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高考英语真题分类汇编——动词&动词短语 2012 年高考题
1. (12 全国卷 I)Mary is really good at taking notes in class. She can _______ almost every word her teacher says. A. put out B. put down C. put away D. put together 2. (12 全国卷 I)If she doesn't want to go, nothing you can say will _______ her. A. persuade B. promise C. invite D. support 3. (12 全国卷 II)We ___ to paint the whole house but finished only the front part that day. A. set about B. set up C. set out D. set down 4. (12 天津卷)Parents and children should communicate more to ________the gap between them so that they can understand each other better. A. open B. narrow C. widen D. leave 5. (12 江苏卷) — OK, I’ve had enough of it. I give up. —You can’t ________ your responsibilities. A. run off with B. run up against C. run out of D. run away from 6. (12 湖北卷)Two lawyers have donated $50,000 to_______our school’s campaign “Help the Needy”, which was started by our former headmaster three years ago. A. sponsor B. launch C. organize D. plan 7. (12 湖北卷)Finally, my thanks go to my tutor, who has offered a lot of suggestions and comments on my paper and ________ every page of my draft. A. approved B. quoted C. polished D. folded 8. (12 湖北卷)Walking alone in the dark, the boy whistled to ________ his courage. A. hold up B. keep up C. set up D. take up 9. (12 湖北卷)I’m so glad you’ve come here to ________ this matter in person. A. lead to B. see to C. turn to D. refer to 10. (12 安徽卷)The athlete’s years of hard training ________when she finally won the Olympic gold medal. A. went on B. got through C. paid off D. ended up 11. (12 福建卷)You had better _____some time every day for sports so that you can keep yourself energetic. A. set aside B. take up C. put away D. give out 12. (12 陕西卷)He had to pause from time to time to wipe the sweat from his forehead, because the air—conditioning system ________. A. broke in B. broke up C. broke out D. broke down 13. (12 四川卷)It’s surprising that your brother ________ Russian so quickly—he hasn’t lived there very long. A. picked up B. looked up C. put up D. made up 14. (12 江西卷)I’ve the habit of calling in on my grandparents on my way home from school. A. come into B. gone into C. got into D. run into 15. (12 江西卷)We were all agreed that the cottage would a perfect holiday home for the family. A. make B. turn C. take D. have 16. (12 浙江卷)According to scientists, our mental abilities begin to______ from the age of 27 after reaching the highest level at 22. A. differ B. shrink C. fail D. decline 17. (12 浙江卷)Armed with the information you have gathered, you can_______ preparing your business plan. A. set out B. set about C. set off D. set up



2011 年高考题
1. (2011全国卷I) I can_____ the house being untidy, but I hate it if it’s not clean. A. come up with B. put up with C. turn to D. stick to 2. (2011全国卷I) William found it increasingly difficult to read, for his eyesight Was beginning to . A. disappear B. fall C. fail D. damage 3.(2011陕西卷)Some insects________the colour of their surroundings to protect themselves. A. take in B. take off C. take on D. take out 4.(2011全国卷II)Mary, I_____John of his promise to help you. A. told B. reminded C. warned D. advised 5.(2011湖北卷)Knowledge and learning are important if we want to be successful, but they may also__our thinking. A. direct B. limit C. change D. improve 6.(2011湖北卷)The minister said, “We are ready for discussions with any legal parties, but we’ll never________with criminals.” A. negotiate B. quarrel C. argue D. consult 7. (2011湖北卷) Clinical evidence began to_______, suggesting that the new drugs had a wider range of useful activities than had been predicted from experiments in animals. A. operate B. strengthen C. approve D. accumulate 8.(2011湖北卷)The government has taken measures to____the high prices of daily goods to keep the market stable. A. take down B. bring down C. hand down D. tear down 9.(2011山东卷)They are broadening the bridge to______the flow of traffic. A. put off B. speed up C. turn on D. work out 10.(2011江西卷)You can’t predict everything. Often things don’t_____as you expect. A. run out B. break out C. work out D. put out 11.(2011江苏卷)—Are you still mad at her? —Not really, but I can’t______that her remarks hurt me. A. deny B. refuse C. reject D. decline 12.(2011江苏卷)—You look upset. What’s the matter? —I had my proposal _____ again. A. turned over B. turned on C. turned off D. turned down 13.(2011安徽卷)As the story______, the truth about the strange figure is slowly discovered. A. begins B. happens C. ends D. develops 14.(2011安徽卷)If you_____faults but you still want the bicycle, ask the shop assistant to reduce the price. A. come across B. care about C. look for D. focus upon 15.(2011浙江卷)He decided that he would drive all the way home instead of______at a hotel for the night. A. putting down B. putting off C. putting on D. putting up 16. (2011福建卷)I’d prefer to____my judgement until I find all the evidence. A.show B. express C.pass D.reserve 17.(2011福建卷)Born into a family with three brothers, David was____to value the sense of sharing. A.brought up B.turned down C.looked after D.held back 18.(2011四川卷)To get a better grade, you should__________the notes again before the test. A. go over B. get over C. turn over D. take over 19.(2011四川卷)I often_____the words I don’t know in the dictionary or on the Internet. A. look up B. look at C. look for D. look into 20.(2011辽宁卷)What are you doing out of bed, Tom? You're______ to be asleep. , A. supposed B. known C. thought D. considered



21.(2011辽宁卷)You are old enough to_____your own living. A.win B. gain C. take D. earn 22.(2011辽宁卷)The exam results will be_____on Friday afternoon. A. put down B. put off C. put up D. put away 23.(2011天津卷)I______a bank account after I made $1, 000 by doing a part-time job during the summer vacation. A.borrowed B.opened C.entered D.ordered 24.(2011天津卷)She________an old friend of hers yesterday while she was shopping at the department store. A. turned down B. dealt with C. took after D. came across

2010 年高考题
1.(10 福建)More and more high-rise buildings have been built in big cities space. A. in search of B. in place of C. for lack of D. for fear of 2.(10 福建)We’ve just moved into a bigger house and there’s a lot to do. Let’s it. A. keep up with B. do away with C. get down to D. look forward to 3.(10 福建)--In this day and age, women can have children and jobs as well. --I can’t agree more. It’s great to have the two . A. linked B. related C. connected D. combined 4.(10 上海)In ancient times, people rarely travelled long distances and most farmers only travelled the local market. A. longer than B. more than C. as much as D. as far as 5. 10 安徽) matter how low you consider yourself, there is always someone ______you wishing they were that high ( No A. getting rid of B. getting along with C.looking up to D. looking down upon 6.(10 安徽)---How did you like Nick’s performance last night? ---To be honest, his singing didn’t ____to me much A. appeal B. belong C. refer D. occur 7. 10 江西) ( Parents_____much importance to education. They will do their best to give their children that priceless gift. A attach B pay C link D apply 8.(10 江西)Smell the flowers before you go to sleep, and you may just______sweet dreams. A keep up with B put up with C end up with D catch up with 9.(10 江西)We give dogs time, space and love we can spare, and_____, dogs give us their all. A in all B in fact C in short D in return 10.(10 山东)Sam_____some knowledge of the computer just by watching others working on it. A. brought up B. looked up C. picked up D. set up 11.(10 山东)Your house is always so neat—how do you______ it with three children? A. manage B. serve C. adapt D. construct 12.(10 天津)Joining the firm as a clerk, he got rapid promotion, and as a manager. A. ended up B. dropped out C. came back D. started off 13.(10 四川)Some people eat with their eyes. They prefer to order what nice. A. looks B. smells C. feels D. tastes 14.(10 四川)Jenny was looking for a seat when, luckily, a man and left. A. took up B. got up C. shut up D. set up 15.(10 全国Ⅰ)The workers ______ the glasses and marked on each box “ This Side Up” A. carried B. delivered C. pressed D. packed 16.(10 江苏)Thousands of foreigners were______to the Shanghai World Expo the day it opened. A. attended B. attained C. attracted D. attached



17.(10 江苏)The experiment has_________the possibility of the existence of any life on that planet, but it does not mean there is no life on other planets. A. found out B. pointed out C. ruled out D. carried out 18. (10 江苏) far we have done a lot to build a low-carbon economy, but it is_____ideal. We have to work still harder. So A. next to B. far from C. out of D. due to 19.(10 陕西)You look well. The air and the sea foods in Sanya must_____you, I suppose. A. agree with B. agree to C. agree on D. agree about 20.(10 全国Ⅱ)My mother opened drawer to_______the knives and spoons. A. put away B. put up C. put on D. put together 21. (10 湖北) as the clothes a person wears, the food he eats and the friends with whom he spends his time, his house Just his personality. A. resembles B. strengthens C. reflects D. shapes 22.(10 湖北)Had he her promise, she would have made it to Yale University. A. looked up to B. lived up to C. kept up with D. come up with 23.(10 湖北)It is illegal for a public official to ask people for gifts or money favors to them. A. in preference to B. in place of C. in agreement with D. in exchange for 24.(10 辽宁)Thousands of people_______to watch yesterday’s match against Ireland. A. turned on B. turned in C. turned around D. turned out 25.(10 辽宁)The new movie_____to be one of the biggest money-makers of all time . A. promises B. agrees C. pretends D. declines 26.(10 浙江)The majority of people in the town strongly the plan to build a playground for children. A. consider B. support C. confirm D. submit 27.(10 浙江)After that, he knew he could any emergency by doing what be could to the best of his ability. A. get away with B. get on with C. get through D. get across

2009 年高考题
1.(09 全国)I tried phoning her office, but I couldn’t____. A.get along B.get on C.get to D.get through 2.(09 全国) Encourage your children to try new things, but try not to____them too hard. A. draw B.strike C. rush D. push 3.(09 全国)If you leave the club, you will not be_____back in. A.received B. admitted C.turned D.moved 4.(09 湖北)Would you please_____the paper for me and see if there are any obvious mistakes? A. look around B.look into C. look up D.look through 5.(09 湖北)During the war there was a serious lack of food. It was not unusual that even the wealthy families had to ______bread for days. A.eat up B.give away C.do without D.deal with 6.(09 湖北)The loss has not yet been_____accurately, but it is believed to be well beyond a hundred million dollars. A.calculated B. considered C.completed D.controlled 7.(09 湖北)Some parents are just too protective. They want to_____their kids from every kind of danger, real or imagined. A.spot B.dismiss C.shelter D. distinguish 8.(09 陕西)A notice was______in order to remind the students of the changed lecture time. A.sent up B. given up C.set up D.put up



9.(09 山东)---Do you have enough to ___all your daily expenses? ---Oh yes, enough and to spare. A.cover B.spend C.fill D.offer 10.(09 山东)Amy joined a painting group but didn’t seem to ______,so she left. A.show off B.go up C.fit in D.come over 11.(09 福建)We are at your service. Don’t _____to turn to us if you have any further problems. A.beg B.hesitate C.desire D.seek 12.(09 福建)The Somali robbers’ frequent attacks on the sea urged the United Nations to ____ all nations to take immediate action. A.fight for B.apply for C.call on D.wait on 13.(09 安徽)Just as Professor Scotti often ____it, success is ninety-nine percent mental attitude. A.gets B.makes C.puts D.means 14.(09 安徽)We tried to find a table for seven , but they were all ____. A.given away B.kept away C.taken up D.used up 15.(09 天津)---Sorry ,I have to _____now. It’s time for class. ---OK, I’ll call back later. A.hang up B.break up C.give up D.hold up 16.(09 天津)Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything. The teacher will ____the main points at the end. A.recover B.review C.require D.remember 17.(09 浙江)The good thing about children is that they _____very easily to new environments. A.adapt B.appeal C.attach D.apply 18.(09 浙江)Practising Chinese kung fu can not only _____one’s strength, but also develop one’s character. A.bring up B.take up C.build up D.pull up 19.(09 江苏)---I’m surprised to hear that Sue and Paul have _____. ---So am I. They seemed very happy together when I last saw them. A.broken up B.finished up C.divided up D.closed up 20.(09 四川)---Have you ______? ---No, I had the wrong number. A.got in B.got away C.got off D.got through 21. (09 四川)---How about your journey to Mount Emei? ---Everything was wonderful except that our car _____twice on the way. A. slowed down B.broke down C.got down D.put down 22.(09 江西)It is reported that the police will soon _____the case of the two missing children. A.look upon B.look after C.look into D.look out 23.(海南)Encourage your children to try new things, but try not to _______too hard. A. draw B. strike C. rush D. push

2008 年高考题
1.(08 全国Ⅰ)—What fruit is in season now??—Pears and apples, . A.I know B.I think C.I see D.I feel 2.(08 全国Ⅰ)The performance nearly three hours, but few people left the theatre early. A.covered B.reached C.played D.lasted 3.(08 全国Ⅰ)After studying in a medical college for five years, Jane her job as a doctor in the countryside.? A.set out B.took over C.took up D.set up 4.(08 全国Ⅱ)—What are you reading, Tom??—I’m not really reading, just the pages.? A.turning off B.turning around? C.turning over D.turning up 5.(08 全国Ⅱ)Little Johnny felt the bag, curious to know what it .?



A.collected B.contained C.loaded D.saved 6.(08 天津)The meal over, the managers went back to the meeting room to their discussion.? A.put away B.take down? C.look over D.carry on 7.(08 天津)Her shoes her dress; they look very well together.? A.suit B.fit C.compare D.match 8.(08 安徽)—Are you happy with your new computer??—No, it is me a lot of trouble.? A.showing B.leaving C.giving D.sparing 9.(08 安徽)Don’t be so discouraged. If you such feelings, you will do better next time.? A.carry on B.get back? C.break down D.put away 10.(08 江西)I it as a basic principle of the company that suppliers of raw materials should be given a fair price for their products.? A.make B.look C.take D.think 11.(08 湖北)Though having lived abroad for years, many Chinese still the traditional customs.? A.perform B.possess C.observe D.support 12.(08 湖北)As nobody here knows what is wrong with the machine, we must send for an engineer to the problem. A.handle B.raise C.face D.present 13.(08 湖北)The teacher stressed again that the students should not any important details while retelling the story. A.bring out B.let out? C.leave out D.make out 14.(08 湖北)In modern times, people have to learn to all kinds of pressure although they are leading a comfortable life. A.keep with B.stay with? C.meet with D.live with 15.(08 湖北)The present situation is very complex, so I think it will take me some time to its reality.? A.make up B.figure out? C.look through D.put off 16.(08 陕西) It’s going to rain. Xiao Feng, will you please help me the clothes on the line?? A.get off B.get back C.get in D.get on 17.(08 四川)You have to a choice. Are you going to leave the job or stay?? A.decide B.get C.do D.make 18.(08 四川) I used to quarrel a lot with my parents, but now we fine. A.look out B.stay up? C.carry on D.get along 19.(08 浙江 14)American Indians about five percent of the U.S.population.? A.fill up B.bring up C.make up D.set up 20.(08 福建) a moment and I will go to your rescue.? A.Go on B.Hold on C.Move on D.Carry on 21.(08 辽宁)You have to be a fairly good speaker to listeners’ interest for over an hour.? A.hold B.make C.improve D.receive 22.(08 江苏)—Is Peter there?? — , please. I’ll see if I can find him for you.? A.Hold up B.Hold on C.Hold out D.Hold off 23.(08 江苏)—I’m still working on my project.?—Oh, you’ll miss the deadline. Time is .? A.running out B.going out? C.giving out D.losing out 24.(08 山东)The fact that she never apologized a lot about what kind of person she is.? A.says B.talks C.appears D.declares 25.(08 山东 29)Einstein liked Bose’s paper so much that he his own work and translated it into German.? A.gave off B.turned down? C.took over D.set aside



2007 年高考题
1.(07 全国Ⅰ)Does this meal cost $50? I something far better than this!? A.prefer B.expect C.suggest D.suppose 2.(07 全国Ⅱ) I have all my papers but I still can’t find my notes.? A.looked through B.looked for? C.looked after D.looked out 3.(07 上海) At minus 130℃, a living cell can be for a thousand years.? A.spared B.protected? C.preserved D.developed 4.(07 天津)Hardly could he this amount of work in such a short time.? A.get through B.get off? C.get into D.get down 5.(07 安徽)—Didn’t you have a good time at the party?? —Of course I did. As a matter of fact, I had such fun that time seemed to so quickly.? A.go by B.go away C.go out D.go over 6.(07 江西) Don’t take too much of the medicine; it does you more harm than good if you .? A.do B.take C.like D.have 7.(07 湖北)Emergency line operators must always calm and make sure that they get all the information they need to send help.? A.grow B.appear? C.become D.stay 8.(07 浙江)—Look! He’s running so fast!?—Hard to his legs were once broken.? A.know B.imagine C.realize D.find 9.(07 江苏)—Have you some new ideas??—Yeah. I’ll tell you later. ? A.come about B.come into? C.come up with D.come out with 10.(07 山东)It’s the sort of work that a high level of concentration.? A.calls for B.makes up? C.lies in D.stands for 11.(07 全国Ⅰ)“Goodbye, then, ”she said, without even from her book.? A.looking down B.looking up? C.looking away D.looking on 12.(07 全国Ⅱ)Why don’t you just your own business and leave me alone?? A.make B.open C.consider D.mind 13.(07 天津)Lucy has all of the goals she set for herself in high school and is ready for new challenges at university. A.acquired B.finished? C.concluded D.achieved 14.(07 湖北)If the firms failed to make enough money, they would .? A.close down B.call off? C.turn down D.set off 15.(07 陕西)We had wanted to finish our task by noon, but it didn’t quite as planned.? A.find out B.give out? C.hand out D.work out 16.(07 四川)Mum to us, “Be quiet! our little sister’s sleeping.”? A.whispered B.shouted? C.explained D.replied 17.(07 浙江)We firmly believe that war never settles anything. It only violence.? A.runs into B.comes from? C.leads to D.begins with 18.(07 辽宁)You can’t imagine what difficulty we had home in the snowstorm.? A.walked B.walk C.to walk D.walking 19.(07 江苏)—Can I smoke here??—Sorry. We don’t allow here.?



A.people smoking 20.(07 山东)Please remain A.to seat

B.people smoke? C.to smoke until the plane has come to a complete stop.? B.to be seated? C.seating

D.smoking D.seated

11.(06 全国Ⅰ22) We the last bus and did’t have any money for taxi, so we had to walk home.? A.reached B.lost C.missed D.caught 答案 C 解析 本题考查动词词义辨析。reach 到达;延伸;lost 丢失, 失去;missed 错过;caught 抓住, 赶上。句意为: 我们错过了(未赶上)最后那班公交车, 也没钱坐出租车, 只好步行回家。 12.(06 全国Ⅰ27) Mike didn’t play football yesterday because he had his leg.? A.damaged B.hurt C.hit D.struck 答案 B 解析 本题考查动词词义辨析。 damage 指“破坏, 损坏”; hurt 伤害, 使……受伤; 击中, 打中; hit strike 指击打, 敲 打。句意为:Mike 不能踢球是因为他的腿受伤了。故 hurt 符合要求。 13.(06 全国Ⅰ29) The water cool when I jumped into the pool for morning exercise.? A.was felt B.is felt C.felt D.feels 答案 C 解析 本题考查系动词的用法。feel 作为系动词用时, 其后常跟形容词作表语, 指“(东西)摸上去有某种感觉; 给人某种感觉”。如:Cotton feels soft.棉花摸上去很柔软。此处指“水(给人的感觉)很凉爽”, 故 A、B 两项排除, 不应用被动语态;由 jumped 判断, 此处应用一般过去式;故 C 项为正确答案。 14.(06 全国Ⅱ15) Mary wanted to travel around the world all by herself, but her parents did not her to do so.? A.forbid B.allow? C.follow D.ask 答案 B 解析 句意为:玛丽想独自环球旅行, 可是她父母不允许她这样做。答案为 B。 15.(06 天津 6) We want to rent a bus which can 40 people for our trip to Beijing.? A.load B.hold C.fill D.support 答案 B 解析 句意为:我们想租一辆能容纳 40 人的公共汽车到北京旅游。hold 有“容纳、包含”之意;which 引导定语从 句, 先行词为 bus, 故不能用 fill. 16.(06 天津 8) Most of us know we should cut down on fat, but knowing such things isn’t much help when it shopping and eating.? A.refers to B.speaks of C.focuses on D.comes to 答案 D 解析 when it comes to (doing) sth.当涉及(做)某事的情况、事情或问题时;refer to 参考, 提及;speak of 说起; focus on 注意, 聚焦于。 17.(06 辽宁 22) The computer system suddenly while he was searching for information on the Internet.



A.broke down B.broke out C.broke up D.broke in 答案 A 解析 break down(机器等)发生故障; (人)感情崩溃;break out(战争, 灾难等)突然发生;break up 分开; 分解;结束。break in 强行进入; 打断(谈话等) 。 18.(06 浙江 8) We’re trying to ring you back, Bryan, but we think we your number incorrectly.? A.looked up B.took down? C.worked out D.brought about 答案 B 解析 本题考查短语动词的用法。look up 查找;take down 记下;写下;work out 制订;算出;bring about 带来;产 生;引起;导致。句意为:我们设法给你回电话, 但我们认为我们记错了电话号码。 19.(06 浙江 20) — What should I do first?? — The instructions that you should mix flour with water carefully first.? A.go B.tell C.write D.say 答案 D 解析 本题考查动词的用法。句意为“我应该先做什么?” “说明书上说你应该首先把水和面粉仔细地搅拌好。” 表示“……东西上说或写着……时”要用 say 或 read, 如: board says/reads, “Keep off the grass.”牌子上写着: The “勿 踏草地。” 20.(06 福建 28) She Japanese when she was in Japan.Now she can speak it freely.? A.picked out B.made out? C.made up D.picked up 答案 D 解析 本题考查动词短语的辨析。pick up 偶然、无意中学会……。 21.(05 全国Ⅲ14) Before building a house, you will have to the government’s permission. A.get from B.follow C.receive D.ask for 答案 D 解析 句意为:建房子需请求政府的允许。get...from...从……得到……;follow 遵循, 依照……行事;receive 收 到, 此三项均不符合题意。 22.(05 上海 42) The company is starting a new advertising campaign to new customers to its stores. A.join B.attract C.stick D.transfer 答案 B 解析 句意为:为了把新的顾客吸引到店内, 公司开始了一场新的广告战。join 参加;stick 粘, 贴;固定在某处; transfer 转移;传给。 23.(05 福建 27) The dictionary is being printed and it will soon . A.turn out B.come out? C.start out D.go out 答案 B 解析 句意为:这本词典正在印刷, 不久将出版。turn out 关掉;结果是;生产;start out 出发;开始做某事;go out 外出;熄灭;过时。 24.(05 湖南 26) I was just talking to Margaret when Jackson . A.cut in B.cut down C.cut out D.cut up



答案 A 解析 cut in 插话, 打断别人的话;cut down 砍倒;cut out 剪掉, 剪下;cut up 剁碎, 砍碎。 25.(05 湖北 35) This picture was taken a long time ago.I wonder if you can my father. A.find out B.pick out? C.look out D.speak out 答案 B 解析 find out(通过努力等)找到, 发现;pick out 拣出;挑出;look out 注意;向外看;speak out 大声说出, 只 有 pick out 符合题意。 26.(05 重庆 24) His idea of having weekly family meals together, which seemed difficult at first, has many good changes in their lives. A. got through B. resulted from? C. turned into D. brought about 答案 D 解析 句意为:他的每周一次的家庭团聚的主意, 一开始似乎困难, 但现在已给他们的生活带来了巨大变化。get through 通过;完成;result from(作为原因)产生, 发生;turn into 变成……;bring about 导致……。 27.(05 山东 29) Modern plastics can very high and very low temperatures.? A.stand B.hold? C.carry D.support 答案 A 解析 句意为:现在的塑料能忍受高温和低温。故 A 项正确。 28.(05 山东 32) What shall we use for power when all the oil in the world has ? A.given out B.put out? C.held up D.used up 答案 A 解析 考查动词短语的用法区别。 由句意可知空白处的意思应为“用光”, 选项 A 和选项 D 均含有此意, 而 give out 表示“用光”时是不及物的, 不用于被动结构, 故选项 A 正确。 29.(05 江西 28) Please tell me how the accident .I am still in the dark. A.came by B.came upon? C.came to D.came about 答案 D 解析 come by 得到;获得;come upon 发现;碰上;come to 达到;提及;come about 产生, 引起。 30.(04 全国Ⅰ26) —How about eight o’clock outside the cinema?? —That me fine.? A.fits B.meets C.satisfies D.suits 答案 D 解析 考查动词辨析。这四个词在汉语意思上很接近, fit 一般指衣服等的尺寸对某人很合适;meet 有“满足…… 的要求”之意;satisfy 的意思是“使……满意”;suit 指样式、场合、方便等, 意思是“适合……的要求”。答语的句 意为:这约定正适合我。 11.(06 湖北 22) One of the best ways for people to keep fit is to A.grow B.develop? 答案 B

healthy eating habits.? C.increase




解析 develop 形成;开发;develop a habit of...形成……习惯。 12.(06 湖北 25) It’s already 10 o’clock.I wonder how it that she was two hours late on such a short trip.? A.came over B.came out? C.came about D.came up 答案 C 解析 come over 过去;come out 出来;come about 出现, 到来;come up 发生, 符合题意。 13.(06 湖北 26) The building around the corner caught fire last night.The police are now the matter.? A.seeing through B.working out? C.looking into D.watching over 答案 C 解析 C 项意为“调查”, 符合题意;A 项意为“浏览”;B 项意为“解决”;D 项意为“观察”。 14.(06 湖北 27) As I grew up in a small town at the foot of a mountain, the visit to the village scenes of my childhood.? A.called up B.called for? C.called on D.called in 答案 A 解析 A 项唤起, B 项需要, C 项号召, D 项召集。句意为:……本次参观使我想起了童年的情景。因此选 A 项。 15.(06 湖北 28) Although the wind has , the rain remains steady, so you still need a raincoat.? A.turned up B.gone back? C.died down D.blown out 答案 C 解析 C 项意为“平息”。A 项意为“出现, 到来”;B 项意为“回来”;D 项意为“吹出”, 句意为:虽然风停了, 但是 雨还在下, 因此你要带上雨衣, 因此选 C 项。 16.(06 重庆 28) — How are you managing to do your work without an assistant?? — Well, I somehow.? A.get along B.come on? C.watch out D.set off 答案 A 解析 考查动词短语的用法。 along get (接着之前在做的事) 继续干。 I’d like to stay and chat, but I really must 如: be getting along. 我想留下来聊天, 但我确实得继续干活了。come on 快;进步(展) ;发生;开始;watch out 当心, 注意;set off 动身出发。根据句意知 A 项正确。 17.(06 山东 25) Someone who lacks staying power and perseverance is unlikely to a good researcher.? A.make B.turn? C.get D.grow 答案 A 解析 make 表示“使成为”为及物动词; 表示“变成, 变为”为不及物动词; 表示“变成, 做成”为不及物动词; turn get grow 表示“生长, 成长”。根据句意及句式结构知, 空格处应使用及物动词表示“使成为”之意, 故 A 项正确。 18.(06 山东 34) After he retired from office, Rogers painting for a while, but soon lost interest.? A.took up B.saved up? C.kept up D.drew up 答案 A 解析 由后置语境“but soon lost interest”可知, 空白处应表示“对……产生兴趣”, 故 A 项正确。save up 储蓄;keep up 使……不掉下来;draw up 起草, 拟订。 19.(05 江苏 23)



Everybody in the village knew him, so we had his house.? A.turning up B.putting up C.making up` D.showing up 答案 C 解析 turn up 表示“出现, 露面”, put up 表示“建立, 搭起”;make up 表示“编造, 组成”;show up 表示“使显眼, 显 现”。根据句意, 空格处应该表示“编造”。 20.(05 江苏 30) In our childhood, we were often by Grandma to pay attention to our table manners.? A.demanded B.reminded? C.allowed D.hoped 答案 B 解析 考查动词辨析。 句意为: 在儿时, 祖母经常提醒我们注意用餐礼节。 demand 要求, 需求; remind 提醒; allow 允许;hope 希望, 故答案是 B。 21.(05 湖北 24) To understand the grammar of the sentence, you must break it into parts.? A.down? B.up C.up D.out 答案 A 解析 break down 分解;拆分;break up 毁坏, 破坏, break off 断绝;中断;break out 爆发, 突然发生, break down 意思合适。 22.(05 北京 25) It’s the present situation in poor areas that much higher spending on education and training.? A.answers for B.provides for? C.calls for D.plans for 答案 C 解析 call for 要求;answer for 负责;provide for 供养, 为……做好准备;plan for 为……作计划, 打算。 23.(05 天津 1) —Sorry to you, but could I ask a quick question?? —No problem.? A.worry B.prevent? C.trouble D.disappoint 答案 C 解析 Sorry to trouble you.很抱歉要麻烦你。这是个固定的日常交际用语。 24.(05 天津 8) —Julia said she sent you a birthday card yesterday.Have you got it? —Oh, really!I haven’t my mailbox yet. A.examined B.reviewed? C.tested D.checked 答案 D 解析 考查动词的含义区别。examine 指“对某事物仔细观察以了解有关情况或从中得知”;review“回顾, 复习”; test 指“测试、试验, 检验”, check 指“检查以确定某事物是否正确、有变化, 状况是否良好, 是否有效”。 25.(05 辽宁 25) Could you please tell me where you bought the shoes you yesterday? A.tried on B.put on? C.had on D.pulled on 答案 C 解析 have on 穿(衣服、鞋等), 表示穿着的状态;put on 和 pull on 穿上, 表示穿的动作;try on 表示“试穿”。 26.(04 重庆 26) Before the war broke out, many people in safe places possessions they could not take with them.? A.threw away B.put away? C.gave away D.carried away



答案 B 解析 句意为: 战争爆发前, 许多人把他们不能带走的东西藏在安全的地方。 throw away 扔掉; away 收拾, 整 put 理起来;give away 放弃;carry away 搬走。 27.(04 湖北 32) Once a decision has been made, all of us should it.? A.direct to B.stick to? C.lead to D.refer to 答案 B 解析 stick to 意为“坚守(规则、诺言等)”, direct sth. to 意为“指点道路;把注意力集中于”;lead to 意为“导致; 通往”;refer to 意为“指的是……, 涉及到……”。 28.(04 辽宁 32) The final examination is coming up soon.It’s time for us to our studies.? A.get down to B.get out? C.get back for D.get over 答案 A 解析 get down to 开始着手干某事;get out 离开;摆脱;get back for 回去拿;get over 克服(困难、偏见) ;熬过。 根据句意, 答案为 A 项。 29.(04 浙江 25) We wanted to get home before dark, but it didn’t quite as planned.? A.make out B.turn out? C.go on D.come up 答案 B 解析 turn out 结果是;make out 完成;go on 继续;come up 被提出。 30.(04 江苏 30) A man is being questioned in relation to the murder last night.? A.advised B.attended? C.attempted D.admitted 答案 C 解析 考查动词词义辨析。the attempted murder 意为:蓄意谋杀。

C组 1.(07 湖北 29) Surely it doesn’t matter where the Student Association get their money from;what is what they do with it.? A.counts B.applies? C.stresses D.functions 答案 A 解析 count 在句中的含义为“有价值, 有意义”。句意为:毫无疑问, 学生会从哪儿弄到的钱这无关紧要, 真正有 价值的是他们用这些钱来做什么。 2.(07 四川 33) It was so dark in the cinema that I could hardly my friend.? A.turn out B.bring out? C.call out D.pick out 答案 D 解析 句意为: 电影院里太黑了, 我几乎找不到我的朋友。 pick out 在许多人、 ( 东西当中) 看出……, 辨别出……; turn out 结果是……, 证明是……;bring out 取出来;使出现;call out 大声喊叫。根据题意知, D 项正确。



3.(07 湖北 27) If we can our present difficulties, then everything should be all right.? A.come across B.get over? C.come over D.get off 答案 B 解析 A 项意为“偶遇”;B 项意为“克服(困难等)”;C 项意为“来访”;D 项意为“下车”。句意为:如果我们能 克服目前的困难, 那么一切都会好起来的。 4.(07 重庆 31) She’s having a lot of trouble with the new computer, but she doesn’t know whom to .? A.turn to B.look for? C.deal with D.talk about 答案 A 解析 turn to sb.求助于某人;look for 寻找;deal with 处理, 应付;talk about 谈论。由句意知 A 项正确。 5.(07 浙江 13) Would you please this form for me to see if I’ve filled it in right?? A.take off B.look after C.give up D.go over 答案 D 解析 考查动词短语的意思。句意为:你可以帮我检查一下这个表格填得是否正确吗?take off 脱下;起飞;look after 照顾;give up 放弃;go over 复习;仔细查看。 6.(07 福建 33) The news of the mayor’s coming to our school for a visit was on the radio yesterday.? A.turned out B.found out? C.given out D.carried out 答案 C 解析 考查动词短语意义辨析。turn out 结果是, 证明是;find out 查明, 发现, 了解;give out 分发;筋疲力尽; (消息等)发布, 发表;carry out 执行, 实施。由句意“市长要来我们学校参观的消息昨天在收音机上公布了。” 可知应选 C 项。 7.(07 辽宁 31) Don’t be by products promising to make you lose weight quickly.? A.taken off B.taken out? C.taken away D.taken in 答案 D 解析 A 项意为“起飞;脱掉; (事业)腾飞”;B 项意为“拿出”;C 项意为“带走”;D 项意为“欺骗”。由句意可知 D 项正确。 8.(07 江苏 34) —Do you think that housing price will keep in the years to come?? —Sorry, I have no idea.? A.lifting up B.going up? C.bringing up D.growing up 答案 B 解析 lift up 举起;go up 上升, 上涨;bring up 抚养;呕吐;grow up 成长。由句意可知, 此处表示“价格上涨”。 9.(07 山东 34) In this seaside resort, you can all the comfort and convenience of modern tourism.? A.enjoy B.apply C.receive D.achieve 答案 A 解析 A 项意为“享受”;B 项意为“申请, 运用”;C 项意为“收到”;D 项意为“实现, 得到”。由句意可知此处指“享 受”到所有现代旅游业的舒适与便利, 故选 A 项。 10.(06 江西 34) For all these years I have been working for others.I’m hoping I’ll my own business



someday.? A.turn up B.fix up? C.set up D.make up 答案 C 解析 考查短语解释。turn up 找到;出现;证明出;调大;fix up 修补;解决;治愈;set up 建立;成立;make up 编造;组成;化妆。 11.(06 安徽 24) It was already past midnight and only three young men in the tea house.? A.left B.remained? C.delayed D.deserted 答案 B 解析 句意为:早已过了半夜, 仅有 3 位年轻人还留在茶房。remain 作系动词, 后可跟名词、介词短语、现在分 词、过去分词, 不定式的被动式作表语。 12.(06 安徽 33) — Four dollars a pair? I think it’s a bit too much.? — If you buy three pairs, the price for each will to three fifty.? A.come down B.take down? C.turn over D.go over 答案 A 解析 come down 下降, 下来;take down 把……拆开;turn over 翻转, 翻身;go over 复习;仔细检查。 13.(06 江苏 25) — Are you going to have a holiday this year?? — I’d love to.I can’t wait to leave this place .? A.off B.out C.behind D.over 答案 C 解析 考查动词短语的辨析。leave off 使停止;不再使用;leave out 省去, 略去;遗漏;leave behind 把……丢在 后面;遗留;leave over 留下, 剩下。由句意“我很想(度假), 我迫不及待地想离开此处(把此处抛在脑后不管” 知 C 项正确。 14.(06 广东 24) The traffic lights green and I pulled away.? A.came B.grew? C.got D.went 答案 D 解析 go green 表示转变、转换。 15.(06 广东 25) I was still sleeping when the fire , and then it spread quickly.? A.broke out B.put out? C.came out D.got out 答案 A 解析 break out 发生, 符合题意;put out 扑灭;come out, get out 出来。句意为:火灾发生时, 我正在睡觉……。 16.(06 四川 25) —The boss said we had only three days to finish the work.? —Don’t worry.We have already two thirds of it.? A.got down B.got through? C.given in D.given away 答案 B 解析 get through 做完。 17.(06 陕西 14) With no one to in such a frightening situation, she felt very helpless.? A.turn to B.turn on C.turn off D.turn over



答案 A 解析 turn to 求助于;turn on 打开(开关、电源等) ;turn off 关掉(灯等) ;turn over 翻身, 翻转。 18.(05 浙江 3) The president spoke at the business meeting for nearly an hour without his notes.? A.bringing up B.referring to? C.looking for D.trying on 答案 B 解析 考查短语动词的意义辨析。bring up 养育, 抚养;提出;呕吐;refer to 谈及, 涉及;查阅, 参考;look for 寻找;try on 试穿。句意为:总裁在这次商务会议上发表了近半小时的讲话, 而没有参看他的笔记。 19.(05 福建 23) If anyone happens to drop in while I am out, him or her leave a message. A.have B.get C.ask D.tell 答案 A 解析 动词 get, ask 和 tell 后需接带 to 的不定式作宾语补足语, 而 have 是使役动词, 其后接不带 to 的不定式作宾 补;由题干中的动词原形 leave 可知 have 符合题意, 故选 A 项。 20.(05 湖北 31) They started off late and got to the airport with minutes to .? A.spare B.catch C.leave D.make 答案 A 解析 to spare 是固定短语, 意为“剩余的”。句意为:他们动身晚了, 到达机场时只剩下几分钟了。 21.(05 安徽 27) The manager had fallen asleep where he , without undressing. A.was laying B.was lying? C.had laid D.had lied 答案 B 解析 此题考查单词 lie 和 lay 的词形变化。句意为:经理在他刚才躺的地方睡着了, 没有脱衣服。当“躺”或“位 于”讲时, 原形动词为 lie, 过去式和过去分词分别是 lay, lain, 现在分词是 lying。此处用的是过去进行时态 was lying, 其他词形都不正确。 22.(05 安徽 33) He is such a man who is always fault with other people.? A.putting B.seeking? C.finding D.looking for 答案 C 解析 find fault with sb.意为“故意找……麻烦”。 23.(05 广东 25) John is leaving for London tomorrow and I will him at the airport. A.send;away B.see;off? C.leave;off D.show;around 答案 B 解析 考查动词辨析和句意理解。 句意为: John 明天要要伦敦, 我要到机场去给他送行。 send away 意为“打发走”; see off 意为“给某人送行”; leave off 意为“停止”;show around 意为“带领某人参观”。 24.(04 重庆 27) They see you as something of a worrier, problems which don’t exist and crossing bridges long before you come to them. A.settling B.discovering C.seeing D.designing 答案 C 解析 see (=to form a picture of sb.or sth.in the mind)表示“能预见;能想像出”。seeing problems...在句中作定语, 修 饰 a worrier, 表示“他是能预见困难, 并能在困难到来之前就找到出路的人”。



25.(04 湖北 31) We have to the wheat as soon as possible because a storm is on the way.? A.get away B.get across? C.get through D.get in 答案 D 解析 句意为:暴风雨就要来了, 我们得尽快地把麦子收起来。get away 离开;去度假;get across(to sb.)使(某 事) 传播或为人理解; through 到达; get 与某人 (通过电话) 联系; through get (to sth.) 进入下一段比赛; through get (to sb.)与人沟通;get (sth.)in 收集/收获某物;设法做/说某事。 26.(04 辽宁 33) John was late for the business meeting because his flight had been by a heavy storm. A.kept B.stopped? C.slowed D.delayed 答案 D 解析 考查动词 delay 的用法。be late for 意为“迟到”, 因此根据句意, 航班应该是受到“耽搁, 延误”, 故选 D 项。 27.(04 江苏 29) It’s ten years since the scientist on his life’s work of discovering the valuable chemical. A.made for B.set out? C.took off D.turned up 答案 B 解析 句意为:自从这位科学家开始从事发现有价值的化学品的工作以来, 已经十年了。make for 前往;take off 起飞;脱下;匆匆离开;turn up 出现;查(字典) ;开大(声音) 。 28.(04 上海 46) Hospital staff burst into cheers after doctors completed a 20-hour operation to have one-year-old twins at the head.? A.isolated B.separated C.divided D.removed 答案 B 解析 isolate 使……孤立;separate 把……分开(原来不是整体);divide 把整体分成部分;remove 把……移开。 29.(04 北京 35) I don’t rock ’n’ roll.It’s much too noisy for my taste.? A.go after B.go away with? C.go into D.go in for 答案 D 解析 go in for 喜欢;go after 追求;go away with 随身带走;go into 从事, 参加。 30.(04 湖南 30) He accidentally he had quarreled with his wife and that he hadn’t been home for a couple of weeks.? A.let out B.took care? C.made sure D.made out 答案 A 解析 let out 意为“泄漏, 说出”;take care 意为“当心”;make sure 意为“确保”;make out 意为“识别, 辨别”。 第二部分 四年联考题汇编 2009 年联考题 1.(09 北京市西城区高三二模) —Shall I come to pick you up right now? —Sorry. I’m too busy to for the moment. A. get through B. get away 答案 B

C. get off

D. get together



2.(09 山东省莱芜二中高三二模) The government has plenty of food and clothes of high quality to the people in Wenchuan. A. suffered B. arranged C. adjusted D. supplied 答案 D 3.(09 山东省莱芜二中高三二模) Obama, the first black president in American history, ________ presidency on January 20th, 2009. A. set up B. held up C. took up D. picked up 答案 D 4.(09 山东省聊城市高三二模) To deal with the global financial crisis, China ______ the international community to help developing countries. A. called on B. called up C. called in D. called for 答案 A 5.(09 山东省聊城市高三二模) The question then ______ that the supply of drinking water in the mountainous area is serious. A. rises B. arises C. raises D. assesses 答案 B 6.(09 山东省临沂市高三二模) With oil price going down all the time, people __ to pay less for travelling. A. attempt B. require C. suppose D. expect 答案 D 7. (09 山东省临沂市高三二模) The questions listed here are just a few problems that teenagers may __ . A. come to B. come about C. come across D. come through 答案 B 8.(09 北京市东城区高三二模) I’d rather have a house of my own than one with someone else, no matter how small it is. A. to share B. sharing C. share D. have shared 答案 C 9.(09 山东省枣庄市高三二模) —But you didn't tell me it was time to leave! —I did. You must have been ________ by the performance. A. carried away B. carried out C. carried on D. carried off 答案 A 10.(09 山东省枣庄市高三二模) They finally managed to ________ the food supply to the disaster area. A. protect B. acquire C. secure D. deposit 答案 C 11.(09 山东省诸城市高三二模) The couple ______ last year. They had lived together for twenty years, though. A. broke out B. broke away C. broke up D. broke down 高考资源网 答案 C 12. (09 山东省诸城市高三二模) —So Helen, are we going for that Chinese meal you promised me? —Well, I kind of forgot to ______,so we'll have to do French.



A. consult B. order C. reserve D. confirm 答案 C 13.(09 山东省淄博市高三二模) Researchers from MIT, Harvard reported a study of human brains yesterday that may______ some new information for mental illnesses. A. create B. provide C. expect D. imagine 答案 B 14. (09 山东省淄博市高三二模) The people of Wenchuan are very brave, and they will surely _____ the problems caused by the earthquake. A. break down B. keep off C. break off D. get through 答案 D 15.(09 天津市河北区高三年级总复习质量检测(二)) The performance nearly three hours, but few people left the theatre early. A. covered B. reached C. played D. lasted 答案 D 16. (09 天津市河北区高三年级总复习质量检测(二)) American Indians about five percent of the U. S. population. A. fill up B. bring up C. make up D. set up 答案 C 17.(09 天津市河西区第二学期高三年级总复习质量调查) After closing the envelope, the secretary me stamps on firmly. A. licked B. sucked C. struck D. stuck 答案 D 18.(09 天津市红桥区高三二模) If you don't make up your mind to overcome your bad habits, you won’t be able to your goal. A. achieve B. win C. gain D. require 答案 A 19.(09 天津市红桥区高三二模) It’s already 10 o'clock I wonder how it that she was two hours late on such a short trip. A. came over B. came out C. came about D. came up 答案 C 20.(09 天津市南开区高三年级质量调查(二)) How does it ____________that he is so badly-off when he earns quite a good salary? A. come out B. come about C. come up D. come along 答案 B 21. (09 天津市南开区高三年级质量调查(二)) I called the airline to ____________ my flight reservation a week before I left for Canada. A. obtain B. admit C. confirm D. appoint 答案 C 22.(09 浙江省杭州市第二次高考科目教学质量检测) The students were told to their English before going abroad. A. give up B. use up C. polish up D. end up 答案 C



23. (09 浙江省杭州市第二次高考科目教学质量检测) If your race car isn’t insured, you may losing everything when it hits something solid. A. delay B. deny C. avoid D. risk 答案 D 24. (09 浙江省杭州市第二次高考科目教学质量检测) After a long journey across the whole country from north to south, they found themselves as well as their clothes. A. picked out B. called out C. caught out D. worn out 答案 D 25.(09 河北省邯郸市高三第二次模拟) If Tom carries on working like this, he’ll _______sooner or later. A .break down B. give out C.get down D.hold on 答案 A 26.(09 河北省邯郸市高三第二次模拟) Bob said he was going to _______ himself to a vacation in the mountains because he had been so tired. A. press B. add C. touch D. treat 答案 D 27.(09 湖北省黄冈中学高三第二次模拟考试) Excuse me, Mr Black, but I have to __________ you with a few questions. A. ask B. bother C. disturb D. admire 答案 B 28.(09 湖北省黄冈中学高三第二次模拟考试) He was stopped by a policeman who __________ his name and address. A. claimed B. requested C. required D. demanded 答案 D 29.(09 湖北省黄冈中学高三第二次模拟考试) After more than ten minutes’ break, the speaker ________ the story from where he left off (中止). A. kept on B. went on C. made up D. took up 答案 D 30. (09 湖北省黄冈中学高三第二次模拟考试) I don’t like people who try to __________ you with how much money they’ve got. A. impress B. show C. press D. strengthen 答案 A 31.(09 江西省临川一中高三下学期期中考试) All of you ________ at the school gate! We’ll soon start. A. are gathering B. will gather C. have gathered D. gather 答案 D 32. (09 江西省临川一中高三下学期期中考试) The more one is _________ the English-speaking environment, the better he or she will learn the language. A. exposed to B. filled in C. caught on D. kept up 答案 A 33. (09 江西省临川一中高三下学期期中考试) —Excuse me, sir. I'd like to know if £500 can ________ the cost of a travel to Beijing?



—I'm afraid not. A. provide B. pay C. cover D. afford 答案 C 34.(09 辽宁省沈阳二中高三二模) Giant pandas-Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan, offered by the Chinese mainland, have their new home in Taipei Zoo. A. appealed to B. agreed to C. applied to D. adapted to 答案 D 35.(09 临沂市高三教学质量一模) 一 Mr. Wang, may I join the relay race? 一 No problem. I’11______you and Dan in the race. A. 0rder B. adjust C. place D. enter 答案 D 36. (09 临沂市高三教学质量一模) The secret of her success may _______ the fact that she knows when to study and when to play. A. result in B. 1ie in C. fill in D. take in 答案 B 37. (09 临沂市高三教学质量一模) The town was surrounded by the enemy, but the people in town _____ until help came a month later. A. took off B. gave in C. got up D. held out 答案 D 38.(09 福建省厦门市高三一模) It’s obvious that the Beijing Olympic Games a great seccess. A. kept B. showed C proved D. remained 答案 C 39. (09 福建省厦门市高三一模) Why do we have to Joan’S selfish behaviour?She should learn to care for others. A.keep upwith B. catch up with C. put up with D. come up with 答案 C 40.(09 江苏省南通市高三一模) He tried to deal with the ever-increasing burden of his work, but finally ___ ____ and had to take a complete rest. A. broke away B. broke up C. broke down D. broke out 答案 C 41.(09 山东省滨州市高三一模) The society today offers the young generation more chances to ______ their talent and skills. A. give out B. take in C. show off D. carry on 答案 C 42.(09 北京市高三 4 月抽样试题) He felt lonely in the first month abroad, but after a time he got alone and even got it. A. used to living;to enjoy B. used to live;to enjoy C. using to live;enjoying D. to be used to living;enjoying 答案 A 43.(09 北京市高三 4 月抽样试题) If we ,we don’t have regrets for what we did, but rather for things we did not do.



A. turn back B. look back C. talk back D. move back 答案 B 44.(09 山东省潍坊市高三一模) After a successful operation, Catherine is beginning to_________ and will 80011 come back to school. A. pick up B. wake up C. grow up D. show up 答案 A 45.(09 山东省潍坊市高三一模) Jordan’S performance_________ his teammates and they finally beat the other team to win the match. A.signaled B. promoted C. opposed D. inspired 答案 D 46.(09 天津市河西区高三总复习质量调查) A truly creative person can tell the same story time after time and still with fresh ideas. A .come along B come on C.come up D.come out 答案 C 47. (09 天津市河西区高三总复习质量调查) Jack must be worried about something You can it from the look on his face, A regard B recognize C read D realize 答案 C 48.(09 安徽省示范高中皖北协作区高三联考) 一 Will a pencil ? 一 I’m afraid not. Only a pen can be used in the exam. A. count B. fit C. do D. satisfy 答案 C 49. (09 安徽省示范高中皖北协作区高三联考) You’re telling me a lie. Your facial expression has . A. given you away B given you out C. given you off D. given you up 答案 A 50.(09 山东省青岛市高三教学统一质量检测) The good service at the hotel the poor food to some degree.. A. got rid of B. got on with C. made up for D. made up of 答案 C 51.(09 日照市高三模拟考试) Mr. Smith is a good teacher except that he some of his students by criticizing tbem whenever they make a mistake. A. puts down B. puts up C. put s off D. puts away 答案 A 52.(09 江西省十所重点中学联考盟校第一次模拟考试) 一 What did she for so much money. —Nothing but a few CDs. A. pay B. spend C. buy D. prepare 答案 C 53. (09 江西省十所重点中学联考盟校第一次模拟考试)



Foreign Minister of China used plain language to make the Chinese foreign policy to the whole world at the press conference last week. A.get through B. get across C. get over D. get around 答案 B 54.(09 南京市高三第一次调研测试) —Shall I ______ the raincoat? —No hurry. Leave it ______ it is. It looks like rain. A. put on; there B. put on; where C. put away; in the place D. put away; where 答案 D 55. (09 南京市高三第一次调研测试) We can’t ______ our fate. Instead, we should take a positive attitude to the present situation. A. submit to B. correspond to C. subscribe to D. compromise to 答案 A 56.(09 湖北省黄冈中学高三第一次模拟考试) Many in the credit industry expect that credit cards will eventually ________ paper money for almost every purchase. A.exchange? ? ? B.decrease C. trade D replace 答案 D 57. (09 湖北省黄冈中学高三第一次模拟考试) There was a big hole in the road which ________ the traffic. A. took up B. brought back C. kept back D. held up 答案 D 58. (09 湖北省黄冈中学高三第一次模拟考试) Modern forms of transportation and communication have done much to ________the isolation of life in Alaska. A. break through? B. break down C.break into? ? ? ? ? D. break out 答案 A 59. (09 湖北省黄冈中学高三第一次模拟考试) Don’t be so discouraged. If you ________ such feelings, you will do better next time. A. carry on B. get back C. break down D. put away 答案 D 60.(09 福建省泉州市高中毕业班质量检查) It was from the tower that Tom shouted to me, “_____till l set off. ” A. Wait B. Waiting C. To wait D. Waited 答案 A 61.(09 山东省高三教学质量检测) The committee decided to the best film the first prize. A. reward B. benefit C. pay D. award 答案 D 62. (09 山东省高三教学质量检测)



! The rescue workers are coming. A. Keep on B. Ho1d on C. Ho1d up D. Carry on 答案 B 63. (09 山东省高三教学质量检测) Lucycut down her daily spending in order to the financial storm. A. prevent B. survive C. keep D. quit 答案 B 64. (09 山东省高三教学质量检测) It’s likely that he is the only American hip hop artist in China. A. to have ever lived B. to live ever C. having ever lived D. ever living 答案 C 65. (09 山东省高三教学质量检测) Something as simple as your face with cold water may clear your mind and reduce pressure. A. to wash B. wash C. to have washed D. washing 答案 D 66. (09 山东省高三教学质量检测) _____an email to our office in the given time--you will get a free present. A. Send B. To send C. Sending D. Having sent 答案 A 67.(09 安徽省黄山市高中毕业班第一次质量检测) Mary called me this morning and said that she had to from school for two days to look after her mother in hospital. A keep away B,stay away C leare alway D take away 答案 B 68.(09 石家庄市高中毕业班第一次模拟考试) —Hello, Grand Hotel. —I’d like a room with a bath. How much do you______? A. ask B. charge C. afford D. pay 答案 B 69. (09 石家庄市高中毕业班第一次模拟考试) We were hoping for a full team today but only five players _______ A. turned up B. turned on C. turned down D. turned in 答案 A 2008 年联考题 A组 1.(08 潍坊市高三第二次教学质量检测) This beer isn't bad;I’m beginning to a taste for it. A.acquire B.achieve C.obtain D.attain 答案 A 2.(08 江苏省启东中学高三阶段考试) Their play a great success and brought in a large profit to the theatre. A.appreciated B.enjoyed C.expected




答案 B 3.(08 江苏省启东中学高三阶段考试) There’s no beer left and the pubs are shut, so you’ll have to it. A.go out B.go off C.go without D.go through 答案 C 4.(08 安徽合肥质检 II 1 月) Bill Gates was so nice that he decided to ninety percent of his money to the charities. A.give up B.give away C.give out D.give off 答案 B 5.(08 南通市高三第一次调研测试) Yao Ming is very famous now.However, his basketball career only after many years of hard work. A.took on B.took off C.took up D.took out 答案 B 6.(08 南京市高三年级质量调研) I’m not sure how much scholarship you will receive, but it will roughly your major expenses. A.cover B.afford C.pay D.charge 答案 A 7.(08 南京市高三年级质量调研) In Beijing, language volunteers are making use of every minute to their foreign languages because they must pass a written test and an interview. A.polish up B.take up C.put up D. make up 答案 A 8.(08 北京市海淀区第一学期期末练习) Environmental groups intend to the pressure until the government changes the law. A.keep up B.make up C.pick up D.bring up 答案 A 9.(08 北京市西城区高三抽样测试) The book for adults is not suitable for teenagers to read. A.provided B.intended C.providing D.intending 答案 B 10.(08 北京市西城区高三抽样测试) Doing science exercises often most of the students’ spare time. A.takes off B.takes up C.goes off D.goes up 答案 B 11.(08 合肥高三模拟 1 月) The book which at the end of last year turned out to be a great success in Shanghai. A.came about B.came up C.came out D.came around 答案 C 12.(08 湖北省八校高三第一次联考) The poor mother, who had been ill in bed, had to have her little son by his uncle. A.adapted B.adopted C.adjusted D.applied 答案 B



13.(08 湖北省八校高三第一次联考) Due to cultural differences, most artists find it hard to Chinese crosstalk to westerners. A.get across B.get over C.come across D.come over 答案 A 14.(08 宁夏银川高三模拟 1 月) —What the taxi drivers in Beijing to take up the study of English? —The successful bid for the 2008 Olympic Games. A.comforts B.demands C.makes D.inspires 答案 D 15.(08 山东淄博模拟 2 月) It is easy to my car from others in the parking place;it has an advertisement for Panasonic TV on the back of it. A.make up B.find out C.pick up D.pick out 答案 D 16.(08 杭州学军中学模拟 2 月) The novel The Da Vinci Code a great success and was translated into 44 languages in 2004. A.appreciated B.enjoyed C.won D.seized 答案 B 17.(08 湖北省八校高三第一次联考) A recent survey shows that most of people’s money to the stock market rather than the bank this year. A.entered B.put C.went D.attended 答案 C 18.(08 郑州市高中毕业班第一次质量预测) You are driving me mad, Jack!My patience is . A.breaking out B.making out C.getting out D.giving out 答案 D 19.(08 成都市高中毕业班第一次诊断性检测) Now that the weather is warm, you can these warm coats till you need them next year. A.put over B.put off C.put away D.put down 答案 C 20.(08 安徽省皖南八校高三第二次联考) —If we take a plane, we’ll of course have arrived in Paris by the next weekend. —Don’t be sure, we should the weather factory.What shall we do if it is foggy? A.leave alone B.allow for C.look over D.take advantage of 答案 B B组 1.(08 安徽省皖南八校高三第二次联考) “One World One Dream”fully the universal values of the Olympic spirit—Unity, Friendship, Progress, Harmony, Participation and Dream. A.lifts B.reflects C.understands D.remarks 答案 B 2.(08 天津南开中学模拟 3 月)



It looks as if they are going to us 3, 000 dollars for the concert hall. A.want B.cost C.demand D.charge 答案 D 3.(08 浙江省金华十校高三年级联考) —How much money do you need to the trip to Tibet? —I’m not sure about it, but it will cost at least 500 yuan. A.pay B.charge C.afford D.cover 答案 D 4.(08 石家庄市高中毕业班复习教学质量检测) With oil price going up all the time, people to pay more for traveling. A.had B.have C.must D.should 答案 B 5.(08 石家庄市高中毕业班复习教学质量检测) —Shall we go out for a walk by the lake? —Sorry, I am too busy to for the moment. A.get away B.get off C.get through D.get together 答案 A 6.(08 合肥市高三第一次教学质量检测) We teenagers are reminded to our manners in public places. A.mind B.notice C.look D.care 答案 A 7.(08 合肥市高三第一次教学质量检测) Memories of her staying with the host family in China often to the mind of the Italian exchange student. A.come back B.call up C.hold back D.bring up 答案 A 8.(08 江西省重点中学协作体高三第一次联考) I hope that full advantage is of our library. A.made B.claimed C.taken D.brought 答案 C 9.(08 重庆市高三第一次联合诊断性考试) —John, where are the cookies? Don’t tell me you ate them all again! —Yes, I did.I couldn’t it.They were so good. A.get B.find C.help D.make 答案 C 10.(08 湖北省部分重点中学高三第二次联考) Even if they didn’t the cost of food in the tour, it’s still a cheap vacation to the U.S. A.hold B.contain C.share D.include 答案 D 11.(08 湖北省部分重点中学高三第二次联考) I know you didn’t do well in recent exams but don’t let failures you trying harder. A.put;off B.fail;in C.take;away D.cut;back 答案 A 12.(08 湖北省部分重点中学高三第二次联考)



Everyone in the bank was shocked when the lady a gun from her bag. A.held B.took C.brought D.pushed 答案 B 13.(08 青岛高三质检 3 月) Following Christianity, witnesses have to on the Bible to tell the truth. A.swear B.advocate C.plot D.register 答案 A 14.(08 山东潍坊高三质检 3 月) Eventually I and accepted the job on their terms. A.gave up B.gave off C.gave in D.gave away 答案 C 15.(08 湖南省高三十二校联考第一次考试) How can I make sure my feet , Doctor Li? A.don’t smell B.aren’t smelt C.haven’t smelt D.won’t be smelt 答案 A 16.(08 安徽省“江南十校”高三素质测试) Sixty-nine miners were trapped when the local mine was flooded in Henan Province, but luckily, 400 kilogrames of milk to them during the rescue. A.got through B.brought down C.gave away D.gave out 答案 A 17.(08 东北三校高三第一次联合模拟考试) To the great disappointment of the poor workers, a great part of their wages were by the boss for no good reason. A.kept away B.kept off C.kept up D.kept back 答案 D 18.(08 东北三校第一次联合模拟考试) A young woman was found dead in her own apartment and the police that it was a murder. A.charged B.doubted C.suspected D.considered 答案 C 19.(08 河南省示范性高中高三 3 月联考) I met an old friend of mine on the beach in our hometown of Far Rockaway, where we together. A.brought up B.took up C.grew up D.picked up 答案 C 20.(08 山东实验中学高三模拟 3 月) —Why did you go to the wrong office? —Well, I forgot which room I was to go to. A.demanded B.hoped C.supposed D.suggested 答案 C C组 1.(08 福建省高三第一次质量检测) Unless all his demands were , he would refuse to sign the agreement, he insisted.



A.met B.permitted C.allowed D.replied 答案 A 2.(08 福建省高三第一次质量检测) Excuse me, I can’t you.Could you please slow down a bit? A.look up to B.keep up with C.live up to D.come up with 答案 B 3.( 08 西安地区八校联考) —Can you explain how it that you were late again, Jimmy? —Sorry, sir, my alarm clock went wrong. A.came out B.came to C.came up D.came about 答案 D 4.(08 西安地区八校联考) Because of the rare snowstorm, the power supply of the city .The local government was trying its best to restore it. A.cut off B.broke off C.turned off D.put off 答案 B 5.(08 石家庄高中毕业班复习教学质量检测三) —Do you like to buy the product an advertisement on TV? —Not really.I think it’s better to look before we leap. A.advises B.suggests C.announces D.praises 答案 B 6.(08 石家庄高中毕业班复习教学质量检测二) What disappointed us was that their determination finally . A.gave off B.gave out C.gave up D.gave in 答案 B 7.(08 济南市高三第一次统一考试) I called the airline to my flight reservation a week before I left for Canada. A.appoint B.obtain C.confirm D.admit 答案 C 8.(08 济南市高三第一次统一考试) In the cross-lake swimming race, a boat will be in case of an emergency. A.standing by B.turning on C.getting on D.going off 答案 A 9.(08 青岛市高三教学第一次统一质量检测) Can you me a job when I get there? You know, I have to work in order to pay for my schooling. A.apply B.arrange C.provide D.guarantee 答案 D 10.(08 青岛市高三教学第一次统一质量检测) All the others seemed to know each other and I began to feel . A.given away B.fallen behind C.turned down D.left out 答案 D 11.(08 福州高三模拟 4 月) This kind of wool soft and well. A.is felt;sells B.feels;sells C.is felt;is sold D.feels;is sold



答案 B 12.(08 江苏重点中学联考 5 月) Asia is important to America because America’s prosperity trade with Asia’s growing economies. A.depends on B.takes off C.sets up D.breaks out 答案 A 13.(08 济南质检 5 月) There were so many people shopping in the mall that we soon after we entered it. A.got lost B.got involved C.got separated D.got concerned 答案 C 14.(08 潍坊市高三第二次教学质量检测) Mary often does some translation work to earn extra money, which half of her income. A.makes for B.counts on C.accounts for D.consists in 答案 C 15.(08 潍坊市高三第二次教学质量检测) Faced with a problem, you have to it first and then try to find a solution. A.analyze B.resemble C.concentrate D.substitute 答案 A 16.(08 山东济宁统考) —Shall we have a rest first or shall we business now? —It’s up to you. A.get down to B.get over C.get out of D.get into 答案 A 17.(08 日照市高三第一次模拟考试) —What suggestion did Thomson give you? —He said he would me to Professor Macrae as his postgraduate student. A.comment B.select C.command D.recommend 答案 D 18.(08 日照市高三第一次模拟考试) —How much do you charge for the MP4? —Well, it cost me $50, but I’ll 20% as it’s no longer new. A.reduce to B.knock off C.decrease to D.cut down 答案 B 19.(08 苏、锡、常、镇四市高三教学情况调查一) The local government in Shenzhen has recently passed a new regulation forbidding supermarkets and stores to free plastic bags to shoppers, in a bid to protect the environment. A.give off B.give in C.give up D.give out 答案 D 20.(08 苏、锡、常、镇四市高三教学情况调查一) The engine of the bus was out of order, and the bad weather the worries of the passengers. A.added up B.added to C.resulted from D.made of 答案 B



2006-07 年联考题 A组 1.(07 海南高三统一检测) The Queen accompanied President Hu Jintao in a Guard of Honour(仪仗队). A.viewing B.visiting C.checking D.inspecting 答案 D 2.(07 山东济宁统考) Some adverts, like the environmental protection advertisements, to our conscience or our desire to be worthy citizens. A.adapt B.attach C.appeal D.adjust 答案 C 3.(07 北京海淀区联考) We have no vacancies(空缺)now, but we still your application in mind. A.have B.give C.keep D.make 答案 C 4.(07 北京朝阳区统考) Some diseases are by certain water animals. A.transplanted B.transformed C.transported D.transmitted 答案 D 5.(07 江苏如皋中学月考) I don’t think this jacket you and that your hat this jacket perfectly. A.suits;fits B.fits;matches C.matches;suits D.meets;fits 答案 B 6.(07 南京八校联考) The media can often help solve problems and attention to situations help is needed. A.take;which B.draw;where C.pay;that D.draw;/ 答案 B 7.(07 宁夏银川一中月考) He worked hard before the college entrance examination, and it .His dream to go to college came true. A.showed off B.paid off C.put off D.took off 答案 B 8.(07 黄冈中学、襄樊五中高三联考) I need the money badly now and I have to my car though I’m not at all willing to do so. A.destroy B.sacrifice C.undertake D.guarantee 答案 B 9.(07 黄冈中学、襄樊五中高三联考) hunting animals and birds for food, the people there roots and nuts. A.Adding;got B.Add;gathered C.In addition to;collected D.In addition to;gathered 答案 D 10.(07 北京海淀区高三第一学期期中考试) —How do you like the roast chicken? —It good.



A.turns B.tastes C.feels D.keeps 答案 B 11.(07 湖北八校高三第一次联考) Sometimes, while living in a foreign country, one a special dish from home. A.wishes B.desires C.cooks D.brings 答案 B 12.(07 湖北八校高三第一次联考) “Neal, listen, ”she said, looking straight at him, “I ask you not to get in this kind of matter.It’s none of your business.” A.caught B.involved C.attached D.connected 答案 B 13.(07 江苏模拟) —Why do you look so blue? —My son’s behaviour in school greatly me. A.punished B.damaged C.annoyed D.disturbed 答案 C 14.(07 成都高中毕业班第一次诊断性检测) We went to Oxford to travel and Dorothy as our guide. A.played B.showed C.acted D.performed 答案 C 15.(07 江苏南通九校联考) —Will $200 the cost of the damage? —I’m afraid not.I need at least $100 more. A.do B.include C.cover D.afford 答案 C 16.(07 安徽皖南八校高三第二次联考) Your desk is crowded with too many unnecessary things.You have to some of them. A.remain B.resist C.remove D.renew 答案 C 17.(07 武汉高三 2 月调研) I don’t believe what she told us about meeting Elton John.I think she is it up. A.making B.taking C.pretending D.weaving 答案 A 18.(07 武汉高三 2 月调研) I don’t like people who try to you with how much money they’ve got. A.impress B.show C.press D.strengthen 答案 A 19.(07 海南模拟) The Internet is widely used, which the development of English. A.speeds up B.takes over C.gets across D.turns to 答案 A 20.(07 南京高三质量调研) We can no longer to consider water an almost free resource that we can use as much as we like. A.permit B.afford C.expect D.offer



答案 B 21.(07 杭州第一次教学质量检测) How many pages have you so far? I’d like to read the book too if you have finished it. A.looked B.seen C.turned D.covered 答案 D 22.(07 山东济南模拟) The old factory has been to make way for a supermarket. A.cut down B.broken down C.turn down D.calmed down 答案 C 23.(07 湖北部分重点中学高三第二次联考) She usually creative imagination with intelligence to create some wonders. A.connects B.joins C.combines D.associates 答案 C 24.(07 湖北部分重点中学高三第二次联考) Leaving your car unlocked outside is just trouble. A.attracting B.drawing C.resulting D.inviting 答案 D 25.(07 安徽“江南十校”高三素质测试) In my opinion, the girl to be a good dancer if she is well trained in an art school. A.expects B.hopes C.wishes D.promises 答案 D B组 1.(07 西安地区八校联考) The color of this T-shirt , so I always wash it separately. A.falls B.drops C.runs D.loses 答案 C 2.(07 杭州高三调研测试) The teacher does not seem to notice Peter never does his homework.I don’t know how he it. A.get away with B.get out of C.get along with D.get down to 答案 A 3.(07 海南调研) China’s first train from Beijing to Tibet on Saturday carrying business travelers on the world’s highest railway. A.set out B.set about C.set down D.set up 答案 A 4.(07 南京八校联考) The careless design of the building led to . A.it falling down B.it be pulled down C.it taken down D.its tearing down 答案 A 5.(07 黄冈中学、襄樊五中高三联考) His eyes were Della, and there was in them that she could not . A.fixed on;expression;read B.fixing upon;expression;believe C.fixed on;an expression;find D.fixed upon;an expression;understand 答案 D



6.(07 湖北部分重点中学高三第一次联考) This morning traffic was by an accident outside the town hall. A.held off B.held up C.held on D.held over 答案 B 7.(07 湖北部分重点中学高三第一次联考) Let’s wait here for her;I’m sure she’ll before long. A.turn down B.turn off C.turn up D.turn out 答案 C 8.(07 江苏南通模拟) The ground is slippery.Hold on to the rope and don’t . A.put off B.turn up C.let go D.take apart 答案 C 9.(07 北京海淀区高三第一学期期中考试) When moving to a new city, one often finds it not easy what to take and what to . A.leave behind B.pass away C.bring in D.get across 答案 A 10.(07 北京海淀区高三年级第一学期期末考试) One can a foreign language by playing with the native boys and girls. A.do up B.set up C.pick up D.put up 答案 C 11.(07 江苏徐州模拟) The effect Typhoon Sangmei, the stongest one since the foundation of our country, on Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangxi Province this August, is very great. A.had B.made C.left D.gave 答案 A 12.(07 山东潍坊统考) Sam couldn’t how to print out the document until the teacher showed it to him. A.go through B.figure out C.come up D.get over 答案 B 13.(07 湖北八校高三第一次联考) The car factory is going to around 150 workers because of the drop in sales. A.lay out B.lay on C.lay off D.lay by 答案 C 14.(07 湖北八校高三第一次联考) I would rather not Mary until I am quite sure that she is trustworthy. A.depend on B.attend to C.wait on D.apply to 答案 A 15.(07 山东济宁期末) It’s reported that some mainland visitors to Hong Kong Disneyland didn’t the rules and behaved improperly. A.get across B.keep to C.take up D.make up 答案 B 16.(07 郑州高中毕业班第一次质量预测) It’s 15 years since the doctor on his life’s research into the cure for this deadly disease.



A.set out B.turned out C.made out D.took out 答案 A 17.(07 成都高中毕业班第一次诊断性检测) Who do you think will now that the president has resigned? A.take over B.take up B.take in D.take off 答案 A 18.(07 江苏南通九校联考) The woman was by the businessman’s offer of marriage and stupidly gave him most of her money. A.taken on B.taken in B.taken off D.taken out 答案 B 19.(07 安徽皖南八校高三第二次联考) —How did it that you made such a silly mistake? —I myself haven’t figured it out yet. A.bring about B.come about B.come across D.come on 答案 B 20.(06 湖北八校第一次联考) He has recently golf to provide himself with some relaxation. A.taken up B.taken on B.taken with D.taken over 答案 A 21.(06 杭州第一次教学质量检测) The women’s football match a draw yesterday. A.ended up B.ended in C.ended with D.ended by 答案 B 22.(06 中山市高三统一质量检测) Martin Luther King was the Nobel Prize for peace for his outstanding contribution to the world peace. A.rewarded B.awarded C.assigned D.assisted 答案 B 23.(06 南京高三第一次模考) April Fool’s Day is coming.Be careful not to be when others play tricks on you. A.brought in B.caught in C.taken in D.made in 答案 C

C组 1.(07 江苏南京调研) With the pressure , she was off work for weeks because she couldn’t stand it any more. A.picking up B.making up C.building up D.putting up 答案 C 2.(07 黄冈高三 2 月质量检测) During the urgent period, Minister of Foreign Affairs brief news every day. A.gave off B.gave out ` C.gave away D.gave in to 答案 B



3.(07 黄冈高三 2 月质量检测) I knew I shouldn’t accept anything from such a person, but I found it difficult to his offer. A.ask about B.turn down C.turn to D.ask for 答案 B 4.(07 重庆高三联合诊断性考试) She luckily missed the air crash because she on the way and was late for her flight. A.had a flat tyre B.caught a bad cold C.sped up D.broke down 答案 A 5.(07 江西师大附中、临川一中高三第二次联考) Under good treatment, many patients are beginning to and will soon recover. A.pick up B.pick out C.turn up D.show up 答案 A 6.(07 江西师大附中、临川一中高三第二次联考) —Did he say anything that you especially? —Not really.Actually I slept through his speech. A.adapted to B.attached to C.referred to D.appealed to 答案 D 7.(07 南京高三质量调研考试) Though we take a great risk of investing in the project, yet it will in the long run. A.go off B.turn up C.pay off D.come up 答案 C 8.(07 杭州市第一次教学质量检测) They have most carefully the time and materials needed to complete the project. A.picked out B.taken out C.left out D.figured out 答案 D 9.(07 西安高三第一次质量检测) Generous public funding of basic science would a good many benefits for the country’s health, wealth and security. A.result from B.lead to C.lie in D.settle down 答案 B 10.(07 石家庄高中毕业班复习教学检测一) —Is the room large enough for the whole class to ? —Yes.The classroom can at least 70 students. A.seat;seat B.seat in;be seated in C.be seated;be seated D.be seated in;seat 答案 D 11.(07 湖北部分重点中学高三第二次联考) If you your hand as far as you can, you should be able to touch it. A.push out B.reach out C.hold out D.pull out 答案 B 12.(07 湖北部分重点中学高三第二次联考) His debts had to be after he killed himself with a gun. A.laid off B.written off C.turned off D.put off 答案 B



13.(07 广东模拟) As the young generation, we should never forget those who the success of the revolution. A.bled for B.bled to C.resulted from D.resulted in 答案 A 14.(07 湖南十所示范性高中高三 3 月联考) Internet shopping will really when people make sure that it is safe. A.take off B.take up C.set off D.set up 答案 A 15.(07 山东临沂模拟) —Why did Miss Li leave the job? —She for higher wages, but was turned down in the end. A.broke off B.gave away C.held out D.picked up 答案 C 16.(07 东北三校高三第一次联合模拟) Though there are some differences in American education and Chinese education, both systems are excellent graduates. A.turning out B.turning away C.turning off D.turning in 答案 A 17.(07 西安地区八校联考) He jumped the last bus just as it was , so he wasn’t late for work. A.pulling away B.pulling over C.pulling up D.pulling through 答案 A 18.(07 江西九所重点中学高三联合考试) In English-speaking countries, a person with a large vocabulary is a walking dictionary. A.referred to B.compared to C.thought of D.devoted to 答案 B 19.(07 南昌高三第一次调研测试) Many CD companies had intended to get much from the business, but it so bad. A.made out B.turned out C.went out D.carried out 答案 B 20.(07 山东济宁一模) I don’t think that your speech to the crowd, for they appeared quite puzzled. A.got back B.got away C.got through D.got across 答案 D 21.(06 安徽“江南十校”高三素质测试) All experts agree that the most important consideration with diet drugs is carefully the risks and benefits. A.weighing B.checking C.taking D.supposing 答案 A 22.(06 安徽“江南十校”高三素质测试) We hoped to be able to move into our new house at the end of the month, but things didn’t as we expected. A.work out B.move out C.carry out D.get out 答案 A



23.(06 潍坊高三统一考试) Bad habits are easily while good ones are hard to develop. A.kept up B.caught up C.drawn up D.picked up 答案 D 24.(06 武汉高三调研考试) —Can you finish the forms today? —Sure.I’ve half of them already. A.got away from B.got down to C.got around D.got through 答案 D 25.(06 山东烟台诊断) She told me she wanted to her two o’clock appointment in order to take care of her sick husband. A.put down B.call off C.hang up D.take off 答案 B 第三部分 创新预测题精选 1.The police have been looking into the case and recent investigations have how the two men died. A.thrown light on B.had an effect on C.turned a blind eye to D.taken advantage of 答案 A 2.He is a talkative man, but the didn’t say a word in today’s discussion.I am not sure how to his silence. A.treat B.master C.grasp D.read 答案 D 3.—Has the doctor her illness? —No, he her but didn’t her. A.cured;treated;treat B.cured;cured;treat C.treated the old woman for;treated;cure D.cured the old woman of;treated;cure 答案 D 4.In a time of social reform, people’s state of mind tends to keep with the rapid changes of society. A.terms B.pace C.progress D.touch 答案 B 5.The prices of daily necessities just keep going up.We feel the central government should take effective measures to . A.put them down B.bring them down C.turn them down D.take them down 答案 B 6.The rain is expected to until the end of this week. A.keep B.last C.begin D.stay 答案 B 7.—I feel really disappointed not to have got that job. —Don’t worry, maybe something better will . A.go by B.take on C.come along D.fall down 答案 C



8.After 15 years in the USA, he has finally decided to Amarican citizenship. A.concentrate on B.apply for C.look out for D.appeal to 答案 B 9.In history, a lot of knowledge was from father to son. A.handed down B.handed up C.handed in D.handed out 答案 A 10.Research that men find it easier to give up smoking than women. A.points B.says C.indicates D.means 答案 C 11.We are all curious about what the astronauts have to when they try to drink water while standing on their heads. A.do with B.deal with C.treat about D.get rid of 答案 A 12.The parents are by law to send their children to school. A.demanded B.required C.requested D.called 答案 B 13.It’s reported that the weather will warm till Friday. A.last B.stay C.get D.turn 答案 B 14.Organizers of the Beijing Olympics said on Wednesday that the torch relay of this summer’s games will as planned. A.go ahead B.go out C.go up D.go down 答案 A 15.Foreign Minister of China used plain language to make the Chinese foreign policy to the whole world at the press conference last week. A.get through B.get across C.get over D.get around 答案 B 16.He was disappointed at not getting the job, but he soon it. A.got over B.got across C.got through D.got off 答案 A 17.Dress neatly when taking an interview.You know any strange appearance may a bad impression. A.design B.construct C.build D.create 答案 D 18.—How did it that the secretary knew where we were? —Maybe he had been following us. A.come about B.come across C.come off D.come round 答案 A 19.The Double Ninth Festival on October 7 this year, and this is the day for the young to show respect for their elderly relatives. A.sets B.falls C.lies D.fixed 答案 B 20.They are still the missing child, who disappeared last Sunday after attending her friend’s birthday party. A.asking for B.calling for C.hunting for D.sending for



答案 C 21.The film star is content with herself, and she always likes to her nice figure by wearing tight dresses in public. A.get off B.show off C.put off D.turn off 答案 B 22. When I was in kindergarten, I was often by my teachers to be polite to the adults. A.demanded B.reminded C.allowed D.hoped 答案 B 23.Newadays many teenayers want to from their parents and live a life being controued. A.break away;free from B.break up;free of C.break off;opposed to D.break down;instead of 答案 A 24.For the moment notice was of nuclear talks between Iran and some western countries. A.paid B.taken C.centered D.given 答案 B` 25.The book didn’t children probably because the author employed too many scientific terms in it. A.apply to B.appeal to C.intend to D.lead to 答案 C


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