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河北文安一中 2014-2015 学年高一下学期期末考试 英语试题答案
第一部分 听力部分 1—5 CAAAB 6—10 ABBAA 第二部分 阅读理解: 21—24 CABC 25---28 ADBD 36—40 DGECA 第三部分 完形填空 56—60 DBBAC 11—15 CBCCA 29—31 ACC 16—20 ABCBB 32—35 BACD

41—45 DBACB 46—50 DACBD 51—55 ACBDA 第四部分: 第一节: 语法填空 62.a

61.without 根据上文的“I was really just a happy guy”可知,我没有压力。故用介词 without。 fight 在此是可数名词,且此处表示泛指,故用不定冠词 a。 63.to kill 此处用动词不定式作名词 thoughts 的后置定语。 64.who / whom 分析句子可知,空格处引导了一个非限制性定语从句,定语从句中 met 后缺宾语, 且先行词为 my first best friend,故用 who / whom 引导定语从句。 65.hung 根据全文的基本时态及上文的“but he still took me in”可知,该句中应用一般过去时。 66.better 此处是说“我感觉好多了”。 67.myself 根据 “from pulling my own hair to 68.hurting 68 (hurt) myself”可知,指的是“虐待自己”。 from...to...中的 to 为介词,故用动名词。hurting 与 pulling 为并列结构。

69.that that 引导同位语从句,解释说明 promise 的具体内容。 70.powerful 由副词 how 及后文的 can be 可知,how 后需接形容词。 第二节: 短文改错 71. anything—something 76.much—many 72. come—came 73. but—so 77.more—most 74. to—for 75. 去掉 the 79.high—highly 78.opinion—opinions

80. writing—write 第三节:书面表达 Dear Xiao Wang, I have received and read your letter, in which you mentioned that you wanted to lose weight by dieting. It is only natural that young girls at your age hope to look beautiful.However, in my opinion, health is more important than beauty.For a student, studying is the first thing to consider while appearance is the second.So do not let others' opinions affect your normal life.However, if you do want to lose weight, it is a good idea to do it by getting more exercise and changing unhealthy eating habits.The most important thing is that you keep a healthy state of mind, as it will help with your studies, and will also help you overcome difficulties in dieting. I hope my advice will be helpful to you and I'm looking forward to your next letter. Yours, Li Hua

附录 1:录音原文
Text 1
M: It’s very hot. Let’s get some ice cream. (1) W: We have to wait for Esther. We’ll go after she comes.

Text 2
W: I love drawing. I’d like to learn how to draw animals better. (2) M: That would be fun to learn. Why don’t we learn together?

Text 3
M: Mary, how often do you watch TV? W: I watch the news or music programs in the morning, and when I come home at night I sometimes watch films on TV. (3)

Text 4
W: I love doing math. I feel like it makes me smarter. M: It just makes me confused! (4) W: It can be confusing. But if you think carefully, you will understand it.

Text 5
M: Today is Saturday. It’s Peter’s birthday tomorrow. (5) Let’s get him a present. What would he like? W: He’d like a new bicycle, I think.

Text 6
W: Did you play tonight? M: Yeah. W: How did it go? M: I don’t want to talk about it. W: That bad? M: Yes. My team didn’t win. (6) We lost both games. (7) W: I’m sorry. M: Me, too! I don’t know where my head was tonight. I just couldn’t hit the ball. W: Well, it wasn’t all your fault. Your teammates didn’t play well, either.

Text 7
M: Lisa, did you enjoy your trip to England? W: Yes, I did. We met some nice people there, and I got to see a lot of famous places. M: Where did you go? W: We visited Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, and the British Museum on the first day. (8) The next day, we went to Hyde Park and the London Zoo. Then we went on a boat ride on the Thames River. M: Did you enjoy the boat ride? W: Unfortunately, it was raining the whole time. We sat inside and had tea. Now I understand why the English like tea so much! (9)

Text 8
W: Hi, Steve. How was the concert? M: Pretty good. The crowd seemed to enjoy it.

W: And how did Andrew do? Was he nervous? This was his first concert. M: He seemed very calm. (10) W: Did he make any mistakes? (11) M: Well, sure… W: Oh, no! Did everyone notice? M: I don’t think so. They were little mistakes. (11) Someone would need to know the song very well to notice. I heard the mistakes, but I don’t think anyone else did. He seemed so calm that no one t hought anything was wrong. W: I’m so glad to hear that. (12) He’s been working hard for many years to get this good on the piano. His next concert will be better. M: Yes. Everyone makes mistakes. But the crowd liked him. They clapped(鼓掌) loudly for him when he was done. W: We should celebrate tonight. Let’s take him to his favorite restaurant. (12)

Text 9 (第 13 题为总结题) M: Sophie, what was high school like in America? W: It was great. Lots of fun. I had lots of friends, and I learned quite a bit at school. M: OK, what did you do in high school? Any clubs or anything? W: Yeah, I’d rowed for the school. I played basketball and tennis with friends, and I was on the swimming team. (14) M: Wow, you’re quite active. What sport did you like the most? W: Rowing. M: Rowing, huh? Do you still row? W: No, unfortunately not. I spent the last year in Canada. (15) No one likes rowing there. (16) M: Really? W: I would like to start up again. (16) M: Do you think you’ll pick it up some time in the future? W: Yeah, maybe, if I live near a lake or a river. M: Yeah! Not too many lakes here in Tokyo. Um, anything else? Any other memories about high school? W: Yeah, lots of parties. It was fun. M: Sounds like a good time. W: Yeah! Text 10
Good morning, class! Next week, we will be visiting Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. I want to describe it to you before we go. It’s a very big park. (17) It has a lot of trees, flowers, plants, and even small lakes in it. It also has other attractions. One of them is the De Young Museum. It has many different displays from different countries. (18) There is also the House of Flowers. It has all kinds of flowers from around the world. It’s a beautiful place. The Japanese Tea Garden is also beautiful. It has well-kept trees and flowers surrounding a small lake. (19) From there, we can walk all the way down to the beach. The park is so big that you forget you’re in the middle of a city. (20) Many people walk around and enjoy being in nature. A lot of people ride their bicycles or have a picnic. On the weekends, there are art shows and concerts. It’ll be fun!

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