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必修二 Unit3

Have …in common
? ? ? ? ? ? have nothing in common 无共同之处 have a lot in common 有很多共同点 have little in common 几乎无共同之处 have something in common 有一些共同之处

1) you and I have one thing in common. 2) We just had nothing in common and I couldn’t communicate with you. 3) I suddenly felt we had a lot in common.

from ….on 从….时起 from then on从那时起 from now on从现在起
From now on you can work on your own. 从现在起你可以独自工作。 From then on, he was interested in UFO. 从那时起,他就对UFO非常感兴趣。

as a result 结果;因此 as a result of 由于;作为……的结果

result in (=cause)导致;致使
result from (=be caused by) 起因于;因……而引起

The river water was seriously polluted. _______, many fish died. A. As a result B. After all C. Thanks to D. If only he didn’t pass the exam _____his carelessness . A. Regardless of B. As a result of C. Because D. Since

arise vi. (arose, arisen) 出现; 发生 arise from / out of 由……引起, 由……产生 ? Before they could start, a mist arose. 在他们动身前, 起了雾。 ? Accidents arise from carelessness. 疏忽大意往往会引起事故的发生。

原形 arise vi.出现, 发生,起因于







arouse vt.唤醒, 激起 rise vi. 升起, 增长,上升 raise vt.举起, 唤起;提高, 饲养







1. A completely new situation will ___ when the examination system comes into existence. A arise B rise C raise D arouse 2. Last year the advertising rate ____ by 20 percent. A raised B aroused C arose D rose

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rising (1)The river is ______ after the rain. raised (2)He ______ his hand in the hope of being asked. aroused (3)His strange behaviour _________ our suspicions.

arise (4)New problems ______ every day.

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results in (1) Hard work ____________ success.

努力终归成功。 results from (2) Success _____________ hard work. 成功来自于努力工作。 As a result (3)He was ill. ____________________, he didn't go to school.

他生病了。因此,他没去上学。 As a result of (4)___________________________ his illness, he didn't go to school.由于生病,他没去上学。

anyhow adv.(=anyway, in any case) 无论如何; 总之; 至少 anyhow常用来转换话题、结束谈话或回到原 话题。 ? I don‘t know if it was lost or stolen; anyhow, it’s gone. It was raining but they played the game anyhow.


? 拓展:somehow adv. 不知怎么的;以某 种方式;用某种方法;从某种角度。如: ? Somehow he was afraid of her. ? 不知怎的,他怕她。

(1)so…that引导结果状语从句,其结构是: so+ adj/adv.+that-c1ause so+ adj.+a(n)+单数可数名词+that-clause so+ many/few+可数名词复数+that-clause so+ much/little+不可数名词+that-clause (2)such…that也可引导结果状语从句,其结构是: such-+ a(n)+ adj.+单数可数名词+that-clause such+ (adj.)+不可数名词+that-clause such+ (adj.)+可数名词复数+that-clause

so + 形容词(副词)+ that….结构中
so + 形容词(副词)在句首时,句子用倒装结 构
He works so hard that he seldom goes home. So hard does he work that he seldom goes home.

in a/one way 在某种程度上, 从某种意义上说 In a way, his English has improved.
in the way 妨碍的;当道的 on the/one’s way (to) 在(去…)的路上 by the way 顺便提一下 in no way 决不 all the way 自始自终;完全地 in this way 用这种方法

with the help of
① With the help of my teacher, I have caught up with others. ② With his help, I passed the exam. 归纳 : with the help of sb./sth.(with one’s help) 在……的帮助下 借助于, With the help of my teacher, I got the second prize in the competition.

deal with 处理,对付;和……打交道,对待,涉及
How ----deal with / What ---- do with ①How shall we deal with the problem?
我们将如何处理这个问题呢? ②Such people are difficult to deal with. 这种人不好对付。 ③Deal with a man as he deals with you. 以其人之道,还治其人之身。

④We have dealt with the company for 10 years.
我们同那家公司打了十年的交道了。 这本书论述污染问题。

⑤ This book deals with problems of pollution.

deal with 1)处理,解决,安排
we must deal with this problem as soon as possible. 2)对待,对付,宾语是人 Deal with a man as he deals with you 3)谈论,涉及 The book deals with the questions of maths.

Anyhow, my goal is to provide humans with a life of high quality. 无论如何,我的目标是为人类提供高质量的

生活。 of high quality在句中做定语,属于of+n. 结构。这一结构相当于形容词,在句中可 以做表语、定语或宾语补足语。

(1)of+n( 抽象名词)= adj

常用的名词有:use, importance, help, value, interest, benefit 等。这些名词前 可用 great, no, little, some, any, not much 等修饰,表示不同程度。

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(2)of+n.结构中的名词表种类、数量、度量 等时,表示不同的人或物的共同特征,此 时名词前通常有冠词。常用的名词有: size, type, kind, price, height, depth, length, weight, age, shape, colour 等。 The two are of an age, but are of different height. 这两个人年龄相同,但身高不同。

advantage n. 优点, 优势, 有利条件
take advantage of 对……加以利用; 欺骗

to sb.’s advantage 对某人有利
have / get / win an advantage over (of)

胜过; 优于


application n. 应用;用途;申请 ?The committee were unanimous that the application should be turned down. 委员会一致同意拒绝这项申请。 ?The manager received twenty applications for the posts. 经理收到了20份求职申请书。


apply to sb. for sth.向某人申请某物 apply to适合……,适用于…… apply sth. to sth. 把……应用到……中; apply oneself / one’s mind to sth. / to doing sth. 专心于…… ? In this way they can better apply theory to practice.


after all 毕竟, 终究, 归根结底。常位于句末。 ? So you see I was right after all! I passed the driving test after all. ? I know he hasn’t finished the work, but after all, he’s done his best.


in all 总计, 总共 all in all 总而言之 above all 首先; 最重要的是

Not at all (常用于否定句, 疑问句或条件状语


watch over (1)看管,照顾 Will you watch over my clothes while I have a swim. (2)看守,监视,守卫,保护 They were watched over by three policemen. watch out 注意,留神 keep a watch on 监视

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