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(1) 1. It is a pity that there are not enough women _____ well-paid, responsible jobs. A. in B. by C. to D. about 2. She has been dreaming a future ____ she can spend more time growing flowers. A. that B. when C. where D. which 3. The movie Life of Pi is so attractive that it holds the audience's curiosity reaches the end. A.until B. before C.after D.when 4.—Where are the papers for the Smith project? —They are in the folder “S”. A.marking 5. Naturally a smile A.to which

the story

B.marked C.to be marked D.to mark the eyes participate is extremely communicative. B.in which C.at which D.with which

6. After ________ careful consideration, they finally decided that each child will be offered ________ university education. A. the; a B. 不填; an C. a; an D. 不填; a 7. —Believe it or not, I have met him before. —No kidding? ________ you’ve never mentioned it? A. What for B. How come C. How about D. What if 8. Mo yan’s Red sorghum(高粱) ,together with all his masterpieces, reading. A. is worthy B. is worth C. are worth D. are worthy 9. This online game has been intended to improve children’s . A. intelligence B. reputation C. responsibility D. impression 10. ----Do you often chat with your friends on the telephone or QQ? ---. I am accustomed to using MSN in my daily life. A. None B. Either C. Any D. Neither 11. —A stranger has come to see you. Shall I bring him in? —I would rather he tomorrow. I'm terribly busy now. A. will come B. came C. would come D. had come 12. ----Volunteering is becoming popular in China. ----Yeah, people are now aware that helping others is helping themselves. A. naturally B. increasingly C. splendidly D. successfully 13. I don’t think the competition is failure, because it has offered us valuable experience for the next competition. A.不填;不填 B.不填;a C.a ; 不填 D.a ; a 14. —Mary broke up with me! —You_ _have forgotten about the Valentine's Day. A.shouldn't B.couldn't C. needn't D.mustn't 15.On foggy days, you have to drive very ________ on the expressway to avoid traffic accidents.

A. cautiously B. neatly C. smoothly D. properly 16. Leaning against the sofa in the living room, ______ up at me, is a little brown girl, pretty in pink. A. looks B. looking C. to look D. looked 17. The advantage of using the Internet is ______ you can get support if you have a problem. A. whether B. what C. why D. that 18. The look on Max’s face was ______ between puzzlement and anger. A. everything B. nothing C. something D. anything 19. The gap between the bed and the wall is somewhat ______ for such a shelf. A. tight B. short C. small D. narrow 20. Believing in people is the key to motivating people to ______ their potentials. A. have B. hide C. reach D. limit 21. In the office an electrical engineer is looking through the instructions to know ______ the heat system works before the repair work. A. whether B. why C. how D. that 22. Linda felt someone _____ on her way home from work yesterday evening,and therefore she was frightened and looked back from time to time. A. followed B. would follow C. had followed D. was following 23. If you _____ home without a word, your parents wouldn’t be so worried now. A. didn’t leave B. couldn’t have left C. hadn’t left D. shouldn’t leave 24. This is the first time that Apple has changed the size of the iPhone's display, ____ 3.5 inches since the original one was released in 2007. A.measured B.measures C.measure D.measuring 25. Unsatisfied __ with the payment, he took the job just to get some work experience. A.as was he B.as he was C.he was as D.was he as 26. Mr Obama, who appeared to take the lead in the race in most battleground states, seemed to adopt an of caution throughout the first Presidential debate。 A. accent B. ability C. atmosphere D. air 27. Advertising is different from other forms of communication in that the advertiser pays for the message . A. to deliver B. having delivered C. to be delivered D. delivering 28. When ____ to danger and conflict, men tend to increase blood pressure, ______ nervous and anxious. A. exposed; felt B. exposed; feeling C. exposing; feeling D. exposing; felt 29. The drug bosses and their organizations have become part of Mexican society, _____ every aspect of the nation’s life. A. corrupting B. having corrupted C. corrupted D. to corrupt 30. Mary often does some translation work to earn extra money, which _____half of her income. A.makes for B.allows for C.accounts for D.seeks for 1-5 ACABB 6-10 DBBAA 11-15.BBAAA 16-20 BDCDC 21-25 CDCDA 26-30 DCBAC (2) 21. --- Can I borrow some of your novels? --- __________. They are at your service. A. Come on B. Don’t mention it C. By all means

D. My pleasure

22. In recent years, a lot of trees have been cut down, which contributes to soil _____. A. being washed away B. washed away C. washing away D. to be washed away 23. As far as I see, _______ is no possibility that he will win the tennis match this time. A. it B. there C. this D. that 24. ____________in his school that many of his fans want to get close to him. A. So is he popular B. So popular is he C. So popular he is D. So he is popular 25. “I’d like to give my thanks to those _______help my son will be able to survive his terrible disease.” said the woman on TV. A. who B. that C. with whose D. with their 26. Jude, seated in a chair and lost in thought, gave me a sudden look, as if _________, “Are you kidding?” A. to say B. to have said C. said D. to be saying 27. ---I’ve told Nancy many times about the meeting, but she still forgot it! ---I understand. Actually, anyone _______ be very forgetful at times. A. must B. should C. ought to D. can 28. Tour guides need to be independent, outgoing and have ______ desire to share _______ information. A. /; the B. a; / C. the; the D. a; the 29. One of the most important questions they had to consider was _______ of public health. A. what B. this C. that D. which 30. ---Why do you look so upset? ---I broke up with my girlfriend. If only I _______ more about her. A. care B. cared C. had cared D. had been cared 31. Whatever he does, once he sets up a goal, he would start pursuing it without ______. A. hesitation B. suggestion C. discussion D. decision 32. --- Did you understand what the chairman said at the meeting? --- No, his meaning didn’t ______. Would you explain it to me? A. get along B. get across C. get back D. get around 33. --- What’s wrong, Mary? --- The shoes don’t fit properly. They ______ my feet. A. are hurting B. will hurt C. have hurt D. are hurt 34. I don’t think a warm winter always has a negative influence on our life, _____? A. do I B. does it C. hasn’t it D. don’t I 35. Wei fang takes notes carefully in every English lesson, _____ great help in improving his English. A. which I think it is B. of which I think is C. which I think is of D. I think which is of Key: 21---25 CABBC 26---30ADBCC 31---35 ABABC (3) 21.—Mum! Tom has broken my MP4 player!

—___ After all, he couldn't have done it on purpose. A.What's the trouble? B.It doesn't matter. C.No problem. D.How come? 22.The operation is ___ success and the patient is now out of ___ danger. A.a, the B.a,/ C./,the D./, / 23.How do you think it ___ that humans can speak so many different languages? A.came out B.came off C.came about D.came round 24.The US economy has recently showed ____ of improvement with the unemployment rate dropping from 9% to 8.6%. A.signs B.symbols C.signals D.marks 25.—What was John trying to prove to the police? — ____ he was with last night. A.Where B.When C.Who D.What 26.—It is time to go to school now. —How nice it would be if you ____ a bit longer with me! A.have stayed B.stay C.would stay D.stayed 27.For us Senior Three students, 2012 will be a special year, one ____ we will try to be admitted to a desired university. A.what B.which C.where D.when 28.—What do you think the lecture given by a famous professor yesterday? —It is the most instructive lecture that I ____ since I came to this school. A.have attended B.had attended C.am attending D.attended 29."Even if he failed to kill passers-by in his car after he got drunk, he ___ be put into prison for three years," the judge said. A.will B.could C.might D.shall 30.—How about the shoes I bought you last Sunday, Bruce? —Well, they ___ very comfortably. A.wear B.are wearing C.have worn D.are worn 31.It was ____ our national football team lost the game to a weaker one by 2 to 3 ___ I held doubt about the new coach's ability. A.until, that B.not until, when C.until, since D.not until, that 32.—I got shocked when I heard our manager speak fluent French. —Nothing surprising! He ___ for his master's degree in Paris University for four years. A.studied B.has been studying C.has studied D.studies 33.I had intended to attend their get-together yesterday, but I had an unexpected visitor, so I must them an apology. A.supply B.provide C.show D.offer 34.—How did she find the trip to Beijing last month? —She enjoyed herself so much ____ she visited the Great Wall. A.where B.when C.that D.until 35.With all the exercises needed ___, he went straight home, happy and relaxed.

A.to finish



D.to be finished

Key: 21—25 BBCAC; 26—30 DDADA; 31—35 DADBB

(1) The day I came out first in the English exam was the happiest day of my life. I had been s very hard for many weeks and was well p for the exam. When the teacher announced that I was the first, I felt so (骄傲)that I thought my English was already excellent (足够)and I didn’t need to spend more time on English longer. During the following few months, I paid less attention to the teacher said in class. Worse still, I didn’t do as much homework before. In the next exam, I fell far behind, which was quite against my (期望). This taught me a great lesson. I realized that pride goes before f .From then on, I became modest and never w time. Eventually, I came back to the top once again. 76. studying 81. what 77. prepared 82. as 78. proud 83. expectation 79. enough 84. failure 76. _________ 77. _________ 78. _________ 79. _________ 80. _________ 81. _________ 82. _________ 83. _________ 84. _________ 85. _________ 80. any 85. wasted

(2) As is known to us all, a healthy body is important to every one of us. Only _________ keeping ourselves healthy can we feel energetic


and _________ (自信)in our daily studies and work. 77.__________ Doing sports is one of the best _________ to make us fit. Those who 78.__________ exercise_________ (有规律地)are in better shape. People’s tastes 79.__________ in sports are different. Some people love basketball w others are 80.__________ _________ in cycling. For some people, swimming is the best kind of sport, 81.__________ and for others, they can’t i their lives without the gym. Life is 82.__________ a movement and sport is the very thing _________ gives us an opportutity 83.__________ to move. I like running best. I h me enjoy good healthy and 84.__________ keep a good mood to complete all those_________(任务) of the day. 85.__________ 76. by 77.confident 78.ways 79. regularly 80.while 81.interested 82.imagine 83.that 84.helps 85.tasks

A (夹叙夹议类)
I recently had a patient undergo surgery. He’d been out to have dinner with some friends and had started to feel Afterwards, I 38 36 , so he came in to see me. I made the diagnosis (诊断) and 37 a the surgeon, who reported the operation had gone well, with almost no 39 . 40 surgical colleague to do the operation on him. blood loss, and considered the whole process a(n) picture. He was very thankful to be 42 experience had been. He’d been in terrible pain and felt incredibly uncomfortable after the operation. He had to wait in recovery for an hour 44 they’d gotten his post-operative pain under 45 47 . . He’d 46 also had a terrible itch (痒痒) between his shoulder blades (肩胛骨) that he was unable to by himself and couldn’t get anyone else to help him until he’d gotten his nurse’s When he’d been cleared to 48 another hour until his hospital room was ready. He’d wanted to could text his wife, but no one around told him. Finally, when he’d arrived at his room, he 50 that he couldn’t eat anything until he 51 , 52 to have a full meal once he felt started passing gas. It was harmful for him to eat before passing gas. He understood the but he hadn’t been warned about it and had been hungry. As I listened to his 54 in hospital. 36. A. sick 37. A. brought 38. A. cared for 39. A. challenge 40. A. exact 41. A. shameful 42. A. benefit 43. A. costly 44. A. since 45. A. control 46. A. treat 47. A. payment 48. A. repair B. happy B. forced B. talked with B. experience B. different B. calm B. future B. awful B. until B. discussion B. reach B. instruction B. clean C. sleepy C. called C. thought of C. joy C. beautiful C. alive C. news C. confusing C. before C. pressure C. recognize C. attention C. visit D. tired D. begged D. looked after D. success D. strange D. popular D. result D. unforgettable D. unless D. investigation D. see D. advice D. leave 53 , I realized what a gap existed in doctors’ goals and his. Doctors 55 his experience to save him, but they didn’t understand how much the little things 49 41

When I went to visit my patient in his hospital room, however, he painted a much about. But what he was most focused on was how 43

and to all of us who’d worked hard to bring that his minute-by-minute

the operation room, he’d been all but forgotten about for the room number so he

49. A. recall 50. A. learned 51. A. outcome 52. A. continuing 53. A. efforts 54. A. aimed 55. A. discovered Keys : 36-40 ACBDB

B. know B. suggested B. reason B. offering B. complaints B. suggested B. affected 41-45 CDBCA 46-50 BCDBA

C. record C. insisted C. attitude C. expecting C. measures C. afforded C. improved 51-55 BCBAB

D. say D. thought D. belief D. agreeing D. experiences D. seemed D. kept

B (夹叙夹议类)
Sheena had spent three days trying to memorize a poem for an oral test. But whenever she got to the third stanza (诗节), she was 37 36 . It took her a week to remember the poem. 38 of intelligence Sheena often wondered how her friend Nashua did it. She merely scanned a new poem twice reciting it from memory! Sheena and Nashua had almost the same 39 . Why was there a 40 ? and came from similar family Sheena did. She had steps to 42 41

Psychologists and educators have the answer: Nashua just knew how to learn better than the capacity of her brain by applying some skills. Here are some 43 your head into reading new and unfamiliar learning. 44 more and keep more if you first scan it or skim through it quickly. 45 48 49 material but for more complex works, slower reading is 47 , listening to each think about what they read and digest it. we’ll gain from learning something, we learn it faster and 51 time and place for studying. 52 it and then listening to

Preview the matter first: That is, don’t material. You can

Read the first sentence of each paragraph, and glance at the table of content and preface (序言). Speed reading is fine for much more 46 word as they read. They also If we are sure about 50 . Good learners repeat, either loudly or in their

it less. To improve concentration and focus, fix a(n) 53

Use a variety of methods, like writing down what you’ve read or it. Take a break if you become too tense or tired. It will 54 result. 55

your learning capacity.

your own learning style: Each person has his own way of learning. If given the your approach and follow the method that you feel most comfortable with. B. puzzled B. before B. level B. conditions B. difference B. added B. good B. drop C. missed C. after C. class C. situations C. difficulty C. lessened C. better C. lay D. lost D. when D. rank D. backgrounds D. trouble D. decreased D. wonderful D. bury

pieces of an object to assemble (装配), each of us uses a different method to arrive at the same 36. A. stuck 37. A. until 38. A. height 39. A. positions 40. A. change 41. A. increased 42. A. excellent 43. A. cover

44. A. understand 45. A. difficult 46. A. valuable 47. A. feelings 48. A. passively 49. A. which 50. A. resist 51. A. special 52. A. speaking 53. A. raise 54. A. Follow 55. A. Investigate

B. appreciate B. strange B. affective B. minds B. hurriedly B. that B. enjoy B. particular B. copying B. hold B. Stop B. Analyze

C. require C. complex C. effective C. thoughts C. quickly C. what C. accept C. exact C. typing C. improve C. Master C. Consider

D. remember D. easy D. important D. memories D. actively D. how D. understand D. accurate D. taping D. keep D. Value D. Take

Keys: 36-40 ABBDB 41-45 ACDAD

46-50 CBDCA 51-55 BDCAB

老人拯救一个人性命说明要着眼于未来,相信明天更美好 Before hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, an expensive car stopped at the Mississippi River Bridge and a gentleman stepped out of the car wearing very 1 He climbed over the rail and 2 clothing. the bridge onto a platform below the roadway 3 to

jump. Cars started stopping and the traffic was 4 for miles. The police arrived with firefighting vehicles, ministers and mental health professionals. They began talking to the man and telling him not to 5 not die; he might break all of his bones and be 6 where the crowd 8 . down to the man .If you truck with lawnmowers, rakes, and shovels. An elderly 7 . They told him that he might . About half mile back in traffic was an old got out of his truck and walked up to

He made his way through the people, looked over the side and 9 decide not to jump, tomorrow is going to 11!” With that the man 12

on the edge of the platform ,“Hey, I’ve got to go to walk. Either jump or get on the 10

up the bridge. The police 13 him and placed him in the back seat 14 to move.

of the police car. The gardener walked back to his truck waiting for the to go to walk!” The police reported to the press that all the way to the 16 kept saying over and over, “Tomorrow is going to be better.” One must see a 17 20

The minister asked the fireman 15 ,“What did he say?” The fireman said , “He said he had

for an examination the man you

to have a future. It is not what you do not know that will 18

the most. It is what you think you know 19 does so! Please do not stand too close to see the ! You will not be able to enjoy the forest. B. thick C. warm D. expensive 1. A. shabby

2. A. above 3. A. preparing 4. A. slowed down 5. A. risk 6. A. sentenced 7. A. lawyer 8. A. gathered 9. A. looked 10. A. car 11. A. warmer 12. A. climbed 13. A. caught 14. A. police 15. A. loudly 16. A. station 17. A. future 18. A. urge 19. A. what 20. A. rivers B. bridge

B. under B. fearing C. wondering B. went by B. hesitate B. concerned B. gardener B. controlled B. smiled C. bank B. colder B. rolled B. welcomed B. traffic B. politely B. prison B. chance B. give B. when B. mountains C. longer C. rushed C. held up C. jump

C. beyond D. refusing D. built up D. fall D. paralyzed D. blocked D. waved D. rail D. better D. walked D. whipped D. crowd D. puzzlingly D. church D. result D. hurt D. who D. trees

D. off

C. ashamed C. soldier D. worker C. attracted C. shouted

C. questioned C. gentleman C. angrily C. hospital C. honor C. cost C. that C. walls

Keys: 1-5DBACC 6-10 DBACB 11-15 DAABD 16-20 CADCD

倒叙方法,作者对家庭的观点。 I have a strong faith that families are not only relatives, but sometimes people who turn up and love you when no one else will. In May 1987, I was living in a Howard Johnson’s motel off Interstate 10 in Houston. My dad and I __1__ a room with two double beds and a bathroom. It was too __2_ for a 15-year-old girl and her father. Dad’s second marriage was _3__ and my stepmother had __4_ us both out of the house. Dad had no __5_ what to do with me. And that was when my other family __6_ . Barbara and Roland Beach took me into their home __7__ their only daughter, Su, my best friends, asked them to. I _8__ with them for the next seven years. Barbara washed my skirts just as she did Su’s. She __9_ I had lunch money, doctors’ appointments, help with homework and nightly hugs. Barbara and Roland Beach attended every football games where Su and I were being cheerleaders. I could tell, the Beaches there was 10 for no 11 between Su and me;I was their daughter, too. college they kept my room the same for the entire four years I When Su and I 12

attended school. Recently, Barbara presented me with an insurance policy they bought when I first moved in with them and had continued to pay for 23 years. The Beaches knew 13 about me when they took me in: They had heard the whole story from

Su.When I was seven,my mother died and from then on my father relied on other people to 14 his kids. Before the time I went to live with the Beaches I believed that life was entirely 15 and that love was shaky and untrustworthy. I believed that the only person who would take care of me was me. 16 the Beaches,I would have become a bitter, cynical(愤世嫉俗的)woman.They gave me a(n) 17 that allowed me to grow and change.They kept me from being paralyzed by my 18 , and they gave me the confidence to open my heart. I 19 the family.For me,it wasn’t the family that was there on the day I was 20 ,but the one that was there for me when I was living in a Howard Johnson’s motel off Interstate 10. 1.A.lived 2.A.cheap 3.A.in trouble 4.A.struck 5.A.plan 6.A.looked after 7. A. so 8. A. worked 9. A. worked out 10. A. As long as 11. A. change 12. A. set off 13.A.all 14.A.supply 15.A.different 16.A.Thanks to 17.A.home 18. A. choice 19.A.doubt about 20. A. born Keys :1-5BCACD B.shared B.noisy B.in sight B.removed B.choice B.showed up B. because B. traveled B. called up B. As far as B. problem B. left for B.little B.teach B.unfair B.In spite of B.house B. failure B.care about B. accepted C.possessed C.small C.in place C.kicked C.chance C.turned over C. until C. lived C. watched out C. As soon as C. conflict C. entered into C.something C.encourage C.stressful C.Except for C.ability C. past C.center on C. educated D.bought D.limited D.in parts D.knocked D.idea D.came across D. while D. learned D. made sure D. As much as D. difference D. admitted into D.nothing D.raise D.hopeful D.But for D.lesson D. present D.believe in D. deserted

6-10 BBCDB 11-15 DBADB 16-20 DACDA

(1)(教育类) I decided to go back to school in the fall of 2008 after not being happy with my current job and financial status. I obtained my Associates Degree in May 2002 in Commercial Arts. After graduation, I had trouble obtaining a job in that field. For years, I was going from one job to another feeling unfilled, and I was not satisfied with the instability.

I decided to go back to school for either International Business or Psychology. I weighed the pros and cons of both professions and Psychology won. I like helping my friends and family, when they go through hard situations in their life by giving them sound advice and being honest with them. Also, I was interested in “the mind”. I was searching for online schools because my work schedule at my current job would not allow me to attend a regular class. I was nervous about starting online classes because I heard mixed stories from other friends who were taking online classes. I decided to do it anyway to experience something different. I wanted to find an online school that was affordable and reputable. Through my search, I discovered Walden University, which is specially for working adults who want to obtain a bachelor’s degree or higher. The process of getting accepted was easy, which included writing an essay on why I wanted to attend their school, transferring my previous credits, etc. I am currently enrolled in the Bachelors program for psychology, and I am paying for college via financial-aid loans and grants. This experience has been interesting yet trying as sometimes it was difficult to balance work, school and home life. I learned a lot about psychology and myself. For example, I like writing about current events, relationships and traveling. I thought my English composition was ordinary, but after taking a few classes at Walden University, I improved my English composition and it made me feel confident enough to start writing professionally so I became a freelance (自由撰稿) writer. Currently, I am only three classes away from obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology! It was one of the best decisions I made in my life. 1. What did the author study originally when he was in college? A. Psychology. C. International Business. 2. A. He decided to study International Business at first. B. He wanted to study two majors. C. He liked Psychology better. D. He chose his major with the help of his friends. 3. Why was the author nervous about starting online classes? A. Because he heard some negative remarks about it. B. Because he was worried that he didn’t have enough time to study. C. Because he feared he would fail the entrance exam. D. Because he was afraid that he didn’t have enough money. 4. Which of the following best describes the author’s learning experience? A. Dull and challenging. C. Interesting and challenging. (2)(科普类) Recently, a study showed that changes found in astronauts’ eye tissue might cause vision B. Interesting and easy. D. Dull and easy. B. Commercial Arts. D. English Composition.

What do we know about the author from Paragraph 2?

problems, and possibly even blindness. As well as threatening the health of astronauts, this could influence long-distance missions into space. Larry Kramer of Texas Medical School in Houston and his colleagues carried out MRI scans on 27 NASA astronauts after they had spent an average of 108 days in space. About half of them had some problems in their optic nerve (视神经) or eyeball. The changes match those seen in people with idiopathic intracranial hypertension, a rare condition in which the pressure of blood is abnormally high in the brain. People with the condition experience headaches, nausea (反胃) and vision problems including blindness. In space, the changes are probably caused by living in free fall. “It is not because of the sunlight in space or the spacecraft’s function,” says Kramer. “One likely reason is that blood which normally pools in the legs is shifted toward the skull (头颅骨), raising pressure.” The findings are similar to the results of a survey of 300 astronauts carried out in 2011. The damage in vision was reported by 29 percent of astronauts on short-term missions, and 60 percent on long-term missions. “If astronauts are exhibiting these changes after only 100 days in space, what will happen on a three-year flight to Mars?” asks Jason Kring, who studies human performance in extreme conditions at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida. “Deteriorating vision could seriously damage astronauts’ ability to carry out routine mission tasks, including monitoring displays and navigating the rocky landscape of Mars,” says Kring. “This possibility, combined with what we already know about how micro-gravity affects muscles and bones, paints a dark future for human space flight unless we start to develop effective measures.” Kramer says that NASA has the matter in hand. In the wake of the study, all astronauts now have regular brain scans. This includes those yet to travel into space, providing a baseline (基线) from which any changes would be obvious. He also believes it might be possible to identify astronauts’ risk of eyesight damage from medical data before sending them into space. 1. The author mentions idiopathic intracranial hypertension in Paragraph 3 in order to . A. show that the condition is common for astronauts B. explain the symptoms of astronauts’ vision problems properly C. stress the importance of astronauts’ vision problems D. compare the difference between patients and astronauts 2. The underlined word “Deteriorating” in Paragraph 7 can be replaced by “ A. Concentrated C. Worsening 3. What can be inferred from the passage? A. Staying for a long time in space will lead to blindness. B. Scientists’ research in space will be banned soon. B. Strengthening D. Accurate ”.

C. Space flight makes astronauts’ bones function better. D. NASA has started to care for astronauts’ eyesight. 4. What is the main idea of the passage? A. Space flight may be bad for astronauts’ eyes. B. Scientists are doing research on astronauts’ eyes. C. Some scientific problems exist in astronauts’ eyes. D. Measures should be taken to protect astronauts’ eyes. (3)科普类 Since the development of the Internet, men and women have frequented the information superhighway for the purposes of research and social networking. Recently, developments in fourth-generation networks and associated communication devices such as smart phones and smart tablets such as the BlackBerry PlayBook have allowed social networking technology to take a giant leap forward. In this fast-paced world it is often difficult to stay in contact with friends, family, and coworkers, due to the fact that work and education often cause people to move to a number of different locations after spending only a short time in each place. Many people have accepted the fact that family members may only see each other a few times a year. Smart phones are equipped with their own wireless fidelity (无线保真) connections, which allow them to connect to Internet-based social networking sites. The BlackBerry PlayBook allows users to make hands-free telephone calls while on the go, and it has a host of other interesting functions. At the same time, PlayBook users can still surf the same old websites, and check e-mail through the Internet connection. However, instant messaging and e-mail are quickly becoming outdated because of the PlayBook’s video chat capabilities. This particular feature makes the PlayBook an excellent choice for those families who find themselves separated over long distances. Someone once said that a picture was worth a thousand words. Thanks to the PlayBook’s video chat capabilities, users of 4G devices can gain a measure of the physical contact that all human beings hope for, because of the device’s ability to deliver the streaming real-time video to their users. Therefore, people can see the person they are speaking to, and read their facial expressions as well as their body language, while also hearing their actual voices in stereo sound (立体声). Based on this information, choosing to buy the BlackBerry PlayBook is one of the best choices that one can make. Use the benefits of this newest BlackBerry tablet to stay in touch with those closest to you. With the PlayBook, you will never be far from friends or family no matter where life’s journeys might take you. 1. According to the author, fourth-generation networks and related devices A. can help people gain a lot of knowledge easily B. can help people use networks to make many friends C. have made a great breakthrough in networking technology .

D. will take the place of personal computers completely 2. What do we know from Paragraph 2? A. Instant messaging and e-mail are outdated. B. Smart phones can get to networking sites alone. C. The BlackBerry PlayBook looks like an ordinary phone. D. Nowadays many people can not get together easily. 3. What makes the 4G devices most popular with users? A. That users can infer people’s body language. B. That users can hear people’s actual voice in stereo sound. C. That users can guess people’s facial expressions. D. That users can talk to people just like being face to face. 4. The author wrote this passage mainly to A. advertise the BlackBerry PlayBook B. talk about the development of the Internet C. make smart phones and smart tablets known D. tell us the functions of the BlackBerry PlayBook (4)人物故事类 I was born in Minneapolis. The city is in my blood. But I live in the country, and have been forced to deal with things that are difficult. One thing I’ve always had trouble with is birds. How could anyone enjoy staring out of the window for hours at these creatures? My mother had always been one of those ridiculous birdwatcher types. She tried to raise her children to have respect for wildlife, but with little effect on me. One evening, a bird had been sitting on the same perch (栖息处), as if frozen, for ten minutes. My mother got a ladder and took the bird from his perch. She inspected him. It seemed that his tongue was hurt, and that he was unable to drink from the feeder. My mother handed him to me while she went inside for an eyedropper (点眼药器). Never in my life had I felt as frightened as when I was holding that tiny life in my hands. I placed the eyedropper inside the long beak. At first, the bird only trembled, but finally he managed to swallow. After a few minutes, he glided (滑翔) to a tree nearby and returned again. He flew to the tree and then back to me again and again. It didn’t take me long to realize that he was sending me a message, a sort of “SOS”. I walked toward the tree, where I found the tiny creature trembling in the evening air. I slowly reached into the grass to pick up the bird. “Please, be okay.” He had asked me for help. Now he owed me a favor in return and I was asking him to stay alive. However, what I saw was another dead bird lying besides the bird. It must have been a very sad picture: a child wiping her face with her one free hand, while the other palm was cupped around a tiny, dying creature. Fate was taking its own course. Its pulse was hardly noticeable, and the body was growing colder. .

I realized there were some things I could change and some I must simply accept. In either way, the two worlds sometimes collide (碰撞) and strangers must ask for, and be willing to receive, help from others. Without this, survival is not only impossible, but meaningless. 1. From the first paragraph, we can infer that the author C. was forced to feed birds by her mother . A. often stares at birds through the window B. isn’t accustomed to living in the country D. finds respect for wildlife ridiculous 2. What was the matter with the bird according to the second paragraph? A. He was almost frozen to death. B. He had fallen from the perch and gotten injured. C. He couldn’t use his tongue. A. To thank her for saving him. C. To warn her of danger. means . B. the fate of the bird was at her mercy D. the fate of birds cannot be changed D. He was thirsty. B. To look for food to feed the dying bird. D. To ask for help for the dying bird. 3. Why did the bird fly to the author again and again?

4. By saying “Fate was taking its own course” in the fifth paragraph the author A. the bird had no chance to survive C. it is natural for birds to die A. Offering help brings happiness. B. People should help others even strangers. C. People cannot accept what they cannot change. D. The human world is different from the animal world. (5)科普说明类 For many years, scientists have wondered how Chrysopelea paradisi, known as the “flying” snakes, can stay afloat (漂浮的) as they leap from one tree to another, sometimes covering a distance of as long as 79 feet. Now a new study has explained that it may be all to do with the way they move. The report was published by Virginia Tech scientist, Jake Soeha who has been studying the flying snakes for a number of years. He began his research by first focusing on its launch technique. He discovered that the snakes first make themselves completely flat and then move side to side; they glide (滑动) rapidly at a speed of between 26-33 feet per second, before leaping off. Once they take off, their bodies actually tilt (倾斜) at about a 25-degree angle relative to the airflow created by their flight. When they first leap, the snakes start to drop altitude to pick up speed. With the front of their bodies held stiff, they start a strange air-gliding dance, by moving from side to side. This turns their entire body into one big wing, allowing them to glide across long distances. The findings are not only exciting because they solve the puzzle of how the snakes are able to fly, but also because the same principles could be used to build small flying instruments. 5. What did the author learn from her experience?

The flying snakes that are native to South and South East Asia spend most of their lives in trees in the lowland tropical forests. They grow between 2-3 feet long and are about as wide as a human finger. As would be expected, the smaller and lighter ones are more able to “glide” for longer distances than the bigger and heavier ones. They are not the only wingless animals that can fly -- there are flying frogs that use similar gliding techniques to make their way across forests. 1. The new study shows that these snakes can fly because of A. the places they live C. the life habits they have 2. passage? a. The snakes first make themselves completely flat b. They glide rapidly at a speed of between 26-33 feet per second. c. Then they move side to side. d. After taking off, their bodies actually tilt at a certain angle. e. They start to drop altitude to pick up speed at their first leap. f. They turn their entire body into one big wing. A. a-f-d-e-c-b 3. B. a-c-b-e-d-f C. a-c-b-f-e-d D. a-f-d-b-c-e Which of the following is TRUE about the findings of the study? A. It made the scientists excited and puzzled. B. It popularised flying snakes. C. It can help with the building of small flying instruments. D. It taught the public more about snakes. 4. The best title for the passage is A. New Flying Animals C. The New Findings . B. Small Flying Instruments D. Flying Snakes (6)广告图表类 备忘录,简单记录了圣·奥古斯汀小学推行新的午餐计划的一些事宜。 Memo to: Parents Memo from: Administration Office, St. Augustine’s Elementary School Topic: Lunch Program and School Information Date: Tuesday, November 23, 2010 We would like to thank all parents and guardians for your cooperation as we carry out a new method of delivering our lunch program. So far the month-long test of the new system has gone smoothly. For your convenience, we have included a copy of the envelope below to allow you to record the days you have ordered lunch for your child. You can keep this copy at home for your reference. . B. the way they move D. the long bodies they have

Which of the following is the correct order to describe snakes’ flying according to the

Please note, lunches are prepared using the School Food Guidelines both in terms of items served and size. During the first two weeks some people wrote in additions to the menu, such as ordering extra items. Due to the logistics (后勤) involved and our limited volunteer base we are unable to fulfill these requests. Ordering process: This year we will distribute a two week lunch envelope. If you decide to order the meal offered on a given day, simply check the box in front of that meal choice. For example, if you choose seven meals over the two weeks, then please enclose (7 x $2.00) fourteen dollars ($14.00) in the envelope. Seal it, and return it to your child’s teacher. Please note that the cost for the lunch remains the same: $2.00 daily and includes fruit and milk. You will note that we have also reduced daily choices. For example on Fridays, we offered chicken burgers and hamburgers. This has been changed to chicken burgers on one week and hamburgers the following week. Food prepared according to special requests has also been changed. These items will now be prepared with the same ingredients. If your child does not like the lunch being served on a particular day please ensure that he/she has a packed lunch from home. Thank you for your attention on this matter and we look forward to working with you once again this year. Please return the attached envelopes by Thursday, December 2, 2011. 1. According to the passage, this Memo A. must be returned to the teachers C. is addressed to the parents 2. From the passage, we can learn that A. the school has enough volunteers C. the food served remains the same 3. 4. A. $ 14 It can be concluded that B. $ 56 . B. the lunches offered are quite . B. should be carried by the kids D. must be mailed to the school . B. special ordering services are not offered D. kids are not allowed to take their own food . C. $ 28 D. $ 48

If a parent chooses seven meals a week for two months, he or she should pay

A. the school cares a lot about the students’ health expensive C. students can eat lunches outside school

D. the school offers more daily choices

(7)时文报道类 喝瓶装茶是否还有益健康呢?科学家最近发现,瓶装茶中所含的茶多酚非常低,加上它 们的含糖量很高,因此瓶装茶远没有冲泡的茶水健康。

A study revealed that bottled tea contained very low levels of polyphenols (多酚类) compared to brewed (冲泡的) tea. In fact, the researchers found that in order to get the same benefits found in a single cup of brewed tea, in some cases the consumer would have to drink 20 bottles of bottled tea. Shiming Li, Ph.D. explained that consumers understood the health benefits from drinking tea. However, there is a huge gap between comprehending it and the actual amount of healthy nutrients they get from bottled tea. Bottled tea is not only poor in levels of health-improving ingredients for which tea is famous, but it often contains high quantities of sugar and other substances, many of which are what consumers may be trying to avoid. Li and his team measured the polyphenol levels in six brands of tea bought from supermarkets. Half of them contained “almost no antioxidants” while the rest had small quantities of polyphenols, which would most likely carry few health benefits, especially when the high sugar content was taken into consideration. The six teas contained: 81, 43, 40, 4 and 3 milligrams of polyphenols per 16-ounce bottle, compared to 50 to 150 milligrams found in 1 average cup of home-brewed black or green tea. Although bottled-tea makers do list polyphenol content on their labels, the amounts may be incorrect as there are no industry or government standards for measuring or listing the polyphenolic content. A regular tea bag may contain up to 175 milligrams of polyphenols. However, the polyphenol content drops when the bag is immersed into hot water. As manufacturers of bottled tea change their processes, polyphenol levels may also vary. Li said, “Polyphenols are bitter, but to target as many consumers as they can, manufacturers want to keep the at a minimum. The simplest way is to add less tea, which the tea polyphenol content low, but tastes smoother and Li used high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) study and he hopes this study will encourage similar use of bottled-tea makers to provide consumers with better nutritional information. 1. 2. The underlined word in Paragraph 2 means A. following B. understanding From the passage, we know that bottled tea B. tastes better than brewed tea C. does more harm than good D. should be banned 3. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A. Bottled tea does not match up to government standards. B. HPLC is widely used in analysing bottled tea. . C. practicing . D. requesting in HPLC bitterness makes sweeter.” his by

A. has a lower polyphenol content level than brewed tea

C. The polyphenol level of bottled tea can be improved. D. The polyphenol level increases if tea is brewed in hot water. 4. From the passage, we can infer that most customers A. do not know the benefit of drinking tea B. misunderstand the health benefits of bottled tea C. are offered detailed nutritional information D. are blinded by bottled tea makers (8)(流行时尚说明文) 现代科技产品和流行时尚给人们带来方便的同时也带来一系列健康问题 Do you have back pain or difficulty with your eyesight? If you do, you are likely to have a problem of posture, which can be solved if you ask a help from a doctor promptly. The conference on posture held in Rome this year has brought out the fact that an Italian out of four have posture problems. Back pain is certainly the typical disease deriving from a wrong posture, which can also cause other problems: sight problems, for example, which affect above all children. You might think that women are most affected by these problems, as they are more used to following the trends of fashion, which imposes the use of heavy bags, flat pumps or high-heeled shoes, but the latest conference of the Italian Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology has brought out the fact that men also have bad behavior. About two millions Italian men suffer from backache. Besides wrong shoes and the habits of keeping the wallet in the back pocket for a long time, hi-tech products can cause some serious problems: laptops, iPads, smartphones…all these electronic products together can weigh up to 5 kilos, while the maximum weigh to carry on shoulders should be 3 kilos. The handiness of modern netbooks can have negative consequences, as you can use them when you are lying down. However, it would be better to use them while seated, keeping your back straight and your shoulders relaxed. If you do not disregard the problem and you intervene in it in time, you can start having a right posture, perhaps doing posture correction exercises and more sport. A global posture re-education , a healthier lifestyle and a series of little devices might solve your back problems. 1.According to the meeting in Rome . A. back pain can be removed easily. B. 25% of the Romans suffer from back pain. C. all of the children have sight problems. D. a quarter of the Italians have a wrong posture. 2.From the second paragraph we can know that the trends of fashion can . A. bring the problem of back pain to women. B. make women more beautiful C. refer to the use of heavy bags and pumps. D. Help men to change their behavior. 3.Which of the following will probably lead to back pain? a. carrying something too heavy b. wearing high-heeled shoes for a long time c. being seated in a straight way .

d. using laptops in a wrong posture. e. sleeping all the day A. a , b , c B. b , c , d C. c , d , e D. a , b , d 4.According to the writer the posture problems happen A. only in Italy B. simply in Rome C. in the whole world D. just in China 5. The author writes this text mainly to tell us . A. wrong posture is the cause of many problems. B. the development of science. C. the happiness of our social life D. the modern lifestyle and devices.


(9)(家庭教育议论文) 父母的爱有时影响孩子的感情和成长 Many Chinese parents think as long as the child is watched by people, there is no danger. But from the start, when the child is born, he needs to communicate with others, especially the communication with parents. Many children in our country are growing up in the environment which lacks a sense of security and love. They want to get back the love lost in childhood but never catch it. On the one hand, Chinese like saving faces; on the other hand, they want to encourage their children to be aspirants(有抱负的人). They often say how hard somebody else is studying, how good their grades are, and what prize they get. This comparison is the worst thing especially when they say it before many people. Each time you compare your children to others, you will only bring them much disappointment and pain. Parents should knock at the door when they go into the room of their children. They should get permission before they move something of their children. Parents should first communicate with their children and consider their decisions. Parents should respect their children, and consider them as adults. This respect should begin from changing diapers. Before changing diapers for the children, parents should tell them. Children who do not be respected also do not know how to respect others. Many parents have high hopes for their children, and force them to the way that they think is right, even if the kids do not fit, or do not like, such as playing the piano or going abroad. Under this kind of pressure, children become unhappy and the quality time becomes a struggling period. When children recall their childhood, all memories are unhappy, which is indeed the failure of some parents. 1. The underlined pronoun “they”(in paragraph 1 )probably refers to “ ” A. The families B. The parents C. The children D. The teachers 2.Which of the following probably makes the child disappointed? A. Parents mustn’t enter the room if not permitted. B. Children’s decision is more important than parents’. C. Parents should show respect to their children. D. Children usually don’t know how to respect others. 3. In order to build a good parent-child relation, parents should . A. help choose the way for their children B. let their children choose the road of life

C. pay for their children to receive further study D. try their best to meet the needs of their children 4. According to this passage we can know that Chinese children’s childhood was A. unforgettable B. unsuccessful C. pleased D. unhappy


(10) (教育就业类) 考不上大学可以上美容培训学校容易就业 There are plenty of beauty schools throughout the country that can help to start a career in cosmetology(美容学). Nowadays, young people may not be able to afford a four-year college or it may not be something that they are interested in. Students are looking forward to attending a program of beauty schools where it will only take a few months to complete and start their careers right away to earn money. There can be many benefits of going to a cosmetology school. The expense is much less than that of attending a four-year university. Besides, attending a beauty school can gain hands-on experience which can appeal to many people. Some students are not thrilled at sitting all day listening to lecture and taking notes and then having to study at night. What’s more, most programs of beauty schools will always keep up with the changing trends and fashions. So you will always be working on different hairstyles which can give you a lot of experience throughout the years of your career. If you are worried about finding a job after graduation, many beauty schools will offer help for immediate job placement which is a benefit in itself and will give you peace of mind that your school will help you and not make you have trouble looking for a job. Most colleges and universities are not equipped to do that because of the enormous amount of graduates each year. Cosmetologists will also get a great salary. Your average salary from beauty schools will depend on your location, but you may earn a salary of $30000—$35000 a year. This is not including tips which could be $200 or more a week. Not only can young people go to a beauty school, but people of all ages can start this career. As you can see, there are many benefits of beauty schools that can be the perfect opportunity for anyone to become a great cosmetologist. 1. Some students prefer not to go to college probably because ________. A. they are interested in beauty schools. B. they don’t have enough money C. they are not young any longer D. they are too busy doing something useful 2. How many advantages does the second paragraph introduce to us? A. Five B. Two C. Three D. Six 3. We can learn from the third paragraph that ________. A. beauty schools can help find a job B. many people don’t go to university C. lots of students compete for beauty schools D. going to college costs a large amount of money 4. How much can you get at least a month as a cosmetologist? A. A. $3520 B. $3020 C. $4300 D. $3300 5. Which of the following can be the best title for this passage? A. The benefits of beauty schools B. The types of schools for children

C. The advantages of going to college

D. Going to college or beauty schools

(11) (应用文) 比较性质的英文创作网站介绍,介绍参赛选手的条件、目的和奖励情况 Strictly Shakespeare is a creative writing community and monthly competition site. Its aim is to encourage, stimulate and promote authors, poets and wordsmiths by offering fun challenges, a targeted and friendly community and contact network and an interactive forum for critiques, advice, opportunities and self advertising in a fun and informative manner. The website currently receives one thousand visitors a month but with some amazing work being submitted and shared regularly its workers want to increase that number to highlight the talents of aspiring and creative writers across the globe. Calling all writers: Are you a poet, aspiring author or lover of words? Strictly Shakespeare invites you to join it now. You don’t have to write like Shakespeare to enter it. Every month they hold creative writing contests in both poetry and prose based on a theme or prompt and then the TOP TEN finalists are revealed and public voting is open to determine the cash prize winners. Mission: It is to challenge and stimulate enthusiasts from all over the world and provide a forum to share and create. With thousands of visitors to the website, it is also great advertising for those who take part to earn the recognition they deserve and make contacts and new friends. Entries and prizes: It costs only £1.00 to enter our monthly trysts. It would prefer not to charge at all as they work out of passion as opposed to profit but by charging this minimal fee they can gather all the entry funds, which go into a cash jackpot prize for the winners at the end of each month. Rewards are therefore based upon the number of entries but they give away a minimum of £20.00 regardless. How to join: Simply visit the website www.strictlyshakespeare.com today, where you can browse through the amazing submissions of previous winners, take part in the forum or enter into the monthly competitions. Monthly timeline: 1st of the Month: Prompts/Themes are posted their “News” page and the contests OPEN! 14th of the Month: Competitions close at midnight. 17th of the Month: Top TEN finalists are revealed and public voting OPENS. 26th of the Month: Winners revealed and prizes distributed. 1. You’d like to pay a visit to Strictly Shakespeare probably because _______. A. you are very interested in strict literature B. there are many interesting advertisements C. the competition is challenging to you D. the community is crowded with many people 2. If you want to gain the cash prize you should ________. A. write like Shakespeare B. visit the site often C. cast a vote D. be judged by the public 3. From the fourth paragraph we can infer that _________. A. the website has to charge for the rewards B. visitors have to pay a lot for the winners C. Strictly Shakespeare makes much money D. people are free to take part in the trysts 4. You have to submit your contesting works _________. A. in the end of the month B. at midnight of the month C. in the first half of the month D. on the seventeenth of the month

5. Which of the following is TRUE about Strictly Shakespeare? A. About one thousand people visit it every year. B. Award-winning works will be shown on the website. C. It is only open to American literature lovers. D. A writing contest is held publicly every week. (12) (文学类) Director Ang Lee joked that his latest film Life of Pi in three years hit the four most notorious(臭名昭 彰) “vices” in the moviemaking process: kids, animals, water and 3-D, but reviews have said Lee’s Life of Pi is “one of the year’s most beautiful, original and adventurous pictures. ” Based on the best-selling novel by Yann Martel, Life of Pi tells the story of Pi, a young man who gets trapped at sea with a tiger after the ship carrying Pi’s family and his father’s zoo from India to Canada sinks. “Visually, Life of Pi, which mixes real tigers with computer-generated effects, is like nothing seen onscreen in some time,” movie critic Justin Chang wrote in his review for Variety magazine. “And the 3-D in particular is the best since perhaps Avatar.” Lee told the New York Film Festival audience that Life of Pi was extremely hard to make. Due to weather conditions and the difficulty of controlling animals, he said, only one-eighth of his planned shots were actually filmed. Regardless of arduous conditions, Lee was able to push an excellent lead performance from Sharma, a newcomer who originally accompanied his brother to the studio before landing the role of Pi himself. “By the end of it, I didn’t feel like I was acting anymore,” Sharma recently told a Hollywood reporter. “I was an instrument, of sorts, and Lee pulled the emotion through me. It just went in and came out.” The film isn’t perfect, though. The New York Times said there’s “a clunky(笨拙) moment of exposition at the end that feels entirely too on-the-nose. ” But we know what to expect from Lee, one of the most successful Chinese directors in Hollywood. One thing is for sure: he never disappoints. 60. The film Life of Pi was hard to make partly because _______. A. Lee was not familiar with 3-D B. it’s difficult to deal with animals C. there were too many shots to be filmed D. computer-generated effects were hard to produce 61. It can be inferred that Sharma ______. A. was not really acting in the film B. was turned into a machine by Lee C. had never expected to get the role of Pi D. went to Ang Lee to ask for the role of Pi 62. The underlined word “arduous” (in Paragraph 5) means _________. A. difficult B. excellent C. stable D. unfamiliar

63. We can learn from the last paragraph that ______. A. the ending of Life of Pi was quite disappointing B. Lee is a Chinese director who often confuses audiences C. Life of Pi tells people that life is full of clunky moments D. the New York Times was a little unsatisfied with the ending

2013 年福建省英语书面表达常见话题备考
一、话题:家庭、朋友与周围的人、学校生活、个人情感和人际关系 例 1: (2011 江苏卷)下面这幅照片展现了女儿为回家妈妈拿包的情景。请根据你对这幅照 片的理解用英语写一篇短文。 你的短文应包含以下内容: 1,描述照片内容,如情景、人物、动作,等等; 2,结合自身实际,谈谈你的感想; 3,举例说明你能为家长减负做些什么。 注意: 1,可参照图中文字及下面文章开头所给提示,作必要的发挥想 象。 2,词数 150 左右。开头已经写好,不计入总词数。 3,作文中不得提及考生所在学校和本人姓名。 The burden of students has been a hot topic for years,but the load of parents has received little attention,especially from their own children. The picture shows us a touching moment when a little girl comes to greet her working mom happily. Realizing her mom must be very tired after a day's work, the little girl helps to remove the bag from her shoulder. In response, the mom kneels down to show how thankful and delighted she feels. All this reminds me of my mother who has been doing whatever she could to let me have the best. But, totally engaged in my own study, I seldom pay attention to what mother needs and feels, and always thinks studying well is the only thing I could do in return. Now I know I can do my bit to help with the everyday washing, bedroom cleaning, or at least prepare breakfast myself, so as to share mother's daily burden. The picture convinces me it is even more important to be a good daughter than a "good" student. 例 2: (龙岩市质检) 目前,社会上出现父母为孩子包办一切的现象。这种现象引发诸多问题;如:孩子缺乏 独立处理问题的能力; 缺乏应对社会竞争的能力; 缺乏社会责任感……你怎样看待这种现象? 请根据以下要求, 写一篇题为“How Should Parents Help Children to Be Independent?”的短 文。 短文应包括:1.反映这种现象;2.谈谈这种现象造成的后果; 3.发表你的看法或提出你的建议。 注意:1.字数 120 左右。 2.开头部分已给出, 不计入总词数。 How Should Parents Help Children to Be Independent? Children are the apple of parents’ eyes, which is particularly true in single-child

families. However, Some parents go so far as to arrange everything for their children, from their daily life, their education, to their future. Such a phenomenon may bring about a lot of problems. Firstly, children may become too dependent on their parents and unable to deal with problems on their own. Secondly, they lack sense of social responsibility. What’s more, whenever facing the fierce social competitions, they feel at a loss and, as a result, can’t find a way out. As far as I am concerned, on one hand, parents should give their children enough freedom to make their own decisions and respect their opinions. On the other hand, parents should encourge their children to find their own ways to solve problems in life. 例 3:(2011 湖北卷)请根据以下提示,结合你校园生活中的一个事例,就与人合作这一话 题,用英语写一篇短文。 Working in groups at school is an opportunity to learn about team work. Teamwork shows us how other people’s roles fit the purpose of the group, and it teaches to be patient and how to respond to different people. 注意:①无须写标题,不得照抄英语提示语; ②除诗歌外,文体不限; ③内容必须结合校园生活中的一个事例; ④文中不得透漏个人姓名和学校名称; ⑤词数为 120 左右。 Years of school life has taught me a lot of things, of which teamwork is the most important for me. In fact, I didn’t realize its importance until I was chosen monitor of my class in my senior middle school. At first, I did most of the duties myself while other students cared little about class activities. As a result, I was tired out and depressed. Then I turned to my teacher and he advised me to cooperate with others. Thus I began to recognize the strengths of my classmates and have everyone do their part in class. It is working in teams instead of on my own that has freed me of trouble and made my work more efficient.

例 4: 【2012 山东淄博市重点中学一模备考英语规范测试】 你校正在开展“共建和谐校园”活动,你们班就“学生该做什么,不该做什么” 进行了讨论,请根据讨论内容写一篇英语短文。 Dos 待人诚实、守信 待人友好、乐于助人,尊敬他人 文明守纪、爱护校园环境 Don’ts 严禁撒谎、考试作弊 不要自私自利、言行伤人 根除迟到、乱吐、乱扔现象

个人建议:勿以善小而不为 注意:1. 词数120-150。 2. 不能逐字翻译;可适当增加内容,使文章行文连贯。 3. 文章开头已给出,不计入总词数。

参考词汇:吐痰—spit(v.); 和谐校园—a harmonious campus; The Harmonious Campus Project has become part of the education in our school. As for students, how should we behave ourselves? In our daily life, it is essential for us to form some good habits. First of all, we should be honest and faithful to others. Never tell lies or cheat in examinations. Secondly, respect each others. Don’t be selfish or hurt other’s feelings when talking. Thirdly, you have to avoid some bad habits, such as being late for school, throwing rubbish here and there or spitting in public. In general, it’s our duty to protect our own environment. In my opinion, we all hope that we will be a civilized student, do all that we should do, and do as much as we can to build our school into a harmonious campus.

例 5: 【2012 江苏卷】 生活中冲突时有发生。假设你班同学苏华和李江打篮球时发生争执,导致关系紧张。请 你结合此事,并根据以下提示,用英语写一篇短文,向学校英文报“Happy Teens冶专栏投稿。 简要描述事情的经过 分析发生冲突的原因 谈谈避免冲突的做法 打篮球、碰撞、争执,等等 1. 遇事不够冷静2. …… (请考生根据自己的经历或感想,提出至少两种做法)

注意: 1. 对所有要点逐一陈述,适当发挥,不要简单翻译。 2. 词数150 左右。开头已经写好,不计入总词数。 3. 作文中不得提及有关考生个人身份的任何信息,如校名、人名等。 Conflicts with others are common in everyday life. 【参考范文】 Conflicts with others are common in everyday life. During the basketball game yesterday afternoon, Su Hua and Li Jiang bumped into each other, trying to catch the ball. Then they started shouting and yelling, and it turned into a horrible quarrel. To be honest, it was Su’s fault but Li was also to blame—they were not calm enough and both said some really mean things. They cared too much about winning and losing. As a matter of fact, blocking, pushing and bumping are just part of a tough game. To avoid such conflicts, we should be kind to one another, which is essential to enjoying a harmonious life. It is also a virtue to forgive and forget, especially in such a competitive and stressful society. Instead of blaming each other, we should communicate more and put ourselves in others’place. Don’t be self-centered and try to be considerate. We must learn to handle conflicts calmly and wisely.

例 6: (厦门市质检)你们学校英语俱乐部组织“2011 年感动校园人物”的推荐活动,你 们班决定推荐李华。 请根据以下信息写一篇推荐他的发言稿。 Personality Moving deeds volunteer… Helpful…

donate… Reasons …


注意:1. 根据提示信息适当发挥; 2. 词数:120 词左右; 3. 开头和结尾已经写好,不计入总词数; 4. 文中不得透露考生和学校的真实信息。 Dear teachers, my fellow friends, It is a great honor for me to recommend Li Hua, monitor of our class, as the Touching Figure On Campus of 2011. With a loving character, LiHua is such a kind and helpful person as we cannot praise too much. Whenever there is a trouble, his timely encouraging words always push us forward. Yet what has impressed us most is his unconditional love to those unprivileged children. Knowing that some children had little access to reading materials, he started to donate books as early as junior high. Two years ago, he volunteered to teach English and painting in a small village during the summer vacation, which has inspired some other students to join in and thus helped open up a new world to those children as well. Proud enough, we strongly support Li Hua as the Touching Figure of 2011, for his selfless love that touches our heart, his perseverance that inspires us to keep going forward and his action that suggests even the smallest efforts can make a big difference to those in need. Thank you for listening. 例 7 (厦门市质检) 假定你是某中学生英语报的小记者,请根据漫画及内容要求写一篇英语 短文投稿。 内容要求:1. 描述漫画内容;2.发表个人感想。

注意: 1.短文标题已给出,不计入总词数; 2.考生可适当发挥,使文章内容充实、连贯; 3.词数120左右; 4.文中不能出现考生的具体信息。 Show More Concern For Others Most conflicts start because of inconsiderate behavior. As is shown in the picture, the lady downstairs gets mad at the loud noise coming from upstairs. Meanwhile, the happy but selfish neighbors enjoy their time, skipping rope, dancing or singing. This picture presents us with a common phenomenon in our daily life. It is rare that any of us in society lives by ourselves—we are a member of a group, which requires us to learn to be considerate and live in harmony with others. Besides, I strongly recommend that we deal with conflicts in a positive way. If I were the lady, I would choose to have a face-to-face talk with them and never take sleeping pills. I do believe that, if everyone had more concern for others, the world would be a pleasant place to live.

二、话题:个人情况、日常活动、兴趣与爱好、文娱与体育 、文学与艺术 例 1: 2004 北京卷 某学校对中学生课余活动进行了调查, 结果如下。 请根据图表 1 提供的信息描述学生每 天的课余活动,并针对图表 2 中任何一个数据中反映的情况写出你的一个看法。

生词:图表 chart Chart 1 shows the daily average amount of time the students of the school spend on different after-class activities. The students put the most time - 93 minutes- into their homework, and next in line is watching TV, which takes up 46 minutes. They put in about the same amount of time listening to music and working on the computer, 34 minutes and 30 minutes each. While 25 minutes is spent on sports, only 12 minutes goes into housework. As is shown on Chart 2, only 10% of the time is taken up with sports activities. I think the school should encourage the students to do more exercise after class. This way, they may be healthier and more energetic. 例 2: (06· 湖北) 受某英文报的委托,你最近对高中生的英语阅读兴趣做了一次调查。请根据以下信息, 用英语为该报写一篇 100 左右的短文。短文的标题及首句已为你写好。 调查内容:在新闻、故事、科普、学习方法四种英文文章中,学生最喜欢哪一种。 调查范围:湖北省的 10 所中学 调查对象:高中生 调查人数:1000 调查方式:访谈 错误!调查结果: (见下图)

【参考范文】 Reading Interests of Senior Middle School Students Recently a survey has been done to find out the reading interests of senior middle school students. In this survey, one thousand senior middle school students from ten schools in Hubei Province were interviewed. They were asked which they liked reading most among the four categories of English articles: news, stories, popular science articles and articles about learning methods. The survey shows that more than half of the students like to read news most. Twenty-six percent of the students say that English stories are their favorite. Only seven percent of the students are most interested in reading articles about learning methods. However, the number of students who enjoy reading popular science articles doubles that of those who prefer reading articles about learning methods. 例3: 【江苏省泰州市田家炳实验中学2012届高三下学期2月调研英语】书面表达 (满分 25分) 每年的 4 月 23 日是“世界读书日”。尽管在科技日益发达的今天,人们获取知识与信息 的途径有很多,我们还是鼓励更多的人阅读。 请以 Reading—A Bright Way to A Better life 为 题写一篇英语短文,要点必须包括下表中的信息。 阅读的好处 1、操作灵活,便于获取信息;扩大 视野…… 2、提升自身素养,利于人际交流…… 3、更好生存的手段…… 阅读需要 选择内容 良好习惯 长期坚持 你 1、喜欢阅读的内容(概括)…… 2、坚持阅读的体会……

注意:1)词数 150 左右。 2)不要纯粹照点翻译,要适当增加细节。 3)文中不能出现真实姓名与学校名称。 Reading—A Bright Way to A Better life Knowledge may be acquired through many ways, the best of which is reading. In the age of high technology, reading deserves to be paid attention to. _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 书面表达 Reading—A Bright Way to A Better life Knowledge may be acquired through many ways, the best of which is reading. In the age of high technology, reading deserves to be paid attention to. To begin with, it is the most flexible way of getting information. Many people think it not only helps them better understand society as well as nature, but also broadens their horizon. Additionally, reading, to some degree, is of great benefit to interpersonal communication apart from self-improvement. It can also enrich our life and bring people pleasure. What’s more, reading is also regarded by many as a means of better survival.

However, not every book is worthy of being read. Some may mislead readers. So keep in mind that choosing a good book is like making a good friend. Besides, reading is supposed to be done in a proper period of time, for example, in our spare time, thus not disturbing our work or study. As long as we insist on reading, we can get improved gradually. Personally, I appreciate reading classical literature in my spare time, which provides me with a thorough understanding of life and society. Through practicing reading between the lines and beyond the lines, I find my comprehension ability stably improved. Perhaps in the near future, I’m not merely a reader but also a writer. 例 4: (江苏省宿迁市 2007—2008 学年度高三年级第三次调研测试) 假设下面是你们学校对学生课外阅读情况所作的调查。请根据下面的图表为某报社写一 篇有关这次调查的报道,并适当发表你自己的看法。 图 学生阅读各类书籍的比例 表 没看过文学名著的原因 原 因 百 分 比(%) 48 20 12 20

1. 没有时间 2. 书太厚,没有耐心 3. 不喜欢文学 4. 对考试无用 要求:1.字数 150 左右。

2. 短文中已写好了的部分,不计入词数。

【参考范文】 Recently our school has had a survey on reading. It shows that 45 percent of the students spend their time reading textbooks after school. 30 percent of the students choose to read cartoons in their leisure time. However, only 10 percent enjoy reading literature. Why are so many students unwilling to spend some time in reading serious works? According to the survey, 48 percent of the students say they have no enough time because they have too much homework to do. Some complain that literature works are so thick that they have hardly enough patience to finish them. Others who only concentrate on how to get high scores simply admit that reading literature won’t help them at all with their exams. In fact, as far as I’m concerned, books play an important role in our life. Literature works help us learn the customs and cultures in the past and at present, at home and abroad. It provides us with good examples of writing. 例 5: 【2011· 江苏南通第三次模拟】 书面表达 (满分 25 分) 假设最近某校就同学们的习惯养成问题展开了广泛的讨论。请你根据下表所提示的信 息,用英语写一篇题为 A good habit, a successful life 的短文,发表在该校的网站上。 1.及时预习; 2.认真听课; 良好的学习习惯 3.独立作业; ……


1.健康饮食; 2.经常锻炼; 3.珍惜时间; …… (请考生结合自身认识,给出一至两点) (请考生结合自身感受,给出一至两点)

为何要养成良好习惯 如何改掉不良习惯

注意: 1.对所给要点逐一陈述,适当发挥,不要简单翻译。 2.词数 150 左右。开头已经写好,不计入总词数。 3.作文中不得提及考生所在学校和本人姓名。 A good habit, a successful life A habit is something that you do often or regularly almost without thinking, especially something that is hard to stop doing. _____________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ______ 书面表达 One possible version: A good habit, a successful life A habit is something that you do often or regularly almost without thinking, especially something that is hard to stop doing. Good habits of learning, such as previewing what you will study, listening to teachers attentively in class, completing given assignments by yourself and reviewing what you’ve learned in time, will help you acquire more knowledge and improve your skills. Meanwhile, good habits of living will make you develop soundly, both physically and mentally. Therefore you must attach importance to healthy food, constant exercise, reasonable schedules and eyesight protection. Good habits contribute to our success. Once a good habit is formed, it will give us power to control ourselves. While we are making efforts to form good habits, we should try to kick bad habits. Though bad habits are hard to get rid of, yet we all know where there is a will, there is a way. If we insist on behaving ourselves properly, we are sure to remove them. Do remember good habits will give us a successful life. 三、 话题: 旅游和交通、热点话题、 社会法规 例 1:(山东省平邑县高考补习学校 2010 届高三 1 月阶段性质量检测) 假如你班在“珍爱生命,拒闯红灯”教育活动中,召开了一次主题班会。请你根据下表内 容,用英语写一篇短文。 行人(passer-by)闯红灯的危害 妨碍交通,影响车辆的正常行驶 容易引发事故,危及他人和自身的生命安全 。。(自己设想) 。。 对行人闯红灯的处罚措施 批评教育,让其一是到闯红灯的危害性 当场给与警告并罚款

。。(自己设想) 。。 注意:1.内容可适当发挥,注意行文连贯。 2. 参考词汇:jaywalk 乱穿马路, 3.字数:120-150 【参考范文】 Recently we held a class meeting to discuss the problem of passers-by crossing the street while the traffic light id red. As we can see, some passers-by don’t obey traffic rules and jaywalk frequently. This blocks traffic, seriously affects drivers and causes accidents to happen, endangering the safety of passers-by and drivers. In a word, jaywalking produces negative effects and does not help develop good social behavior. It is really a pity to see all this in our society. To deal with the situation, the government has taken some measures. When caught jaywalking, the passers-by are criticized so that they will become aware of the dangers of doing so, or they are fined on the spot. Sometimes the traffic police will report jaywalkers at their workplace and expose them to the public. However, it will still take a long time to stop passers-by from jaywalking. We should start from ourselves right now.


例 1:(2011 湖南高考英语书面表达) Directions: write on English composition according to the instructions given below in Chinese. 假设你参加所在年级的英文写作比赛,请按照要求完成一篇短文: 1.简要描述下图内容,并点明主题; 2.联系实际,表达该图带给你的启示。

注意:1.词数不少于 120 个; 2. 不能使用真实姓名和学校名称。 A drop of water is only a drop of water, but when a great many drops of water join together a river will come into being. And when rivers come together they will form a

sea. As is in the same way, a tree is only a tree, many trees, however, will become a wood. And when seeral woods lie one by one, they will be called a forest. As is known to everyone, a forest is a home for all kinds of animals and plants. From the above, we can understand that one person can not do many things. But when many people come together, they can form a society. In a society, people are related to one another, help one another. In this way, we can make a harmonious society in which we can live a happy life.
例 2: 最近,某城市因修建地铁拟移走 200 多棵古树,此事引发了市民广泛的关注和激 烈的争论,褒贬不一。 请你以”Should the old trees make way for the underground?” 为题写一篇 短文,内容包括正反两方的观点(至少各两个)以及你的看法。 注意:1.字数 120 左右。 Should the old trees make way for the underground? More than 200 old trees will be removed to make way for the underground in a city, which has caused wide public concern and a heated argument. Some people argue that with the population increasing, our city needs the underground to develop further. The old trees should be removed and planted in other places. Besides, more young trees will be planted in the city. However, others say that the old trees are imortant to the city, for they provide shade and help clean the air. More importantly, the old trees have exisited for many years and have become a unique part of the city. And no one can be sure the old trees will survive after being removed. Personally, I think our city should develop on condition that valuable ancient things are protected well. 例 3: (江苏省盐城中学 2008 届高三上学期期末模拟考试) 可持续发展已成为全球共识, 如何实行可持续发展是摆在世人面前的重大课题。 请就下面表 格所提供的内容进行陈述并谈谈你的看法。 自然资源日趋减少,环境问题依然严重,人的环保观念淡 薄,贫富差距越来越大。 1. 制定了相关的法律法规 2. 投入大量资金改善环境 3. 对 民众进行教育 4.加强了国际间相互合作。 ……

目前的状况: 已采取的做法: 你的看法:

注意:1. 不要逐条翻译。 2. 文章的开头部分已给出。 3. 可适当发挥。 4. 词数:150 左右。 Note: 差距:gap 相关的法律: relevant laws 【参考范文】 The idea of sustainable development has been accepted by the world. How to keep sustainable development is a big problem facing our planet.

The present situation is worrying. First, natural resources are becoming less than before. Second, as some people are not aware of the importance of the environmental protection, the problems with it remain extremely serious to some degree. The gap between the rich and the poor has the tendency to become wider and wider. To our great joy, many countries have taken action. On one hand, they have made relevant laws and regulations and put large amounts of money to the environmental protection. One the other hand, popularized education as well as international cooperation is being carried out. As for myself, I should take the responsibility to devote myself to sustainable development, because we have only one home. 五、人生规划 下面这幅图片反映了当今年轻人在人生道路的选择上会遇 到的困惑。请根据你对这幅图片的理解用英语写一篇短 文。 你的短文应包含以下内容: 1.描述图片的内容; 2.结合自身实际,谈谈你的感想; 3.举例说明你现在怎样为将来的选择做准备。 注意: 1.可根据图片和文字的提示,作必要的发挥想象。 2.词数 120 左右。开头已经写好,不计入总词数。 3.作文中不得提及考生所在学校和本人姓名。 One possible version: Young people are often at a loss when it is up to them to choose their way of life. In the picture, we can see a man walking on the road of life, facing many choices and wondering which way to take. In our daily life, we often have similar situations and have to make decisions independently. In order to make a decision that we won’t regret, we should follow these two principles: thinking before acting and never missing any opportunities that arise. On one hand, we should have an objective judgment about ourselves while maintaining a clear idea about the world around us. On the other hand, opportunity is open to everyone and we should make good use of it when it comes. “Opportunities are only for the prepared minds.” In my opinion, as high school students, we should value our time in school and get prepared for the future. When faced with choices, we should remember that using the mind and taking advantage of good opportunities will lead to success. (153 words) 六、网络语言 目前,一些诸如 GG、MM、Xia Mi 等的网络语言在青少年中极为盛行。你校学生会在同学 中就对网络语言的看法进行了调查,调查结果见下面饼状图(pie chart) 。请根据图中信息, 用英语写一篇短文,介绍同学们的看法,并表达你自己的观点。 注意:1. 短文的开头已为你写好。 2. 词数 120 左右。

25% 使网上聊天更 快捷方便 幽默 33% 充满智慧 没有思想性,太简单; 7% 没有被大多数人接受; 过多使用会使人不解, 甚至误 解

35% 生动、时尚

One possible version: At present, Internet slang, such as “GG”, “MM”, “Xia Mi”, has become popular among the teenagers. According to a survey conducted by our Students’ Union, students’ opinions on this issue are divided. Most of the students are in favor of Internet slang. About 35% of the students hold the view that Internet slang is vivid and fashionable. Another 33% of them enjoy its humor and intelligence. And a quarter of the students believe it makes chatting on the Internet more convenient. However, there are 7 % of the students thinking Internet slang lacks depth of thought and is too casual. In addition, it is hard for most people to understand and accept this kind of slang. If it is used too much in a passage, it may make readers confused, and even cause misunderstanding. In my opinion, living in the Information Age, if we are not familiar with Internet slang, we are likely to fall behind.


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