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Revision of Book1 Unit 5 Nelson Mandela(教案)

Revision of Book1 Unit 5 Nelson Mandela(教案)
Teaching Aims and Demands:
1.Key words: quality, layer, generous, selfless, mean, reward, devote 2.Important phrases: devote…to…, fight for/against, as a matter of fact, be sentenced to, put… in prison, lose heart 3.Sentence Patterns: Only +状语(副词,介词短语,状从)+助动词/情态动词/be+主语+其他部分 “less +形容词(副词)原级 +than” 表示前者不及后者 5.Grammar: Attributive clauses 6.Communicative phrases: Asking for and giving opinions

Teaching Steps:
Step 1 Asking for and giving opinions Teacher: Can you recognize them? (pictures of Mandela, Obama and Martin Luther King Jr.) Students: Yes. They are… T: What do you think of them?/What’s your opinion?/How do you feel aout them? Ss: I think../ In my opinion… Conclusion: What do you think of..? I think/ I don’t think… What’s your opinion? I believe/ I don’t believe( that)… What are your ideas? In my opinion… Do you have any thoughts on that? To my understanding… How do you feel about that? I’m with you. Why do you think so? I feel that…/I don’t feel that 会考链接: Step 2 Words spelling T:So what do you know about Mandela, like his experience and his qualities? Let’s do an exercise to see if you have mastered these vocabularies. 1. He entered university and was well e_____ there. 2. As a l____ , Mandela offered guidance to poor black people on their legal problems. 3. Black people are grateful to him because he is always g_____ with his time and money. 4. He fought for freedom and e____ rights for black people. 5. With his help, black people became more h_____ about their future. 6. In our opinion, he is a warm-hearted and s____ man because he asks no reward for his work. Step 3 Translate the expressions in this unit. And try to use them. 1. T: Are you familiar with these phrases? 失业 用暴力反抗暴力 事实上 炸毁, 爆炸关进监狱 实现梦想 为??而战 献身于 失去信心 掌权 乞求 建立/设立 处于困难之中 被判死刑 获得诺贝尔和平奖 2. Try to use some of them to complete the passage. Elias, like most black people, had little education and was worried about whether he would become ___ ____ _____ (jobless). When he was ____ _______ he often ____ ___ Mandela for

help. ___ ___ ____ __ ____( In fact), Mandela always encouraged him not to ______ _______. So he joined the Youth League, helping him _____ ____some government building to ______ ___ equal rights . At last Elias was ___ __ _____ and Mandela ____ _________ ___ prison for life. In 1993, Mandela _____ ____ _______ and founded the republic of South Africa. Now people in South Africa have _______ ______ _______ of making black and white people equal. Step 4. language points. (Self Study) T: Discuss the following words or phrases to find out their usages. (Group work) 1.quality n. [U] 质量[C] 性质; 特点[C] 品德 品质 quality vs quantity 1)The book is of good q______. 2)The young man drank a large q______ of wine this evening. 3)You need special q______ to work as a nurse. 2. lose heart 灰心,丧失信心 Please don’t lose heart, you still have chances.lose one’s heart She lost her heart to the city the moment she arrived there. 3. reward 一般指通过做某事获得的回报或者报酬,可以是钱,也可以是物品或精神鼓励。 award 指的是由评委经过认真考虑颁发的奖品。 prize 指在比赛中获得的奖项。 reward vt. 给某人报酬 1).reward sb. for sth. 为?而给某人报酬或奖赏 2).reward sb. with sth. 用?酬谢某人 reward n. 报酬; 报答; 奖赏; in reward 作为报酬 She got nothing in reward for her kindness. 会考链接 1.It is widely accepted that young babies learn to do things because certain acts lead to_______. A. reward B. prizes C. awards D. results 2. She won first _______ in the 100 meters’ race. A. prize B. awards C. rewards D. result 4.devote oneself/one’life…to sth/ doing sth. 献身于,致力于,专心于 devoted adj. 热爱的, 忠实的 会考链接 1)_________ the football game on TV, Tom didn’t notice my coming. A. Devoting to B. Absorbed on C. Concentrated on D. Devoted to 2)_________himself to the football game on TV, Tom didn’t notice my coming. Step 5 Sentence Patterns 经典句型: 1. ________________ we decide to answer violence with violence. 只有在这时,我们才决定用暴力反对暴力。 (Ask one student to come to the Bb to write down the structure.) 2. We were put in a position in which we had either to accept we were ______important, or fight the Government. 我们被置于这样一个境地: 要么我们被迫接受低人一等的现实, 要么我们跟政府作斗争。 3. The last thirty years have ______ the greatest number of laws stopping our rights and progress,

until today we have reached a stage where we have almost no rights at all. 过去三十年里出现了最多的法律来剥夺我们的权利, 阻挡我们的进步,直到今天我们已经 到了几乎没有任何权力的地步. Step6 Writing 1. Discuss in groups of four: What words or phrases can we use to introduce Barack Obama? (Collect words and phrases from the students.) 2. Writing Barack Obama 1961.8.4 出身与美国夏威夷(Hawaii) 。受过良好的教育。哥伦比亚大学 (Columbia University)毕业后,在哈佛大学(Harvard University)继续深造并获法学博士。后成 为一名律师。1997 年后,投身政治,开始时虽不成功但并不气馁。2008 年成功地当选为总 统--美国第一位非洲裔总统。 他提出愿意减少税收(tax), 制定计划帮助美国经济摆脱困境(out of trouble),以减少失业人口。他强烈反对伊拉克战争(the war in Iraq),但同时他承诺要与恐 怖主义(terrorism)做斗争。实际上,他灿烂的笑容(broad smiles)和坚定的表情为他赢得部分 选票。2009 年他获得诺贝尔和平奖。 3. Self assesment Exchange your writing and try to correct some mistakes if any and find out how many words and phrases from this unit are used.

1. Finish your writing and try to polish it. 2. Unit5 巩固练习