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Pygmalion, a gifted artist, dislikes local women. He spends much time creating a stone statue of a beautiful woman.

He falls in love with the statue and goes to the Greek Goddess Aphrodite [,?fr?u'daiti] 阿佛洛狄特(爱 与美的女神) to ask her to bring the statue to life.

As a result of his prayers, his wish is granted and the statue is made into a real woman. The two marry and live happily ever after.

Have you ever heard of the “Pygmalion Effect ”?

The Pygmalion Effect is that people tend to behave as you expect they will. If you expect a person to take responsibility, they probably will. If you expect them not to even try, they probably won’t. 皮格马利翁效应也被总结为:“说你行 ,你就行,不行也行;说你不行,你就 不行,行也不行。”

心理学家莫顿(Robert Merton)将 此现象名之为“自我实现的预言”。这 也就是在名剧《窈窕淑女》(My Fair Lady)中为人所熟知的“皮格马利翁效应” (Pygmalion effect)。

1. Have you seen the film My Fair Lady ? 2. Who wrote the play?

George Bernard Shaw

A brief introduction to Shaw
George Bernard Shaw, Irish dramatist, literary critic, a socialist spokesman, and a leading figure in the 20th century theater. Shaw was a freethinker, defender of women’s rights, and advocate提倡者, 拥护者 of equality of income. In 1925 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for George Bernard Shaw Literature. Shaw accepted the (1856-1950) honour but refused the money. He was a very humorous playwright.

This play “My fair lady” (窈窕淑女)by

George Bernard Shaw (萧伯纳) is an
adaptation改编 of this Greek myth(神话). Although there is no character called Pygmalion in the play, it is about the same theme 主题。

The play by Shaw has the same theme as the Greek story.

the myth

the play

What is the theme of the play?

Reading Pygmalion
Act One

Fateful meetings

Act One
This text is mainly about the first

experience of Eliza meeting with ___.
A. Professor Higgins

? D. a gentleman

B. Colonel Pickering
C. Professor Higgins and Colonel Pickering

1 2 3

What are the main characters of this act?

What do they do respec -tively?

What are they doing at the beginning of the play?

Tip: Some information is included in the stage directions, like the character, time, place, weather, lighting, etc.

Eliza Doolittle(E): a poor flower girl who

is ambitious to improve herself.
Professor Higgins(H): an expert in

phonetics, convinced that the quality of a person’s English decides his/her position in society.
Colonel Pickering(P): an officer in the army and later a friend of Higgins ’ who sets

him a task.

Fast reading
when 11:15,PM in 1914 where who London, England

Eliza, Professor Higgins, Colonel Pickering fateful meetings


1. Eliza greeted to the gentleman in order to _______.

2. Why did Eliza begin to cry? Because _______.

3. Professor Higgins believed that he could judge a person by _______.

1. Eliza greeted to the gentleman in order to _______.


A. talk with him B. ask him to buy some flowers from her C. ask him to teach her D. beg some money from him

2.The flower girl cried when she found Higgins making notes because
A. She thought she did something wrong. B. She thought she didn’t have the right to sell flowers. C. She didn’t want Higgins to write down what she said. D. She thought Higgins was a policeman in disguise and wanted to arrest her.


3. Professor Higgins believed that he could judge a person by _______.

A. his appearance B. his action


C. his conversation D. his manners

Comprehending Character Position Evidence in the play in society
Behaviour: respectful _______ to people of higher class


Lower class

Language: calls gentleman “sir” and “cap’in” ___________ (or captain) which is a compliment

Character Position Evidence in the play in society rude to Behaviour: _____ polite to lower class; _____ same or upper class Middle Henry class Language: calls Higgins you silly girl Eliza “___________” and Pickering my dear man “________________”


Position in society

Evidence in the play Behaviour: generally polite confident and ______; ignores Eliza but _______ Language: prepared conversation to begin a __________ with Henry, whom he does not know; generous with praise to him

Colonel Pickering

Upper class

Choose those adjectives in the list which best describe each character in the play. Impatient kind polite rude confident anxious eager enthusiastic ambitious (有雄心的) emotional (易于动感情的,情绪化的)

self-important(妄自尊大的) generous unsure (没自信的) superior (傲慢的)

impatient, rude, confident, superior, self-important
kind, polite, generous, enthusiastic, eager, confident

anxious, eager, emotional, ambitious, unsure

Character Quote from the play What it shows
Henry Higgins

Look at this girl with her terrible English: the English that will condemn her to the gutter to the end of her days.

1. He is arrogant (傲慢的). 2. He thinks the use of correct English grammar matters. 3. He thinks the girl can never overcome this problem.

Character Quote from the What it shows play


Thank you, sir. 1. Eliza is respectful to people of a higher Hey! I ain’t social class than her done nothing (sir). wrong by 2. She is aggressive (敢做敢为的)when speaking to defending herself. that 3. She is sensitive(敏 gentleman. 感的) about how I’ve a right to she appears to others. sell flowers.

Character Quote from the What it shows play

That’s quite Colonel brilliant! How did you do Pickering that, may I ask?

1. Modest. In truth he is an authority (权威) on Indian languages. 2. He is prepared to learn from others. 3. He ignores Eliza but speaks to Henry as they are social equals.

Listening 1. Eliza was selling some flowers when Higgins first met her. T 2. She succeeded in selling some dead flowers to Huggins for some small change. F 3. Huggins wrote down her name and address. F 4. Huggins was good at judging people from their own speech. T

5. Huggins could earn a lot for his job. T 6. Huggins promised to find her a good job. F 7. Either man had planned to meet the other although they didn’t know each other. T

Making the bet (Act Two)

Act Two
1. This text is mainly about Henry Higgins and Colonel Pickering _________ about teaching Eliza. A. making a conversation B. quarreling C. making a bet D. fighting

2. Eliza came to visit Henry Higgins and Colonel Pickering in order to let them _________ A. give her some money B. give her a job as a flower shop’s assistant C. teach her to speak well D. have a bath

3. Aliza only offered them ________ if they could teach her. A. 1 shilling C. nothing B. 2 shillings D. 3 shillings

4. Henry Higgins and colonel Pickering

finally decided to _______ Eliza. A. throw back B. teach C. beat D. only teach her how to speak

5. Eliza refused to have a bath, from what she said, we can infer that she lived a ________ life. A. miserable B. happy C. free D. dirty

Changing Eliza

Things that need to changed

How to make the changes

1. Eliza’s clothes 2. Eliza’s hygiene 3. Eliza’s behaviour

1. Buy new ones 2. Give her baths 3. Learn how to walk and behave in upper class social activities

Things that need to changed

How to make the changes

4. Her language: ★ grammar ★pronunciation ★ use of appropriate language (eg no swearing)

4. Have lessons to help her with all three problems: ★ learn the rules ★ practise repeating words till correct ★ learn socially safe topics to discuss

What other things can show one’s status in society?
speaking or behavior clothes how many foreign languages spoken or countries visited



expensive possessions

education level

(like cars and jewellery)

Pygmalion ---My Fair Lady
Act Three

Testing Eliza(1) The Ambassador’s Garden Party (2)

At Mr. Higgins’ home, Eliza was introduced to Higgins’ mother and two other guests Clara and Freddy Hill. Eliza looked all right, and her dress, pronunciation (发音) and manners had been improved, but she gave herself away (暴露了自己的身份) . Eliza tried to make suitable polite conversations(谈话), but she talked about the weather like a weather girl and accused someone of killing (指责 某人谋杀)her aunt for a hat, which was not reasonable(合理的).

The Ambassador’s Garden Party (2)
The ambassador and his wife thought Eliza was a princess(公主) because she looked beautiful and her English was so good. Mr. Pommuck, the interpreter(口译者) for the ambassador could speak 32 languages and was good at discovering(发现) what country people came from. But he thought of Eliza as a Hungarian princess, because she spoke English perfectly(完美地). This time she was a great success. However, she couldn’t bear(忍受) people’s staring at her, which causes her a lot of stress(压力).

At the beginning of the act, these main sheltering characters were _________from a heavy rain. When Eliza realized Higgins was taking notes she mistook him for ___________ ________. a policeman in disguise She asked to look at the note, only to find the writing unreadable. Then Higgins read it imitating _______ her in his voice and decided where Eliza came from. Colonel Pickering, who had been watching Eliza, cut in and asked Higgins how he was able to do that.

Higgins said he was studying and ________ classifying phonetics and was making an income by teaching people to improve their speeches _______. Then Higgins said Eliza, if educated to speak properly, could _____________ pass herself off as a duchess at an ambassador’s garden party or as a shop assistant .Eliza was pleased at his remark but he _______her. As the two men ignored left to celebrate ________their unexpected meeting,

Eliza was determined to find Higgins the next day to ask him to teach her to speak“___________ English”. So act one authentic of the play is an account of the ______ fateful meetings of the poor flower girl Eliza Doolittle, Professor Higgins and Colonel Pickering.

1. …的改编 2. 渴望去做 3. 相信… 4. 四面八方 5. 避雨 6.记笔记 7. 把…当作… 8. 乔装 9. 移交

1. an adaptation of 2. be ambitious to 3. be convinced that 4. in all directions 5. hide/shelter from the rain 6. make notes of 7. take…for… 8. in disguise 9. hand over

10. 以…的声音说 10. in a/an …voice

11. 错了 12. 看起来迷惑 13. 每次 14. 使某人注定 15. 改变或冒充… 16. 与某人相识 17. 一把…

11. make a mistake 12. look confused 13. every time 14. condemn sb to 15. pass…off as 16. make one’s acquaintance 17. a handful of 18. in amazement

18. 震惊

19. 通常来说 20. 就…来说 21. 显示…的社会地位 22. 除了

generally speaking
in terms of show one’s status in society apart from


in conversation

25. 带…进来

fancy oneself as

26. 记录…
27. 前几天

make records on
the other day

28. 把某人当下贱人看待

treat sb like dirt
neither…nor… once more in need of fade out

30. 再一次


1.Generally speaking, women love longer than men. 2.He passed his sister off as a doctor. 3.It was a good year for fims, in terms of both quantity and quality. 4.I made his acquaintance at a party. 5.She was terrified of saying something that would make her betray herself. 6.I remember her name but can’t place her face. 7.The books in the library are classfied by subject. 8. Sweat poured from Martin’s face.

1.His smile faded out as soon as he heard the news. 2. I want to take away the book which you showed me yesterday. 3. Tell me the story once more.

1.All of us are waiting to hear the final o______ utcome of the discussion. 2. Only a h________ of brave people can take andful part in the bullfight in Spain. 3. The new computer is technically s________ uperior to its competitors. 4. She was p___________ ronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. lassics such as Gone with the 5. English c________ Wind are deeply loved by Chinese people.

6.The _________ adaptation (改编)of the play for radio was easily done.
7.Two men formed a ________to rob the bank. plot hesitate (犹豫)to ask her to sit 8.He did not________ beside him. 9.____________ Troublesome (使人心烦)financial problems depressed him. 10.The part of the arm between the elbow and pper shoulder is called the u________ arm.

11. He was appointedambassdor __________ to Japan.

12.I really like the antique ______ much better than modern art. 13.If you thought he should be impolite,you mistaken (错了) were ________.
14. She was terrified of saying something that etray would make her b________ herself. 15. The books in the library are classified _________ by subject. 16. Sweat p______ oured from Martin’s face.

In return in trouble in disguise in amazement in pain in delight in shock

1. The wan we regarded as a policeman was actually ____________. in disguise 2. The boy who got the first prize looked around him ___________. in delight 3. She stared at the priceless antique ring _________________. in amazement 4. After the terrible accident, she was in shock for a long time. __________

In return in trouble in disguise in amazement in pain in delight in shock

5. After George slipped and broke his leg, he was ___________ for many weeks. in pain
6. He gave me a musical box at my birthday party, and I gave him a in return wonderful new coat ________.

7. When Sam broke his older brother’s new cellphone, he knew he was in _______. trouble

Henry Higgins and Colonel Pickering are sitting deep in conversation.
亨利· 希金斯和皮克林上校下坐着专心地谈话。

deep in意为“专心于”, “全神贯注于”, “深陷于”等, 后接名词。
(1)埋头工作 (2)沉思着 (3)债台高筑

deep in work
deep in thought

deep in debt
deep in one’s book (s)


The emperor liked travelling in disguise.
in return in trouble in danger in pain in delight in shock 作为报答 处于困境中 在危险中 疼痛 高兴,欢喜 震惊

in short


Plot hesitate classify dismiss betray antique fortune uncomfortably

1.She claimed she was unfairly __________ dismissed from her job by her merciless boss. 2. You don’t have to spend a ____________ fortune to give your family tasty, healthy meals.
3. The books in the library are ____________ classified according to different subjects. 4. The detective film is well organized in plot terms of _______.

Plot hesitate classify dismiss betray antique fortune uncomfortably

5. After taking the medicine, he suddenly felt _________________. uncomfortable 6. For years they had been _________ betraying state secrets to Russia.
7. Don’t _________ hesitate any more, start out early and start back early. antiques 8. Priceless ___________ were destroyed in the big fire.

Pass…off as… make one’s acquaintance in amazement in terms of generally speaking show…in in need on fade out 1. She watched a bright object flying through the dark sky __________________. in amazement in terms of 2. The job is suitable for me _______________ salary, but it has its disadvantages.
3. George found that a few words on the screen ___________ faded out and then the screen blacked out. your 4. ---I’m delighted to make ___________, Mr. Smith. acquaintance ---Me, too.

Pass…off as… make one’s acquaintance in amazement in terms of generally speaking show…in in need on fade out Generally speaking 5. ______________________, he is perfect except for his carelessness. 6. He escaped by ________ passing himself _______ off as a guard. show you ______. in 7. I will ______ You can visit our new decorated house before we leave here. 8. The people living in the disaster area are in need of more food and tents after the ___________ terrible earthquake.

Official brilliant betray condemn raise abroad compromise disgust overlook effective Members of Chinese communities and ambassadors condemned across Canada have 1__________ some Taiwan officials especially Chen Shuibian’s “move” to 2________, seek “Taiwan independence”. The Taiwan government sent a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki—Moon in July, 3________ raising an application to join the United Nations in the name disgusting act offended people at of “Taiwan”. The 4__________ home and 5____________. By doing that, they abroad

Official brilliant betray condemn raise abroad compromise disgust overlook effective they 6________their former principles. They betrayed 7__________ overlooked the fact that “There is only one China in the world and both Taiwan and the Chinese mainland belong to one China”. We shall never 8_____________ compromise to split China. brilliant We are sure that Chinese 9___________ effective leaders will take 10_____________ measures to handle the attention-getting issue.

根据中文意思完成句子。 我前几天在街上偶然碰到玛丽了。 other day I _____________Mary in the street the _________. ran across met with/ ran into 2.她伪装成记者去参观农场。 passed herself off She _________________as a journalist to visit the farm. 3.今年的电影无论从数量上还是从质量上都优于去年。 to those of The films of this year are superior ___________ in terms of last year, ____________ both quantity and quality. 4.我很高兴认识你这个朋友。 make your acquaintance I am happy to _________________________.

5.我们应该把钱捐给那些需要帮助的人。 We should donate money to those who are in need of help ________________. 6.他毫不犹豫地接受了这份工作。 without any hesitation He accepted the job _________________. 7. 弗雷德被误认为是大使,于是许多人都想办法 要与他结识. was mistaken for When Fred ___________________ an ambassador, many people tried to make his acquaintance __________________________.

8. 会谈结果是双方和解, 最后达成了协议. outcome The _________ of the conversation is a compromise _________________ reached by both sides. 9. 伊莱扎让人烧掉了那些令人作呕的衣服, 以 便能够开始她作为淑女的新生活. had those disgusting clothes burned Eliza ______________________________ so that she could begin a new life as a lady. 10. 不要把我的工作说成是你自己的, 这不公 平. pass my work off as your own. It Don’t __________________ isn’t fair.

1. He stared at me _____________ in amazement for my sudden appearance. 2. I went to visit a museum in our city _______________. the other day 3. The idea seemed to _________ fade out and the club was never formed. 4. Your visit will _____________ the sting(刺) of her sorrow. take away In terms of money, he's quite rich, but not in terms of 5. _________ happiness. passed glass _______a off as 6. He_______ gem stone and sold it to a buyer. 7. The friendly host and hostess______ show their guests _____ in the party room. in need of water 8. They made every effort to save the crops _________ on this dry land. Generally speaking 9. _________________,youths of sixteen are too young for such work. 10. I'm very pleased to ______ make your ___________. acquaintance disguise in fact , he hated her a lot. 11. He sent her a blessing in ________, once more and I 12. I failed in the experiment, I decided to do it _________ believe I will make it. Company Logo

Fill in the blanks with the proper words :

1.You should look up the right pronunciati ________ (发音) of this word in the dictionary. fficer 2.A police o_______ came to our help when our car broke down on the way. 3.If you ____________( hesitate 犹豫)too much, you’ll lose the game. ondemned as an 4.The law has been c___________ attack on personal liberty. 5.The new____________( ambassador 大使 ) is highly experienced in international diplomacy.

1.The _________ (改编)of the play for radio was adaptation easily done. plot 2.Two men formed a ________to rob the bank. hesitate(犹豫)to ask her to sit beside 3.He did not________ him. Troublesome 4.____________ (使人心烦)financial problems depressed him. outcome (结果)of a large 5.This book was the _________ amount of scientific work. 6.The part of the arm between the elbow and shoulder is called the u________ arm. pper 7. He was appointed ambassdor __________ to Japan. 8.I really like the antique ______ much better than modern art. 9.If you thought he should be impolite,you were mistaken ________.(错了)

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