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make it 用法总结

make it 是英语口语中十分有用的一个习 语,用法比较多,本文为大家归纳如下。 一、表示事业获得成功 You will make it if you try. 你会成功的,如 果你努力的话。 He’s never really made it as an actor. 他 当 演员从未有所成就。 二、表示某人做成某事 You needn’t worry; he will make it. 你不必 担心,他会办成的。 If you want to make it, better get doing. 如 果你想把这事干成,就该动手了。 、 I can’t make it on Friday. 星 期 五 我 办 不 好。 Many high-wire walkers died on their last s tep, thinking they had made it. 许多走绳索

者死在最后一步上,这时他们认为已经演 成功了。 I thought he would be too old to get to the top of the mountain, but he made it at last. 我原以为他年纪大爬不到山顶,但最后他 还是爬上去了。 三、表示设法做到某事 I’ve been having violin lessons every two weeks, but I think I’ll make it every week from now on. 我一直是每两个星期上一次 小提琴课,但是我想从现在起每个星期都 上课。 四、表示及时赶上火车等 The train leaves in five minutes—we’ll never make it. 火车再有五分钟就开了—— 我们绝对赶不上了。 The train won’t leave for another ten

minutes, so I think we can make it. 离 开 车 还有 10 分钟,我想我们能赶得上。 五、表示及时抵达某地 We are too late; I don’t think we can make it. 我们太迟了,我想我们难以准时赶到了。 He says he’ll come on time, but he’ll never make it. 他说他明天准时来, 但他绝对做不 到。 I’m really sorry, but I won’t be able to make it on Sunday after all. 真的很抱歉, 我星期天根本赶不到。 If you can’t make it Friday, we can invite s omebody else. 如果你星期五赶不到,我们 可邀请其他人。 ▲ make it to a place 到达某地 Eric set sail once again, this time with 25 ships, of which only 14 made it to

Greenland. 六、表示约定时间 “When shall we meet again?” “Make it any day you like; it’s all the same to me.” “ 我 们什么时候再次碰头?”“随你定在哪天,我 无所谓。” Let’s make it at seven o’clock on Tuesday morning at my office. 我们把时间定在星期 二早上七点,地点就在我办公室。 “Shall we make it next week?” “OK, let’s make it next week.” “ 下 个 星 期 可 以 吗?”“好的,咱们就定在下个星期吧。” Let’s make it at 8:30. Is that all right for yo u? 我们约定在 8 点半吧,这对你合适吗? 七、表示病情好转 The doctor knew that the patient was unlik ely to make it. 医生知道那个病人没什么希

望了。 He had a high fever, but it doesn’t mean he couldn’t make it. 他发高烧, 但这并不意味 着他挺不过去。 注意,以下 make it…结构中的 it 为形式宾 语: I have to make it clear that my family is poor. 我得说清楚我家里很穷。 He made it a rule to take part in physical labour. 他规定自己应参加体力劳动。 I make it a rule to write in my diary every night. 我把每晚写日记当成一种习惯。 “Where is my tea?” “I’m just going to make it.”“我的茶呢?”“我这就沏。”

《大学英语》精读第一册第二单元练习题 Reading activity 中有一篇题目为"To Swim

the English Channel at 58"的短文,其中文 章的最后一句话为"She made it.",译为" 她成功了。"有一些学生对这个译文不解, 提出了疑问。 实际上"make it"是美国俚语, 是一个用途极广的多义性习语,在书刊中 俯首即是,在日常交谈中随时可听得到, 但要真正理解并掌握其在不同场合下的不 同含义并非一件容易的事。笔者在这里想 谈谈该习语的常见用法。 一、用来表示规定时间,常与 can,let 等词连用。例如: A:Shall we meet next week?下星期我 们见面,好吗? B:Yes.Let's make it next Sunday.好 的,让我们约定下星期日吧。

A: Can you make it tomorrow?明天行 吗? 二、用来表示达到预定目标;办成, 做到;成功;发迹。例如: Tell him I want to see him tonight,at my house if he can make it.告诉他今晚我 要见他,行的话就在我家。 He wants to make it as a writer.他想作 为作家而一举成名。 三、用来表示及时抵达;赶上。例如: He won't be able to make it home at Christmas.圣诞节时他到不了家。 We'll make it with a minute or two to spare.我们能及时赶到,而且还可以早一两 分钟。 四、 用来表示(疾病)等得到好转; 得救。

例如: The doctor knew that the patient was unlikely to make it.医生知道那个病人没什 么希望了。 Lucy almost died,but they gave her blood transfusions and she made it.露茜几 乎濒临死亡,但输血以后她又转危为安了。 五、用来表示相处得很好,受欢迎(或 尊重),被接受(与 with 连用)。例如: She finally made it with the crowd in Hollywood.她终于受到好莱坞人的欢迎。 Talking that way,he'll never make it with the committee.他那样说话在委员会决 不会被接受。 六、用来表示预定小吃。例如: Make it a cake and a bottle of orange. 来一块蛋糕和一瓶橘汁。

Make it three bottles of the best champagne you've got and send them up to my room .送三瓶最好的香槟酒到我的房间 去。

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