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定 语 从 句 Revision of the Attributive Clause
Hu Jiubao 201607

在复合句中,修饰某一_____或 _____的从句,叫定语从句

1. _______:定语从句所修饰或限定的词
2. 关系词:
Relative pro

nouns:_____ ______ ______ ______ ____ _______ Relative adverbs: _____ _____ _____ 关 系 代 词 和 关 系 副 词 有 三 大 作 用 , 即 __________ 、 _____________ 、 _________________

指代人 __________ __________ __________ __________ 指代事物__________ __________ 所属关系________ 指地点 ______ 指时间 ________ 指原因 _______ 归纳总结 先分析定语从句中缺少什么成分 Join the following sentences: A plane is a machine. The machine can fly. 关系代词的实质 Fill in the blanks with “which”,“when”,“where”: 1.This is the factory _______ we will visit. ______ we works. 2.This is the place _______ he was born in. _______ he was born 3. Do you know the reason____he is absent Today? That is the reason______I want to know. 4. I remember the days_______ we spent. _______we lived in the country. 定语从句分为_________和____________ 1.关系代词与关系副词(表示地点、时间、原因的先行词在定从中做主语、表语及 宾语 关系词的选择) (1) I will never forget the days ___ we lived together in the countryside,___ are wonderful to me. (2) This is the school ___ __________we visited last year, ___ looks like a garden. (3) The reason _______________ he explained to me is that he was ill. 高考试题

I shall never forget those years____ I lived in the country with farmers,____ has a great effect on my life . A that ; which B. when; which C. which ;that D. when; who 三考点与难点归纳 1.that 与 which 2.对 the way 的考查 3.介词+关系 4.as 的使用 5.对 where 的考查 6.综合考查 考点1:that (1)先行词为 all, everything, nothing, something, anything, little, few, much 等不定 代词时。 Is there anything else that you don’t understand ? (2)先行词被 all, every, no, some, any, little, much 等修饰时。 All the books that you need are here. (3)先行词是序数词或被序数词修饰及是最高级或被最高级修饰时。 This is the first book (that) he has read ./ This is the best that has been used against pollution (4)先行词被 the only, the very, the same, the last 修饰时。 This is the same knife (that) I lost yesterday . This is the very pen (that) she is looking for . (5)先行词既有人又有物时。 He talked about the teachers and schools (that) he had visited . (6).当主句的主语是是疑问词 which 时: Which is the bike that you lost yesterday? (7).当先行词在主句中做表语,而关系代词也在从句中做表语时: He is no longer the man that he used to be . Beijing is no longer the city that it used to be . 注意:当先行词是 the way 时,关系词用:that/?/in which. practice 1.Everything___ you say to him goes in one ear and out the other. 2.All ___ is needed is a supply of oil. 3. The train is the last ____ will go to Shanghai. 4.The boy and the dog ____ are in the picture are very lovely. 5.The first lesson ___ I learned will be forgotten 6.The way___ you are doing it is completely crazy. 以下情况只能用 which 引导定语从句 1,逗号后面,指物,在从句中作主语宾语 2,介词后面 1. Jim passed the driving test, ______ surprised everybody in the office.(2008) A.which B that C this D.it 2. The day ______ he was born was Aug .20 ,1952. A.on which B that C which D.this 高考试题 (2006 浙江卷) I was given three books on cooking, the first _____ I really enjoyed. :A. of that B. of which C. that D. which

(2007 年北京卷)It is reported that two schools, _____ are being built in my hometown , will open next year. Athey both B. which both C. both of them D. both of which (2006 年 安徽卷) It is said that we will move into the new school next term, ____ it will be completely finished. Aby which time B. by that time C. by this time D. by the time 填上合适的关系词并分析原因: 考点 2:the way 用做先行词 1.The way _________________he explained the sentence to us was not difficult to understand. 2.The way _________________he explained to us was quite simple. 3. What surprised me was not what he said but _____ he said it. (04 湖北) A. the way B. in the way that C. in the way D. the way which 高考题链接: 考点 3. 介词 +关系代词 (指人 whom,指物 which,指谁的 whose) 介词的来源 :a 从句中谓语的固定搭配 b 与先行词所形成的固定搭配和固定用法或 根据从句的句意来 确定 c根据句子的含义 (1 ) who is the comrade __ you just shook hands? (2) He was educated at the school ,___ he went on to Cambridge . (3) I called on my sister on Sunday, _____ home I met my teacher. 考点 4:关系代词 as 的用法 1) 直接引导定语从句: 作用相当于 which He was late, as / which is often the case. As anyone could see it, they were very upset. 2) 与 such 连用, 引起定语从句 There are no such writers as you mention. It gave him such a shock that his face turned white. 3) 与 same 连用 , 引起定语从句☆ the same ? as 表示同一类人或物; the same ? that 指同一个人或物 This is the same pen ______I lost yesterday. A. as B. that C.the one D. A&B D 比较: ...the same pen as I lost. the same pen that I lost. 4)难点:as 的用法 当主句中出现 such 或 so 时,看后面从句是否缺主语或宾语: (1)缺主语或宾语,从句前用 as (2)不缺主语和宾语,从句前用 that (3)当主句中出现 the same 时, 后面从句缺主语 或宾语时与 as 搭配表同一类事物,与 that 搭配表同一个事物 模拟训练 :

1. He is such a lazy man_____ nobody wants to work with______. A. as; him B. that; / C. as; / D. whom; him 2. Mrs. Black took the police back to____ place ____ she witnessed the robbery. A. the same; as B. the same; where C. the same ; that D. as the same; as 5)、 非限制性定语从句 中 which 和 as 的区别 ①which 的先行词可以是名词,也可以是句子的一部分或代替整个句子; which 从句不能放句首; ②as 一般代替整个句子, 从句则可以放句首, 句中或句尾, 表示“正如” , “或 像?一样” 。 例如:as is known, as everyone knows ,as is said, as often happens, as you can see, as it is??;当先行词前有 as, so, such, the same 修饰时,关系代词常用 as。 ___is known to us all, Taiwan is a part of China. ① He got married again, ________ was expected. ② ____ was expected, he got married again. 高考试题 (2005 年福建卷) ____ is often the case with children , Amy was completely better by the time the doctor arrived. A. Which B. That C. As D. It 高考试题 (1) These houses are sold at such a low price ___ people expected. A. like B. as C. that D. which (2) Such equipment _____ we use in this country is also used in many other countries. A. that B. which C. what D. as (3) As a teacher , I seldom give my students so difficult a problem ____ they can’t work out . A. that B. if C. which D. as 考点 5、对 where 的考查 当先行词 case( 情况 、境况 ) situation( 情形、环境 ) point( 关头、地步及时 刻)position(职位位置)stage(阶段,时期)job(工作)时且在定语从句中作状语关 系副词选择 where Can you think of a situation ___ this word can be used? The accident had reached a point ___ both parents are to be called in. I can remember many cases ___ you behave well. 高考试题 (07 年福建卷) After graduation ,he reached a point in her career ___ she needed to decide what to do. A .when B. which C. that D. where (07 年 陕西卷 ) Today ,we’ll discuss a number of cases _____ beginners of English fail to use the language properly. A. which B. as C. why D. where (07 年江西卷) ----Do you have anything to say for yourselves?

-----Yes, there’s one point ___ we must insist on. A. why B. where C. how D. / 1). a. I saw some trees, and the leaves of _______ were black with disease. b. I saw some trees, the leaves of ______were black with disease. 2). a. The professor is a little man, on the nose of ______there is a pair of glasses b. The professor is a little man, and on the nose of ______there is a pair of glasses 解题点拨 :______________ 考点 6 高考考点—易混句型 1.定语从句与并列句 1). a. The news ________our volleyball team won the match made us excited. b. The news __________he told me yesterday is exciting. 2). a. I made a promise ______ if anyone set me free, I would make him very rich. b. The mother made a promise _________pleased all her children. 2.定语从句与同位语从句 1) a. It is in this room ______I lived last year. b. It is the room _______I lived last year. 2) a. It was at seven o’clock ______he went to school this morning. b. It was seven o’clock _______he went to school this morning. 3.定语从句与强调 句 3. 与强调句型的正确辨析: (1)It is the house ___ I met the young man. (2) It is in the house ___ I met the young man. 高考试题 (1) ------Where did you meet our teacher ? ------- It was in the street ___ he lived. A. that B. what C. Where D. which (2) Her sister has become a lawyer,___ she wanted to be. A. who B. that C. what D. which. 历年高考试题 1.We shouldn’t spent our money testing so many people, most of______are healthy. A That B which C , what D whom (2007 北京) 2.Last week, only two people came to look at the house , _____wanted to buy it. A none of them B both of them C none of whom D neither of whom (2007 安徽) 3.I was given two books on cooking , the first ______I really enjoyed . A, of that B, of which C, that D, which (2008 浙江) 4,----where did you get to know her? -------it was on the farm_______ we worked. A, that B, there C, which D, where (2007 山东) 5,____I explain on the phone, you request will be considered at the meeting. A, when B, after C, as D, since (2005

浙江) 6.These houses are sold at such a low price ____ people expected.(’07 上海) A. like B. as C. that D. which 7. ____ is reported in the newspapers, talks between the two countries are making progress. (’04 北京) A. It B. As C. That D. What 8. Helen was much kinder to her youngest son than to the others, ____ , of course , made the others envy him. (’04 天津) A. who B. that C. what D. which 9.The gentleman____ you told me yesterday proved to be a thief.(’00 上海春招) A. who B. about whom C. whom D. with whom 10. Have you seen the film “Titanic”, ____ leading actor is world-famous?(’01 上 海 A. its B. it’s C. whose D. which 改错题 (1) I don’t like the way which you speak to your father . (2) York, that I visited last year , is a nice old city. (3) I , who is your teacher, will try my best to help you (4) As is known to us all that the earth is round. (5) It is the only one of the world –famous buildings that draw lots of visitors here. 专题专练 1. Do you think such a place ____ you speak of is worth visiting? He promised to come to see me on purpose on Sunday, _____ I doubt very much. There is a lake near our schoolyard, _____ depth is out of your expectation. --Do you have anything in mind _____ you’d like for supper? -- Well, anything is Ok for me. 5. The house in _______ he used to live has turned into a library. 6. Students in our school, most of _____ are from the south of China, enjoy rice very much. 7. Can you think of a situation ______ this idiom is used? 8. ____ is often the case, teachers in our school usually return to school on Sunday evenings. 9. Which is the road _____ leads to the village ______ you were born? 10. The newcomer is from Jiangxi, _____ I can tell from his accent. 填空 Though I can’t remember everything ____ happened during the time in university, I still remember some people and things _____ were related to Miss Brown, _____ used to be monitor in our class. If you want to know who the lady is _____ I referred to in my diary, I can tell you it’s her, Miss Brown. Here is a story ______ makes me remember Miss Brown until now. One afternoon, she and I arrived in New York, ______ we would look forward to. We went to the biggest bookshop in ______ there were different kinds of books to be sold. There, she persuaded me to read every grammar book ______ could offer me knowledge of grammar and buy a dictionary

_______ I could look up the new words in. Miss Brown also bought the same books _____ I did. Just when we left the bookshop and were ready to go back to our university, a big man stopped us and robbed me of my necklace. I’ll never forget that time ______ Miss Brown tried her best to help me and lost one of her fingers.


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