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山东德州 2014 届高考英语一轮复习完形填空加强训练 40
阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 Education from My Father My memories of my father are slim because he was so sick in the last years of his life. But there are of 22 . When I was small I was somewhat The explanation was in better 25 24 23 of lightning and thunder. My father explained it. 21 that I am often reminded of and which may have had some bearing on my love

that a child could understand but was basically correct. I gained a

later, but I didn’t have to unlearn anything. 26 it travelled to the ground 28 . Then there 29 the space. He

What he said was that there was electricity in the clouds like a spark. When it travelled 27

the air it made the air so hot that it

was nothing where the air had been and the air all around rushed in to clapped his hands together very loud, 30

to be the air rushing in, and said that makes the 31 . 32 .

thunder. When I hear thunder, I can still hear that

He explained why if it was cloudy in the winter the night was warmer than if it was

It was one of those nights when the sky was full of stars: no moon, no town lights. But there were more stars than you could 33 and they had color too. He said that if there were no clouds, 34 to the universe. Our warmth was going to 35 the

we had no blankets and were

whole universe. When there were clouds, they were like blankets and we were not exposed to the universe. I 36 feel on the edge of space on a very clear night. 37 but no longer remember. What I did

I am sure there were many other lessons that I

38 , in general, was that there were explanations and that the more I understood them, the more comfortable the world was to live in. I was not taught that there were understanding if you looked for it. This may be why I have always been 21. A. others 22.A. science 23. A. sure 24. A. depth 25. A. understanding B. few B. nature B. fond B. words B. knowledge C. some C. weather C. tired C. gestures C. command D. all D. universe D. afraid D. data D. confidence 39 40 but that there was in science.

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26. A. but 27. A. above 28. A. shone 29. A. fill 30. A. trying 31. A. clap 32. A. cold 33. A. explore 34. A. committed 35. A. heat 36. A. ever 37. A. selected 38.A. consider 39. A. memories 40. A. engaged

B. and B. to B. burned B. make B. proving B. remark B. bright B. foresee B. exposed B. protect B. also B. arranged B. promise B. blankets B. interested

C. for C. along C. expanded C. avoid C. hoping C. voice C. clear C. imagine C. related C. extend C. even C. absorbed C. explain C. mysteries C. successful

D. or D. through D. broke D. break D. pretending] D. crash D. foggy D. identify D. led D. light D. still D. delivered D. learn D. thunders D. skillful

2.完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分)
阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从所给的四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 The New York Times published an article recently that shows great regret for the "death of conversation". suggests that while technology such as cell phones, e-mails , and Internet posting It makes us feel more 41 than ever, they’re also driving us 42 from people around us. Users get final connectivity 43 the price of 44 face-to-face conversation. Sherry Turkle , author of the article in The New York Times says people are 45 to a different way of being ―alone together‖. Actually, 46 text messages or wring micro-blogs allows us to 47 thoughts. 48 bits and pieces of online cannot 49 a ―real conversation.‖ Lan Guo, 19, a freshman English major from Changsha University, said that she would like to hear people’s tone of voice and see their faces in a (n) 50 . ―The give and take of ideas in a conversation sharpens our minds. ‖she said. She also mentions that 51 ourselves in mobile technology reduces our chance of starting conversations with strangers and 52 People. Turkle mentioned the popular 53 of ―I share, therefore I am ‖among this generation. Liu Xuan, a young writer from Taiwan and psychology graduate from Harvard University, thinks it’s a mindset adopted by most young people. They are so busy creating or polishing their online persona (网络人格)that they forget how to live a (n) 54 life. For example, they may 55 more about blogging about attending a party rather than enjoying being 56 . 57 ,experts remind us that it’s unfair to blame mobile technology. Chen Chen, a
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sociology expert at China Youth &Children Research Center, points out that it is still owners of gadgets, such as cell phones and tablets , who’re avoiding personal 58 . We take advantage of these devices to 59 ourselves from others. Texting messages or calling may be a (n) 60 to avoid contact with others, such as having eye contact. ―Only by strengthening conversation can we understand each other. Simply throwing away the mobile gadgets is not a solution.‖ she said. 41.A.received 42.A.off 43.A.beyond 44.A.having 45.A.related 46.A.sending 47.A.change 48.A.So 49.A.indicate 50.A.conversation 51.A.abandoning 52.A.interviewing 53.A.feeling 54.A.colorful 55.A.worry 56.A.there 57.A.Therefore 58.A.information 59.A.hide 60.A.approach B.shared B.back B.at B.risking B.committed B.getting B.exchange B.And B.replace B.computer B.joining B.introducing B.concept B.interesting B.care B.out B.Altogether B.space B.announce B.source C.connected C.away C.for C.sacrificing C.devoted C.reading C.deliver C.Or C.cover C.party C.burying C.knowing C.fact C.real C.ask C.here C.Instead C.contact C.prohibit C.result D.respected D.down D.above D.sharing D.accustomed D.taking D.raise D.But D.involve D.Internet D.attaching D.meeting D.truth D.meaningful D.debate D.away D.However D.management D.sacrifice D.excuse

3.阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从第各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出
最佳选项。 I had just finished high school when a disaster hit our family. It was October 1962, and 21 was out of the question. So I found a job. In 1971, my employer announced only graduates 22 . My job seemed at a dead end unless I 23 further. And to graduate, I

would get

had to pass the higher secondary examination first. I 24 an admission form and rode to the Human Resource Management office. On 25 ---I couldn’t find the form. It was the last day to 27 26 the 28 30 ,

arriving there, I was

form, and no blank forms were

at the office. I was standing there, disappointed, 29 . I told him what happened,

an elderly gentleman asked me why I looked so
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―Now I’ll have to wait another year.‖ ―Well,‖ he said, ―if you’re really serious about studying further, come with me. I have a 31 blank form at home.‖ It was 12:30 pm. The counter would had a slight 32 at 2 pm. His home was 10 km away and I

33 of going somewhere with a stranger. Anyway, this was my last chance. We 34 , and gave me a pen and the 36 carefully. I reached the 37 . Just then, the

reached his house on my bike. He advised me to remain form. When it was 35 , he told me to rush back and

office at 1:58 pm. There were two people in line, waiting for their counter official announced that no more forms would be of 39 . 38

after mine. I breathed a sigh

I passed the exam and later got a bachelor’s degree. I also got the promotions. I it all to the timely help from a true gentleman whose name I forgot to ask.


21. A. education 22. A. attention 23. A. attempted 24. A. filled in 25. A. ashamed 26. A. review 27. A. appropriate 28. A. when 29. A. serious 30. A. agreeing 31. A. special 32. A. close 33. A. regret 34. A. quiet 35. A. rewritten 36. A. follow 37. A. form
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B. competition B. promotions B. explained B. stepped onto B. frightened B. submit B. available B. before B. angry B. suggesting B. similar B. move B. fear B. slow B. done B. walk B. role

C. college C. prizes C. studied C. put down C. embarrassed C. find C. practical C. unless C. troubled C. responding C. private C. change C. sadness C. calm C. corrected C. drive C. luck

D. employment D. approval D. worked D. looked at D. shocked D. revise D. helpful D. until D. tired D. adding D. spare D. reset D. puzzle D. polite D. read D. answer D. turn

38. A. accepted 39. A. relief 40. A. devote

B. chosen B. confidence B. apply

C. recommended C. tension C. owe

D. recognized D. anxiety D. connect

4.阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白
处的最佳选项。 When Glen Kruger picked a small cat from an animal shelter, he did not expect much. Yet right from the start, eight years ago, there was an uncommon connection between him and the small black cat. He 36 her Inky. 37 playmatcs,‖Kruger, 38 of farm

― I grew up on a hundred-acre farm and had only cats

The sevevty-year-old man,says. ―My hearing was damaged by the epuipment , so I learned to connect with you do. ‖ Inky was a gentle cat, night in 2009, Inky did 41 40 39

. They react to what they see and what

the house with five other cats. But on a January that would set her apart from 43 42 cats forever.

Kruger had gone down to the basemeng to he was finished, he 44 45

the wood stove for the night. When

to the top of the stairs and reached to turn off the lights. In his back against an old shelf. The heavy shelf

doing so , he slipped and

came crashing down and sent Kruger down the stairs. 46 in a pool of blood on the basement floor, Kruger felt 48 49 47 going into

shock(休克). He shouted for help , bedroom at the opposite end of the house. the top of the stairs. ―Go get Brenda, ‖ Krugger said to Inky. Inky opened it. 50

his wife, Brenda , was asleep in their Kruger noticed Inky watching from

to the bedroom door and scratched the 52


until Brenda 53 therd,‖ 55

Then Inky led her to

Brenda found her husband 54

the stairs and called 911. Kruger was rushed to the hospital. ―I spent six months

Says kruger . ―Although I became lame , I was blessed. ‖ Sinec the acciedent, Inky has
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Left Krhger’s side. 36. A. gave 37. A. like 38. A. sound 39. A. animals 40. A. sharing 41. A. anything 42. A. familiar 43. A. shut out 44. A. marched 45. A. bent 46. A. Falling 47. A. it 48. A. and 49. A. Thus 50. A. walked 51. A. rapidly 52. A. bedroom 53. A. at the bottom of 54. A. regretting 55. A. never B. chose B. as B. alarm B. friends B. visiting B. nothing B. lovely B. shut off B. flew B. hit B. Lying B. itself B. but C. named C. except C. noise C. farmers C. dividing C. something C. ordinary C. shut down C. struggled C. shook C. Appearing C. him C. or C. Then C. returned C. madly C yard C. at the top of C. relaxing C. still D. remembered D. among D. voice D. neghbors D. discovering D. everything D. outstanding D. shut up D. climbed D. pulled D. Thinking D. himself D. so D. Rather D. withdrew D. urgently D. house D. in the front of D. recovering D. already

B. Otherwise B. ran B. ruddenly B. basement B. in the middle of B. resting B. ever

5.请认真阅读下面各题,从短文后各题所给的 A、B、C、四个选项中,选出最佳选项。

A boy was walking home from school when he saw a large, tempting (诱人的)apple on one of the branches of an apple tree hanging out over a tall fence. The boy wasn’t much of a fruit-eater, 36 a bar of chocolate if given the choice, 37 , as they say, the forbidden fruit can be tempting. Seeing the apple, the boy wanted it. The more he looked at it, the 38 he felt and the more he wanted that apple.
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He stood on tiptoe(脚尖) ,39 as high as he could , but even as his tallest 40 he was unable to touch It. He began to 41 up and down , as high as he could, at the 42 of each jump stretching his arms to get the apple . Still it remained out of 43 . Not giving up , he thought, if only he had something to 44 on . His school bag wouldn’t give enough height and he didn’t want to 45 the things inside , like his lunch box , pencil case , and Gameboy . Looking 46 , he 47 luck , even a ladder , but it was a tidy He had tried everything he could think to 49 . At first he felt angry

hoped he might find an old box , a rock , or ,

neighborhood and there was nothing he could use . do . 48

seeing any other choices , he gave up and started to walk

and disappointed thinking about how hungry he had become from his 50 , and how he really wanted that apple . The more he 51 like this , the more unhappy he became. 52 ,the boy of our story was a preetty smart guy,even if he couldn’t always get what get he wanted .He started to say to himself, ―This isn’t 53. I don’t have the apple and I’m feeling miserable as well.There’s 54 more I can do to get the apple —that is unchangeable—but we are supposed to be able to 55 our feelings. If that’s the case, what can I do to feel better? 36.A. preferring 37.A. so 38.A.sadder 39.A. expanding 40.A. strength 41.A.jump 42.A. tip 43.A hope 44.A. put 45.A. break 46.A. up 47.A.for 48.A. After 49.A. back 50.A. wishes 51.A. thought
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B.offering B.then B.angrier B. stretching B. length B.look B. stage B. hand B. stand B. shake B. forword B. with B. Through B. away B. beliefs B. imagined

C.receiving C..but C. hungrier C.swinging C. range C. walk C. top C. sight C. get C.take C.down C.on

D.allowing D or D.tastier D.pulling D.height D.glance D. level D. reach D. hold D. strike D. around D. of

C .Without C. up C. efforts C.tried

D.Upon D. down

D. goals D. claimed

52.A.Therefore 53.A. skilful 54. A. something 55.A.change

B.However B. cheerful B. anything B.express

C.Moreover C.harmful C.everything C.forget

D.Otherwise D. helpful D.nothing D.describe

What a busy day!The three boys were fed,bathed and changed into their nightclothes.Mary had36 them a story and finally they were asleep.‖Babysitting (照看)the three boys aged eight,six and four is extremely 37 ,she thought. ―Sleep,‖she considered,‖if only I could!‖But she had difficult homework to complete.Leanig back,she 38 her feet onto the sofa to get comfortable.Whoever said babysitting was a(n) 39 way to make money obviously hadn’t met the three boys,she thought.The television was on,the room was warm,and the lights were dim. Mary’s 40 felt heavier and heavier. I mustn’t sleep,she thoutht--which was 41 what she did,of course. Strangely enough,she soon 42 that she was a world-famous chef (主厨).She made a 43

and wore diamonds and designer clothe. Most days she relaxed by the pool.meeting the rich and famous or 44 –her favorite hobby.She 45 took the leading role in her own TV show. That is, until she became too 46.‖I am definitelty the best in the world,‖she thought,as she prepared a tasty chicken dish.But 47 seemed to go right. She spilt the flour,she dropped an egg and she cut her finger.Despite all the troubles,she 48 to get the chicken into the stove.Soon,smoke blanketed the room.The children was on fire. 49 set in, but Mary could not run---- She was 50 to the spot. She tried hard to move ,but could not,51 a sharp sound awoke her. She got shocked and confused--52 was pouring from the kitchen. Rushing to investigate, she was met by three 53 little faces and some very burnt bread.‖Sorry,we were hungry and you were 54 , so we tried to make some bread.‖expained a boy.Relieved,Mary made them a snack and sent them back to bed.She 55 them never to fall asleep on the job again! 36.A.given 37.A.successful 38.A.shook
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B.written B.helpful B.put

C.told C.tiring C.bent

D.taught D.surprising D.kept

39.A.diffcult 40.A.eyes 41.A.nicely 42.A.realized 43.A.decision 44.A.cooking 45.A.just 46.A.selfish 47.A.everything 48.A.tired 49.A.Panic 50.A.frozen 51.A.because 52.A.smoke 53. A.cheerful 54.A.busy 55.A.promised

B.boring B.mind B.exactly B.reminded B.fortune B.reading B.ever B.proud B.something B.arranged B.Pain B.dragged B.until B.light B.strange B.hungry B.allowed

C.important C.heart C.curiously C.learned C.business C.running C.even C.stubbom C.anything C.managed C.Noise C.pushed C.as C.water C.guilty C.worried C.expected

D.easy D.legs D.carelessly D.dreamt D.plan D.babysitting D.only D.sensitive D.nothing D.prepared D.Stress D.brought D.unless D.fire D.confident D.asleep D.persuaded

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1.21-25 CADBA 26-30 BDBAD 31-35 ACCBA 36-40 DCDCB

2.41. C
51. C 略

42. C 52. D

43. B 53. B

44. C 54. C

45. D 46. A 55. B 56. A

47. B 57. D

48. D 49. B 58. C 59. A

50. A 60. D

3.21-25 CBCAD

26-30 BBACD 31-35 DABCB

36-40 CDAAC

4.36-40 C B C A A
46-50 B D B C B

41-45 C C B D B 51-55 C B A D A

5.36-40 A C C B D
46-50 D B C B C

41-45 A C D B A 51-55 A B D D A

6.36-40 C C B D A
46-50 B D C A A

41-45 B D B B C 51-55 B A C D A

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