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《普通高等学校招生全国统一考试说明》中的词汇表是命题人的主要依据,而 这个词汇表只提供了英语单词或短语的拼写形式,未有词性和词义。这就给命题 人提供了广阔的活动空间, 给他们减少了很多限制,但却给考生增加了几倍的难 度。因为英语中的一词多义多性现象是普遍存在的。 例如: 1.2011 年全国卷中第 26 题: We didn't

plan our art exhibition like that but it_____ very well. A.worked out B.tried out C.went on D.carried on

2. It is wise to have some money___________for old age.(NMET 1996, 21) A. put away B. kept away C. given away D. laid up

3. The fact that she never apologized ___________ a lot about what kind of person she is.(2008 山东,28) A. says B. talks C. appears D. declares

4.Though having lived abroad for years, many Chinese still ___________ the traditional customs.(2008 湖北,23) A. perform B. posses C. observe D. support

5.The present situation is very complex, so I think it will take me some time to ___________ its reality.(2008 湖北,27) A. make up B. figure out C. look through D. put off

6. William found it increasingly difficult to read, for his eyesight was beginning to ______.(2011 新课标卷 34 题) A. disappear B. fall C. fail D. damage

7. Encourage your children to try new things. But try not to_______them too hard. A. draw B. strike C. rush D. push

8. 山东卷 2009:-Do you have enough to _______all your daily expenses? -Oh ,yes, enough and to spare. A. cover B. spend C, fill D. offer

9. Some parents are just too protective. They want to _______their kids from every kind of danger, real or imagined. A. spot B. dismiss C, shelter D. distinguish


考例 1(请看题中的黑体字部分) : I remember how43(happy) I was when I saw the tray stand near the tables, it looked different from the one I was 44(trained) on. It had nice handles, which made it45 (easier) to move around. I was pleased with everything and began to46(believe) I was a natural at this job. (2008 全国卷Ⅰ完型填空) 考例 2: Which of the following is TURE about Cisneros in her

Childhood?(2008 天津卷阅读 A 篇) A. She had seven bothers. B. She felt herself a nobody.

C. She was too shy to go to school. D. She did not have any good teachers. 考例 3: What does the underlined sentence “Television has not killed reading, however” in the second paragraph suggest? (2008 安徽卷阅读理 解 D 篇) A. People only need reading though. B. Reading is still necessary today. C. Reading is more fun than television. D. Watching television doesn’t help reading. 考例 4: She rode the rest of the way home 52(wearing) a happy smile, with the money she’d lost earlier 53(forgotten).(2008 重庆卷完型填空) 该类试题主要分为两种情况: 一是所测单词或短语的意义在教材或考试大纲 中的词汇表中只提供了英语单词的拼写形式和词性,而没有词义。二是教材和词 汇表上都没有提供考查词汇的意义,这个意思对考生来说是全新的。由于目前高 考词汇的限制和熟词生义的易忽略性, 同时这类题目能较好地测试考生灵活运用 语言的能力, 又与高考试题命题要求之一——创新相一致,故这类熟词生义的题


目一直受到命题者的亲睐。 如何才能提高解答这类题目的准确性呢?笔者认为, 首先考生在平时的学习 中要注意对单词或短语的基本意义的理解和领会,做到活学活用;其次,在复习 时应细读词汇表,对上面自己不知道或较生疏的词义要查漏补缺,加强记忆,尽 量掌握,力求消化,同时更重要的是要加强阅读。在阅读中既要对文中出现的熟 词生义现象有深刻领会并牢记, 又要加强在具体的上下文语境中推测生词意义的 练习。通过大量的课内外阅读训练,培养语感,扩大词汇量,提高灵活运用语言 的能力。在平时的学习中,要注意对语言意义的理解、领会和类推,以达到灵活 运用。

一 选择最佳答案

1. The war___________the king 3,000 soldiers. A. killed B. cost C. beat D. lost

2. In the long march, the Red Army ___________ 25,000 li, getting through all the hardships. A. passed B. ran C. crossed D. covered

3. It will ___________ me great pleasure to have dinner with you. A. afford B. spare C. show D. allow

4. His mother is a famous singer and he has a ___________of music. A. ability B. present C. power D. gift

5. They are in great trouble, so they want help ___________. A. badly B. very C. greatly D. well

6. Most of the countries in the world don’t ___________the government of Taiwan. A. realize B. regard C. announce D. recognize

7. ___________came that Beijing won the bid for 2008 Olympic Games and all the Chinese people felt very proud. A. Words B. Word C. Message D. Idea

8. The old man was really ___________ when Johnbroke his favorite tea cup.

A. calm

B. nervous

C. cross

D. interested

9. In modern times, people have to learn to ___________ all kinds of pressure although they are leading a comfortable life. A. keep with B. stay with C. meet with D. live with

10. Under the chair the police found a ticket ___________“From New York to Boston”. A. writing 二 B. reading C. telling D. speaking


1.We spent the whole afternoon walking about town. 2. Tom accepted her explanation. 3.It takes a couple of minutes for the drug to act. 4 .“They don't know. ”he added. 5.①The president should be addressed as“Mr President. ” ②She turned to address the man on her left. ③He is going to address the meeting in a minute. 6.①The servant opened the door and admitted me(into the house) ②The theatre only admits 1,000persons. 7.The picture looks good against the white wall. 8.Your story agrees with what I heard. Long plane trips don't agree with me. 9.Don't air your troubles too often. 10.If it is at all foggy,I shall not go out. This is the first time that I have ever been abroad at all. 11 .Lay down your arms or we'll fire! 12.Dr.Paria Lal attends him. If you go out,who'll attend to the baby? 13.Many of his friends backed his plan. 14.The boy badly wants a new bike. 15.It was a long time before I got to sleep again.


I hadn't waited long before he came. 16.All our plans broke down. 17.The cries brought the neighbours running. 18.The football player has a solid build. 19.Mother cans fruit. 20.The UN has done a lot for the cause of world peace. 21.There is a chance that I will see him. We chanced to be out when she called. 22.①Do you think long dresses will ever come back? ②He came back at her with a nasty(恶毒的) remark. ③It's suddenly to come back where I saw you last. 23.This style is certain to come in this year. If the Workers' Party comes in at the next election a lot of industry will be state-owned. 24. How has he come on at school this year? The rain has just come on. The next exam comes on in early summer. 25. Everything will come out all right. 26. You may know a man by the company he keeps. He came in company with a group of girls. 27. The various governments decided to act in concert over this matter. The team made a concerted effort to win the game. 28. The patient's dangerous condition cost the doctors and nurses many a sleepless night. 29. Every minute counts. On the whole she counted herself a fortunate wife. 30. Here is £5;that should cover all your expenses. 31.Do you deal with Smith,the rich businessman? 32.We sheltered from the storm in a deserted hut(茅屋) .


33.Our water supply failed. He never fails to write to his mother every month. 34.Are you on familiar terms with Tom? 35.Has he any family? 36.The show was far from being a failure; it was a great success. 37.She figured that she would be next. I couldn't figure out what he meant. 38.He was fined $200. 39.I received a flood of letters this morning. 40.Freeze!Drop your arms! 41.She'll soon leave London for good. 42.The subject is foreign to me. 43.Most of the roads are free of snow. 三 选择正确含义 33.date A.日期 B.追溯 C.枣子 D.约会

The ancient temple has a long history and can date back to the year 1890AD.How wonderful it is! Which one is the correct meaning of the

word“date”?_________. 34.depend A.依靠 B.信赖 C.视情况而定

—When will the sports meet be held? —It depends.I have no idea now. W hich one is the correct m eaning of the word“depend”?_________. 35.develop A.染上 B.发展 C.冲洗 D.开发 (熟义:发展;开发)

It is really a bad news that after his father died last year his mother develops a terrible disease this year!How sad he is now! Which one is the correct meaning of the word“develop”?_________. 36.do A.做 B.将就 C.(表示强调)真地 D.行 (熟义:做,制作)

—Which do you prefer,coffee or tea?


—Either will do.It makes no difference for me. Which one is the correct meaning of the second“do”?_________. 37.draw A.打平 B.吸引 C.吸取 D.画 (熟义:画)

Ladies and gentlemen,may I draw your attention to me?I have an important announcement to make. “draw”?_________. 38.drive A.使 B.驾驶 C.驱赶 D.精力 (熟义:驾驶) Which one is the correct meaning of the word

Do you have any idea what has driven him mad? Which one is the correct meaning of the word“drive”?_________. 39.employ A.雇佣 B.使用 C.采取

My father employs more people during the harvest. Which one is the correct meaning of the word“employ”?_________. 40.end A.终点 B.结局 C.终止

At last,the war ended with the Englishmen winning.The Frenchmen had only controlled one province of Canada. Which one is the correct meaning of the word“end”?_________. 41.enter A.进入 B.加入 C.开始 D.报名

Have you entered yourself for the sports meet to be held next week? Which one is the correct meaning of the word“enter”?_________. 42.equal A.相当的 B.比得上 C.等于

Nothing can equal the pleasure of drinking a cold drink on a cold summer day. Which one is the correct meaning of the word“equal”?_________. 43.even A.有规律的 B.平坦的 C.甚至 D.公平的

Everything is evenly arranged at present. Don't be too worried. Which one is the correct meaning of the word“even”?_________. 44.excuse A.免除 B.借口 C.原谅

Living in the country can excuse you from the worry of the heavy traffic and the polluted environment.


Which one is the correct meaning of the word“excuse”?_________. 45.expect A.预计 B.盼望 C.希望

The weather turns out far better than we expected.Now we have got used to it. Which one is the correct meaning of the word“expect”?_________. 46.experience A.经验 B.经历 C.遭受

Now that you have experienced such an adventure before,you must be able to do with it. Which one is the correct meaning of the word“experience”?_________. 47.express A.明确的 B.高速的 C.表达 n.快车 (熟义:v.表达)

It was in that express way that the traffic accident happened. Which one is the correct meaning of the word“express”?_________ 48.extra A.额外的 B.非常 C.额外的事物

The workers will get some extra pay if they work extra hours. Which one is the correct meaning of the word“extra”?_________ 49.face A.面对 B.面孔 C.表面 (熟义:脸)

The American Indians have to face a lot of problems because they are not treated equally in the society and they are looked down upon. Which one is the correct meaning of the word“face”?_________ 50.fair A.公平 B.市场 C.白皙

“Fair play”is a rule that we should observe strictly when we are having a match. Which one is the correct meaning of the word“fair”?_________ 51.fall A.降雨量 B.瀑布 C.掉下 D.秋天

Americans usually say“fall”while British are used to saying“autumn” , in fact they mean the same thing. Which one is the correct meaning of the word“fall”?_________ 52.fan A.扇子(熟义) B.吹 C.迷 .狂热者


The Chinese football fans are in great excitement because the Chinese National Football Team entered the World Cup Matches. Which one is the correct meaning of the word“fan”?_________ 53.favor A.关爱 B.赞成 C.帮忙

Will you please do me the favor to workout the maths problem ?It is too difficult for me. Which one is the correct meaning of the word“favor”?_________ 54.feel A.触角 B.摸起来 C.感觉 D.摸

In the dark street I had no choice but to feel my way home.I nearly fell down in the darkness. Which one is the correct meaning of the word“feel”?_________ 55.fight A.打架(名词) B.斗志 C.打架(动词)

The boy is full of energy and fight,so he is very troublesome. Which one is the correct meaning of the word“fight”?_________ 四 将下列句子译成汉语。 1.The new theory became widely accepted. 2.The brake wouldn't act,so there was an accident. 3.The President gave an address to the nation over thd radio. 4.This ticket will admit three to the film. 5.The national flag stands out brightly against the blue sky. 6.Do it well if you do it at all . 7.It wasn't long before his new car broke down. 8.This type of suit doesn't agree with your build. 9.It chanced that the rain came on when we started out. 10.I came out first in this exam. 11.I have company this evening. 12.The teacher asked the students to read the text in concert. 13.Careless driving cost him his life. 14.For businessmen what counted was money.


15 . Hospitals receive $ 10 , 000per donor to cover the costs of the operating room,doctors, and nurses.


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