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龙岩市 2014 年高中毕业班教学质量检查英语试题
第一节 单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分.满分 15 分) 从题中所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填人空格的最佳选项。 21. Zhusuan. Chinese traditional calculating method,has been listed as UNESCO World Intang

ible Cultural Heritage. A. a:a B.the;the C.the;a D.a:the 22. At the first meeting of the central leading group for overall reform ,President Xi Jinping urged Officials all efforts to carry out new policies A .would make B. must make C. make D. made 23. Our monitor is always fulfilling his tasks at an amazing speed, beyond our reach. A. it B. this C. one D. the one 24.一 Mary, do remember to bring your e-dictionary tomorrow. 一 Sure. 1wouldn’t if you me. A. don’t remind B. didn’t remind C.haven’t reminded D. hadn’t reminded 25. Our English teacher often creates a(n) in class for us to communicate like native speakers A .situation B. condition C position D.occasion 26. What makes online shopping so popular is it shortens the distance between manufacturers and consumers. A.how B. that C. whether D. why 27. Tony is a lawyer now, but he in a delivery company for six years. A. has served B. had served C. was serving D. served 28. Visitors from the mainland used to in Honghong for a flight toTaiwan. A. transfer B. change C. move D. transport 29. Inspired by the seniors in college and his own responsbilities,Dick is determined to work harder. A. to recognize B. recognizing C. recognized D. being recognized 30. Peter has treated himself to too much delicious food, his sharp increase in weight A. accounting for B. appealing to C. bringing in D. allowing for 31. Rock- climbing is a breathtaking sport, courage plays an important role. A. which B. whose C. where D. when 32. The programs of UNICEF have saved thousands of African children who would have died from hunger or disease. A. instead B.therefore C. otherwise D .moreover 33. a low monthly income,Ni Chao makes up his mind to make a charity donation of l0000 yuan every year. A. In spite of B. In case of C. In terms of D .In possession of 34. High school students are supposed to be about public services,which will benefit them in the long run. A. curious B.anxious C particular D. enthusiastic 35.一 I just can’t help worrying about the result of my medical examination. 一 .You can do nothing but wait.

A .Take your time B. Just relax C .Have fun D .Watch out 第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文.从短文后各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 When my brother and l were growing up, we mowed(割)yards during the summer to earn pocket change.Dad traded our service to neighbors and 36 a price they could not refuse. We got $ 10 per yard. I later found out our friends 37 $20 or more for the same amount of work. One day we were 38 our next-door neighbor’s yard.She always waited until the grass was knee—high to call us over. 39 we had an old lawn mower. This particular hot afternoon, I was finishing up and was tired .I 40 the tall grass as a cold drink to cool down. I was just about to cut off the lawn mower 41 I saw Dad pointing to one lone piece. I thought about the 42 change l was getting paid for cutting grass so high that it 43 broke the mower. I ignored him and kept walking. Dad called me out,“You 44 a piece.” I frowned, hoping he would let me go home. He kept pointing .So 45 , 1 went back to cut that piece of grass. I said to myseIf, “That one piece doesn’t 46 anyone .Why won’t he just let it 47 ?” But when I reached adulthood ,I understood his 48 : When you’re running a business, the work you do 49 much about you If you want to be seen as a businessman with 50 ,you must deliver a quality product .That single piece of grass meant the job was not done. The 5l my father taught me stayed with me:if you say you are going to 52 a job at a certain time,keep your 53 .Give your customers the kind of 54 you would llke t0 receive. It shows how sincere you are and how much 55 you take in your work. 36A. kept B. calculated C. lowered D.offered 37A. charged B. paid C.afforded D.spent 38A. cleaning B. exploring C .cutting D.searching 39A. To be honest B.Worse still C.Believe or not D .Above all 40A . picmred B. watered C. planted D. enjoyed 41A. after B.before C .when D. while 42A .total B .exact C .loose D .poor 43A. hardly B.almost C. never D. merely 44A.lost B.1eft C.missed D. forgot 45A. angry B.happy C. astonished D. stubborn 46A .attract B. hurt C. attack D. comfort 47A.come B. live C .go D. pass 48A. action B. instruction C. feeling D. message 49A. says B. expresses C. explains D. knows 50A .fortune B. pleasure C. content D .honesty 51A. lesson B.experience C. skill D. business 52A. quit B .find C. create D.perform 53A.word B. secret C. mind D. watch 54A. dignity B.service C .reward D. praise 55A.trouble B. surprise C.pride D .responsibility

第三部分阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 A Most people know that awkward feeling when you walk into an elevator with other people and try not to make eye contact(接触). But a new research suggests it may be down to a subconscious power struggle being played out as you make your way up and down. A study found that people decide where they stand based on a micro social status , established within seconds of entering the lift. Rebekah Rousi. a Ph. D. student in cognitive(认知)science, conducted an ethnographic(人 种论) Study of elevator behaviour in two of the tallest office buildings in Adelaide ,Australia. As part of her research, she took a total of 30 lift rides in the two buildings, and discovered .There was an established order to where people tended to stand In a blog she writes that more senior men seemed to direct themselves towards the back of the elevator She said:“In front of them were younger men,and in front of them were women of aII ages.”She also notice there was a difference in where people directed their gaze(注视)half way through the ride.“Men watched the monitors, looked in the side mirrors(in one building)to see themselves. And in the door mirrors(of the other building)to also watch others Women would watch the monitors and avoid eye contact with other users(unless in conversation)and the mirrors,”she writes. She concluded it could be that people who are shyer stand toward the front ,where they can’t see other passengers,whereas confident people stand in the back,where they have a view of everyone else. 【小题 1】 The passage is mainly about A. elevator riding manners B communication in the elevator C. elevator riders’ standing positions D. micro social status in the elevator 【小题 2】 The underlined word“it”in the first paragraph probably refers to“ ” A. an elevator B.the new research C. eye contact D. social status 【小题 3】 A person who stands in the back of the lift is probably A confident B shy C honest 【小题 4】 The conclusion of the research in the passage is A. subjective B.objective C critical D doubtful B Way back in 1662,John Evelyn,a brilliant Englishman known for his detailed diaries,wrote About disastrous effects of coal-burning on the city of London .In it, he described an infernal scene of smog.air filled with “Columns and Clouds of Smoke’’given out by small industries and residences that burned coal for fuel. I found the description in the 2003 book When Smoke Ran like Water,by epidemiologist(流 行病学家)and environmental advocator(倡导者)Devra Davis.In it, Davis looks back at several historic pollution events and their disastrous effect on human health-and at how these phenomena were often Ignored or even actively covered up by then people in charge at that time.

As Davis points out,John Evelyn was ahead of his time when writing about how London’s polluted air affected the well-being of its residents.It wasn’t until nearly 300 years later, after what became well-known as the Great Smog of 1952,that the government began to address the problem in a systematic way. For four days. Between December 5th“and 9th“, due to all accident of the weather pattern, the city was buried in a heavy fog .People were still burning coal for fuel, and low-grade coal at that time,because 0f wartime condition.A temperature inversion(转向)trapped the smoke from the city’s fires,creating a black cloud in which people could barely find their way down the most familiar streets Some tried to protect themselves,but most people simply went about their business But l952’s fog was far worse than any other in memory.In the same week of the previous year, 1852 people had died in London;inl952,that number was 4703 And the deaths didn’t stop when the weather changed and the fog lifted.Davis and her colleagues analyzed data from the next several months and found that about 13000 more people died between December and March than one would have predicted from historical averages Many of them died of pneumonia(肺炎). The government, she writes. Tried to blame a bad flu season. Her detailed analysis found that explanation simply did not pan out. Davis writes that even today in this country ,we still have not completely absorbed the lessons 0f similar events.Sixty years the killer fog lifted in London,people are dying preventable deaths and suffering life.changing illnesses,simply because they must breathe the air of the cities where they live 【小题 1】 The passage is written to A. warn people of the danger from air pollution B. introduce London’s Great Smog of l952 C. blame the government for the smog D. explain the reasons for air pollution 【小题 2】 The underlined word‘‘infernal” in the first paragraph probably means“ ” A.imaginary B .adventurous C. unbelievable D .annoying 【小题 3】 One of the reasons for the Great Smog of l952wasthat—— A .people burned wood for fuel B. a forest fire created a black cloud over the city C.the government ignored the smog D. most people went abouttheirbusine00 【小题 4】 How does the writer feel about the present air condition in London? A. lndifferent B Concerned C.Hopeless.D. Panic C

Growing strawberries in pots · The best way to start growing strawberries is to buy pot-grown strawberry plants m spring: 5plants are plenty for a hanging basket and 10 for the average 13 inch-sized pot.

· Plant them immediately in soil-based compost(混合肥料) and they will produce a modest crop in their first year.The second year should see a bumper(特大的)crop,followed by a slightly lower yield(产量)the third summer .Then start again with fresh stock · Careful watering and feeding are essential If you are to harvest a good crop, you must never let the compost dry out, particularly when the fruit is forming and ripening;if you do.most of your crop will drop off 血 e bush almost immediately. · Water well then leave the pots for up to 3 weeks,until they reach the point of drying out Be Careful not to overwater them during the winter months. Pruning apple trees · A one-year-old tree is known as a “maiden”. It has a single stem when purchased. Immediately after planting, cut it back by about half to leave 4 good buds at the base of the stem.. This will force growth from the base or the plant during the summer.

A. season




· In the second year ,prune in winter by cutting all side branches back by about one-third, Make sure each cut is made cleanly just above an outward-facing bud. In the third and fourth years, new side branches will have emerged from the previous year’s growth. Cut back all these new side branches by a third, pruning to an outward-facing bud. · By the fifth year the tree should have a well-balanced shape. From then on ,cut back all new branches by one-third in winter .Remove any diseased wood and broken branches, and ensure the centre is open to air circulation 【小题 1】 The two pieces of advice probably appear in A. a scientific repot B. a gardening guide C. a book review D .a fashion column 【小题 2】 A good crop of strawberries mainly depends on A .the size of a pot B. the season of harvesting C. the number of plants in a pot D .careful watering and feeding 【小题 3】 Cutting back all side branches by a third is to A.remove the diseased and broken branches B.keep the whole tree open to air circulation C. force the apple tree to grow from the base in winter D. help the apple tree to form a well-balanced shape 【小题 4】 The two pieces of advice suggest that planting is closely related to

D BEIJING---Chinese President Xi Jinping has stressed the need to promote the country’s housing security and supply to guarantee people’s basic residential needs On Tuesday, Xi said that pushing the construction of the housing supply system is a solid project that benefits all people. ‘‘Solving the housing issue is a long-term task,” the president said “China still faces problems such as insufficient affordable housing and imbalances in housing distribution” Xi said future work will sick to market-oriented reform.and properly handle the roles of government and the market, economic and social functions of housing development ,relations of necessity and possibility and the difference between housing security and welfare trap Meanwhile,he vowed(誓言)the government shall meet the basic housing needs of the group troubled by inadaptable labor skills, lack of job opportunities or low income Xi pointed out that the general scheme of building China’s housing supply system is that the government realizes most of the basic needs while leaving other diversified demands for the market rules “China will spare no effort to increase housing supply while pursuing affordable, environmentally friendly and safe living standards in accordance with the country’s practical situation,”he said According to the country’s 12th five-year plan,China will increase its quantity of affordable housing go that it covers 20 percent of all residential areas by 2015 through construction of 36 million affordable housing units,including renovation(改造)of run-down neighborhoods Xi said the government will first ensure the quality and safety of these buildings and strive to accomplish the goal while speeding up the construction of public rental and low —rent housing as well as the renovation of run-down neighborhoods Land and financial policies will be further improved to support the project ,Xi said,adding the government will explore and encourage ways for non-profit institutions to participate in the construction and management of affordable housing. The top leader also stressed that China shall strengthen supervision,establish standard management system and punish illegal occupation of affordable housing units. 【小题 1】 The housing supply system is constructed to A. guarantee people’s basic residential needs B.handle the roles of government and housing market C.improve land and financial policies D.punish illegal occupation of affordable housing units 【小题 2】 As for solving China’s housing problems.President Xi is . A.helpless B pessimistic C determined D uncertain 【小题 3】 Building China’s housing supply system will . A.be put to an end soon B cover all residential needs by 2015 C.especially benefit low-income people D.encourage profit-driven organizations 【小题 4】 What would be the best title for this passage ? A.Handle China’s Housing Issues and Policies

B Better China’s Housing Security and Supply System C Balance the Functions 0foovermnent and Market Rules D Strengthen Housing Supervision and Management E It was the last day of July and the long hot summer was drawing to a close As for me.1 was out of spirits,and,if the truth must be told, out of money as well,During the past year I had not managed my finances as carefully as usual;and 1 was now limited to spending the autumn economically between my mother’s cottage at Hampstead and my own in town . My father had been dead for some years,and my sister and 1 were the sole survivors of a family of five children. My father was a drawing-master before me He had been highly successful in his profession and my mother and sister were left economically independent after his death. The view of London below me had sunk into the black shadow of the cloudy night, when I stood before the gate of my mother’s cottage I had hardly rung the bell.When the house door was opened violently.My worthy Italian friend,Professor Pesca,appeared in the servant’s place,and rushed out joyously to receive me. I had first become acquainted(熟悉)with my Italian friend at certain great houses,where he taught Italian and I taught drawing What I then knew of the history of his life was that he had left Italy for political reasons and that he had been respectably established for many years in London as a teacher of languages It once happened that I saved him from certain death by drowning while we were swimming in the sea at Brighton Afterwards he overwhelmed(淹没)me with the wildest expressions of affection and exclaimed passionately, that he would hold his life at my disposal from then on, and declared that he should never be happy again until he had had the opportunity of proving his gratitude. Little did I think that the occasion to serve me was soon to come. Pesca dragged me in by both hands into the parlor, where my mother sat by the open window, laughing and fanning herself.Pesca was one of her especial favorites,and his wildest strange acts were always pardonable in her eyes. “Now, my good dears.”began Pesca.“listen to me The time has come I recite my good news.I speak at last…'Hear, hear!”said my mother, humoring the joke“I go back into my life, and I address myself to the noblest of men,who found me dead at the bottom of the sea,and who pulled me up to the top. What did I say when l got into my own life and my own clothes again? I said that my life belonged to my dear friend,Walter, for the rest of my days Now,”cried the enthusiastic little mall at the top of his voice.“happiness bursts out of me at every pore of my skin.For I have found a job for you” 【小题 1】 The first two paragraphs of the passage serve as an introduction to—— A the financial situation the writer then faced B the season that the story was set in C the family members of the writer D the successful profession of the writer’s father 【小题 2】 The underlined word‘‘sole’’in the second paragraph probably means‘‘ ” A.main B only C lucky D possible

【小题 3】 It can be learned from the passage that Pesca A used to be a politician B was a successful drawing-master C was quite close to the mother D wanted to give the writer some money in return 【小题 4】 According to the last paragraph,Pesca was more than happy because A. he went back into his life B . he met his dear friend again C. his friend ever saved his life D. he had done something good for his friend

第 1I 卷(主观性试题共 35 分) 第四部分写作(共两节,满分 35 分) 第一节短文填词(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 阅读下面短文。根据以下提示:1)汉语提示,2)首字母提示,3)语境提示,在每个空 格内填人一个适当的英语单词,并将该词完整地写在相对应的横线上。所填单词要求意义 准确,拼写正确。 As children,loving our parents is an important part of life. It is our parents who create us, 【小题 1】 (抚养)us,make us who we ale and keep a roof over our heads in all kinds

of weather.Here are some ways to love our parents Firstly, tell them we love them every day.A gentle“I love you”will【小题 2】w coldest heart.Parents brought us into this world 【小题 3】 a

them,we might still (尊敬)to

注意: 1.短文开头已给出,不计入总词数; 2.考生可适当发挥.使文章内容充实、连贯; 3.词数 120 左右: 4 文中不得出现考生的具体信息。 As is displayed in the picture.some provinces are carrying out reforms in‘‘Gaokao’’ especially focusing on the English subiect. 【解析】 试题分析:本文内容要求是:描述漫画内容;分析漫画所反映的现象;提出你的看法。要 用一般将来时和一般现在时。注意人称的一致性。字数要求 120 词左右。还应该注意使用 较高级的词汇和句子的衔接,以提高作文的档次。 【亮点说明】文中使用了非常好的短语和句子为文章增色不少,比如 take up,be likely to, 还运用了非谓语形式作主语或;非限制性定语从句等。并注意了句子变化和句子之间的衔 接如:As for,not only …but ,Anyhow ,while 等。 考点:看图作文。

wander at an unknown corner of an unknown world .Then,show【小题 4】 them and don’t get angry easily because anger helps【小题 5】 parents.Instead,keep【小题 6】 c

us nor our

and sometimes share our feelings with will make our attitudes better. when they make

them.Besides,obey their requests,【小题 7】

What’s more,understand that parents should be【小题 8】 f mistakes. We should also keep company with them as much as 【小题 9】 p their stories as parents are the【小题 10】 one way or another.

. Learn from them by listening to of our growth and even our teachers in

第二节书面表达(满分 25 分) 近来,一些省市相继传来酝酿高考改革的消息,英语考试将作为改革的重点,请根据下面的 漫画.用英语写一篇短文. 内容要求: 1、描述漫画内容; 2、分析漫画所反映的现象: 3、提出你的看法。


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