 译为____________; 词性__________ 译为__________. 从句 从句 从句 从句
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, whenever a new technology is introduced, the Amish meet and discuss its advantages and disadvantages. (L8) For example, no matter what the circumstances, when the phone rings, everything stops be answered. (L46) Meanwhile, real relationships are often whenever the phone rings. (L97) (1) whenever a new technology is introduced 为 no matter what the circumstances 为 whatever personal peace one has 为 whenever the phone rings 为 , and whatever personal peace one has is destroyed the call can

oppose oppose doing sth. Many people be opposed to sth. We

反对建造新路 because of the great cost. 坚决反对 his idea.

面对面 手挽手 5. The telephone is very 在某人方便/便利的时候 某人做某事很方便 6. There are other disadvantages as well

肩并肩 背靠背 communication. (L27)

手拉手 心连心

When you are cycling, don't forget the traffic lights. → He opened his lips as if he were to say something. → We shall start at eight, if it is convenient. → (1) _____, I will help you with your work. A.If am possible B.If it possible C.If possible D.Possible

(2) ___ the road, don’t forget to look both ways. the telephone, . (L45) A. As crossing B. While you cross C. While crossing D. Cross (3) When ___, the museum will be open to the public next year. D. as well as going to the farm. D. as well as; is D. as well D. as good as A. completed B. completing C. being completed D. to be completed

(1) They play all kinds of instruments and sing A. also (2) tom, A. as long as; is (3) Mrs. Black write A. as well as A. as well as 7. Then, when you B. so well B. as often as B. either C. as well Jane and Rose, B. as well as; are

C. as long as; are C. so well as C. so much

(4) The man we followed suddenly stopped and looked as if ____ whether he was going in the right direction. A. seeing B. having seen C. to have seen D. to see

, if not better than, her husband.

(4) She doesn't speak ____ her friend,but her written work is excellent.

(5) Tom wanted to play football with his friends in the street, but his father told him_____. A.not to B.not to do C.not do it D.do not to your conversation they could catch the first bus. catch the first bus. early early they could catch the first bus. catch the first bus. catch the first bus, they set out early. 10. While these messages always seem important at the time, most people cannot really remember them the next day. (L85) While they have a lot of friends, they really have no best friend. (L92) (1)I do every single bit of housework ____ my husband Bob just does the dishes now and then. A. while the case. B. since A. When C. when B. As D. as C. For D. While (2)______ it is expected that students come university with the ability to take a good set of notes,this is not always

a book or simply trying to rest, the phone always seems to be ringing, 。

9. If the call is really about “nothing”, then why was it and waste your precious time? (L75) They set out early They set out early They set out They set out

destroying whatever peace you might have. (L55) (1) destroying whatever peace you might have 在句子中充当 (2) 列举至少三个表示“全神贯注于某事”的短语: (3) seem Group1 Group2 The children seemed to be eating something in the room. Group3 Group4 The young man seemed to have changed much. It seems to me that no one knows what has happened in the park. There doesn’t seem to be much hope of our beating that team. Tom seems (to be) a very clever boy. Mr. Black seemed (to be) quite happy.

归纳 seem 的四种结构:

8. When asked later what the call was about, your friend always answers, “Oh, nothing really.” (L73) When asked later what the call was about 为 完整的句子为 在 when, while, once, until 等连词引导的时间状语从句,as if, as though 等连词引导的方式状语从句,if, unless 等连词引导的条件状语从句,even if, even though, though, although, whether 等连词引导的让步状语从句中,当 从句的主语与主句主语相同,谓语部分有 be 动词时,可以把从句的主语和 be 动词省略。当从句为 it is +adj. 时,可以把 it is 省略,留下 adj.
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11. Maybe we should We want to help rid the team of this pressure. As a student, I should rid myself of bad habits. 【归纳】rid 常用结构:

modern technology and return to simper times. (L110)

rid 过去式________ 过去分词_________ 现在分词___________ He can’t get rid of the cold.

(1)We should try to ___________________________________(使社会摆脱不公平). (2) He was finally able to _________________________(摆脱)all financial worries.

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