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语法虚拟语气 导学案 王统全



一. (不看不讲)

观察下列从 Reading 中选取的句子,注意虚拟语气的使用。 1.As there are so many different styles of western art,it would be impossible to describe all of them in such a short text. 2.If the rules of perspective had not been discovered,no one would have been able to paint such realistic pictures. 3. Without the new paints and the new technique, we would not be able to see the many great masterpieces for which this period is famous. 4. There are scores of modern art styles, but without the impressionists, many of these painting styles might not exist. 二. (不议不讲)

英语中的语气分为三种,分别为____________、____________、____________。 虚拟语气表示___________________________________。 虚拟语气是通过___________________来表示的。

一、在虚拟条件从句中的应用 1.If 虚拟条件从句中: 情况 与现在相反 (N) 与过去相反(P) 与将来相反(F) If 从句(谓语动词构成) 主句(谓语动词构成)

1) If he _____________ alcohol last night, he could have driven his car home. (drink) 如果他昨晚没有喝酒,他就能自己开车回家了。 2)The printer is of good quality. If it __________________ within the first year, we would repair it at our expense. (break) 这台打印机质量很好,万一第一年坏了,我们免费保修。 2.错综时间虚拟语气: Eg. If she hadn’t trained so hard, she wouldn’t be able to run so fast. _____________________________________________________________ 1) It’s a pity that he failed the exam. If he _____________________ his handwriting, the result would be better now. (pay) 可惜他考试没有及格。如果他更注意书写,现在的结果就会好一些。 3.省略 if 的虚拟条件句的用法:

在 if 虚拟条件句中,如果从句谓语动词为________、_______、________时,可省略 if,将 _______________________置于从句主语之前,构成_______________。 1) Had it not been for the worsening air quality, the flight ___________________ by the heavy fog for such a long time. (delay) 如果不是空气质量越来越差,航班不会因为大雾延误如此之久。 2)Should __________________, I would try to help you to apply for a better job in my company. (work) 要是你失业了,我就在我的公司里为你申请一份更好的工作。 4.虚拟语气与陈述语气的混合: We __________________ the difficulty together, but why didn’t you tell me earlier? (face) 我们本来可以一起面对困难的,但是你为什么不早一点告诉我呢? 5.含蓄虚拟条件句的用法: 有时,虚拟语气不出现 if 条件句,而利用一些特定的词如:__________________________ 来表现虚拟的现象。 1)We didn’t know his telephone number, otherwise we ____________________ him. (telephone) 我们不知道他的电话号码,否则我们就给他打电话了。 2)But for your timely encouragement, I ____________________ after going through so much difficulty. (lose) 要不是你及时的鼓励,经历这么多的困难之后我早就灰心了。 3)Luckily a large company agreed to sponsor us, without which our work ________________. (stop) 幸亏一家大公司同意赞助,否则我们的工作就会停止了。 二、虚拟语气在名词性从句中的应用 1.在主语从句句型:It is/was +adj.+that…中,从句谓语动词常用_________________来构成虚 拟语气。 常见的 adj.有: __________________________________________________________。 It is vital that enough money _________________________ to fund the project. (raise) 应该筹集足够的钱为该工程提供资金。 2.在表示“_________、__________、__________、___________等”含义的词后的名词性从 句(主语从句、宾语从句、表语从句、同位语从句)中,谓语动词常用_______________来 构成虚拟语气。 一( ) __________; 二( 三( 四( ) __________( ) _________( _________( ) ___________( ____________( );_________( ) ); ); ) ); ____________( ); ); _____________( ); _________________(

1 ) It is recommended that the project ___________________ until all the preparations have been made. (start) 建议在一切准备工作做好后再开始这一项目。 2) It is urged that everyone ______________________ education, no matter where you are from. (access)

人们呼吁,不管来自哪里,每个人都应该享有平等的受教育的权利。 3.wish 后宾语从句中的虚拟语气 情况 与现在相反(N) 与过去相反(P) 与将来相反(F) I wish I __________________ longer this morning, but I had to get up and come to class. (sleep) 我真希望今天早晨能多睡一会,但我不得不起床去上学。 4.would rather 后宾语从句中的应用 情况 与过去相反(P) 与现在或将来相反(N/F) Mary’s sunbathing too much led to her skin cancer. I would rather ______________________ the sun so frequently. (expose) 太多的日光浴使得玛丽患上了皮肤癌。我宁愿她没有这么频繁地接触阳光。 三、虚拟语气在其他从句中的应用 1.as if/though 引导的表语从句或方式状语从句中 情况 与现在相反(N) 与过去相反(P) 与将来相反(F) 1.That tree looked as if it _________________________ for a long time. (water) 这棵树看起来很长时间没有浇水了。 2.用于句型:It’s (high/about/the very) time (that)…(是该做某事的时候了…)中,从 句谓语动词用_______________________来构成虚拟语气。 It is high time we students ____________________________ study. (get) 是我们学生开始学习的时间了。 3.if only “要是??就好了”引导的感叹句中 情况 从句中谓语动词的构成 与现在相反(N) 与过去相反(P) 与将来相反(F) Look at the terrible ________________________________. (follow) situation I am in! if only I 从句中谓语动词的构成 从句中谓语动词的构成 从句中谓语动词的构成


三.强化训练: (不练不讲)
完成句子: 1. (湖北省八市 2014 年高三年级三月调考)Angelina Jolie knows that were her mother still alive, she ___________________________ her achievement. (proud) 安吉丽娜.朱莉知道如果母亲仍然活着,那她就会为她的成就感到骄傲。 2. George is going to talk about the geography of his country, but I’d rather he _______________ _________________ its culture. (focus)

乔治将要谈论他们国家的地理,但我宁愿他更关注他们的文化。 3. It was essential that all the application forms _____________________ to the company before November 1st. (send) 在十一月一日之前,将所有的申请表交给公司是很重要的。 4. If only she ______________________________ and planned better this year! (look) 要是她今年想得远点,计划得再好点就好了。 5. It is strongly recommended that the textbook ___________________________. (make) 据强烈建议这些教科书应该善加利用。 6. Though a lot of difficulties are awaiting me, I wish I _________________________ the new environment as soon as possible. (adapt) 尽管我面临许多困难,我希望尽快适应新环境。 7. She speaks English well, as if _____________________ in America. (stay) 她的英语讲得好,就好像她在美国待过一样。 8. A growing number of people express a strong desire ____________________________ another job to get more money to support their family. (take) 越来越多的人表达了他们想从事另外的工作以赚取更多的钱来贴补家用的强烈愿望。 9. It is high time that ______________________ the disagreement and focus on the subject. (set) 双方是时候把分歧放到一边,专注到这个主题上来。 10. He _________________ Mary was ill in hospital, otherwise I would have gone to see her. (tell) 他没告诉我玛丽病了,否则我就去医院看她了。 四. (日清三思)

一、记住了多少词汇 二、背会了几个句型 三、语法的掌握程度 四、自己的不足
Suggested answers: 1) would be proud of 2)focused more on ;3)(should) be sent ; 4) had looked further 5) (should) be made full use of ; 6)adapted to ; 7)had stayed ; 8) they (should) take up 9) both sides (should) set aside ; 10)didn’t tell me



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