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必修三 话题4 航天科技

必修三 话题 4 航天科技 话题狂背 词汇 astronomy __________ system __________ religion __________ theory __________ atom _________ billion _______ global _________ violent __________ atmosphere _________ unli

ke __________ fundamental _________harmful _________. acid __________ chain __________ reaction __________ oxygen __________ exist __________ thus_________ biologist __________ gravity _________ satellite _________ gentle __________ physicist _________ extinct _________ climate_________ crash _________ spaceship __________ pull _________. lessen __________ float _________ mass __________ 短语 1. solar system 太阳系 2. in time 及时;终于 3. launch a satellite 发射人造卫星 4. in one’s turn 轮到某人;接着 5. prevent...from 阻止;制止 6. cheer up 感到高兴;感到振奋 7. manned spaceship 载人宇宙飞船 8. break out 突发;爆发 9. watch out 密切注视;当心;提防 10. a one-day trip 一天的行程 11. a face-to-face talk 面对面的交谈 12. realize one’s dream 实现……梦想 13. be harmful to 对……有害 14. depend on 依赖;依靠 15. be proud of 对……感到自豪 16. come into existence 开始产生; 成立 17. for the time being 暂时; 目前 18. A is three times as big as B A 是 B 的三倍大 19. with the development of science and technology 随着科学技术的发展 20. make it possible for life to develop 使得生命有可能发展了 经典句型 1. I make it a rule to keep an English diary every day.我每天都有写英语日记的习惯。 2. How to solve the problem remains unknown.还不知道怎么解决这个问题。 3.It makes no difference where we shall have the meeting.我们在哪里召开会议并不重要。 4.The soldier are working against time to try and get people out of the rubble alive. 战士们在争分夺秒地工作, 设法把人们从瓦砾中活着救出来。 5. Now that I have written down all the things we need, then it’s your turn to buy all the items for us. 既然我已经写好了我们所需要的东西, 就该由你来负责购买了。 6. The atmosphere in the house relaxed after my mother’s inspiring talk cheered me up. 妈妈一番激励的话语让我很振奋, 家里的气氛也放松了下来。 7. The sudden change in climate prevents some kind of species from existing. 气候的突变使得有些物种灭绝。 8. For the time being, it will not be harmful to you’ but you’d better watch out when it’s burning. 暂时, 它不会对你有什么危害; 但当它燃烧时你最好当心点。 语篇背诵 Born in an ordinary family in Liaoning Province in 1965, Yang Liwei became a pilot in Chinese Air Force in 1987, spending 1, 350 hours in the air. Having been trained for 5 years, Yang was sent into space at 9: 00 a.m on October 15th, 2003 by China’s Shenzhou V spaceship, which orbited the earth 14 times. In space,

he recorded everything he saw and showed both China’s national flag and the United Nations’ flag to the people watching TV at home. After a 21-hour trip to space, he landed safely at 6: 23 a.m the next day, making China the third country that has successfully sent a person into space after Russia and the USA.All of us Chinese are proud of our first spaceman — Yang Liwei。 汉语大意:杨利伟,1965 年出生于辽宁省的一个普通家庭,1987 年加入中国空军,空中飞行时间为 1350 小时。杨经过五年多的训练,于 2003 年 10 月 15 日 9 时乘坐“神舟五号” 飞船进入太空,环绕地 球飞行 14 圈。在太空中他记录下了他看到的一切,并向电视机前的观众展示了中国国旗和联合国的 旗帜。在太空中度过了 21 小时后,他于次日早晨 6 时 23 分平安返回地面,使中国成为继俄罗斯和美 国之后能成功将人送入太空的第三个国家。我们所有中国人民都为我们的第一位宇航员杨利伟感到骄 傲。 基础知识 词汇变形 present_______(n) disappoint__________(n) harm_________(adj)

a new teaching method 一种新的教学方法 by means of 通过;一定;借助于 with this method = by this means = in this way 用这种方法 水可以用管子输送。 come into fashion 风靡 be in fashion 合乎时尚,流行的 为赶时髦她花费了不少钱。 be out of (the) fashion 不流行

force sb. to do…;强制某人做某事 他迫使他们承认他是对的。

come into force 生效,实施 by force 凭借暴

如果不能和平解决,只有用武力解决,这对各方都是不利的。 a mass of=masses of 大量的 公园里有许多孩子在玩耍。 get the hang of = have the hang of 掌握;熟悉 这活儿她一沾手就会了。 prevent /stop /keep...from 阻止/防止……做/发生…… 上涨的河水使我们过不了河。 人们采取行动来防止了环境的恶化。 be fundamental to 对……是必要的; 对……是根本的 水对于生命的发展会起关键作用, 这一点在当时并不明显. make it + adj. + for sb. to do 使某人做某事…… protect ...from ... 保护……不受……

这就产生了一系列的反应, 使得生命就有可能开始发展了 目前的情况使我们很难按时完成任务。 因特网使我们有可能用很短的时间获知世界上发生的所有的事 lay emphasis / stress on sth. 把重点放在某事上 作为领导,他非常强调个人的责任。 to begin with = to start with 首先 首先,宠物是很多孤独人的朋友,尤其是老人。

写作句型仿写 1 句子结构: 主语从句+ is + that 表语从句 【原句】What many scientists believe is that the continued presence of water allowed the earth to dissolve harmful gases and acids into the oceans and seas. 【模仿】他想告诉我们的是一天下文当他在回家的路上看见一只小鸟受伤了。 【模仿】他缺席的原因是他在上学时被一辆小车撞伤了。 2.which 引导一个定语从句对上句情况的进一步说明。 【原句】They multiplied and filled the oceans and seas with oxygen, which encouraged the later development of early shellfish and all sorts of fish. 【模仿】我们常常看到有人乱丢乱吐,这弄得我们的环境很脏 【模仿】她的父母非常感激我们,医生也高度评价了我们的急救,这使得我们意识到学习急救的必要 性。

连句成篇 1. 上个星期天, 我家附近的一座大楼发生了一场大火灾。 2. 楼梯到处是烟雾, 这使人们很难逃生。 3. 一个正要生孩子的妇女被困在 10 楼。 4. 一个太老了而不能走的生物学家在向人们求助。 5. 幸好消防员及时赶到并尽最大的努力营救处于险境的人们。 6. 依靠他们专业的知识, 消防员很快就阻止了火势的蔓延。 7. 很明显他们没办法救出所有的人。 8. 从这个故事, 我们知道我们能否杜绝火灾取决于我们是否有安全意识。 基础写作 假设你叫李华, 航天英雄翟志刚本周要到你校演讲之后有一个座谈会, 你准备邀请你的外国朋友 Tom 一起参加座谈会。 [写作内容] 请根据以下海报的内容, 给 Tom 写一封邀请信, 信的开头和结尾已经给出。

英雄面对面 时间: 4 月 21 日晚 7 点 30 分 地点: 英语俱乐部 活动内容: 听航天英雄讲述飞行感受; 和英雄拍照留念并交换小礼物 提供: 水果和饮料 建议: 如果你喜欢的话, 可自带食物 相信大家会共同度过一个美好的时光

合并: Last Sunday, a big fire broke out in a building near my home and soon the stair was full of smoke, which made it difficult for people to escape. A woman who was about to give birth was trapped on the 10th floor and a biologist who was too old to walk was turning to people for help. Luckily, the firemen arrived in time and tried their best to save the people in danger. Depending on their professional knowledge, the firemen quickly prevented the fire from spreading but it was obvious that they had no way to save all people. From the story, we know that whether we can stop fire disasters depends on whether we have a sense of safety. 基础写作 Dear Tom, How is everything? I’m writing to let you know about an English Evening and invite you to join us. The English Evening will start at 7:30 p.m. on April 21st and will be held in the English club. By that time, we will have a face-to-face talk in English with our spaceman—Zhai Zhigang, who would like to share his space experience with us. What’s more, we can have pictures taken with him and exchange small gifts. We will be providing some fruits and drinks for the evening, but we suggest you bring some food with you if you like. I believe everyone will have a wonderful time at the English Evening. I’m looking forward to your reply. Yours Li Hua

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