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2016 高考英语完形填空集训(四)
【高分特训】第二部分 英语知识运用 (共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节 完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项, 并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 Passage 1 When I was about to go back home, it was dark. In order to get home as soon as possible, I hired a taxi. The car was 16 along the road, now well-lit, now sank in darkness. I broke the 17on purpose, 18 that the driver might be too tired to drive. “When do you go back home in the evening?” “9 o’clock. I’ll go after this trip.”“Then when do you come out in the morning?” I 19 another question.“9 o’clock, too. And I go home for lunch and dinner, just as if I worked at an office.” His easiness surprised me, because every time I ride in a taxi, what I hear from 20 are only complaints. They complain that they 21 work 22 , that it is 23 to earn money, that they are bullied (欺侮) by the policeman, or that the corporation leaders are seated, 24 , and enjoy the 25 of others’ work. It seems that they have a grievance (不满意) against everything. But this driver told me, “I find it 26 to be a section chief as I was before. I don’t like management work. I like driving, just for 27 . It’s 28 that I 29 drive without a passenger. So I can earn two or three thousand Yuan a month with ease. Any30? Yes, I never follow an empty taxi. If it goes31, I go northward. If it goes along the highway, I turn into a 32 street. In this way I always get customers. His words showed his satisfaction with his life and the pride he 33 in his job. Such feelings are so 34 among people nowadays as oxygen in high mountains. As an ancient saying 35 , “Neither joy in material gains nor grieve over personal setbacks (挫折).” How many people nowadays can show high ideals by simple living and go far with a calm mind? I couldn’t help feeling curious when I found such a state of mind in a stranger on a cold winter night. 16. A. running 17. A silence. 18. A. in order 19. A. . threw out 20. A. driver 21. A. need B. flying B. stillness B. for fear B. gave up B. passenger B. should C. driving C .calmness. C in case. C let off C. taxi C. must D Walking. D. quietness D on condition. D. set off D. radio D. have to B. from dawn till dark D. from morning till night C. possible C. lazy C. results C. tiring D. easy D. busily D. achievements D. tired

22. A. from morning till afternoon C. from night till morning 23. A. hard 24. A. busy 25. A. gains 26. A. excited B. impossible B. lazily B. fruits B. exciting

27. A. work 28. A. fortunate 29. A. hardly 30. A. secret 31. A. eastward 32. A. lonely 33. A. kept 34. A. much 35. A. goes

B. pleasure B. wise B. often B. method B. westward B. narrow B. had B. little B. talks

C. interest C. unfortunate C. seldom C. trick C. southward C. wide C. took C. rare C. says Passage 2

D. money D. likely D usually D. skill D. northward D. empty D. made D. common D. suggests

An inspirational young man who wasn’t expected to survive a climbing accident is fighting his way back to fitness and raising cash for those who saved his life. Callum Rock’s family 21 the worst after their 16-year-old son suffered injuries. The 22 23 24 25 in the hospital lasted 12 hours to his damaged body, including a severe brain injury. But despite fears everybody wrong with his amazing a 5-mile run in 50 minutes to raise 26 , has come a very 29

that he might never walk again, Callum, now 20, has recovery. Not only is he walking, but he has just long way from the day he nearly moment with the fear they might had great 34 35 31 27

money for the Great North Air Ambulance. Callum, who had to re-learn

the accident. Back then, his parents were living every 30 to repair his artery(动脉). They 32 ” and Callum

28 him.Mum Jan said “He wasn’t expected to survive

his injuries were so severe. There were five surgeons pulled through, but then followed a long 33

in stopping the bleeding.” Jan said the surgeons were “

of re-building his body. Jan said “When he first 36 .

his eyes, he couldn’t do anything. He was just like a newborn baby again. He had to be how to sit up and walk.” Callum admits that having to learn things again has been 37 the scars on his right arm. His story has 38

He jokes that he is like “the Iron Man”, donation, Callum has now “It’s 40 many people so much. 21. A. gestured 22.A. program 23.A. shake 24.A. thought 25.A. watched 26.A.. everything 27.A. died from B. dressed B. instruction B. repair B. made B. described B. nothing B. met with 39

a local businessman, who donated £500 to Callum. With this generous more than £1,800 for the air ambulance.

to be able to raise money for them for what I owe them,” he said. “I owe so C. feared C. interview C. control C. proved C. completed C. something D. conducted D. operation D. kept D. abandoned D. anything D. support

C. escaped from D. dreamt of

28.A. affect 29.A. or 30.A. expressing 31.A. difficulty 32.A. easy-going 33.A. progress 34.A. dried 35.A. warned 36.A. interesting 37.A. showing 38.A. attacked 39.A. discovered 40.A. romantic

B. lose B. so B. weeping B. experience B. calm B. list B. rubbed B. allowed B. frustrating B. ignoring B. inspired B. borrowed B. strange

C. harm C. while C. working C. confidence C. brilliant C. type C. lifted C. exciting C. cutting C. educated C. collected C. safe Passage 3 C. questioned

D. shock D. because D. learning D. pleasure D. helpless D. queue D. opened D. taught D. satisfying D. leaving D. puzzled D. wasted D. good

Once many years ago, I pulled a family out of a burning car somewhere in Wyoming. Last week I __41___ a telephone call from a woman who could not stop __42___ as she told me that one of my stories had saved her son from committing suicide. In closing she called me a __43___. That __44___ me thinking about what a hero is. Was I a hero __45___ I pulled a family from a burning car? If so, how could I be a hero just because I __46___ a story that saved someone's life? Today I decided to look up the word "hero" in the dictionary to see __47___ what it meant. It __48___ "a person who does. something brave". As I read on, it also said "a person who is good and noble ". That statement __49___ me more than the part about being __50___. So I thought about something very important. Say I was walking into the local Wal-Mart Store and I __51___ to open, and hold the door for someone as a courtesy. As they passed me by, I say, "How are you today?" Most of the time that would be no big deal, __52___this time let's say it was for someone who was deeply __53___ and near the end of the rope. That may have very well been the only kindness or courtesy shown to them in a very long time. Having been near "the end of my rope", after my marriage of twenty years ended, I was in such a condition. I was within hours trying to get enough __54___ to end the pain and misery. When I returned home, someone had __55___ me a card in the mail which told me how __56___ they would appreciate me as a friend. That wonderful card probably saved my life. That person, without even knowing it, saved a life and became a hero Similarly many children come out of the orphanages__57___ a very hard and bitter attitude against the world, but the gifts we send them let them know that they have not been

forgotten. __58___ , most of them will never hurt anyone because of the __59___ shown to them by those of us who cared. If it __60___ , we will also become “heroes”. 41.A.made 42. A. crying 43. A. writer 44. A. helped 45. A. while 46. A. said 47. A. exactly 48. A. wrote 49. A. helped 50. A. brave 51. A. happened 52. A. though 53. A. depressed 54. A. money 55. A. sent 56. A. deeply B. received B. laughing B. player B. let B. if B. wrote B. easily B. told B. gave B. good B. wanted B. since B. excited B. energy B. carried B. completely B. However B. works C. gave C. thinking C. gentleman C. got C. though C. made C. directly C. read C. touched C. kind C. intended C. because C. moved C. ability C. brought C. well C. with C. Besides C. confidence C. acts Passage 4 Late one night, a thief crept into a wealthy merchant’s house. He was a young thief, without experience. In fact, this was his first professional All went marvelously well at first. He found, as he the room easily. But, stepping his way through the hit 46 44 41 . So he had 42 everything carefully. 45 43 , an unlatched window and got into room, he stubbed (碰到) his bare 47 D. accepted D. laughing D. hero D. made D. because D. recalled D. obviously D. described D. impressed D. noble D. meant D. but D. frightened D. courage D. took D. much D. within D. Unfortunately D. kindness D. does

57. A. without B. for 58. A. Hopefully 59. A. luck 60. A. matters B. respect

against a table leg. Choking (抑制) back a cry of pain, terrified of waking the merchant, he on the forehead and called himself a fool. He had 50 to bring a light.In the 49 51 .“Thank you for 52 the night; darkness, 48 , he was able to see an oil lamp on the table, and lit it, then he gave a the lamp, a small spider came out from under its

of relief. As he

saving my life,” said the spider. “Before he went to bed, the merchant set this lamp down on top of me so I couldn’t escape. If you hadn’t come along, I wouldn’t have 53 55 and shown compassion (同情), ”the spider went on, to do so. “ 56 54 , I’d have extremely uncomfortable situation for a long time.” “You have saved a life the impatient thief said he had not 57 thought or hope of reward. yet, you have done so without the

You have gained more merits (优点) than you could possibly imagine.” “But you’re only a spider,” said the thief. “And you’re only a man.” said the spider. “My dear thief, when you understand that life, whether on eight legs or 59 , you will have understood much. Your deed, 58 is 60 , has

got rid of the bad things from your heart. Go from here with a fresh spirit. And good luck to you.”The thief did so and never thought to steal again. 41. A. job 42. A. explained 44. A. dull 45. A. head 47. A. remembered B. mistake C. appearance D. finding B. managed C. planned D. imagined D. meant D. terrible D. toe D. himself B. dark B. shoulder B. forgot C. sigh C. cover C. sitting C. hand

43. A. expected B. rememberedC. reminded

46. A. the merchant B. the spider 48. A. however B. when 49. A. applause B. cry 50. A. woke up B. laid down 51. A. base 52. A. spent 53. A. in time 55. A. said 56. A. Better 57. A. hopeful 58. A. man 59. A. three 60. A. in no case B. cap B. lasted

C. the thief D. but D. laugh

C. avoided D. happened

C. so that

C. picked up C. hated

D. turned over D. worried

D. foot D. indeed D. as if D. intended

B . however C. anyhow C. so that C. cared B. led B. Worse B. least B. spider B. two B. at ease

54. A. although B. so

C. Natural D. Lucky C. ordinary D. most C. life D. chance C. a dozen D. a hundred C. in any case D. without delay Passage 5 Run Freely-A Lesson About Courage

One afternoon, many years ago, I went to pick up my mother from work. I got there a little early so I 21 the car by the roadside and waited for her. As I looked 22 the car window, there was a small park where I saw a little boy, around 23 freely on the grass as his mother watched from a short 26 . 27 , and without hesitation or without looking back 28 on his face. 29 ,they treat one and a half to two years old,

24 . The boy had a big smile on his face 25 he had just been set free from some sort of The boy would then fall to the grass, at his mother, run as fast as he could, again, still with a

Kids, when they fall down, don’t view their falling down as failure, but

it as a learning experience. They try and try again until they 30 . Not only was I touched by the boy’s persistence, but I was 31 touched by the manner in which he ran. With each attempt, 34 he looked so 32 and so natural-no signs of fear, nervousness, or of being discouraged. His only 33 was to run freely and to do it as effectively as he could. He was just being a -just being himself-being completely in the moment. He was not looking for worrying about whether 36 to be bothered by the fact that maybe someone would see him if he did fall. No, all that 39 experience of running fully and freely. I learned a lot from that 21.A.parked 22.A.toward 23.A.playing 24.A.way 25.A.as though 26.A.park 27.A.take up 28.A.tear 29.A.however 30.A.stop 31.A.equally 32.A.confident 33.A.worry 34.A.boy 35.A.approval 36.A.anyone 37.A.fail 38.A.disappointing 39.A.happened 40.A.observation B.started B.down B.running B.distance B.so long as B.cave B.get up B.smile B.instead B.win B.apparently B.joyful B.dream B.child B.fortune B.someone B.run B.embarrassing B.cared B.discovery C. rode C. outside C.rolling C.time C.even if C.castle C.break down C.pleasure C.therefore C.achieve' C.actually C.quiet C.aim C.player C.chance ' C.everyone C.cry C.frightening C.mattered C.story Passage 6 Many years ago, a baby boy came into this world. But 41 , he didn’t come with a cry, which was a big 42 from the medical point of view. The doctor turned the baby bottom sharply. The baby cried and me, and that man was my dad. 43 and slapped his 45 . He held 44 . The father smiled and silently cried 37 35 or was not

was watching. He wasn't concerned about being judged. He didn't seem and that it would be 38 to him was to him was to accomplish the task, to feel the 40 and experience, and have D.broke D.over D. smiling D. length[] D.now that D. prison D.lie in D.surprise D.anyhowD.succeed D.luckily D.proud D.conclusion D.winner D.trouble D.one D.fall D.amusing D.related D.Incident

successfully brought that lesson with me in my many pursuits in life.

the baby in his arms and didn’t allow the doctor to touch the baby anymore... That baby was

Dad never tried to hug or kiss me when I was a child. And 47

46 , he never said “I love you”

to me, either. Maybe it’s a Chinese cultural thing, or maybe that’s the way my dad was. But I felt defeated, sad or lonely, dad was always there. He was a man of 48 words, but I could 49 to him. always feel a very special day when I finished

When I was in high school, dad retired and 50 a food stand on the street near my school. Every 51 , my classmates and I 52 pass his food stand. But I really hated talking to dad in front of his food stand, 53 I did not want my classmates to know that my dad was selling noodles on the street! One night, I couldn’t 54 it any more and shouted, “Dad, could you stop selling your 55 noodles? I don’t need a father who sells noodles on the street!” At that moment, dad was 56 .

He tried to say something but didn’t. When he turned his head 57 , something happened that I had never seen and would never forget for 58 of my life. His eyes were filled with tears and sadness. It was the first time that I saw dad 59 60 for that night. B. unfortunately B. problem B. inside out B. produced B. either B. by no means B. whichever B. a little B. conversation B. set up B. lesson B. should B. though B. believe B. stupid B. frightened B. around B. the other B. shouting B. guilty C. expectedly C. challenge C. up and down C. delivered C. as well C. on the contrary C. whenever C. little C. communication C. came up C. course C. would C. while C. assume C. delicious C. shocked C. down C. another C. hugging C. proud Passage 7 D. fortunately D. solution D. at the bottom D. survived D. neither D. in vain D. however D. a few D. connection D. picked up D. task D. might D. because D. prove D. strange D. disappointed D. away D. other D. crying D. embarrassed . My mom later told me that dad was selling noodles to save money for my college education. I was such an idiot, and even today I still feel 41. A. abruptly 42. A. question 43. A. upside down 44, A, existed 45. A. as well as 46. A. of course 47. A. whatever 48. A. few 49. A.combination 50. A. put up 51. A. school 52. A. could 53. A. whether 54. A. stand 55. A. wonderful 56. A. confused 57. A. out 58. A. the rest 59. A. laughing 60. A. grateful

About a week ago, my 4-year-old cousin and I were playing basketball at our local park. The 41 44 was warm, and many other children were outside 43 pushed him to the ground and I stepped deserve 50 amazing thing them, were 58 59 55 57 48 45 42 . As we played, I noticed a small group 46 of boys a smaller, skinner, and possibly younger boy. They were calling his names and dirt in his face. When I saw that, I grabbed my 49 47 . what this boy had done to 53 stepped around 51 silently for a moment, and then the most

by the hand and walked over to the

them and the younger boy, and asked them

they were doing to him. They all 54

52 : One of the boys who hadn’t said anything since I

me and helped the small boy off the As I looked around, I 56

and then apologized. He offered to let him play with

the boy quietly said “thank you” and refused, then left there. that there were dozens of other people at the park—some of them with children of their own—but no one else had stopped to help this boy. I felt 20 . I couldn’t help but think

that the one of the boys was brave enough to stand up against his friends to help someone , but I felt sad that no one else had even taken a second

that those other parents at the park would want someone to help their child in that situation, and yet they did nothing but stand by. 41. A. climate 42. A. as usual 43. A. picking on 44. A. yet 45. A. noticed 46. A. cousin 47. A. class 48. A. among 49. A. hopefully 50. A. who 51. A. came 52. A. failed 53. A. jumped up 54. A. tree 55. A. so 56. A. expected 57. A. neighbors 58. A. angry 59. A. in turn 60. A. knock B. atmosphere B. as well B. leaving for B. only B. kicked B. son B. family B. at B. finally B. how B. went B. refused B. walked over B. room B. but B. imagined B. friends B. sorry B. in advance B. shout C. air C. as planned C. staying in C. even C. watched C. daughter C. group C. over C. politely C. why C. stood C. agreed C. helped out C. stone C. then C. realized C. classmates C. sad C. in need C. noise D. weather D. as yet D. taking over D. just D. showed D. boy D. society D. between D. possibly D. what D. talked D. happened D. put away D. ground D. still D. admitted D. parents D. happy D. in all D. glance

2016 高考英语-完形填空集训(四)答案 Passage 1:16-20 AABAA Passage 2:21-25 CDBCC Passage 3:41-45BADCD Passage 4:41-45:CCABD Passage 5:21-25 ACBBA Passage 6:41-45 BBADC Passage 7:41-45 DBACB 21-25DDACB 26-30AABDC 46-50BACDA 46-50, DBACC 26-30 DBBBD 46-50 ACADB 46-50 ACDCD 26-30 CBACA 31-35ACADD 51-55ADADA 51-55, ABDAD 31-35 AACBA 51-55 ACDAB 51-55 CDBDB 31-35CBCCA 36-40BABCD 56-60DCADB 56-60, ABCBC 36-40 BDBCA 56-60 CDADB 56-60 CDDCD

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