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安徽省示范高中 2014 届高三英语上学期第一次联考试题(扫描版) 新人教版








附:听力录音稿 Text1: M: Do you have any plans for the weekend, Sandy. Would you like to join me for an outing? W: Thanks, but I am going to work on my paper all weekend. Text2: W: So what did you buy in the end? M: A T-shit, it was a real bargain. I got it half price, saving 20 dollars.


Text3: M: I am going to the museum Saturday afternoon. There is a new exhibition of Indian art. Want to come with me? W: I’d love to, but my best friend is getting married on Saturday, and I won’t miss it for anything Text4: W: Commercial Bank, can I help you? M: Yes, please. What are your business hours? W: We open at 9:00 a. m. and close at 4:00 p. m. during the week, on Saturday we close one hour earlier at 3:00 p. m., and we are closed on Sunday. Text5: W: May I help you, sir. M: Yes, it seems that I have lost my room key. W: In that case, you need to go to the front desk and get the spare one. Text 6: M: Hello, Sara, I heard about a flat that might interest you girls. It’s near the central bus station on the main road, and about 75 pounds a week, quite reasonable. The problem is, it’s only got two bedrooms, but I expect two of you could share. W: Well, as long as it’s to me, I’ve got to have my own room, because I’ve been working at home most of the time, any other information? M: Yes, it’s got a very big and well equipped kitchen, and I know you like cooking. So that’s another point in its favor, but there is a small sitting room and not much furniture yet. So let me know quickly if you want it or it will be taken. Text7: M: Hello, Cindy, welcome back. You look great. W: Rod, it’s lovely to see you again. M: How was your trip? W: Fine but tiring. Marseille was interesting, it’s bigger than I expected, noisier and dirtier, too. M: And Lyon, what did you think of Lyon? W: Well, I didn’t go there. Have you been there? M: No, I’ve never been to France. I’d really like to go to Paris. Well, the cars are in the car park. Is this all your luggage? W: Yes, but the suitcase is very heavy. M: Barbara, what’s in it? Books or stones? W: Just 20 pairs of shoes. Text8: M: OK, ladies first. So, Susan, tell me, when did you meet Jimmy? W: Um, it was exactly three years and four and a half months ago. M: Alright! How did you first meet? W: Well, I was working as a nurse, and Jimmy came into the hospital for an operation. M: OK. What about the moment when you first met? What time of day was it? W: Um, it was getting dark, and I was working nights that week. So it must have been early evening.


M: And what was the weather like? W: Oh, dear, I think it was raining. M: What were you both wearing then? W: I was wearing my nurse uniform and he’s wearing sports shorts. M: What color were the shorts? W: Um, blue or green? No, they were blue. M: Finally, who spoke first and what was said? W: He spoke first. In fact, he shouted at me. He said, “Nurse, I’m going to be sick!” M: Oh, well, that’s very interesting. Sounds like love at first sight. Thank you, Susan. Now it’s the bridegroom’s turn! So, Jimmy, did you really get sick or what? Text9: M: Now, Mrs. Evans, I just like to read your statement back to you, and then you can write your name on it. W: Fine. M: I was standing in front of the Second National Bank building at about 8:50 a.m. I saw a small red car heading for the cross roads of Churchill Avenue, and York Road, it was coming towards me along Churchill Avenue at about 40 miles per hour. The traffic lights on York Road changed to green, and a delivery lorry began to move forward at about 5 miles per hour. The driver of the car probably didn’t see that his traffic light has changed from orange to red, and ran into the side of the lorry. W: That’s correct. Text10: Welcome to Montfort School, thank you for choosing our school and for joining the happy Montfort family, which has been educating boys since 1916. We are so happy that you have taken time off to be with us today. It is with great pleasure that we have prepared some events that we hope will please you. At 9:00 a.m., our headmaster will give a welcome speech; this will be in the school hall. Please be sited by 8:45 a.m. Following the speech, it’s the guide tour of the exhibition at 9:30. You can see the proud history of our school and our achievements in the field of education. The exhibition is laid out in the classrooms on the 2nd floor. Then the guide tour of science labs at 10:20 am, here you can see the subjects that new students will be studying. You will also notice that our labs have excellent equipment. At 11:00 a.m., you will be guided to the practical areas. This covers our workshops concerning technique, music, and other areas of our school life. At Montfort, we believe in all around development of our students. Lunch will be at 12:00. It has been specially prepared for our guests. All our teachers and student leaders will be present to answer any questions that you have in your minds. We are so happy that you could be with us today.


2014 届安徽省示范高中高三第一次联考 英语参考答案 第一部分: 1-5 ABABC 6-10 BCAAB 11-15 CACCB 16-20 BCBCA 第二部分: 21-25 CBCDD 26-30 DACAA 31-35 BABCB 36-40 CACAB 41-45 DDBCB 46-50 ACADB 51-55 ACBDC 第三部分: 56-59 ACBC 60-64 ABADC 65-68 CBBD 69-72 CDBA 73-75 DAD 第四部分: 第一节: 76. unpleasant 77. Ways/Strategies/How 78. involve 79. Never/Don’t 80. blaming 81. polite 82. Encourage 83. consideration/account 84. yourself 85. properly 第二节:Possible version: An Unforgettable Summer Holiday I have gone through a lot of activities during the summer holiday, but one will never escape from my mind forever, which means a lot to me. That morning, it was outside the local library that I got the plan started. The next day I set up a stand and put the old books collected from relatives in order. At the very beginning, I was frustrated to find that few passers-by paused or even glanced at me as if I was transparent, when the sun was boiling hot. But the turning point came when people learned that I intended to help the poor by raising money. Some purchased a number of books, while others joined me in selling the books. Tired but satisfied, I sold out all the books, which was beyond my expectation. Meanwhile, I’m fully aware that whether familiar or not, everyone would like to lend a hand to those in need. 【参考答案解析】 单项选择题 21. C。本题考查冠词的用法。从第 2 个空格处表示“一件成功的事”所以应使用不定冠词 a。 22. B。本题考查副词 anyway 的用法。依题意:反正我上次见他时,他还在超市上班。 23. C。本题考查 it 做形式宾语的用法。 24. D。本题考查 must have done 表推测时的反意疑问句的表达。因本句中没有相应的时间 状语,故选择 D 项。 25. D。本题考查动词不定式做后置定语。 26. D。本题考查由 the reason 做先行词的定语从句。因该处引导词与从句的动词之间构成 动宾关系,故使用关系代词 that。 27. A。本题考查由 while 引导的让步状语从句。 28. C。本题考查由 would rather 引导的虚拟语气,因该处表示对将来的虚拟,故选择 C。 29. A。本题考查由 whatever 引导的名词性从句。 30. A。本题考查动词词义辨析。Put aside:搁置,放在一边 31. B。本题考查介词词义。By means of:凭借,通过,借助于


32. 33. 34. 35.

A。本题考查将来进行时的用法。 B。本题考查动词词义。Become of:发生,遭遇 C。本题考查由 where 引导的定语从句。学生容易错选强调结构。 B。本题考查交际用语。What’s up?怎么了?出了什么事?

完形填空题 36. C。从第 1 段 who was on the night duty 可知该护士上的是夜班。 37. A。take my blood pressure:量血压 38. C。...谈起了家庭情况(状况)... 39. A。...我总是愿意帮助别人... 40. B。 “她也乐意做类似的事情,尤其是...” 41. D。从后文两人的告别动作可知“我要出院了” 42. D。作为回报我送她一张笑脸卡。 43.B。她不愿意接受这钱。 44. C。“我向她保证我是真心实意的。” 45. B。考查名词词义辨析。Power:(使...运转起来的)能力 46. A。“为自己或他人做点什么” 47. C。依题意:多年来她一直饱受一种____的疾病的折磨。A stubborn illness:顽疾 48. A。“她自己又添了些钱,用教堂的名义买了几张彩票。” 49. D。从上文买彩票及后文中奖的信息可知。 50. B。“她把这笔钱全部捐给了教堂。” 51. A。“一周后她打电话告诉了我所发生的一切并向我表示感谢。” 52.C。见上。 53. B。“她问我是否还有笑脸卡...” 54. D。从前文 Deitrich 为教堂及那位女士所做的一切及后文 God bless Deitrich and her church 等信息可知。 55. C。动词短语辨析。make a decision:决定;make a fortune:发财;make a difference: 不同,有所作为;make a career:取得成就 阅读理解 A篇 56. A。主旨大意题。本文主要介绍了世界著名美籍华人女作家聂华苓的一些信息,故选择 A。 57. C。细节题。从文中第 4、5 两段对应作家及作品可知。 58. B。细节排序题。从文中相应信息出现的先后顺序可知。 59. C。推理判断题。最后一段中聂华苓自喻为一棵树:“根在大陆,干在台湾,枝叶在爱 荷华。” B篇 60. A。写作意图题。本文旨在向读者介绍巨石阵的历史发展。 61. B。文章结构题。从前句 The Aubrey holes are about?可知此处依然在描述奥布里坑 的信息。 62. A。 细节理解题。 3 段主要介绍了如何将巨石运到此处的, 第 从该段最后一句 was mainly by water 可知。 63. D。细节理解题。从第 2 段 not for the purpose of tombs, but as part of the religious ceremony 可知。


64. C。推理判断题。从第 3 段 It is thought these stones?were dragged on rollers and sledges to the headwaters 处可知,人们只是在猜测可能的运输方式和工具。 65. C。细节理解题。从第 2 段最后一句的相关描述可知。 C篇 66. B。主旨大意题。从该部分的信息可知:要选择合适的时间来(摘草莓) 。 67. B。词义猜测题。依题意“草莓对日晒、虫害及其它伤害很?.,所以一定要当心”可知。 68. D。推理判断题。从最后一部分关于摘草莓时的动作要求可知。 69. C。细节理解题。从第 2 段 were surveyed about what they prefer to read after class and how much time they spend reading 可知。 70. D。观点态度题。从文中第 7、8 等段的相关话语可知。 71. B。词意猜测题。从第 7 段 Digital reading, though convenient, has drawbacks compared with traditional reading materials such as books or newspapers 处可知。 72. A。写作意图题。本文旨在介绍一项调查研究,故选择 A。 D篇 73. D。细节理解题。从第 6、7 等段的描述可知。 74. A。推理判断题。从第 1、4 等段的描述可知。 75. D。推理判断题。


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