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一. 单项选择. D 1. Mike has only driven here to ______________ his new car. Look! How proud he is! A. turn out B. turn in C. show off D. show up B 2.I was ______________ by the salesman ------- the cellphone __________ only several days after I bought it. A. taken in, broke in B. taken in, broke down C. taken over, broke down D. taken over, broke in D3. Would you please _____________ the paper for me and see if there are any obvious mistakes? A.look around B.look into C. look up D. look through C 4. Practicing Chinese kung fu can not only ___________ one’s strength, but also develop one’s character. A. bring up B. take up C. build up D. pull up D 5. The meal over, the managers went back to the meeting room to __________ their discussion. A. put away B. take down C. look over D. carry on B 6. Not only ________ interested in football but ________ beginning to show an interest in it. A. the father himself is; all his children are B. the father himself is; are all his children C. is the father himself; are all his children D. is the father himself; all his children are B7. We ________ such great achievements without your efforts. Thanks a lot. A. can’t have made B. couldn’t have made C. were unable to make D. are unable to make A 8. We can never expect bluer sky unless we create less polluted world. A. a; a B. a; the C. the; a D. the; the A 9. – I wonder how much you charge for your services. -- The first two are free the third costs $30. A. while B. until C. when D. before C 10.The play next month aims mainly to reflect the local culture. A.produced B.being produced C.to be produced D.having been produced D 11. a certain doubt among the people as to the practical value of the project. A.It has B.They have C.It remains D.There remains B 12. You may use the room as you like ___ you clean it up afterwards. A. so far as B. so long as C. in case D. even if A 13. –What do you think of teaching, Bob? –I find it fun and challenging. It is a job ___ you are doing something serious but interesting. A. where B. Which C. When D. that B 14. ____ twice, the postman refused to deliver our letters unless we changed our dog.

A. Being bitten B. Bitten C. Having bitten D. To be bitten D 15. Daniel's family their holiday in Huangshan this time next week. A. are enjoying B. are to enjoy C. will enjoy D. will be enjoying D 16.A good friend of mine from I was born showed up at my home right before I left for Beijing. A.how B.whom C.when D.which B 17. Some people who don’t like to talk much are not necessarily shy; they _____ just be quiet people. A.must B.may C.should D.would 二.完形填空 One evening, Mr Green was driving his car along a lonely country road. He had told him to get on it and continued his way. 3 he talked to the man, he 5 4 1 £10 000from the bank in town. Suddenly a man in rags stopped him and asked for 2 . Mr Green that he had just broken out of prison. Mr Green was very afraid at the the police car running 8 him. After a mile gun to Mr Green’s 10 . The policeman said he wanted Mr Green’s name and 11 and Mr Green obeyed. The policeman wrote it down in his notebook and put it in his 12 .“You 13 appear at the police station.”He said. Then he talked to Mr Green about more lonely part, the robber said he wanted to the policeman’s 1. A.taken 2. A.money 3. A.As 4. A.recognized 5. A.sight 6. A.fast 7. A.put on 8. A.behind 9. A.and so 10. A.head 11. A.number 12. A.car 13. A.shall 20 14 driving. 16 . Mr Green stopped and the man said. Mr Green started up his car again. He had 15 all hope of his£10 000,but as he reached a “ 17 . You’ve been 18 to me. This is what I can do in 19 .”And he handed Mr Green ,which was stolen while the policeman was talking to Mr Green. B.held B.help B.Since B.learned B.idea B.bright B.got on B.with B.or so B.shoulder B.home B.pocket B.will

of the money. Suddenly he saw a

police car and had a 6 idea. He 7 speed and drove as quickly as possible. Then he found 9 the police car passed him and ordered him to stop. A policeman came up. Mr Green had hoped to tell him about the trouble but the man put a

C.brought C.a lift C.Then C.supposed C.touch C.straight C.took on C.after C.and so on C.back C.place C.hand C.would

D.drawn D.a ride D.Because D.expected D.thought D.bad D.had on D.beside D.or so on D.neck D.address D.trousers D.need

14. A.careful 15. A. give out 16. A.run away 17. A.I’m sorry 18. A.kind 19. A.all 20. A.gun

B.normal B. give away B.break away B.You’re welcome B.polite B.fact B.pen

C.drunk C.given up C.set out C.That’s all right C.known C.return C.money

D.dangerous D. give in D.get out D.Thank you D.necessary D.the end D.notebook

DCABD BACBC DBADC DDACD 三.阅读理解 A NOT all memories are sweet. Some people spend all their lives trying to forget bad experiences. Violence and traffic accidents can leave people with terrible physical and emotional scars. Often they relive these experiences in nightmares. Now American researchers think they are close to developing a pill, which will help people forget bad memories. The pill is designed to be taken immediately after a frightening experience. They hope it might reduce ,or possibly erase(抹去 ),the effect of painful memories. In November, experts tested a drug on people in the US and France. The drug stops the body releasing chemicals that fix memories in the brain. So far the research has suggested that only the emotional effects of memories may be reduced, not that the memories are erased. The research has caused a great deal of argument. Some think it is a bad idea, while others support it. Supporters say it could lead to pills that prevent or treat soldiers' troubling memories after war. They say that there are many people who suffer from terrible memories. "Some memories can ruin people's lives . They come back to you when you don't want to have them in a daydream or nightmare. They usually come with very painful emotions," said Roger Pitman, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. "This could relieve a lot of that suffering." But those who are against the research say that changing memories is very dangerous because memories give us our identity (特质). They also help us all avoid the mistakes of the past. "All of us can think of bad events in our lives that were horrible at the time but make us who we are. I'm not sure we want to wipe those memories out, "said Rebecca Dresser, a medical ethicist. 1. The passage is mainly about . A. a new medical invention B. a new research on the pill C. a way of erasing painful memories D. an argument about the research on the pill 2. The drug tested on people can . A. cause the brain to fix memories B. stop people remembering bad experiences C. prevent body producing certain chemicals D. Wipe out the emotional effects of memories 3. We can infer from the passage that . A. people doubt the effects of the pills B. the pill will stop people's bad experiences C. taking the pill will do harm to people's health D. the pill has probably been produced in America

4. Which of the following does Rebecca Dresser agree with? A. Some memories can ruin people's lives. B. People want to get rid of bad memories. C. Experiencing bad events makes us different from others. D. The pill will reduce people's sufferings from bad memories. DCAC 四.任务型阅读 We are going to describe one way to build a rooftop garden that does not even require soil. Four things are needed for a small rooftop garden. One thing is a roof that can support the weight ,Another is grass cutting .The third thing is a sheet of plastic in which to spread the cut grass. And the last thing is a box about eight centimeters deep and made out of four pieces of wood. Once you are sure the roof is good ,cut and collect some grass .Then lay down the plastic where the garden box will go .The four-sided box can be as long and as wide as needed. Place the box on top of the sheet of plastic .Then fill it with the cut grass .Next ,add water and walk on the cuttings to press them down. After about three weeks ,the rooftop garden is ready for planting. Put the seeds directly into the wet grass cuttings .This garden is a good place to grow peas ,tomatoes, beans, onions and lettuce. If the box is deep enough, potatoes and carrots will also grow. It is important to keep the grass wet until the plants begin to grow. When the plants are growing, they will need watering every day, unless there is rain. And they will need some liquid fertilizer. Also, seeds and new plants must be protected from insects and birds. Rooftop gardens are increasingly popular, and not just to grow vegetables. They keep buildings cooler in the sun, so they save energy. They can also extend the useful life of a roof. Rooftop gardens also reduce the runoff of storm water and help clean the air. Plus they add beauty, and give birds and insects in the city a nice place to live.

The building of a rooftop vegetable garden things needed a roof (1)_________. to ( 2 ) _________ the weight grass cuttings a sheet of plastic to be used a4_________. to (5)________ possible leaks(渗漏) a (7) _________box seeds to hold the cut grass for vegetables requirements (3) strong enough to be pressed down on which to (6) ____ cut grass made of 4 pieces of wood to be protected from the ____________and


(8)______ and birds (9)_________and to make vegetables grow supplied frequently and

fertilizer better (10)_______ Task48 1.aims/purpose 2.support 3.flat 4.soil 5.prevent 6.spread 7.wooden 8.insects 9.water 10.properly/correctly


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